What are some foods that I can buy for the Medifast Diet?

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First off, What are some foods that I can buy for the Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question... Morning!.

Rise and shine girls. Adjust that Moxie, heads up, stand tall, shoulders back and prep the attitude for the week!.

Pretty much a 'routine week' on tap here outside of a quick trip to the doctor for me today for a prescription renewal. Then it's just the same 'ol same..

Have a good day!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Morning Charly and Ali,.

Can't believe it is Monday morning already. Ali you crack me up with the car and all it's sounds. Hope you can get it repaired soon!.

Charly enjoy your Monday, sounds like it my be a good calm day..

Horse show was a bust, Peanut got "spooked" by the minis with driver and carts, racing along the rail doing practice drills. She reared up twice while in the ring, it was somewhat scary but I held on. The judge sort of glared at me and it was all down hill as far as winning goes after that. All the "locals" won all the big ribbons, which happens, no hard feelings, not fair but whatcha going to do. So on to the next show and such..

One of our riders/trainers got thrown, not in the ring, and I was finished for the day so I drove her to meet her parents and they were going to take her to the ER as she hit her head in the fall. We should have all stayed home. Yikes! Hope she is okay..

Okay ladies I need to talk to P before he leaves for school. DH pulled a hammy just getting up off the sofa so he is not a happy camper. Hope the week is better than the weekend!.

Waving at all of you, have a wonderful Monday!..

Comment #2

Morning everyone! It's snowing! I got a call from the base this morning saying that the schools were closed for the day, as yesterday they said just a two hour delay.. so I looked out the window and didn't see any snow...and thought, ok then.. and promptly turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. I heard Natty get up at around 7:30 and I told her that there was no school and to leave me alone.. LOL..and she got all excited and closed my I went back to sleep.and then I woke up at 9:00 and she said there was a bunch of snow and sure enough there is. I'd say about 3 inches and it's still snowing..

Poor Ryan, in all the time we live here, he will NEVER see the snow. I swear it only snows when he is gone. LOL!.

Well I am about to ahve a nice hot chai and get ready for some snow play!! I have tons of birds outside..I love to make sure the feeders are full because they all come out and you can see them really good. Now to just get rid of the cowbirds and red-winged black birds.. they are a nuisance!.

Hope everyone has a really great day! And Ali, I sure hope you hear about your car SOON!.

Patti, sorry to hear about peanut getting spooked yesterday and the trainer too! I hope she is ok. Charly, take care of you!! =D..

Comment #3

Morning Girls!.

Thought I would have woken to a blizzard.....NOTHING! There is NO snow out there yet? They keep saying it's coming but when I look at the radar on TV, my section seems to be in this teeny, tiny little hole that isn't getting any....just yet! LOL Who knows! Weather in Chicago is a crapshoot with the lake effect. LOL.

Hope everyone has a good day, maybe Natty will get a reprieve from school again. Oh and the car is going in next Monday..they called yesterday and wanted to know why I didn't bring it in last week when they had me on the books for repair. It wasn't a very nice conversation..did you hear me yelling in your state? LOL.

So that's it from here...catch you all later!..

Comment #4

Morning !.

Ali - I guess the snow is to be during the day here, nothing so far like you. Funny that you missed your appt taking your vehicle in, pay attention girl! (LOL) just kidding. What will you drive while they have it, how long will they have it?.

Red - so no school today huh? Ohio only gets 3 sno days and has already used those, from this point on it will all have to be made up..

Patti - sorry that your horse day turned out rough but they can't all be perfect..

Monica - how was your day yesterday?.

Sandy texted me and is having PC issues, getting a new PC and will be back soon she said..

I tell ya, I took the total body 'hit' at the gym last night in more ways than one. Doing 1-legged wall sits and my foot slipped and I landed hard (very hard) on my bootie. The room gets so humid during class and the floor (wood) got slicker than anything and I bit it. I can't describe the pain the moment it happened. I didn't hit my tail bone though, just full blown on my bootie. I made it through the rest of the work out.

One other thing I've noticed with the workouts, we do such intense ab work that it's hard for me to tell if I'm getting PMS cramps or just tender abs from the workouts, pathetic isn't it?! I'm getting too old for this sh**!.

Have a good day girls, use your sno tires if you need them (LOL) xo..

Comment #5

Morning Ladies.

Didn't realize I missed yesterday LOL I tell you ladies I'm losing it big time, just put me in home now.

Charly I sympathize about the bootie pain, I have a herniated disk that is causing my bum muscle to spasm, I've had a fun week..

