Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem Which is Better?

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My question is Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem Which is Better? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question... In the same vein as the musical instruments ...... what are you riding these days ??.

Here's mine ..... 1986 Suzuki Cavalcade GV-1400..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

NICE SUZUKI! I'm a big Suzuki fan, and I really like that one. I rode a Suzuki AN400 (read: Burgman) for a long time but had to sell it to get the wife a new car when the baby came (her old one was falling apart and not safe for the baby)...

Comment #2

My wife an I are talking about getting Bikes when we reach goal (his and hers). I have never owned a bike - my wife and her family have for years but not now..

Not sure what we will get but it sure looks like fun..

Comment #3

No picture to show you, but I ride a Honda VTX 1800. It's fun as $hit to ride. I'm getting a custom seat for it next week...

Comment #4

Here's my pride and joy. It's a 2005 Buell Lightning Cityx (XB9SX). just got done with her winter mods, so here's a before and after pic..



Comment #5

I currently ride this 04 KTM 950 Adventure, and I still desert race my old 00 KTM 380 EXC in my avitar. I've had a lot of bikes in the past, but I really like these..

Oh, I guess this is a photo of me at my starting weight too. My motorcycles gain horsepower for every pound I lose too...

Comment #6

Harley Davidson. 2007 Night Train. All blacked out. Very intimidating. Me and Harley go back to 1967. My first being a '67 ironhead XLCH Sportster, $l650.00 drive out back then.

To this day I have a bum knee because of that *****. And that she was! It was a love-hate relationship!.

My current is my 4th Harley I've owned, and she's a sweetheart..

My most favorite and the one I wish I still had was my '54 Panhead. I bought it as a road weary bagger back in '68 for $250.00. It ran in The Houston Cronicle want ads for over a week, and nobody want to buy it. Everybody was trading in their Harleys for Hondas back then! Imagine that. I finally went to look at it and bought it on the spot, and was able to ride it home..

I eventually did a top end on it with a good set of heads, chopped it, raking out the frame and Putting a 16" extended springer on it with a 21" front runner, Also converted over to a jocky shift with a suicide clutch. New pearl blue paint, lots of chrome. (dirt cheap back then) Now that baby reeked class!.

Wish I still had it. Was a damn fool for selling it...

Comment #7

1968 BSA A65 650 cc Lightning.

"My old ride"..

Comment #8

I kill bugs with my 2004 Electra Glide. It's black and chrome, chrome and chrome. We push it all around the NW at every opportunity. Love it to death but will love it more once we do some go fast magic to it at the end of this riding season..

Wish I could figure out the damn picture thing here. I've tried to add pics and always run into trouble with it????..

Comment #9

Mine's pretty quick. I put a Kuryakan (bad spelling, I know) Hypercharger on it, wrapped the oringinal header pipes in black heat wrap, put Boomcan exhausts on it, rejetted, and ran it on a dyno. Scary quick off the line. I take the windshield, seat, and tour pack off when I'm not travelling. Add a black wind deflector, and a Badlander seat, and it's like having 2 different bikes. I also upgraded the stereo with 80 watt speakers and I stashed the amp in a leather bag mounted on the left bag bar (it's designed to mount under the tour pack, but since I take mine off all the time....).

Just got it back last Thursday after having a chrome front end kit and steel braided brake lines put on. I love that bike...

Comment #10

Done all the basic intake exhaust but I'm gonna step on it pretty hard this next time around. I've got a killer stereo as well...

Comment #11

Great bike...I had 2 Fatboys before. Nice bikes, but I'm no kid anymore (43 and counting) and there's nothing soft about those softails. Had to get off of it every 60 miles or so......

Comment #12

LOL, I ride my softail from Minnesota to Montana to visit my sisters, I've taken it to Millwaukee, Sturgis and have never had butt problems. But if you find it is tough on you get an air rider gel seat cover. I do use it on long trips and found I have no problems going 550 or 600 miles in a day. More that anything me knees get stiff on long hauls. As to being 43 and counting.

