What are some good free iPage web hosting sites without ads?

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My question is What are some good free iPage web hosting sites without ads? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Hy guys ..

I have an Home page written in Html ..

Now I put java script codes in it ..

First java script works fine only copy the txt in my txt and it works ..

But now I put an other java script in my HP 2 and now only one script works the other not more why ?..

I put now only the 2 java script in an normal Page.

So you can easy c my problem..

The Real Home has an 2 large Quell text.


Please look @ Quell txt I marked where the first and the Last script beginn and end .Delete one script and you will see the other but when I put both in one Page only one work..

Why ? .

I hope some one can help me ..

Ps.Sorry 4 my English..

Ah here look @ Attach files I put the real and the second Page on your page..

By the First page you c an mouse snake and top left an java script..

In the other page you c right mittle and java script but the snake iss away and the top left java doesn work 2(i put the top left out) ..

I hope some one can help...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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At least the tags were spelt correctly, and I assume that amokbrains does not use netscape,..

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I'm not even going to look at your javascript!..

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PS. Maybe my html iss bad but the side works ^^.

Only the ****n java scriptz dont work no one can help ?

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I get a "The page cannot be found" error page from that url. You should fix the HTML page in the proper way! If this HTML page is the simliar to the javascript page then that might be the reason why it's not working...

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Sure, we're more than willing to spend some time helping you..

After you have fixed up the HTML first...

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The link works please try again ..

Ps both scriptz are from this page ...

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Hallo, Ja.

Ich finde deine iPage website ganz gut und kann keine Fehler finden, auf english ist deine iPage website "cool".

Ich kann Deutsch night gut sprechen weil it Deutsch vergessen hat.

Wenn Ian und Mark der iPage website lesen mochten, konnen sie hier klicken:.

Eine Fehler.

I tried to read your iPage site using babelfish the translator, but I suprise suprise got this:.

The document you wish to translate is not valid html.

D'oh fix the html!..

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The content in the Page are around an Starcraft Broodwar clan ..

All news are things that happend in out Liga ..

Mhhh ok gyus I try to fix my html ..

But the first link.


There cant be any mistakes in the html.


But only one java scrip iss going but.

2 I write in the txt ..

@Cloud9 your German iss pretty good could understand all things you write .And thx 4 the flowers..

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Wenn du Probleme mit HTML habe, konnst du nach dieser iPage website gehen:.


Man kann HTML Probleme finden und Korrect machen.

<confusing the members>.


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I see a popup window and a news scroller on the left side..

I do not see anything that is not working...

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Welche Browser hast du? Internet Explorer oder Netscape, IE ist besser und Netscape ist doof!.

Ja alle Leute, cloud9 spricht Deutsch!..

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I wouldn't even try and get into JavaScript if you are obviously not familiar with basic HTML. Try spending some more time brushing up your HTML skills first and then maybe you can consider trying to start learning some JavaScript. You are trying to run before you can walk, and it just isn't going to happen...

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Damm itz 3 o'clock in the mornung but I got it ..

Normal HP =.


The jave script called Snake works fine..

Java right HP =.


Thats the HP without the snake but with an other java script on the Right side and it works fine ..

Now I put the java code 4 the Snake and the java code for the right side in 1 Quell txt and you c only the snake works but the other code no more why ? .

Snake and right Java script in one side =.


I hope my Html is now good enough..

No more mistakes in it..

@Cloud9 thx 4 the URL that tool helps me ...

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If you guys talk in german, how are the people that don't talk german going to help. And !AMoK! I gave it 5 minutes and it didn't even load on a T1. so upload the files you want to look at so we can download them...

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Deutsch ist ganz leicht zu Lesen.

Scoutt soll Deutsch lernen oder in gehen..

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Cloud9, !AMoK!-Brain has the decency to speak English (even if it is not his native tongue). Please discontinue using it. If you want to contribute, please help !AMoK!-Brain solve his problem, not add to it..

Any more of your posts considered irrelevant in any thread on the board will from now on be deleted without notice. (This will be done by me personaly and not by any other Mod)..


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Come one Please Guys some one must found the mistake with tha java script why they dondt work together ..

The url's are ok I uplod all files anf the html iss easy 2 understand ..

Or i'am in the wrong Forum ? Maybe an other Forum can help me here ?

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Well, I think they are clashing. the 2 window.onload events might be having problems with each other. I am not a pro at javascript but that's what it seems..

Also the right hand column is half way off the page and I don't get a horizontal scroll bar. so the scroller and everything is cut in half...

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