What are some foods/Medifast recipes that are good for losing belly fat?

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Question I have... What are some foods/Medifast recipes that are good for losing belly fat? Looking forward for any answer. My other question... Hello my fellow losers out there..

I got weighed last week at.


And I am down 92 pounds!! I am flabbergasted. I am just 8 pounds away from my first big goal(100 pounds)..

After this announcement, I went out and got the first pair of 1X pants that have fit in YEARS! I am looking sooooo good:)..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Well, of course it's big-but I still have a ways to go..

I was 358 the day of my.


, so I was just like, yeah, I think in a few years I can get to 175. why not?.

Figure that now with just this weight lost, I can walk w/o my back hurting, and I'm off half my prescriptions, I can get to my ultimate ultimate goal I mentioned above..

Gastric bypass has been the best thing to happen to me, and I'm only 19, so I can only get higher from here!:)..

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Congrats.. what a milestone.. I cant wait to be on the losing side.....

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Great job! You'll be down 100 before you know it. I'm down 76 lbs and am like you, can't wait to hit that 100 mark. That's my first big goal too. I weighed 316 the day of my.



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Thanks for all the support guys! I am gonna get to that milestone before my 1st year.


Anniversary, I'm gonna make sure of it...

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Good job. I admire you for taking care of this at such an early age. You have a wonderfuly life ahead of you with many rewards!..

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I agree with LAMom; kudos for not waiting till mid-life to take care of this issue! You are doing great. Can't wait to hear the continued updates!.


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Congrats!!!! I wish I would have taken the initiative to have this done at your age. Good luck and God Bless!!..

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Congrats! I am so looking forward to meeting my goals!..

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Yep, I am just doing great-taking my supplements, going to.


3 times a week, and.


Around on the days I dont so.



I also eat good and not go overboard on my meals...

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