, Sounds pretty old to me.

! Of course I turn 59 next week. Good luck..


Comment #13

My knees don't bother me, and I've solved the butt problem with the Electraglide, but my hands go numb sometimes on the long rides....Oh well, part of the aging process I guess. I haven't been out to Sturgis yet (I'm from Boston), but I've been down to Daytona a couple of times, Mrytle Beach in 03 and I'm heading down there again in 4 weeks. Good luck to you too...

Comment #14

Have you tried the Isogrips? I believe they are Karyakun (sp). They look great and helped with the numb hand thing quite a bit. I still have to shake em out about every 50 miles or so but not near as bad as the stock grips were, plus they have more CHROME!..

Comment #15

Thanks .... it's a classic ... Suzuki only built them from 1986 to 1989 and then got out of the touring market. If I remember the numbers correctly they only made about 8500 of them, about 40% of those went overseas to Europe and the rest went to the US and Canada. There are less 50% of them left and finding parts (especially the body plastics) can be ... shall we say ...

I bought this one locally on Craigslist for $500 and put about $1500 and three months into restoring it. Most of that was new tires, brakes and a battery, plus some balancing work on the four carbs and getting the fork oil changed..

Oh .... and the paint job ..... $70 worth of spray cans of primer, paint and clearcoat. LOL !.


Comment #16

You guys rock !!.

Wonderful bikes ... all of them !!.

An Electra Glide was always the dream bike I could never afford .... ever since I watched the movie 'Electra Glide in Blue' with Robert Blake in the 70's..

Keep the photos coming folks !!.



Comment #17

You're going to find that your built in seat cushion will go away. When you get close to that 170 goal weight you'll probably find that you'll be using that gel seat cover more and more. I have a hard time sitting in unpadded chairs for any length of time now...

Comment #18

That's fine by me Mobay. I hope I lose all of my rear padding, although some of the women at the office made comments that I have no butt! I assured them that I do! I went through three days of women telling me to get fitted jeans so it looks like I have a caboose. First it was my email discussing my manhood (viagra etc) now it's the office ladies discussing my butt, where will it end?..

Comment #19

Took me long enough to figure it out. Thanks for your help buddy!..

Comment #20

My 04 Electra Glide.......Missing the latest batch of chrome..

Comment #21

Is that a scenic overlook on the "Blue-ridge Parkway"?..

Comment #22

It's a lookout above the Columbia River Gorge. Just one of the beautiful rides I have been fortionate enough to go on...

Comment #23

Me on the Blue Ridge PW, 7 yrs ago, you can see why I asked. LOL.

This is my Cafe, I owned this with my mother as a financial partner for 15 yrs. This was one of my favorite employees and a real hottie, Sabrina...

Comment #24

Now is that in the mountains in NC? I've been told they are very similiar to Oregons. I think I told you before my fathers family all live in NC...

Comment #25

Yep, Blue Ridge mostly in NC, a little in VA. Absolutely the best cycle road in America. IMO Here's the link.


412 miles on the top of the Appalachian Mountain range without a single stop sign...

Comment #26

I Particularly like the little in VA, do alot of trout fishing there. (and work close by) Some day Wifey and me will ride it from park to park. Just wish VA maintained the road side as well as NC. Too many trees blocking the views in VA..


Comment #27

The reason the view is so good in NC is because acid rain has stunted the growth of trees at that high altitude. Boone to Grandfather is still my favorite drive...

Comment #28

Interesting KillaCycle Facts.

The KillaCycle uses about $0.07 worth of electricity for each run down the strip..

The bike only uses ~300 W-hr / mile including the burn-out.

Including burn-outs, the KillaCycle could make 7 or more runs on one charge.

Recharges in under 4 minutes. (Limited by charger.).

Zero to 60 MPH in 0.97>.

Silent, aside from the chain and some tire noise..

The KillaCycle weighs 653 lbs..


Comment #29

7.8 in the quarter mile. Thats balls out haulin', electric balls even!..

Comment #30

Killacycle crash..


