What are some diet routines used in the Medifast Diet?

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Got a question... What are some diet routines used in the Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... HAPPY FREAKIN' THURSDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that new members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of love, support, encouragement, inspiration, and FUN!.

We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Good morning shams! Lori's computer is down and she'll be checking in once she gets to work.

I'm doing massive amounts of dictation...have to make that xmas money, lol...

Comment #2

Morning ang - how are you holding up?.

I woke ydd up this morning to her having pink eye so no work for me today- doc instead. I'm doing 5/1 today so being home and off schedule will make that harder but I will do it! Hope everyone has a great op day. I'll be Checking in often since I'll be home..

Comment #3

Morning slores!.

Lara-yuck for pink eye.....

Ang-yuck for work, but yeah for money.

Hope lori's computer gets fixed soon...

Kori really is a rockstar isn't she?! where does she find all the time? I think she and sandy have a time portal......anybody else with me?!.

I need more hours in the day!.

I need an idea for my supervisor for xmas.....thoughts? she's kind of a different person. last year we got her a bunch of candles and a gift card to kohls. she likes to bake so I was thinking of some sort of basket with a bunch of baking stuff??.

Please help!.

I started in a weight loss contest with one of my co-workers. we start today...i need the motivation....

Enough- need to get into the lab....

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!..

Comment #4

Erin- My employees usually do the Girft card thing and I like that. But knowing that she likes to bake, the basket thing is a good idea too. I'm with you that those two have a time portal, I need more hours in the day too...

Comment #5

Right on with the portal thoughts - explains a lot!!! like the thingie Hermione had on HP.....

Maybe a gift cert to one of those "dinner done" kinds of places... it's cooking tho but you go and make their menu and take the food home - get the joy of cooking with the results to savor in recipes you may not do otherwise and s'one else cleans... again - it's cooking and not baking tho....

And you got the contest nailed!!! YAY!!!!..

Comment #6

Got a doctors appt for 9:45. Being that it's a work-in we may have to wait- lets hope it's not too long of a wait. I hate waiting in a doctors office...

Comment #7

Good morning all.....

Hey ang... good to see you here. how is your family doing?.

Lori... I only love my pc when it behaves!.

Hi andi... YES. kori and sandy have a time turner thing and have been holding out on us! I need one too! LOL... loved all your posts last night. your tea sounds yummy. sorry to have posted my cookie recipe.

Erin... you crack me up. gift for person at work... I love bed, bath, and beyond for those cooking/baking people. they have everything! a weight loss contest is cool. my co-workers were going to have one and told me I couldnt join cause I have the Medifast advantage.

They never actually started it! oh well....

Lara... I'm so sorry you have been having a tough time. I understand what you are doing through. addictions are powerful regardless of the substance. I can support you and hold you accountable in any way that works for you. hope my cookie chat didnt bother you.


Comment #8

Hi from work all!.

Erin...some ideas:.




Comment #9

Morning Shammies,.

I wish I have that time portal. If so I would buy you all one for the holidays..

LARA - TAKE Medifast WITH YOU TO DOC APPOINTMENTS TODAY. I THINK IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE FOOD INTAKE AT REGULAR SPACING. Sorry about the cap lock. Too lazy to retype. Anyway, the work food can be more tempting if you have gone too long between packets..

Lori - what is up with computer?.

Love the gift ideas..

OK, off to golf. See you ladies later. Hope every one has a great day...

Comment #10

Super busy at work..

Joe is calling internet provider today to see if they have some insight..

Don't know if I'll be able to check back in before I leave..

Going home and TMing and wall humping..

Hopefully internet will let me back on to this site and I can check in then..

Hope e'one is doing well..

Mad love...

Comment #11

Hi all.. super busy at work...

Lori.. hope internet get fixed.

Sandy.. have a great day!..

Comment #12

Sandy- Took my packet with me an ate it on the way home. Just had lunch- Medifast chili and I'm downing more water. Done well and feeling good. Have fun golfing. Its in the 20's here today so I doubt there is too much golfing going on in these neck of the woods..

Andrea- Thanks for making me accountable. I will update you daily on how I've done. The more people I have to answer to the better..

Lori- hope the computer/internet problems get fixed quickly. We miss when you can't check in with us more..

Ang- Great ideas for a baker! Can you help me come up with something for my grandmother?-lol..

We got in the doc quickly, ran a strep culture too which was negative and then a CBC also fine. The nurse practitioner we saw today was a little out there. Then I also had them give her a flu shot. Tried to take the perscription to the pharmacy to find out they didn't have it. Took to a second pharmacy which they couldn't read the rx, had to call MD and leave a message- so no drugs yet. Hopefully we get them today. I have too much to do at work to be off another day...

Comment #13

Hi lara.. good luck with all that and having sick kid at home. that stinks. good job with the packet and glad you are feeling good..

Is it 4:00 yet?..

Comment #14

Lol.. good one lara.. it's not even 3:00 but I'm getting ready to go home. not really but sorta. have stuff to do before I leave....

Much love, ladies...

Comment #15

Lara - congrats on having a good OP day..

Lori - you got this exercise thing..

Hope computer gets fixed..

Andrea - I know you are going to have another good week..

Andi - how many gallons of water/tea so far today..

Had a great time playing golf with my new group. Weather was perfect. Time for my L&G and then cards...