No snow here but a little tomorrow maybe, it is cold here and the wind is blowing like a knife..

Ok time to get moving.


Comment #6

ONLY and mean ONLY if we can share a room............

Comment #7

Morning Ladies!.

Yes Natty has another snow day. I have no idea how many they get or if they have to make them up or what..but she is loving it. She already has Friday off and next Monday for the MLK holiday. SO it's a wasted week if you ask me. Of course I have her doing her homework (she has writing HW for a month in her binder, so in case they are gone or whatever) the only thing she won't have to do is Math. Although she has Math workbooks here so I might have work on that for awhile.

The girl asked for a giant 3rd grade Math book from Santa this year..

Otherwise it's a quiet day here. I'd like to get a movie from the redbox, but I won't drive out there until the ice is gone.. so maybe tomorrow or Thursday..

Charly.. ouch! I've done that before, and it really does hurt. I think when your are working out and putting your muscles to the test like that and then you give 'em a good solid whack, it's hitting where it's already tender.. and that is gonna hurt for awhile..

I hope it feels better soon.. that was YOU I heard, eh?.

Glad the car will be getting fixed though. Hope you don't get tons of snow in the meantime. Maybe you'll get lucky and it will miss you altogether..

Monica.. it sounds like it's gonna be one of those weeks... hang in there girl!!.

Hi to Sandy!! We'll be here when you get that PC thing all worked out...

Comment #8

Morning again....The snow did not miss us! It's coming down really good. Oh well, that's what happens living in the midwest. LOL.

My car? Well, I pay for rental on my insurance but they are only going to give me a 4 door something..a little, 4 door something. I am not taking it in this crap weather. My nephews pick-up is sitting in my Mom's driveway, I have the keys, I might just drive that for the 4 days they are supposed to have my car. I might not take anything either. I have a grocery store 1/2 block away if I need anything so a car isn't really needed..

Well, O'Hare Airport is now running 3 hours behind and Midway is a close second. My friend is coming home from DC today, already told her to have the boyfriend pick her up from Midway, I don't do snow. LOL.

Talk to you all later......

Comment #9

Ali, good idea on waiting to drive anything in the snow.. probably not worth taking the chance unless you really need to. And for sure I'd go with the pick up over the mini economy size car. They'll probably give you a ford fiesta or something miniature like that. LOL!..

Comment #10

OMG! What a hoot! A Ford Fiesta! My luck that would be it. I'm used to a 4WD SUV and then to have a matchbox car...NOT!.

I feel like Atlanta..haven't seen a plow since the snow started. Can you believe in a city of 5 million people Atlanta only has 11 snow plows? All I have been hearing on the Weather Channel. Guess they aren't happy campers down there!..

Comment #11

Hi All,.

Ali - Be careful in the weather, you know how snow can come out of nowhere!.

The truck sounds like a good idea if needed..

Charly - Sorry about the behind, ouch! You probably have little "padding" back.

There now and therefore - OUCH-.

Red - You made me smile with Matty and her math book. Wonder why little girls.

Love to play school and do homework? Good for her! Be careful on the ice..

Monica - Hope all is going well, okay, I think maybe not? You put a smile on.

And think nasty thoughts- LOL helps me at times! Just kidding..

Sandy - Good luck with the PC, hope to hear from you soon!.

Hey NA, waving at you! Hope all is well with you and your family..

Can't wait to watch NCIS tonight, my fix, my drug, whatever. Love them.

And find the dialogue so clever. The Closer is a close second..

Road Peanut today, she was good. Was told I was a sore loser this past.

Weekend. Hey maybe so. I guess after I have to spend money for hauling,.

Day feed, entrance fees, etc. to the tune of 160 dollars and come home.

Not winning, I can fuss. This is a very expensive "hobby" and I go to win,.

Enough said. Don't mess with me, I'll get my spurs out!.

Today is hubby BD, he has a pulled hammy, poor thing. So we are getting.

Take out Japanese tonight. I will get shrimp and veggies, can't wait..

Have a great evening, stay safe if the weather is bad and be good!..

Comment #12

Morning Girls! Wednesday here already?.

Snow finally stopped..about 5 more inches on the ground. I waited until almost 6pm to get out there and snowblow, too bad the wind was blowing so hard it wasn't easy to see where I had made a pass with the snowblower. LOL They are calling for more snow today, we shall see..nothing in the radar so I have no idea where that snow is coming from. Ahhh, winters in Chicago..gotta love em..

