WeightLoss Help? Can't Do Nutrisystem Or Anything like That!?

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Quick question... WeightLoss Help? Can't Do Nutrisystem Or Anything like That!? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... Just saw an interesting article on weight loss....I hope this link works:.


From Time Magazine...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

I'm about 75% through. Very thought provoking article. Also a lot of links, I need to check out...

Comment #2

I hope the article doesn't dissuade people from exercise. What it didn't say is that people who lose on dieting alone without exercise are losing lean muscle tissue. Since muscle is more dense, losing a good amount relates to big weight loss. Exercising via strength training is how you keep it. Less muscle means lower metabolic rate and as we age you lose muscle. If you weighed the same as you did when you were 20, but are now 60, about 25 lbs of that would be fat weight if you didn't exercise the whole time...

Comment #3

All great points man. On a low carb board I read a lot this discussion has been going on for about a month. People discover that they "gain weight" while exercising, but don't put any thought into what that "weight" means (which is good, lean, muscle weight) and therefore have hypothesized that exercise is actually bad..

So before we go off the deep end everyone think about what Niner just said. But yeah, great article that will encourage us all to keep to the plan!..

Comment #4

There is a linked video with a lady talking about what foods to eat in the cafeteria at work. Very Nutrisystem type advice...

Comment #5

They dont really mention resistance training to much in the article, mostly high impact cardio work. But I didn't take the article as a message not to exercise, more of a warning to people that are trying to lose weight you cant eat stupidly just because you're exercising..

I couldn't even begin to count the number of times Ive seen friends who work out wash all that effort away with two or three post workout gatorades lol..

Comment #6

You don't know how many times I have heard "the reason I am gaining weight is because I am not excercising enough." Yeah and the 6 pounds of baby back ribs with beer has nothing to do with it!..

Comment #7

Thanks John for posting all these articles! I LOVE reading things like this!..

Comment #8

Well it has been a long time since I was a stick monkey....however it was a really great way to misspend my youth..

What MOS were you?..

Comment #9

Just for the record I was 13s, Field Artillery Surveyor. Boom boom baby, Now I'm deaf. LOL.

Great article John. Nutrisystem has addressed many of of the problems mentioned. Knowledge is our best tool we have...

Comment #10


, Deaf has it's can always pretend to not hear something you don't want to hear...I am pretty hard of hearing as well....too many years listening to the gentle whine of J-57s putting out 22,000 pounds of thrust. We used to land the A-3 with the top escape hatch open in the cockpit so incase the gear collapsed we could get out. Sort of like sitting in the middle of 300 Harleys all gunning the throttles. Even with it helmut on, your ears would ring for a few hours after each flight...

Comment #11

Great article John! I believe it. Have always thought that weight loss/gain was much more about what you eat than what you do. I'm stillplanning to continue/icrease my gym stuff 'cause I feel and look a lot better that way.


Comment #12

I agree Gordon. I think that losing weight is much more about what goes in your mouth than how much you are exercising. There are people that I see in the gym all the time that never get any smaller. I just want to pull them aside and let them know that no matter how hard they work out, they won't lose any weight until they change the way they are eating..

But I also like the effects that working out have had on me. The benefits that I've gotten from both cardio and lifting are definitely improving the quality of my life...

Comment #13

The article is not going to stop me from lifting and cardio. Enjoying that too much. Have actually gotten a little stronger, muscle-wise, and definitely cardio-wise. Was huffing on stairs before. I already knew that diet was more important than exercise, but glad it communicates that to others..

For me the one thing that came out was the importance of "during the day" movement. I definitely rest a lot (just muscles really) after the evening lift. Makes me think about doing a little bit extra on top during the rest of the day. Noon-day walk. Bike to gym (even on non-bike, i.e. swim "days"). Etc...

Comment #14

It shouldn't stop you from lifting or doing cardio. They are both very beneficial to your health. They just don't contribute to your weight loss nearly as much as eating right does. That's been my stance all along though...

Comment #15

Mine too. You could be bedridden and this program would still help (and be more important than waving your arms in bed!).

It did make me wonder if I am curtailing some activity during rest of day as a result of tough workout. I definitely lay low after completion. But luckily for me that is late. Just makes me think about a little extra during rest of day too...

Comment #16

I've seen her post. Don't know her story, but the pictures tell one..

Yes. Kudos to her. The will is an important muscle...

Comment #17

Yes her story is very very inspiring!... Its shows very strong willpower!!,.

For those of us who exercise-while Exercise everyone agrees burns calories, to exercise to burn enough calories like a big mac probaby would take half a day or so or mabye the whole day depending-no I dont have the exact stats, but if anyone looks at the calories burned vs a big mac or similar high calorie food it's obvious one has to control diet also.....

Comment #18

I consider my workouts of 45 min, moderately intense, as worth approx 500 cals. Very rough estimate. Not enough for a Big Mac..

I know that if I were not on the Nutrisystem calorie-restriction system, I'd overwhelm that in a New York minute! With NS, I've had to add approx 330 protein/fat cals to keep my weight loss from stalling. There is a sweet spot for weight loss that does shift depending on workouts, so there is an impact. It just does not work as a stand-alone method for weight loss like everyone (me too!) always thought. I still think there's a synergistic effect when combined with calorie restriction. It might be interesting if there were a study done for that, but it would get messy setting it up right..

Hazelangeleyes has a wonderful story to share. She's in the pantheon of Nutrisystem Heroes..


Comment #19

Greg: I do 45 minutes cardio and 45 minutes lift. Lift is not running machine to machine, but NO RESTING either (alternate muscle groups), so heart rest stays up. Counselor told me to do an extra protein right after the lift. And a fruit/dairy for the extra exercise..

You seem really concerned on muscle loss and on losing too much. Your progress looks great. How do we get you over these concerns? Perhaps Niner buff guy could advise? Also, pictures, baby.....

Comment #20

I think I have the concern laid to rest,, I have ound isopoprotien combine with fruit which gives 100 percent of protien for a day.. I think some give the scale-including me sometimes to much consideration versus trying to keep muclse while losing fat...

Comment #21

Check out this article. I think it summarizes the science well..


Comment #22

An excellent rebuttal to the Times piece! Thanks Fixbones. I certainly like their 35 cal/lb muscle metabolic burn better than the Times' 4 cal/lb. I also like they mentioned extreme variability between test subjects. Results not typical, indeed. While I do believe the calorie-in vs. calorie-out is the overriding formula, sounds like muscle building helps tip that equation to the calorie-out side.

The Times article was written for popular buzz, so totally dismissing exercise hit that author's intended buzz-creation quotient..

The key is to find out what works best for YOU and take everyone else's opinions with a grain or two of salt. One thing is fairly certain- following the Nutrisystem plan, you will lose weight regardless of exercise. I personally believe exercise and muscle growth helps weight loss. I also believe that without the calorie restriction part, I would not lose an ounce..


Comment #23

I thgink there are some pschological benefits that are real as well. I don't mean psychosomatic, but just that the exercise fills bar time and makes health more likely (if you take the attitude of don't negate the workout with lapses)...

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