My boss drag races motorcycles. He ran a 8.09 last weekend in the quarter with a stock Hyabusa motor on nitrous. He is the one that originally introduced me to this video...

Comment #31


Thanks for the laugh. That video is hilarious!.

I guess the owner failed to take lessons from is rider (or pass physics class)...

Comment #32

I just took delivery recently of a 2008 Kawasaki ZX-14, the metallic blue sapphire one that looks black in the shade but sparkles like, well, black sapphires, in the sun..

Scary quick, quite refined and linear on the throttle, and there aren't any roads within a day of me I could get on and drop the hammer on it. Heh...

Comment #33

Ride a '06 Electra Glide Classic. Wedding anniversary gift from my wife back in the fall of '05, she didn't want to be on the fender of a '00 Fat Boy any longer...

Comment #34

I have a Honda Shadow 600vlx 4 speed. It's small but gets me where I need to go. I am trying to sell it on craiglist now so I can get something bigger. If anyone wants to sell me something bigger for real cheap, I am all ears...

Comment #35

The weather isn't quite cooperating here in western Maryland lately. Last Saturday was great, but otherwise it's been cold, damp, and rainy too much. Come ONNNNNNNN summer !..

Comment #36

Any one can get on a strait road twist the throttle wide open. The real fun in sport bike riding is finding some nice twisty roads and work on getting faster in the curves. Going 55-60 mph through a 25 mph posted curve is way more of a rush and requires more skill and practice...

Comment #37

2006 Kawasaki Ninja EX500R. I know, it's a little bike, I'm just a baby that's been riding for a month. But I've got almost 800 miles on it!..

Comment #38

That's a very good bike to learn on..

A few years back a friend of mine that works at a dealership was approached by a young man that he had sold a gsxr 600 to a few months back. The guys says he needs to trade it in because he needs a gsxr 1000. When asked why by my friend, he said it was because he and his buddy were down in the valley the other day and his buddy kicked his butt on a kawi zx10. My friend, being the cranky old bastard that he is decides to pick on this kid. He says "Really, it's the bike huh? Tell you what, get on your bike and we'll race down through the valley. If you win, I'll sell you the bike at cost, but if you lose, you owe me a case of beer and you ride your 600 home." My friend grabs a ninja 250r, and dusted the kid in first series of "S" curves. The kid came through with the beer, and is still on his 600 four years later...

Comment #39

I owned my ZX-14's grandfather, a '91 pre-production (hand-build in Nebraska) ZX-11. I used to ride up the Santa Clara Mtn road from San Jose, CA, to the peak knee-dragging (in full leathers with sliders, of course) the tight corners. Loved the uphill 120s especially..

Took that ZX-11 to Europe in '91, and rode from Calais to Assan, Holland, then all the way down to Biot and Antibe and Nice, on the south coast of France, then a one day dive down into Spain, and back up through chateau country to Calais for the ferry back to England, and hence to Heathrow, recrated, and flown back to San Francisco. Trip of a lifetime, 24 days of sport touring and motorcycle camping, and the beautiful French roads, landscape, and not the least, girls..

Around Nice, I gave 9 out of 10 girls I saw a 10+ score, I kid not..

I'm older now, but having ridden for 30 years, a lot, and having done a little motorcycle drag racing for awhile, I can still enjoy mountain roads and twisty country roads a lot. I just don't need to go quite so fast anymore, it seems..

My first moto was a Kawasaki H1 Mach III 500cc two-stroke, while I was at West Point (aka college). When I was at home growing up, we always had a motorcycle in the garage of one kind or another, Harleys were the norm though. My first year of active duty, I got a Kawasaki H2 Mach IV 750cc Widow-Maker and boy, was it fast. Heh. Then a Z1, and later a GPZ1100, and then the ZX-11 and now the the 14. Guess I have always been a Kawasaki guy, no reason, just like them..

And I'm totally in love with my ZX-14. She isn't nimble like a ZX-10, but then, she doesn't cram me into a shoebox position if I want to ride her. Once I put the helibar clipon spacers in, the riding position will be perfect for me..