Comment #16


They needed me over in the sales office for a couple of hours. Just got back. Need to finish up a few things here and head out..


Comment #17

Sandy- Glad you had a great golf outing today with the new group..

Lori- Hope the pull over to sales was a good change in your day and that it didn't put you too far behind in your own job..

Just able to get rx for dd so she'll be home again tomorrow since she'll still be contagious. I have to go into work Sat anyway for a big Breakfast with Santa thing we do for the families, so I'll just make it a full day. Still OP for today- just had a bar, need more water so I'm off to gussle some more...

Comment #18

Lara - what does grandma like, lol?.

I'm at 2nd job now and busy with it...

Comment #19


Internet going in and out..




Comment #20

Hi shams,.

DH home from the hospital and now the fun begins. I've never felt so tired in ages. My knee that has started hurting is now killing me (ironic that it's a knee) and I just took some pain killers. Love me some drugs. It's been alot of running getting him home, prescriptions, back and forth thru the house so he gets on the machine to circulate his knee, etc. Then my cat must have been sick and threw up (only on carpet of course) in 4 different spots.

He just said he didn't want dinner so at least I got some reprieve. BTWanyone watching the "Sing Off". Wow, those groups are fantastic. Pure singing for sure. Want to go catch up on the few posts that are here so if I don't get back on later, I'll see ya tomorrow...

Comment #21

50 wall humps.

50 reps on exercise ball.

480 calories on TM.


Comment #22

WTG Capt- glad internet is working at least some..

Ang- Good question. Unfortunately I don't see her much so I'm not sure. She has everything. I'm thinking of getting her an Aveda gift set (shampoo/conditioner and lotion) She is a penny pincher so it would be a nice luxury that is useful..

Made zuchinni alfredo recipe tonight- YUMMY so good. Hubbie ate it too. Kids had a salad. I didn't get to the gym but have been doing a dance party in the living room with kiddos...

Comment #23

Thanks for getting us started..

Dictation...HeeHee...always makes me giggle!..

Comment #24

Yucky! Pink eye! I am glad you are an attentive mom who pays attention. I can't tell you how many kids come to school with it and their parents are surprised when we call to tell them they have to go home..

Comment #25

I wish I had a time portal! I am just of the school of thought, "I can sleep when I am dead"..

Plus, this is a crazy time for me so I am always running crazy this time of year..

For the gift: You could get a cute apron, pot holders, gingerbread baking kit, or some other holiday baking kits that are everywhere right now and that would be cute. Or even some of the holiday themed baking pans where they make cute shapes. Wrap it up and tie cookie cutters with ribbon on it...

Comment #26

Hey Andi! I am going to try some of your recipes for another thing my mom is doing next week. Ran out of time for the baked good exchange tonight...

Comment #27

Brr!!! Sounds cold today for you. Hope you found the drugs for your daughter...

Comment #28

Glad hubbye is home and doing ok. Sucks about the knee for you but YAY! for good drugs!.

I caught a couple minutes of the show when my sister and mom were watching. They were fantastic!..

Comment #29

Love the gift idea Lara. Great gift for someone who doesn't splurge on themselves...

Comment #30

Crazzzy busy day at work today. Can't wait til I am on vacation!!!!!.

Need to get home, have to bake some banana chocolate chip muffins and then our party is in 2 and a half hours..

Will try to post pics that my sis took last night of my haircut. Or from tonight. Later hookahs..

Mucho love...

Comment #31

Kori- You are my hero for being able to bake all these goodies, go to the exchanges and still not eat any of it. Have fun tonight. Can't wait to see pix of the new hairdo..

Where is everyone? Busy I'm sure...

Comment #32

Lori - congrats on the great workout..

Barb - thanks for letting us know what is going on. Take care of you..

Kori - I am tired with all you do..

Lara - you have this back in bag..

Andrea - how was last night?.

I am done with cards. Yeah. Need to practice piano yet today...

Comment #33

Kori - get to see pictures when you can...

Comment #34

Off for a couple days.... yay!!! had choc chip pancakes.... any ideas how to make them better?.

Going to catch up on tivo BBL..

Comment #35

Jill I don't really mind them, but I use SF carmel syrup on them as "syrup" gives it more taste. YEAH for being off a couple of days...

Comment #36

I meant the SF flavorings- it's liquid not really syrup but is makes them moister and tastier..

Comment #37

OH WOW!!! Mom made Rosettes for us when I was a kid - they were a wonderful treat that I remember fondly now!..

Comment #38

Tip for all - when your doctor gives you a prescription - make certain you can read it - if you can't - get them to tell you.


What it says so when you get to the pharmacy, you can tell THEM if they can't read it. ALSO know what the med is for..

Short story - there is a med commonly given for prostate issues. We had a woman in her 30s who had kidney stones. doc ordered the prostate med cuz an off-label use is for kidney stones. Pharmacist wasn't familiar with the use and she wasn't certain why she was given teh prescription so didn't get it filled. she came back to the ED 2 days later still in pain.

Moral: A) she should have received better med teaching from the ED nurse and doc in the first place. B) she didn't ask either. C) the pharmacist wasn't up on off-label uses... Poor lady. don't let that be you...

Comment #39

Glad you had a great day!!!.

And I'm over 120oz all told.

And counting.

**tea in hand**..

Comment #40

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.