What are some "Free" foods (worth zero) on Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is What are some "Free" foods (worth zero) on Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' WEDNESDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that new members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of love, support, encouragement, inspiration, and FUN!.

We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (61)

That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Good morning Ang ~ VERY pretty pages this morning..

I still haven't slept, but I'm going to give it a try..

Ang AND Lori ~ I hope you two are doing well. I want your lives to be "normal" so you can come and play more often. I know you both have a lot going on right now...just want you to know we miss you both...

Comment #2

Good morning life will hopefully level out in the next few days!.

I hve to go get ready for work...I'll check in from there...have a nice sleep!..

Comment #3

I am not judged by the number of times I fail, but by the number of times I succeed: and the number of times I succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times I fail and keep trying...

Comment #4

Morning Lovelies!.

Up and at 'em! I hope all have a great day!.

Eat (your 5/1) Drink (all your water) and be MERRY!..

Comment #5

Good morning everybody.....

Lauri... I should have emptied my bladder before catching up on last nights posts. holy moley, you had me rolling! you rock, girl. I too loved your black jacket in pics. thanks for the posting pics advice. ds took a pic of me last night that ill try to post tonight.

I have no pool AND no friends.. LOL. little ds has barely grown so his coat fits, but looks like trash. older ds grows like crazy each year and is super picky about what he wears (teens-ugh!) hope you are feeling better today... enjoy rocking those new bras today! nothing like showing some love to the girls!.

Hi ang... hope much calms down for you at home. can we start plotting somthing bad for ex-wife?.

Hey lori... glad you are here even for a bit... much love to you today!.

Hi jo... good morning. hows the family?.

Darlene.... awsome story about famous peeps. I didnt watch glee yet, but I am a huge fan. hope you are doing well..

Morning andi... 5/1-check. water-check. I'm good to go!..

Comment #6

Happy to report that I now remember this program is called 5 and 1... LOL...

Comment #7

Good girl..

Now isn't the time to get lax about it..

Now is the time to go balls to the wall to get the last 25 gone..

You got this..

Much love & respect to you...

Comment #8

Thanks captain... I know you speak the truth. please take care of you today and let me know how I can help. much love and respect back at ya!..

Comment #9

Ok, maybe this is my inner slore talking but... I read the title for today (workin it wed), and cant help but think it refers to a different kinda JOB !!! oh vey! where is that BF of mine!..

Comment #10

Ok.. no one here to chat with. must be my cue to start working... where is lauri to argue with me about this??..

Comment #11

Checking in quick from work before heading out to speak to a women's social club about the summer camp I run..

Lori- Hope today is better for you. Mad Love your way..

Lauri- You were killing me with last nights post too. My DH works for Kroger's warehouse. I wish he had the paycheck of there execs. -lol. Can't complain though it's mde ends meet for the last 15-16 years and but me through college..

Ang- Glad to hear thing will be settling down for you..

Andrea- You've got these last 26 lbs girl! Glad you remembered that it's 5/1 and not 6/1..

Ok gotta run out to the richie country club in the east end of town. Maybe if I do my workin in wed out there I could make mo money...

Comment #12

Morning shams,.

Was going to head out back to do some shopping and a little "ka-ching" but dtr. called last night and is coming to visit with the boys. I'll gladly give up running around when the rugrats get to come by. I'm sure they'll help get my exercise in too. DH just left to see about PT for his back. Then I decided to make an appt.

I've already had the right one replaced and they always said my left would need it too. Hopefully I can just get a shot cuz I'm not ready for replacement yet. Not hurting that bad. Hope everyone has a great day. Lori, even though you haven't been here much, you know I love ya and am sending positive vibes your way..

Comment #13

Morning all....still here. Plan on staying. Made it through day one yesterday..

Lori that quote was perfect for me today...thanks for the inspiration..

Hey to all...will try to check back later. Work is mad busy..

Love to all......

Comment #14

Wtg ang... getting our minds in the gutter first thing in the am... LOL..

Lara... better get going on earing those extra buck... LOL. thanks for the shout out!.

Hi barb and kirsten... have great days ladies..

Hi to darlene and sandy when you guys arrive!..

Comment #15

Good. The thread is good all the time...but with you and's GREAT! (Tony the tiger impression)..