Strange though, I didn't realize they'd stop putting center stands on the rice rockets until I took delivery. When did that happen ? Heh. I understand it, though. Allows them to lower the center of gravity a bit and reduces the weight a bit. Both good things. Guess I'll have to save my pennies for a stand..

And I still can't find a road that is straight enough long enough clear of traffic enough to open her up. I had the ZX-11 speedo needle bouncing around 200 once on the 280 from Santa Clara on-ramp to exit 10 into San Jose side by side with a F1 Ferrari, that was a rush. Also something I feel no need to ever duplicate. Why push your luck?..

Comment #40

Yea Riceboy! Nice bike. It's considered a beginners bike, but don't ever discount your motorcycle or what it is capable of doing. It's all about perception and the rider, not the bike..

I bought this 1989 EX500 with over 30K miles on it, back in '96 for $500 and learned to road race with it for 3 years solid years. I've ridden motorcycles all my life and those three years were the best time that I will.


Have on a motorcycle. That old bike and some TLC was 99.9% of the fun for a fraction of the cost for club road racing..

God, I miss those days..

PS, your bike will do 135mph. Be safe...

Comment #41

I've got an Electra Glide for the long trips and a 2008 Fat Bob for the fun and fast times. (Is it OK to have a Fat Bob on the Nutrisystem boards?)..

Comment #42

Its pretty much ok to have a Fat Bob (Boy?) just about anywhere...

Comment #43

Good to see there are at least a few of us sport riding enthusiasts here. The center stand thing does suck for you chain drivers, makes adjustments a pain. My bike has a belt drive that requires no maintenance, but I would still like to get some stands to make oil changes a bit easier...

Comment #44

Just got off the phone with parts at my dealer.... Kawasaki sells the centerstand kit seperately. The mounts are already there, just have to hold the stand to them, run the bolt through, put the washers, nut, spring, bumper, etc. on..

I can't make up my mind if I want to blemish the fine lines of the beast by putting a center stand under her. Heh...

Comment #45

What's the cost difference between the center stand kit and a set of pit stands? The pit stands might be more usefull over the long run...

Comment #46

I've decided that when I reach my goal, I'll deserve a treat. I'm gonna find a way to add the new Buell 1125r to the stable, which would bring the grand total of bike up to two...

Comment #47

Hard to carry the rear stand (or front stand, for that matter) wherever you go, like the soft asphalt parking lot in the 100 degree sun you have to park on...

Comment #48

I know I didn't have to quote the whole thing but that sounds like a helluva fun time. I'm now within 85 lbs of my Get Yourself A Bike Goal and the 14 is high on my list, along with a couple of the liter bikes. Looking forward to riding the PCH or heading back east and taming the Dragon's Tail...

Comment #49

My partner just got his '07 StreetGlide back on the road after a custom paint job. These pics don't do it any justice but I thought I would share. Believe me it is nice!..

Comment #50

Beautiful bike Jim...smoking hot...puts mine to shame. Myrtle Beach Bike Week is coming up fast. 2 weeks from today at this time, I should be face down in a puddle of my own vomit.......

Comment #51

I used to ride from Monterey to Nepenthe and sometimes past .... but I didn't like the way the squirrely cages drove in the twisty narrow parts. But the scenery and breakfast at Nepenthe was all worth it..

My favorite ride though was up the Santa Cruz Mtn from San Jose, and along the peak going north to Alice's Restaurant on Sunday mornings. To meet up with all the other bikers. Harleys in Alice's parking lot, sportbikes across the street in the mini-mall lot. A parade in between, with occasional displays of stoppies and such by the inbound sportbikers..

The Sheriff just smiled and sat in his car, there to keep the peace, not the vehicle code..

Here in western Maryland, I'm rediscovering roads that seemed tiresome in a cage but are fun on a motorcycle. With little or no traffic many times. Though you have to be alert for the farmers where the lanes intersect the road. They are more careful than the cages, though, it seems...

