What are some easy Medifast recipes for starting candy making?

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Quick question... What are some easy Medifast recipes for starting candy making? Hoping for any comment. Another question... Well today I started my 3 day garage sale and it felt soooo good to get rid of all my fat clothes! Im still in a size 18 but I was at a size 26. It also felt good when people asked whos clothes they were and I said mine alot iof people said wow they would have never guess! GO ME! LOL..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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I can't wait til I can do the same thing...I am however happy to say my biggest sizes in the closet are gone, and the ones I am in now...was a 30/32, and now a 22...the ones I am in now, are just hanging....

It feels so good to know what I have done...I still have to wear some 24's and 26's. but just because it is all I have right now...but I don't work, so it is not a real issue...I just save my form fitting clothes for when I go out of the house, as not to have my pants around my panties do that enough on their own,..ha ha ha ha.....

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Congrats, That is good. I need to do the same thing...

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I just packed up the size 54-60 pants and the 4x/5x shirts. Some go away and some may be recut..

I actually had very nice, brand new "fat" clothes, that I would actually wear, at least through the winter...

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I bet that did feel so good, keep up the good work and definitely GO YOU!!!..

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I have a friend who has a friend that just became homeless and in need of clothes and lucky for her (and me) that it was the same size as my "fat" clothes so I know they went to someone in need. I have been giving them to other people in need and very grateful that I have them to give. I have gone so far from a 24/26 to a 16..


Your garage sale is a successful one - Congrats!!!..

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Congratulations on being able to get rid of "fat" clothes, I'm sure someone will be glad to get them and probalby don't have to pay the extra 2 dollars for larger


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It does feel good doesn't it! I keep a box in a spare room and throw things in, when the box is full I call people or take it to the shelter. I love that I get rid of them and friends are benefiting and others that need them...

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You have a great sale and then on to shopping for new clothes...yea...

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