I love all the support these days. It's truly awesome!!! No pressure...but you, Lori, Andi, Miss Lara, Jo, and Dawn REALLY motivate us and remind us that we can do this. I'm motivated my.


Here, but you all know what I mean. You guys have "been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt" and help us through the tough days/weeks/months..

Again, no pressure...we just love you guys!..

Comment #16

Lori ~ I'm with Kirsten. This hits home! We likey your quotes...

Comment #17

LOVES THIS!!! It's important to be VERY specific with me...

Comment #18

Good morning! Thanks for the coat compliment. I haven't worn that for over 5 years. It didn't quite fit right when he (the ex) gave it to me, cuz it was a petite...and I'm not...well, I wasn't. I can almost button it...just a couple more weeks and it will for sure! My DD says I look like a bad azz when I wear that and my tattoo shows. Silly girl!.

Yes, teens are a ton of fun when it comes to buying clothes. Sounds like little DS won't cost too much...but older out!.

Speaking of teens...I need to check my debit card balance. I took Natalie to Kohls yesterday to exchange a shirt and jeans she bought without trying on. Silly me...thought she would just use the debit card to make up any difference in price. I didn't see what she bought, or how big the bag...but I did see that she was mighty generous with her lil brother. He came home with a new Wii game (she says was on sale), a board game - Don't Wake Daddy, and a Zhu-Zhu pet. I know they had lunch.

As I said before...I hate when I'm an idiot! I know it can't be good because when I called her to let her know DH would be picking her up, instead of me, she said "uh, I'm not so sure that's a good idea, because he'll see that I bought stuff and will be mad at YOU." Me??? Hmmm. That can't be good...

Comment #19 me, your DH is the Kroger King! My DH is the warehouse manager at Harry & David. Perhaps you've seen their catalogs...perhaps not. lol.

You could certainly make a lot of money on your "job" at the Country Club. Do you know that some women go there for that very reason? I lost my boyfriend/boss to a waitress there. Turns out it was no loss...and I had actually dumped him before that, but then changed my He didn't know I had dumped him though, so it's the principle of the thing...

Comment #20

You are such a wonderful Gma! My mom doesn't do well with the younger from birth to around 5, they don't get much attention from their Gma. I think she's just very nervous around them..

It's probably a good time to see the doc. about your knee. I hope a shot will help. Is it worse with the weather? I'm sorry if I've already asked you that..

Have fun with the boys!..

Comment #21' to myself now. lol.

I'll go call my mom (no, not to tell on you...just to talk)...

Comment #22

Thanks for asking Lauri. Yes, wet weather especially makes it hurt more (day like today). However, I won't baby it too much and and still try to be somewhat active...

Comment #23

Hey lauri.. oh no- a teen and a debit card. not a good combo. I'm prepared to drop a fortune on saturday. good news is I get paid on friday and I have a kohls credit card. glad that coat almost fit cause it does look great. love that DD thinks so too...

Comment #24

Ready for this???.

The debit card thing....

Wait for it....

I otta be pullin' her azz out of bed....

I'm still in shock....

More than... $300!..

Comment #25

And...when I want to use a smiley/emotion thingy...I ought to be able to make it as large as the font!..

Comment #26

Gotta take up some space here...So Andrea ~ How's "work" going? I won't ask Miss Lara...cuz I know she's 'workin' it' today, too. Oh, how I amuse myself..

Anyway...I thin that took up enough space...for me to report:.

DD can live (for now) ONLY because I don't want to go to Prison at this point, because I KNOW they wouldn't let me bring my MFing food in there and I'm not at goal. I did, however, lose 4.6 pounds since starting the challenge. YAY! That's what I was lookin' for!..

Comment #27 me and the scale are no longer friends. I know I am sick, TOM is lurking, and that it will be down by next week since I have stopped eating PB and no more BLT's. But...dammit! It pizzes me off still the same. Ok...rant over...

Comment #28

Morning Shams- I think I have missed most of you and I might not get back online till much later my time..

You must indulge me a bit of mad love and sharing about my Timmy. Our family has always remembered the date that Tim had his heart surgery 11 years ago, with a party, outing or such. Tim is special but is very sharp in his own way. He has his own Facebook page and lots of friends online who also have his genetic condition, Williams Syndrome. I cut and paste his status to show you...he has his moms bad spelling gene as well lol..