Have to call the dentist, have a toothache on a tooth that has a cap and root canal already. Don't know what that's all about but it's throbbing. Arrrggghhhh! The child said, "how do you know you already had a root canal on that tooth?" Because 99% of my teeth are capped. LOL.

Wow, just saw the news in glad I'm not living there with the storm. Holy Moly!.

Have a great day....catch ya all later!..

Comment #13

Morning Ladies!.

It's a busy day for me, the Pea only has barely 4 hours of school...they had a 2 hour delay and today is Wednesday which is early dismissal day. Tomorrow is the only full day of school for them this week. SHeeSH!.

I saw this morning that Carrie Fisher is the new spokeswoman for Jenny Craig... I love Carrie Fisher! She is hilarious! Not to mention, she was my girl idol when I was a kid... I have pictures of my mini buns and hair loops to prove it..LMAO! I hope she succeeds and feels good about herself and in her own skin again..

Ali, take care in that snow and I hope you don't get anymore!! Sorry to hear about your toothache! My dad recently had a similar problem, but it ended up being something ..well I think had a bone transplant in there or something like that.. I forget.. but I'll tell you, it seemed to be a lot easier to deal with than a root canal. He's had plenty of those as well.. and bridges and all that. I hope it isn't anything serious.

Patti, You are right, it is an expensive hobby and one you and Peanut work hard for, so yes, you can be a sore loser now and again! Work those spurs girl!!.

LOL! I hope Hubby had a really nice birthday and enjoyed the japanese dinner.. YUMMY, I Love Japanese food!.

Hello to Charly, I hope you aren't snowed in! And NA (traveling I assume) and Sandy and Monica!!..

Comment #14

Hey !.

Cold/snow/wind what more is there to say???.

Ho hum............

Comment #15

Morning Girls!.

Where is everyone? Monica, NA..come out, come out!.

Nothing new here except the cold and snow. Dentist appt at 8am, I just want that crown ripped off now..

The WW thing is working out great..dumped another pound...great transition for me. Finally!.

Catch you all later, time to rub vanilla extract on my tooth again..


Comment #16

Ali, so happy to hear that WW is doing awesome for you!! That's wonderful! Hope the dentist appt goes quickly and smoothly! =).

Hope everyone else is doing well out there. =D.

It's a quiet day for me...tomorrow is errand day and the Pea is coming with so I am taking my day of peace today. LOL..

Comment #17

Back from the dentist.....nothing showed on the xrays! Gave me a prescription for antibiotics....he "thinks" I might have a cracked tooth under the cap but I would have to see the oral surgeon to find out for sure. NOT WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR! Got the script filled, will give it a few more days and see if the pain disappears..if not, off to the oral surgeon..

Oh and it's snowing!.

Charly what in the H E L L kind of cryptic message is that? LOL..

Comment #18

Ali - means today post is the same as yesterdays..........(LOL) Sorry the dentist isn't so helpful and hate the proposed diagnosis, that stinks!!.

Off to "HIT" at the gym.

, please pray for me certainly not looking forward to it with my oh so not comfy bootie issue..............

Comment #19

Ali, sorry for he bummer diagnosis. I am hoping the meds can take care of it and it isn't worse..

Charly..hoping you have a great working tonight and NO bum pain!.

I got great news today that an Marine wife friend I've known online since Natty was born will be moving to my base! I'm super excited! That's one of the great things about being in the military and staying in for so long.. eventually you meet your online friends and sometimes you get see them more than once! HA HA! So far, for this tour, it will make 3 friends on the check list! LOL! Oh and Hey Ali, One of my really good friends is from a suburb of chicago.. and we plan a trip there one day.. so when that happens.. I'll be letting you know for sure!..

Comment #20

Sorry not MIA just Ho hum here too LOL nothing going on..

Comment #21

Morning Girls! Can't believe it's Friday already..where did the week go?.

Cold this morning but all the snow that came in last night, blew away with the winds so there is nothing to shovel. Woo Hoo!.

Tooth feels 100% better this morning, no pain at all. Not sure what that was all about but as long as it's not hurting..I ain't touching it..

Have a great day to you all later!..

Comment #22

Ali, that's GREAT news!! On both accounts! HA HA! Especially the tooth though. =D.

Charly, WOOHOO!!!! LOL!!.

Monica, I suppose ho hum is better than grumble, ^&%$ ,grumble, right?.


Today is one of those days...I should honestly not be allowed to touch anything but my coffee for at least an hour after waking up.. 2 hours would be even better..

