What are some good low point items on Medifast Diet?

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Quick question: What are some good low point items on Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' THURSDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (73)

Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense...

Comment #2

Morning Capt. I like the quote today..

Back still hurts though better, head feels like a cold may be coming on, I really want to go crawl back up in bed. 2 more days right?.

Giving blood this morning at work so lets hope that goes well, I don't always have good experiences with that..

Have a great day all you Shammies- I need to get my azz in gear!..

Comment #3

Hey Lar,.

Maybe hold off on giving the blood until you feel better?.

(Which I hope is soon!)..

Comment #4

Good Morning..

Hope all is well in Sham land and Lara get better soon..

Comment #5

Good morning all....

Hi lara, lori and ang. as always, great to see you in the am. going to catch up and be back!..

Comment #6

Has anyone else noticed Medifast has not changed the time on the board yet. Helllooo, it's been like a month! I look at it sometimes and wish it was really that time!..

Comment #7

Hi andi.. good morning..

For shammies that get here later:.

Hi pam.. I'm agree with others. brownies are good, maybe too good, and pancakes are just ok. I made them into muffins and they were a little better..

Kori... I did tell BF about our quickie jokes. he laughed and is now worrried you guys think he is a perv and I'm a ho. I said, no worries, they already think that! dont stress about the dumb scale. it will catch up and pay off for you after all of your hard work..

Hi barb.. great to hear good things for you. cool new ipad. hope you have a great day,.

Sandy... stinks about conv with golf woman. those things tend to blow over quickly..

AFM: surivived gyn appt and then shopped for 3 hrs. had a nice dinner with BF and then to bed early. I like me sleep!..

Comment #8

Hi from work..

It is painfully cold here today..

May be having a not-so-quickie for lunch today since all of the assclowns are out of the office..

I'll keep you posted..


Comment #9

Morning Shammies,.

No frost delay today so I am running to the golf course. It is the first time playing with my new Thursday group. I am going to have fun..

Lara - I hope cold goes away quick..

Stay warm and see you when I get back. I think today is work on cards for me...

Comment #10

Have fun golfing Sandy!.

And hellllllooooo to the 2 Andis..

It is so fricking nutty at work it's ridiculous...power out and no phones...why can't I just go Home!!!!??..

Comment #11

Morning shams,.

Woke up to some beautiful snow falling. We probably have about 3-4" here but some areas got over 8. It sure makes it beautiful here with all our evergreens. That being said, I want it to stop and be 70 againlol. Oh well, guess I have to go south if I want it warmer. Lori, take advantage of a long lunch today.

Sandy, have fun with your new golf group. Andrea and Andi, hi and have fun today...

Comment #12

Quick check in..

Didn't go to the gym this morning since I am meeting with the trainer tonight and I was tired. May try and get some abs in this afternoon..

Hope everyone feels better..

I took tomorrow off so today will be. A bunch of work for me so I can have tomorrow off..

Will check back in from work..

Mucho love..

Peace out...

Comment #13

Hi kori... enjoy your day off tomm if I dont get to chat with ya..

Hi ang... no power? we had issues with that last night. I was in target they had half power and was going to shut down the store..

Hi barb... have a great day too!..

Comment #14

Checking in from work- it's about lunch time..

Hello Andi x 2!.

Kori- i'm jealous of you being off tomorrow.

Lori- enjoy lunch.

Ang- what the heck can you do at work with no power? I know plenty but I say go home..

Barb- we had flurries yesterday but nothing that stuck. I'm ready for the 70's too- HATE being COLD!.

Feel better now that I'm up and moving- think it must just be the morning icks. Back is sore and stiff but not killing me. A co-worker did some joint approximations up and down my spine so that felt better. May have her do it again after lunch. Gave blood with no problems today- YEAH! Check in later...

Comment #15

Just have time for a quick speed read and quick howdy post. Tim is going to try to go to his day program so cha cha cha...We are still in holding pattern for the surgeons to figure out who will do his surgeries and what to do. I am ready to borrow the AssHat nickname, but for the front office staffs not the actual doctors..

