Weight Watchers Versus Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: Weight Watchers Versus Nutrisystem? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Holy cow. My son thought I was doing a science experiment..

Was that really a hamburger..

It was pretty scary..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

They are pretty scary, but damn they are good...

Comment #2

I love them. Was scared at first. In general Nutrisystem food produces this reaction. But if you just don't look at it and eat it, it's decent. Burger outstanding..

And you gotta doctor stuff too. That's half the fun. Throwing veggies and spices on stuff...

Comment #3

Hmmm... I tried one... once... Was underwhelmed! Maybe I'll give it another shot next month..


Comment #4

Love them. We all laughed when I opened the package but after adding water it was a great burger. Like was said doctor it up put it on a whole grain thin bun, mushrooms and spice. YUMMY...

Comment #5

They're good. Make sure the water is at a high boil before you pour it on..

A little mrs Dash on top of and under the patty before you pour on the water gives it a nice flavor...

Comment #6

It was interesting to say the least first time I made it too but I also loved them. This is one of the Nutrisystem foods I miss the most, although I'm really digging Boca cheeseburgers now in maintenance...

Comment #7

After adding condiments, it tastes like any other burger. I cook mine in a pan after re-hydrating it...

Comment #8

I also add a dash of Worchestershire sauce, just a bit gives it real good flavor!..

Comment #9

I love the burgers; I save both my breads for the evening meal on those days!..

Comment #10

Yes - one of the best dinners when you doctor it up. Bread, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, onion, tomato, spicy mustard (and once in a while I add a slice of non-fat cheese) - Yummo!!!!! This and the pasta dishes are the best...

Comment #11

You know you don't have to do that. You get to use a WW bun with your Burger. And you still get your carbs in the morning and during dinner...

Comment #12

I actually through out the first one I had..I didn't exactly read the instructions on the back, cause I thought it was just like the grilled chicken which was sealed and came fully functional right from the package. I thought the envelop didn't seal right and the burger must have dried out... Then I opened another one in the next BBB that arrived and figured it out when it also was bone dry. LOL..

Comment #13

I doctor mine with a tbsp of Masterpiece Chipolte Lime marinade sauce. The sauce is like 15 calories. The wife and I have one every weekend for dinner...

Comment #14

Thanks!, that's good to know; is it the same deal with the chicken?..

Comment #15

Yep...and veggie fajitas..

Also with the chicken or tuna salad, you get 55 cals of melba toast or other carb...

Comment #16

Yuck to the fajitas, but I thought the burger was really good once you got past the thought of how you made it!..

Comment #17

Now that's a great idea! I usually like to throw horseradish on mine plus the tomato, etc. And the more horseradish on it, the slower I eat...

Comment #18

After rehydrating, I put the burger in the toaster oven for a minute to dry it out a bit. It's good between two pieces of low-calorie toast with mustard, catsup lettuce and onion..

You guys made me think about them so I had to have one last night...

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