What all do I need to purchase from GoDaddy to build a simple website?
Got a quick question: What all do I need to purchase from GoDaddy to build a simple website? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... Hey Everyone.

Ive just noticed that the $/Click I am getting after I received my bid has gone down signifigantly.

These are my overall stats, it has been on GoDaddy since the 15th of July.

186 Views collectively.

93 Views per month on the average.

28 Clicks collectively.

14 Clicks per month on the average.

15.05% Click through rate on the average.

$0.75 Revenue per click on the average.

$10.54 Revenue per month on the average.

$21.07 Revenue collectively.

Now in July I had a 87Cents per click average.

Now in August (after the bid) a 7 cents per click average.

Ive got no Idea why the drop.

Ive resubmitted my keyword again, from Poker back to Poker.

So in the End.

Does your Pay per click reduce after you get a bid???.



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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could help you..

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Yeah GoDaddy are tightning there pockets by the looks of it. I park the domains there I do not want on my fabulous account and the average click through lately on GoDaddy is a horid 0.03 cents. Compared to a much better rate I was getting a few months back...

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I think it has something to do with there being a flood of Poker domains so sudden - PPC Trends will always Vary anyway. But I also agree GoDaddy isn't the best place to monetize them anyway..

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Dont you like need 50 domains?? for fabulous.

Hmm werid to bad bout the poker thing.

, ah well.....

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Mike will probably pop in and answer this regarding Fabulous but it is not how many domains you have it's quality the guys at fabulous will review any portfolio size. If you have around 50 good names you will most likely get in to there program. When I first signed up I had around 40-65 names..

Definately the best and most professional parking service out there. No they never paid me to say that either...

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GoDaddy do not publish their percentage share unlike other PPC.

Programs all they do is guarantee to 0.03 minimum it's then.

Completely up to them to decide what to pay you!!!!.

Many people have ignored this fact on this forum until they gaurantee.

You a given percentage of what they make (50% is the norm) then.

They can decide to pay you whatever they want...simple as that......

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To say the truth, you need 100 domains.. However, if you own a smaller but interesting porftolio you still have chanches..

I'm not saying that GoDaddy is bad, but for poker domains the difference between GoDaddy and Fabulous is something stunning...

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Wow, that would be so great!.

2 bad ive gort like 11..

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That's why I've not even tried to sign up, I've just not got enough domains..

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As some have mentioned previously, we do specify that new wholesale account applicants own at least 100 domains. However, we are more than happy to review portfolios of any size..

Feel free to submit an application by filling in this.




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My clicks at GoDaddy average 14 cents each (.14) and I've not seen any difference on names with bids...

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First off Ira you do not know which ad they are clicking the top spot may pay $2 for Poker but someone might have clicked the 10th ad so a lesser payout I have a credit card HostGator sometimes I get $2 sometimes .03 you do not know which ad they click..

Fabulous is by far better than GoDaddy for Poker names...

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Hi TheLegendaryJP - You will need to approve the transfer once you recieve the transfer email, if you do not have auto-accept. If you have any problems with the transfers going through, feel free to drop.

In order to have them considered for the 4.0 program. As this is our premium program, all domains need to be reviewed before being approved...

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Someone asked me two questions about Fabulous this morning. I know the answer to one of them, but not sure about the 2nd question, so I figured I would post them in case others also have the same questions, and also to get an answer for #2..


Do I have to transfer/register my names with Fabulous to use their parking program?.




Can I test a single traffic HostGator with them, to get an idea of how well things work before I commit to moving my entire portfolio to their parking program?.


I don't know..

Hopefully Mike or a regular Fabulous user will answer the second question in this thread...

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Poker clicks you have to be a t Fabulous any place else you are wasting your time and losing revenue Bottom Line...

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Odd, might be true,.

True but I dont have the 100 Domains.

, nor do I have the NP do buy I bunch of uselesss ones.....

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