Timmy Ginnett.

Hi everybody today is a specal day today it's my open heart surgrey anavirsary yay i'm not going to have anything done today just selabrateing and going to get a hair cat and i'm off to disneyland woohoo have a nice day love you.


About an hour ago Comment LikeUnlike.

Hair cat!!! ;-0... I luv that kid. Poor guy, he does have today off from procedures, but tomarrow we go back down to San Diego for a CT. I am off to back our bag for a Disney afternoon. I have a ready made shake and pretzels to bring!.


Comment #29

Go to the Challenge Board and look at your pictures again!..

Comment #30

Oh he is precious! I love it..

Have a WONDERFUL time at Disney. If you'd have gone yesterday, you could have seen Kori!..

Comment #31

By the last hair cat was not good! I have a mullett...

Comment #32

LOL. YAY!!! Glad to hear! We gotz this girl!..

Comment #33

Hope you get some good news about that knee. Enjoy the grandkids today!..

Comment #34

WTG Lauri.. you rock. way to lose those pounds. work is ok. oh, that. LOL..

Comment #35

Feel free to rant, but I'm with lauri. look at your pics. you are amazing, have been amazing and will continue to do amazing on those thang! you got this, rockstar!..

Comment #36

Darlene, I always say God has a place in his heart for those special children (no matter what their age) and makes them sweet and wonderful, etc,, etc., etc. So glad he's happy today. Make sure he has lots of "shammie friends" wishing him well and to have lots of fun at Disneyland. You had fun too!!!..

Comment #37

Hey darlene.. enjoy disney and wtg with being prepared! you can do this!..

Comment #38

Hi barb... hope you are having a great day too!..

Comment #39

Gotta get ready to go soon, and wont be on later. I'll be at BF house tonight. rented sex in city 2. hope it's good. no worries... ill be working the 5 and 1, empahisis on the 5. much love to all...

Comment #40

It's amazing to me that when those 3 little guys are here, my house is never the same. Toys and junk everywhere and I can't seem to find time to drink my water or eat my meals chasing after them. Plus we had 3 adults here todaylol. I'm catching up on my water now and had Medifast pudding for lunch cuz it was fast. My knee is killing me and now I'm tiredlol...

Comment #41

Agreed! Oh, and I would be in prison. Cuz I would have killed her!..

Comment #42

Thanks for the support! We do gotz this! You and me, baby!..

Comment #43

Drive you all madly....

Lori needs some love too...stepdad was taken back to the hospital and they have to remove the defribathingy..

BB in a bit..

Comment #44

Afternoon Lovelies!.

Great weather here in Seattle. off for a LONG over-due bike ride..

Be well and drink your water. ((HUGS))..

Comment #45

Hey guys...just popping in to say thanks for the messages and posts to my page. I have been dealing with time issues with report cards, conferences, basketball and grandkid. That was why I hadn't been here in awhile. Was putting everyone else before me and was going crazy..

Monday I got a call that my sister had a stroke. (They were are on vacation in Florida.) She is only 38!.

She couldn't move her right arm and had trouble speaking. Now her strength is night fully back in her right her arm, but can do some things. and she is able to speak short sentences..

She is still in a hospital in Orlando and they think she may have this really rare disease that is only "fixable" through surgery..

Anyways, right now my stress level is through the roof. But had to pop in let you know what was going on. If I disappear for awhile again I have probably gone to get my niece from Florida and take her to her home in Wisconsin to get her back to school/routine..

Thanks again for checking on me....I love you guys!..

Comment #46

Hey I'm finally here tonight. Going back to catch up. hope everyone doesn't leave in the meantime...

Comment #47

Evening Shammies!.

Night Ang.

Welcome back Dawn - nice to see you!..

Comment #48

Dawn- I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. that is young and scary. Hopefully she'll make a good recovery with rehab..

Kori- Just keep with it the scale will move. But- I totally understand. My scale is not moving either. I've been good Op and have increased my exercise. WTH? But it will come, we just have to be patient I guess..

Lauri- I have heard of harry and David's. And I would kill your DD too. Hey we could have a shammie prison cell all together..

Andrea- Have fun at BF house tonight. Don't let him know about all your extra work you've been doing..

Darlene- Timmy's post was too precious. Hope you all had fun at disney today and that CT goes ok tomorrow..