I always check my emails and go through my "morning internet waking up process" with a cup of coffee... and I don't know why, but today, my brain is much more fried than normal..

I was going through the junk mail, and usually there are one or two things in there that I need to move to my inbox, but today I deleted them. Thank fully they weren't gone forever like other places do it, so I went to the trash and tried to move them again, and I deleted them AGAIN! Son of a Nutcracker!.

The only good thing is one of them I know the person and asked her to re-send. ugh. I think I'll wait a couple hours to do my bills.. other wise I have a feeling I will royally screw myself with that one..

Anyhow... I hope everyone has an awesome Friday, and a wonderful weekend!..

Comment #23

Red sounds like my mornings LOL My server switched to google mail so if I delete them from my outlook I just log in on line and retrieve them there, you don't want to know how many times I have to do this LOL especially at work.

No long weekend for me but I did take Wed off had a follow up on the boobie exam all is good.

Other then that another day another dollar.

I'm not ignoring you ladies, I've discovered that I can listen to my ipod books at work as long as I'm not "reading" something, but regular writing and inputting bills, time cards, stuffing envelopes.......... Well I'm making the kiddo get a library card, I'm going through my audio books too fast LOL I can only have 4 at a time and there is no way to "return" an audio book early so have to wait till it falls off after 10 days. With the kiddo's card I can do 8 and if that's not enough I'll get the other kiddo to get one too.

Can ya tell I like the audio book thing LOL and I still have my e-reader at home for books there..

Ali good news about the tooth.

Charly have fun on your long weekend.

NA how's your new little one doing?.

Sandy looking forward to seeing your pretty face around..

OK off and running..

Comment #24

Whoo Hoo!...New Mac Book Pro is here!!!!...We've had so much snow the past few days everything has pretty much come to a stand still!.

Charly - Yea for long weekends!...How doe charlie like the snow???.

Monica - The audio book thing sounds does it work???.

Patti - Love the photo!!! You look BEAUTIFUL!!!.

Ali - So sorry to hear you're having tooth problems.

...there's nothing worse than tooth pain. How do you like WW??...I've got my account set up got the essential start up kit...but can't seem to get motivated to start..

Red- Yea for your friend moving to your base! Hope you were able to recover your mail!.

Na - Congrats on the new addition to your family! Hope all is well with you and Roger!.

I was finally able to get out of the house a bit today...I went to check on Moms house and pick up her mail at my aunts...The Steelers play the Ravens tomorrow so there is a sea of "Black and Gold" everywhere!...My great nephew is supposed to spend the weekend with us...We''ll see...he was supposed to come last weekend but "got a better offer from one of his friends"! lol.

My older great nephew will be 16 on the 23rd of this month...I still can't believe how fast he has grown up!...I need some suggestions on what to get him...Help!!!.


Comment #25

(((Sandy)))) welcome back, I'm jealous of your Mac pro, I so wanted another mac just couldn't swing it..

As for the audio book, see if your library offers digital books, if it does you can probably download them to your computer then transfer to your ipod or mp3. Audio books are expensive so from the library is the only way for me LOL I got a good book this time LOL it's 29 hours that should last me till something falls off..

Comment #26

Monica, yah, I like that about gmail..I have it come through my iMail and I have done the same. It's frustrating when you do it twice in a row though!.

LOL about the audio books! I didn't know you could get them for your ipod! That's pretty awesome. I like your idea about getting the kiddo a card so you can get more books.. totally something I would do.. HA HA! hmmmm... Maybe if I get the dragon tattoo on audio.....

Ha ha ha! And I am a Mac lover here too!! 3 cheers for the Mac!.

Sandy, Yippee!!!! We have an iMac, and my next computer will be a Macbook Pro. But that won't be for a awhile... so I am really hoping I get an iPad instead for my birthday this year. We shall see.....

I hope your Great Nephew makes it this weekend! LOL! Teenagers! ha ha! And as for your other one turning 16... the only thing I can think of is Itunes gift cards are always good. Or if you know he has video game consoles, then maybe a Game Stop gift card? It's hard when they get older! LOL or a Gas gift card if he is driving? LOL!!! I know I would have loved free gas when I was young...

Comment #27

Morning Girls!.

No more snow!!! Woo Hoo! Missed the storm that blew through last night...not a flake!.

Sandy, like Red I would get an iTunes gift card. It's what I get all the kids now. They all seem to have something Apple to use them with. I have a MacBook Pro and love it. I am having issues now with my Gmail accts and my iMail. Doesn't seem to pull in all my emails and when I go into my Gmail, I have a ton of stuff sitting in there.

