What are good starter Medifast recipes for someone getting into tofu?

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Question I have... What are good starter Medifast recipes for someone getting into tofu? Hoping for any answer. Another question on my mind: Okay...I am kind of obsessing over and dreading this two week.

Liquid diet.

Also. It sounds like a lot of people have done protein shakes during this time that can vary..

I have to drink.


800 only, 6 shakes a day. It does come in Vanilla Chocolate and Strawberry... two meals I can choose their powder soup instead, it comes in chicken and garden tomato..

Has anyone tasted these...I have to buy them from the surgeons office, and was told that it will set me back $240 for the two weeks..

I tried a sample Unjury for Post Op which I liked, but that is the only protein shake I have ever had..

Has anyone else had.


800.... do recommend any one flavor over another?.

Thanks for any help you can give...liz..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Thanks, this is a mandatory two week pre-op Medifast diet from my surgeon to shrink my liver...liz..

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I have to do the.


Diet for two weeks pre-surgery as well, I pick mine up on Oct 25th, and it's going to cost $300... I think I get to have some crunchy bar things along with shakes, but am not completely sure..

I am also dreading it a little bit ... not so much because I am afraid I am going to starve, more so because I am afraid it's going to taste horrible! Knowing which taste the best will be a huge help!..

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That is the fear for me also, the taste....I tried a can of Adkins (I am diabetic)...and could not bare to drink it....... well perhaps, worst comes to worse we will lose lots of weight...I think we can drink water... but nothing else..not even jello.....

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I just checked out that bariatric advantage link, I am going to order some of those sample packs of protein, what a great way to figure out what I loke and dont before I start buying huge tubs of the stuff!.

I will let you know how the.


Works out for me - my.


Is Nov 9th, so I start the.


Diet in just a few weeks!..

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Thanks, my last clearance appointment is Nov 17th, so I imagine I will start liquids around the 5th or the 9th...not sure.... It is a love hate thing.... I love the fact that when I start drinking them is the countdown to.


.... but hate the thought of drinking it..

For my colonscopy (the special treat for us old folks) we had to drink some vile stuff....I used a straw positioned at the back of my tonque so that I would not taste much of it..... just suck it down fast..

I have been trying to wean off straws, but pre-op that is still an option.......

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I didnt have to do the.


But I did have to do the Bariatric Advantage meal replacement which wasnt too terrible. The key to being successful with these shakes is.


You can use sugar free syrups, puddings, and even jello powders to mix in that will substantially give you a wider variety. I purchased the chocolate and vanilla at the doctor's office b/c they provided a wider array of options- -things to blend in. Can you blend in fruit? Yogurt? or anything like that? My bariatric team put together a different recipes that I could do with the protein drinks and alternately they were not too bad. I too was hesistant about the 2 week.

Liquid diet.

But you will be surprised how quickly it goes by and it's nice to have the meals planned out. I also found it quite surprising how full you get on these shakes..

I also recommend visiting.


Shelly is a member on this website and our sister in.

Gastric bypass surgery.

She is very innovative and records all her menus. This has been a lifesaver for me personally and I am only a week post-op..

I wish you the best and I know you will do great. This is after all about discipline and this certainly marks a venue in that journey..

Best Wishes,.


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I had to do the.


For 6 WEEKS with NOTHING to eat besides the shakes and I was only allowed 4 a day. I tried vanilla and chocolate and in my opinion the chocolate is way better. Add extra water & ice to make it colder because the colder the better. I am not going to tell you it is easy because it is not easy but I did not have any trouble with my.


So hopefully it was because I did shrink the fat around the liver. Good Luck!!..

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