Comment #52

I ride a 2002 Honda VTX 1800. Bought her used in the summer of '03 & put over 15,000 miles on her last year... Planning the big Alaska trip for next June (over 12,000 miles in 5 weeks for that trip)..

Comment #53

Has anyone here ever had an SV650. I am selling my bike probably this weekend, and I am looking for a naked standard bike..

The SV looks real nice and has real good write ups, I just want to make sure that it is a comfortable standard sitting position..

Anyone else have suggestions on something similar?..

Comment #54

SV 650 is a great bike. Stone reliable, really fun power band and a gas to ride. I've also put a bunch of seat time on my buddies DL650.... a couple thousand miles. It's also a great do everything bike. Fun in the twisties, can take a graded dirt road if you wish, then a 1000 mile weekend jaunt with bags.

Killer price point on both of those machines new. Plus, you can get an SV650 really cheep since they've been out since the late 90's..

Happy hunting...

Comment #55

Being the Buell nut that I am, I'd love to bash the sv, but I can not tell a lie. It is a fine motorcycle. But since you did ask for an opinion, check out the Buells. The Lightening CityX is what I have, very comperable to the SV. Here are a few links to one of my favorite online motorcycle rags..



Comment #56

Very cool links. Just to let you know I actually like the Buells very much. However, there are very few available used and the new ones are very expensive. You can pick up a used SV between 2003-2004 for under 4k and even pick up a few from 2006 for around 4500..

My only concern is will the bike be comfortable enough to take out for 2-3 hour rides. I only wanted a cruiser for a long time, but I find them a little boring now. Also I am not big on the chrome. I like to be able to get real low when turning as well. I like to feel like I have control of the bike, not the other way around..

I rode my buddies V-strom yesterday and I really like the way that feels, I just think the bike sits way too high, and I want something a little smaller...

Comment #57

Ok anyone know anything about this bike.


Someone has a 2001 available with 6000 miles for 3300..


Comment #58

No, but I do have a sweet link for you. Reviews by owners. Looks like it has pretty good reviews..


Comment #59

They linked in the wrong model specifications at the bottom (for a 12) as this moto is, of course, 750cc..

They are great bikes, easy to ride, good power, handle well, light. Good second bike or even to start with. You could take it to the MSF Basic course or the MSF Advanced course and it would make either course easy because it's so light and nimble..

On the subject .... anyone else got a motorcycle sitting in the garage too much lately due to the rainy weather? Here in western Maryland we've had rain most days for the past 3 weeks, and this week looks to turn out about the same. I've only managed to log about 150 miles in 3 weeks.....

Of course, work interferes, but then the stupid weather is making it impossible...

Comment #60

That's not a bad choice. The bike has a loyal rider base, which is always a good sign. My same buddy with the DL had one of those prior. I took it for a ride or two. No complaints from me. He has a bad back and needed something with a more upright position.

It has the old style air cooled engine as I recall, but nothing wrong with that and it's very reliable. It would be a nice all-round everyday bike...

Comment #61

YES!!!! I've been able to sneek a short ride during the week here and there the last few weeks, but the weekends have sucked...

Comment #62

Misery loves company, they say. Well, if we lived close we could go have a drink and complain about the weather. Oh wait, we don't drink, thats right. "Bartender, water please!". Heh..

Saturday I mowed the grass to get that done before the rain came, and then got in a 50-something mile ride. Was nice. Then it started to rain cats and dogs. So Sunday, it's still raining. So I put the alarm system in the ZX-14. Was gonna pay the dealer to do it, but got a copy of the service manual downloaded online for a mere $15 (cheap!) and the exploded frame / bodywork diagrams gave me the info on how to route the wiring and all.

Well, back to drooling over Corbin seat and double bubble windscreens, and losing weight and building muscle. Need to update my ticker etc.... finally broke the 250 barrier and now my near term goal is another 10 pounds...

Comment #63

Ok, well I got it down to two bikes. Definitely going to get one.

