What are favorite Medifast recipes using Allspice?

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My first question is What are favorite Medifast recipes using Allspice? Many thanks for any comment. Second question.. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to change them around? I'll be having.


Soon and this will be my Medifast diet for week 1. Not looking forward to the same thing for 7 days.

Thanks for.



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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Has a flavorless protein called Pure that you can add to broths. I'll be using that because sweet is not one of my favorite things...

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Thanks for the advice. I'm looking at the CLEAR liguid ones right now for the 1st week after.


Without ordering on line, GNC has 2 Extreme 60 and Isopure Zero Carb. Has anyone tried them? and if so can you add any flavoring to them to help?..

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My doctor told me to use the Isopure. It is very sweet & tangy... I wasn't so crazy about it alone. But mixing it with juice, iced tea, or water & Crystal Light made it tolerable. The Mango flavor is the very worst. The apple-pear & punch were OK diluted in other things. I didn't try the grape, cause I don't like artificial grape anything...

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I tried the Isopure in the hospital. I liked the grape frost...

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I think the whole point of this protein shake business was to make me never want to have anything sweet again..

It's all gross and I can't wait to get my protein from real food. Puree starts Tuesday!..

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Well...not sure what I'm going to do yet.... good advice from everyone. To bad there isn't a place that has samples of everything to try before you commit to anyone of them...

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Www.unjury com flavorless is great you can put that in crystal light or anything and the isopure was good too !!!..

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Unjury flavorless in crystal light? both are powers right? just mix the 2 in the same amount of water?.

Truly do not mean to be dumb just need help..

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All the pre mixed proteins are the ickiest thing Ive ever tried in my whole life. The clear ones I mean. Isopure is one...and there are a ton at the health and vitamin shops. Ive tried quite a few, all of them, literally every one... tastes exactly how I imagine rat poison should taste. ~shudders~ Ugh!.

My Medifast diet after.


Didnt include protein for that first week. Just water, broth and popsicles. I dont think I could have managed protein if my life depended on it anyways. I know all plans are different, but if you cant find a clear protein you like, I promise it's okay to go without that first week..

Good Luck!!..

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