What are some good iPage web hosting sites other then GoDaddy?

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My question is What are some good iPage web hosting sites other then GoDaddy? Many thanks for any answer. My other question... Hi!.

1)How can I open a full pop-up screen BUT in a specific size (300x400 pixels)???.

2)where can I find pictures of frames & borders to put around my little full-screen???.

(little full screen is a screen without the blue "thing" at the top & without the "default" gray thin borders).


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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I really don't know what to do!!!.

I cut only the code...(not all the reply message.

Ant nothing).

What to do???.

Can someone here be serios & help me a bit??.


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Always helps to use the right terminology - it's a.


You want to open, the blue 'thing' is a titlebar, and what makes you think those gray thin borders are the 'default'? (you're assuming they can be altered).

Here's a little reading; presumably you know Javascript (or VBScript) basics; if not, start.





Hth, _mrK..

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Hi Noam,.

You use JAVA script to open a new window a specific size and without toolbars to make it look "full size". Try this code:.

Replace "yourURLhere" with the URL of the page you wish to display in the 400 x 300 window. Make sure the content you want to display in this 400 x 300 window is appropriate for the size. If you want a scrollbar or if you want the window to be resizable then change those attributes to yes in the above code..

Note: in the above example it should be.

With no space after the period. For some reason this message board will not display the above example without putting a sapce in there..



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Thanks, I had been meaning to look for that code for one of my projects..

Can you tell me real quick what the code would be to put a "close window" link for the bottom of that popup window would be..

Thanks again..

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2 ways:.


<input type=button value="Close Window" onClick="javascript.




<a href="javascript.

:window.close();">Close Window</a>..

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Thanks but I need to open a window without.

The blue stripe at the top (without title).....

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I don't believe that you can have a new window without the title bar...

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If you cannot figure out a solution, check out the posting.


I know it's not exactly what you want, but hey, another possibility...

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You "need" to? Why?.

It is possible to do but I don't know how. The title bar also contains the close window button, so if you don't have a title bar you need to allow for another method to close the window..



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Yes, chromeless would do, but you'd have to do a whole new round of re-designing...

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