99 SV650 Naked no work needed - 2800.

2000 Bandit 1200 S - Needs new tires - 3200.

Any last opinions. I really like both bikes. SV is more of what I wanted, a commuter bike good on gas, fun to ride on weekends..

The Bandit has more power, is more comfortable and has the front fairing for longer rides...

Comment #64

I'm buying a bike on Saturday. A 2007 Yamaha Stratoliner S, Dark Cherry in color. I sign papers tonight and pick it up this weekend. I'm so stoked I can hardly contain myself...

Comment #65

Congrats. All motorcycles are good. Two wheels are always better than four..

If you're new to riding or you've been away for a long time, I STRONGLY recommend you invest a weekend in a safety course. I had limited experience when I bought by Buell last year. I took the safety course and I use something that I learned during every ride. Check out the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at.



Also, don't go cheap on the gear. Good boots, jacket, gloves and a helmet at a minimum...

Comment #66

SV, SV, SV, SVeeeee!.

Plenty of usable power. Torque is more fun than HP. You can add a windscreen if you want, but the small ones don't do much anyway unless your chin is on the tank. I think you'd be better off without, even on longer or multi-day touring. Just ride.........

Comment #67

+1 on the SV. I love v-twin torque, and your insurance should be quite a bit cheaper...

Comment #68

Sweet! Thats the one I really wanted, I had a lot of people saying go with the Bandit, but now I feel better about my choice...

Comment #69

Here's my 2005 Wing. Coffee maker and microwave options were left off...

Comment #70

Well, that way you are more social when everyone else wants to stop at the roadside diner to get some java. And the microwave would set off all the radar detectors on the bikes around you, if you ride with others..

Hmmm.. that might be fun to watch..

My ZX-14 barely has room for a GPS, much less a stereo system..

Nice cruiser man !..

Comment #71

I had a bit of sticker shock, so to speak, when I shopped for insurance for my new ZX-14..

Geico, Progressive, State Farm (already have multi-vehicle discount from them), all were sky high..

So I went to Esurance, and they were close to $1,000 lower than the highest, and still $500 lower than the lowest of the others..

Glad I saw their advertisements !..

Comment #72

I'm really thinking about finding a way to get that 1125r. I just don't know if I can part with my bike yet, unless I can find some one I know to buy it so I know she'd be in good hands. Of course if I wait a year or so I could pick up a used one and afford to keep my current scoot...

Comment #73

That Buell does look sweet. Definitely not run of the mill...

Comment #74

Yours is nice but I was referring to the 1125. The only thing that scares me is that one of my co-workers is a Buell fanatic and worked at the local dealership. He explained that their customer service is very poor. Maybe it's different in your neck of the woods...

Comment #75

The dealer network is the weak link for Buell for sure. Most Buellers do as much of their own maintenance as possible. There are a few dealers in my area that seem to at least try to work with Buell customers..

I was unsure about the 1125r styling when the pics were first released. Finally got to see it in person in January at the International Motorcycle Show and fell in love...

Comment #76

Cool. The 1125 and the B-King are on my short list, even though they are very different bikes. Have you ridden the 1125?..

Comment #77

I love all motorcycles...been riding for 26 years, everything from Honda's, Yamaha, Harley, and now I'm honored to ride America's FIRST motorcycle...Indian..

My Daily rider is a 2002 Indian Spirit.

My pride and Joy 2000 Indian Chief (shown with corbin touring seats).

My Wife wants me to get a serious touring bike...I was about to pull the trigger on a GoldWing..then I saw the Victory Vision and I'm in love. anybody have experience on the 08 Vision?..

Comment #78

Not yet. Thinking about doing a demo ride soon, just can't trust myself to not make a bad financial decision if I really like it as much as I think I will...

Comment #79

Did I see you on a scooter the other day?..

Comment #80

The B King is an awesome looking bike. I live about a mile from the Suzuki dealer. They have it outside on display so I pass it all the time. I wish they had test rides but in NJ no dealer allows test rides. It sucks, thats why I went with the used SV instead of something new, if I couldn't ride it how could I know if I like it...

Comment #81

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