From what I have been reading, I'm not the only one so at least I know it's not the way I have it set up. It worked fine for almost 5 months and then all of a sudden.....problems!.

Red, I have an iPad and love it..just remember "flash" doesn't work on it. So if you visit sites that are flash enabled, it will just show as a blank page..

Sandy the new WW Plus Points is working out well. I have been dropping and I like the way this program brings in more fruits and veggies that are no points. I really look twice now before grabbing for some carb filled "whatever." I'm not losing as fast as with Medifast but at least I'm not depriving myself of anything that I want to eat. Just deduct the points. I've been exercising on the Wii Fit too so that's helping..

Well girls..time to shovel off for the day! Have a great one..stay warm! Talk to you all later!..

Comment #28

Morning girls!.

Yea Ali for no snow, no more here at the moment either, but it is pretty windy and cold outside..

Pilates finished, 4miles finished and on to start the day. Going down to check in on Dad and do some shoveling as I know it needs it. My cousin and her DH are supposed to be doing it but I know they haven't done it..........tough position to be in. I hired it, they get paid but they don't do it. Yea that saves money but certainly defeats the purpose..

I think I'd like to have the IPAD but to me it would be a waste of money as would one of the reader things, I say for me it's a waste of money. Too many other things I'd rather spend my money on if I'm spending money..

Need mani/pedi too but with having Monday off I know I can get that done then. Charlie needs a bath which will be today as well...

Comment #29

Charly I didn't think I would like the e-reader either, but Sam's had the Sony on sale and I was checking it out and saw you could get books from the library on it. Even so it was almost a year before I used and now I adore it..

Nothing much here, maybe get the Christmas lights down.

I like my lights, may leave the rope lights up LOL..

Comment #30

Morning ladies! Happy Saturday!.

It's a beautiful day out, it's actually 42 out as I speak, which is the warmest it's been for awhile. I hear tomorrow will be even warmer! Thank goodness! The last few days were chilly but worse because it was so windy, and the freezing wind too. ugh. I don't like that..

There is still snow in the shady places, but I bet it's gone in the next two days..

Not a lot going on here.. may go for a bike ride if it gets up into the 50's.. enjoy the sunshine..

Monica, I like the rope lights too!! Lots of families on base leave them up on their fences.. it's kinda cool..

Charly, I hope Charlie likes his bath! Do you bathe him inside or outdoors? We bath Lucy outside but it's too cold in the winter so we take her to petsmart during the winter months. Other wise she LOVES to get a bath. hee hee! That sucks about the situation with your cousin. No bueno. Do what ya gotta do, my friend..

Ali, Yay for no snow! And thanks for the tip on the iPad! I didn't know that. Although, I hear they are coming out with a new one this spring so maybe it will take care of that no flash problem. But either way, I think I am going to love it (if I get one..LOL!).

Interesting about the Gmail...I wonder if it's a setting on Gmail? You know they have that buzzed thing on there where you can have your mail prioritized and maybe that's why? It's all I can think of..

Sandy, NA, Patti, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!..

Comment #31

Whoo Hoo!...Steelers WON!!!...Penguins Won!!!...Pitt Basketball WON!!!...What a AWESOME day for Pittsburgh sports fans!!!...I picked Tyler up this morning...the kids don't have school Monday so he'll be spending the next few days with us!.

Charley - Hope all was well with you dad!...Lili and Duffy went to the groomers on Thursday...Lili hates to get bathed and I usually end up getting water in her ear and she ends up with a ear infection...I gave up...the pups go every 4 weeks to the groomers...They get their "hair" done more often than me! lol.

Monica - The house seems so sad after all the decorations and lights are down...I have a artificial ficus tree in the living room that I leave lights on year round..

Ali - Yea for warmer temps and no snow!..I too really like that WW allows all to just get motivated..

Red - The new ipad is supposed to have a camera too!...Hope you were able to get a bike ride in...We still have a lot of snow here.

Patti - Send some sunshine up north please!.

Hope you all have a great weekend!..

Comment #32


IPADS, MACs, geez I'm so outta the loop. I'm the 'this damm thing better work when I wanna use it girl' that going totally hi-tech would be detremental to my existence (LOL).

Red - we bath Charlie here in the bathtub, he does pretty well. Maybe this summer outside would be a good idea..

Sno-shoveling done @ Dads, visited a bit, went to Mom's and rearranged her second bedroom, shoveled there. Seemed to be a bit of melting going on so it wasn't too hateful..

