What are so good Medifast recipes for kids, anything?

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My first question is What are so good Medifast recipes for kids, anything? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question I got... So to add to the stresss!!!.


I was chillin in the car with my puppy, waitin for my hubby to come back outa the store and heard a loud BANG! It was more like....the static outa my speakers did a super loud burst....VERY LOUD burst. Ive heard gunshots before, but never that close. (dog starts tweekin!).

I looked over and saw the man go down... I snatched the keys and my purse (with my puppy lol) and ran to the store my hubby was in...he was just.


Out. I grabbed him and yelled "Call 911".

I turned and ran down the sidewalk towards the next store over where the man was. A kid that worked at the neighboring store saw it as well (we were the only ones in the parking lot at 11:00pm) I met him there. He had already called the police. I got down and started.


To the guy. He was hurtin pretty bad. He was laying on his side and kinda leaned up to pull up his pant leg... can you say BLOOD! It was about 3/4 inch deep and about 4-5 inches wide. The bullet had "grazed" (one hellova graze tho") him and went thru the window. Spider cracked the whole damn thing.

I yelled to my hubby to get 1st aid or a towel or SOMETHING. He ran off and came back with paper towels. I took a big bunch and held it to his leg. Poor guy, I know that shit hurt like hell. I kept talkin with him tho. Joking and trying for the life of me to take his mind off the pain..

Didnt take the cops very long to get there. Maybe 5 mins?? And about another 2-3 mins for the paramedics...which took over my "holding of the towels" lol I swear it was a lifetime tho. I got him to laugh with me...told him my name, said it was going to be fine. Thank God it was in the leg and nowhere else. I woulda had to strip down or something for cloth if there was anymore

I seen the little punks run off that shot him...they had about 10 cop cars after them within minutes. HAHA No one really had a good discription tho. It was dark...the guy was scared of the gun and the kid and I were too far away too see them up close..


They catch them...good ass whoopin is what they need. Friggin leather belt or something..

Crazy friggin night..

Just wanted to tell someone and write it all out. Im still shaking and am so awake, I dunno if Ill get any.



On a better note, Im doing great on my pre op Medifast diet now that I have those Shakes figured out. Got super hungry last night around 11:00pm so I had half of a little tomato. Ive been gettin all my fluids... and Im measuring everything. I got this, it's no biggy. YET!! lol.

Smoochies and thanks for.


To my crazy ass night..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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You rock my girlie...and so so glad you guys, and little Jackii were not in the way of gun how scary is that.....

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Congrats on stepping in and helping! U go gurl that was an awesome thing to do! So many people just are afraid to get involved...hugs..

Comment #3

That was very brave and caring of you. Your.


Of the event was like.


A novelette. I was there! After all that, you ate a half of a small tomato...amazing. That's what I am.


About we can make choices. Glad the guy is ok and you too...

Comment #4

Wow Kara you are brave my friend. So proud of you for helping a stranger. You are awesome...

Comment #5

This town is getting CRAZY! So glad you weren't hurt. Which $ Store?? I had just read about four people being shot in church parking lot on Bianchi at Taco truck in middle of the day. Good thing we are attempting to.

Lose weight.

...we may need bullet proof vests just to do grocery shopping...,lol..

Be safe...Sandy in Stockton..

Comment #6

It's people like you, who stop and help a stranger in need, that make the world a better place. I think.


This may help the rest of us do the "right thing" when it is needed. Thanks for sharing..


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@ Sandy... Its was the Dollar Store on Pacific and Hammer. The "Good Neighborhood" lmao.

Craaaaaazy huh..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.