Barb- Hope knee feels better tomorrow. Let us know what ortho says..

Andi- how was your bike ride?.

Ang- please let Capt know we are thinking of her..

AFM- Hate this time of year. I have that seasonal affective thingy going. When it cloudy and cold and dark early, I could just go to bed at 6. But I made myself and DH go to the gym instead. Rocked the elliptical and weight circuit. Another 3.2 miles logged.

See you in the morning. I won't be able to check in until I get home because I'm at a cultural seminar all day tomorrow...

Comment #49

Lori - sending you hugs..

Barb - glad you had fun with the boys..

Kori - I know what you mean about the scale..

Lauri - congrats on the 4.6 and spinning rings. I would have the DD return the stuff that they should not have bought..

Andi - hope it was a good bike ride..

Dawn - sorry about sister..

I had a good day with Mom. we got a ton of chores done. Tomorrow I have a golf seminar and they we are playing golf so chat late again tomorrow. I am thinking about you guys and hope everyone is doing great. I am very pleased with all the positive progress this week..


Comment #50

Barb ~ Do you already have an appt. with the ortho. or are you still in the "think I might be making an appt." stage? My mom needs knee surgery, too. But REALLY doesn't want to do it after her 3 hip replacement surgeries. Especially after the recall of one of the hip replacement parts. It sounds strange to have a recall on body parts.

Have you had the shots in the past? Did they work for you?.

My right knee has been hurting so badly...actually it's my right side; right hip; groin area (right side, of course); right knee; and right ankle. Sometimes I think someone has a voo-doo doll. If so, I wish they'd move to a different spot...

Comment #51

Once again, you made me laugh out loud. I just never know what to expect. I LOVE IT!..

Comment #52

DITTO! There's a reason you're called ROCKSTAR!.

OH! and I think that the scale was never intended to be your friend. Let's put "it" on the list of things that we've been calling the work of the devil:.

Peanut butter;.


My mind CRS (can't remember shitz)...but I know there was more...

Comment #53

I know what you mean. I pick up the toys and junk every night and by 9 am or's all out again..

Remember last took the kids back and DH cleaned everything up. Next time, plan an activity for right after they leave. lol..

Comment #54

Nice weather in Seattle? Better take advantage of that STAT! How was the bike ride?.

Be well...check!.

Drink water...check!.

Thanks Andi!!!..

Comment #55

I hope you had a peaceful night of sleep!..

Comment #56

Dawn ~ I am so sorry about your Sister. Stupdi question from they know what caused it (like a blood clot or something)? That is so scary for all of you. Her poor babies, too! It's very nice of you to pick up your niece...normalcy for her would be good..

Hugs to you Sweetie!..

Comment #57

Miss Lara ~ That is a huge, wonderful. nsv! It would have been much easier to go home and veg...way to rock the gym!!!..

Comment #58

Sandy ~ I'm glad you had a good day with mom. Sorry 'bout all the chores though..

Have fun with golf tomorrow!.

I, too, am loving the progress this week!..

Comment #59

Ok...did the best I could do. I am SO tired, I can't keep my eyes open..

I think I am going to try to sleep...actually I just did for a minute or so. LOL.

Much love to you all..


Comment #60

Lori ~ Thinking of you and praying for S-Dad..


Comment #61

Going to bed Shammies..

Dawn - Good to see you here. Scary about your sis. Will be saying a prayer for her..

Lauri - Hope you got some sleep chica..

Andi - Hope the bike ride was awesome.

Lara - Way to rock the gym. I am hoping this week of exercise and strict OP, no BLT's is gonna catch up with the scale soon too..

Lori - Thinking of you chica. Prayers are with your family and S'Dad..

Ang - Hope the hearing with "Stupid head" Mom goes on tomorrow and is not postponed..

Andrea - Hope the movie was good..

Sandy - Enjoy the golf seminar and late round of golf. Sounds like you have had a very productive day..

AFM - It was my nephew's b-day today so I brought my dinner over to sis's house to eat. Then I convinced her to go to the gym with me tonight. 3 nights in a row. My cold is still making me feel like shitz but I figure with tons of water and exercising I am either gonna pee out the yucky germs or sweat em out!.

Mucho love hookahs..

Going to bed now...

Comment #62

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.