Today is doing my cardio then 1 or 2 loads of laundry, a couple of errands and then nothing.....that nothing piece won't last long, never does. Tomorrow is more errands and definitely a mani/pedi just because............


Comment #33

Morning Girls!.

Bracing for the snowstorm that is due in this afternoon! Taking the car in to the body shop this afternoon so they can get a jump start on it at 7am tomorrow. Dropped the keys off on Friday so I can just "dump it and run." LOL I think when they start to pull it apart there is going to be a lot more damage. My brother noticed that the back passenger door isn't flush with the body...brought it to the attention of the manager at the body shop, told me he would point it out when the adjuster comes back down tomorrow when they get the liftgate off. ARRRGGHHH! I think it's going to take longer than 4 days but then again, what do I know!.

Nothing going on much here. House across the street had an open house yesterday and literally no one showed up. This housing market is so pathetic, I'll never be able to get rid of mine in the spring..

Charly I used to do the same thing as you..scream at it to work. Hey when the Dell laptop needed a new hard drive 15 days before the warranty expired and it took me almost two hours to "understand" their tech department on what I was supposed to do with it, I decided after it was fixed, I was going to MAC. Only had to call their tech service once and it was so nice to talk to someone I could understand and the call only took 5 minutes. It's also nice with Apple when I had an iTunes issue to email someone about a problem and they get back to you right away..

Made bacon yesterday and my house still smells like it..YUCK! Wish it was warm enough to open up the windows..

Be back later......

Comment #34

Morning Ladies.. quick one as I have to get pretty to go to church...

The pea stayed a friends last night for a sleepover so it was very quiet and peaceful here. Didn't do much except watch this show called wipeout, or winter wipeout, I don't remember, and I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. Watching people flail about is a terribly humorous thing for me. It felt good to laugh like that again..

Charly & Ali, LOL I did the same thing yell scream and hit the computer.. and then finally I told Ryan, that's it...we're getting a Mac...and it's been smooth sailing since. We did have an issue with the harddrive one, but we took it to the apple genius bar, and they fixed it right up. LOVE THAT, and like Ali said, I called and they answered right away, and holy mackerel I could understand them! I will never go back to a PC of any kind..

Charly, glad the snow is starting to melt over there, and the shoveling got done, nice for you to do your mom's too..

Charlie is a QT Pie. I bet he's all clean and happy now. YAY for your mani/pedi tomorrow!.

Ali, Man, you really get nailed with the snow storms, don't you? Good luck with the car tomorrow, I will be crossing my fingers it isn't worse than expected. I hoe they get it back to you soon. Yah, lingering cooked food smells are icky. I swear they attach themselves to the walls and stuff. bleh!.

Have a great day!..

Comment #35

Good Afternoon ladies,.

I finally caught up on all the posts - busy girls!.

Ali - Got rid of the tooth ache, a few pounds with WW (congrats) but now got the snow!.

Charly - Bathing the pup, pilates, running like a cheetah and doesn't want any new.

Fangled ipod, ipad, etc..

Monica - Listening to books at work, I think, and trying to get her work done too!.

Red - Old friend moving to the base, Yahoo, loves Mac computers and Mac stuff.

And had a night alone as P went to a sleep over..

Sandy - Hugs! You take the pups to the groomers once a month, ALL your teams won and you are thinking about WW too..

Whew - I am worn out!.

In a nut shell - DH's hamstring is still stiff but better. DS in NY got straight A's in Law School this past semester, thank heavens he can keep the scholarship going. Patrick has BB tryouts tomorrow for varsity, say a little prayer for him please..

I have been riding Peanut, trying to get my house back in order, it just seems very unorganized around here. Stuff on tables, shoes in the hall, etc. not sure why this has come about. Guess I will tackle one thing at a time..

Okay ladies, I need lunch and a shower - we rode at a park today, a mock show, lots of fun but tired and dirty and hungry! Hugs to All!!..

Comment #36

Patti, saying prayers for Patrick do well in BB tryouts tomorrow! keep us updated! And Congrats to your other son and his being able to keep his scholarship due to all his hardwork and excellent grades!! SO AWESOME! Hope DH's Hammy continues to heal. and maybe a little faster..

Glad you had a good afternoon with Peanut.. she (he?) sure is a beauty! and LOL about the stuff gathering about... it's like losing socks in the one knows how it happens, it's suddenly there (or not) and then you have to make extra time to take care of it (or buy new socks. LOL) Have a lovely week!! =D..

Comment #37

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.