What are some baking Medifast recipes I can use my crystallised ginger for?

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First of all What are some baking Medifast recipes I can use my crystallised ginger for? Thanks in advance for any response. My other question... I have a friend who is my best friend. We have been BF since college. She also has a weight problem and had a lap band (and wasn't successful with it). Currently the band is empty.

She has a daughter who is struggling with anorexia and is in outpatient treatment. So, her Medifast diet and.


Plan went out the window. She hasn't gone to the gym in 5 weeks and is eating tons of junk now that is in the house for her kid. She admits that alot of her issues are psychological, but refuses to go for.


To deal with those issues..

Anyway, when I asked her why she isn't going to the gym, she said she is an "all or nothing person" if she can't go 5 days a week (M-F) then "why bother?" When I asked if she can get up early and walk or go for a bike ride before or after work she had other excuses including having to be home for meals as a family (part of her daughter's treatment), and.




Iaren't "real exercise".

I am so tired of hearing that the.


I do isn't 'real.


'! She said "even when I rode that 30 miles with you, it was for pleasure not for.


, you don't get.


When you bike. She is equating.


With a stationary bike she rides in the gym which gives her calories burned and reads something like 100 calories in a half hour! Everytime I talk about going out on my bike (and I did 65 miles on Saturday) I get "that's not real.


You can get on a bike and pedal all day when it's flat" or "you get some work up a hill, but you coast down then and it's no work at all." It totally negates all of my efforts! It makes me want to say ".


On a treadmill in a gym isn't real.


You aren't getting any real hills or wind resistance." But I want to be better than that..

Anyway, I guess I am just.


I don't want to loose my BF but I feel like I am. I know there is a jealousy component to it, and I hate that we are drifting apart. I don't have many close friends and I just feel awful, but I don't know what to do, I know relationships change after GBS, but why do they have to? and how do I stop it short of regaining all my weight and staying fat?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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True friends don't question or put you down,they are just their for you.When I had my psych exam the doctor told me when you lose the weight you are going to have family or friends that will be jealous and treat you different, I thought he had to be kidding. I have read on this site and others where this is makes me sad.Remember you did this for yourself and let no one take away that. You are happy with what you are doing and you look great so something must be working..

Love your new picture..


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Laura, if she is a true friend, then love her unconditionally. She does not have to be skinny, healthy or walk in your shoes or ride a bike like you. Do she? And you can love from afar, if being close is too painful. If she is a true friend, and love you too, she will come around...if not, well sometimes we do have to move on and make new friends...

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I agree with need to lover her regaining her weight, not exercising and all. I know I hate it when people ask me...I feel like I am being judged....

Struggling with her daughter's issues is probably all she can handle right now. Since excersise is a hot button between you two, don't talk about it. You.


Your way...she can or can not her way. Neither one of you needs to be right or wrong....just not in each others face about a non issue. Right now you can concentrate on how you can help her cope with life, what her needs are right now..

Don't need to lose your friend.....just be one....liz..

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So sorry you are battling with this. I am going to be straight and to the point. This may sound selfish but you cannot make your friend's struggle your own. When we shift focus on others, we become less focused on our own struggle. The only thing you can do is be there for your friend if she reaches out to you. Pushing her or confronting her about what excercise is, will only cause her to resent you and question your intentions.

If she complains to you about her weight, simply reply, I am here if you'd like to excercise with me. That's it. She will either join you or stop complaining to you..


This helps, congratulations to you on the good work!.


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I am really sorry that you are going through this as you are one of my closest friends on here and in.


This I can totally hear your frustation and sadness..

Weight has always being an sensitive subject, at least for me and given her current situation maybe discussing this issue is a bit too personal for her. I know that you are trying to help but as the saying goes we can lead a horse to water but we can not make them drink (she has got to want to help herself)..

Do not let her intimidate you by saying that your workout regimen is infallible b/c you and everyone else knows it's not. Maybe this is her way of attacking you given your progress..

Perhaps what she needs now is space. Just a moment to clear her head and kind of get all this together on her own terms. All you can do is be there for her when she calls and support her..

We cant let ourselves go just to join in someone else's misery. We all have our trials and tribulations but it is how we rise from that, that makes us who we are..

Cheer up Laura..

You are a great inspiration and a powerful force on here..

Thank you for everything and like you have told me "this too shall pass.".

Best Wishes..


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You have accomplished so many great and wonderful things and who wouldn't want you for a bf! You are a terrific person and of course.....






! Some of the best you can do in fact...that IS HOW I lost 230lbs! By.

Walking. one can judge another or their motives. If you truly love your friend, as I can tell you do, then let it be for now. Just be there for her in her emotional struggles with her daily life routines and once you have spoken your concerns to her...give her a chance to take it to heart! She day, and she will recognize what a terrific friend you are for loving her so much! if not then sometimes we just have to move forward with our OWN journies!.

Keep the.


My friend and don't let anything get you down! YOU ARE A HUGE SUCCESS! A BIG winner!.

Love Ya!.



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I just reread what I wrote and I don't think I was clear. Should have proof read better. She was complaining to me about her inability to get to the gym and do the things for herself that she wants to do because of the issus surrounding her daughter and she felt like her issues were taking a backseat to her child's..

That is when I said "if you can't get to the gym how about going for a walk or a bike ride?" That is when the.


Came up about the biing/walking thing. I have already gotten to the point where I don't discuss it with her, because I know what she will say, and I don't want to hear it!.


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Laura: I don't think you have to lose this friendship, but it may change, for the simple reason that you have made permanent changes, and your friend hasnt'. She still wants your love and support, but it sounds like the support she is looking for is a sympathetic ear. Since she and her daughter are having problems with food, it's likely a complicated family thing. It may be that the best you can do for her now is to just listen. Eventually, we can pray that she'll begin to really hear herself and start to address the real issues. But that's something you can't force..

I wonder if she is trying to push you away with her negative comments on.


, because your success is making her feel guilty/uncomfortable with her own choices? Anyway, keep loving her and let her know that you're there for her, even if she can't return the favor right now...

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Oh...that is a horse of a totally different color....hmmmm... that is tough. sorry. I have a son with issues...and I love him, but he consumes my life and a worry about him all the time. Being a mother, I can not complain about my son to people..I just can't, he is my son, I love instead I complain about "things" ....I know that might not make sense...but having a child with issues is absolutely heartbreaking.....and you as a mother can feel so powerless..

Your friend might not want her.


Problem fixed...she might just need something "normal" to comapin about... she just might want you to listen, and say "I hear you, that is really hard...I understand"... liz..

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