Looks like many of you are in super winter weather mode. I love reading about that..

OP yesterday- BBL..

Comment #16

Hey Darlene... hope you and Timmy have a good day. dumb doctors makin you wait. Ugh..

Hey sandy... forgot to say hi to you before..

Hey lara and kori.....

Work is chugging along here... looking foward to going home... my oldest ds informed me this morning that what I had planned for dinner sounded "disgusting".... chicken and broccoli. you would think I was serving gruel or liver.... gotta love the teen! NOT....

Comment #17

Oh, guess what I'm eating... the old kind of Medifast pretzels. I found a bag in my pantry hidden under packets. oh how I miss it's crunch, yummy goodness... yikes. I need some help.. LOL..

Comment #18

Good afternoon, Shams! Hi Lara, Kori, Laurie, Andrea, Andi, Angela, Darlene, Capt, Barb and I'm sure I'm missing some to all youse!.

I'm enjoying my last day off before I have to get back into working all weekend and next week. I've been sleeping a LOT and keep meaning to get to the Dr. to get a blood workup but I kind of stink at that. Day 5 OP here! Looking forward to my weigh-in on Sunday. I think I'm going to make stuffed peppers Capt'n style for dinner tonight..

Have a great day and OP weekend, Shams!..

Comment #19

Hi kat...sounds like day 5 is going well. yummy stuffed peppers. wonder if my ds wants to eat at your house instead. just found out that the world cup in 2022 is not going to be in U.S. He is going to be very sad...

Comment #20

Hi Katenjoy your time off. I just read about the world cup too Andrea. Kinda stinks after reading this morning all the US had to offer regarding stadiums, hotels, etc. Wonder what the 22 or so voters were thinkingprobably jealous of all we have to be thankful for. Oh well, I was adding 12 more years to my age thinking the US might get the cup and decided I'd probably be too dang old to really care. Lousy attitudejust the truth. Oh to be in my 30s again...

Comment #21

Just got back from a not-so-quickie..

An hour and a half..

I still gotz it...

Comment #22

I hate when the office staff is mean to patients and families. I know they get busy and are stressed but they really are the face of the Dr. and when they are cranky or crabby then they really make the patients upset and their families and it reflects poorly on the Dr. I think. Sorry for all the crappiness at the Dr..

YAY for being OP yesterday!..

Comment #23

LOL! The funny thing is that my 8 year old neice asks to have chicken and broccoli for dinner all the time. She loves broccoli! And just steamed...not with cheese or sauce, or dressing on it. I think she had it twice this week already. It's amazing what kids will eat and not eat...

Comment #24

OMG! I have 3 boxes of the old Cinnamon pretzels stashed away. I am not eating them until I use up the new ones I have on hand. I don't like the new ones. For me, it's like eating baby animal crackers with a little bit of cinnamon on them. Very bland and tasteless. Although they are softer, I feel like I should be "gummin' em' up" like a baby with no teeth!..

Comment #25

Glad you are getting caught up on some sleep! WooHoo for Day 5 OP!!! Enjoy your stuffed peppers!..

Comment #26

BooHoo! He will be very sad. Oh well, what can ya do?..

Comment #27

Where did they end up picking? I haven't even paid any attention? I dought that you will be too old to care. You are an awesome lady, you will always care!!!..

Comment #28

Checkin' in from work. It's been a good day today. Pretty easy. Need to get lesson plans done for tomorrow so I can be out and then I have a bunch of things to do tomorrow when I am off..

Will try to get back on this afternoon..

Mucho love...

Comment #29

Last month it was 2.5 hours..

The extra weight and lack of exercise have slowed me down...

Comment #30

Lori, I'm assuming your lunch quickie is the kind of "quickie" I'm thinking of but yetmaybe notlol. Glad you had fun whatever it was. Still snowing here, dtr. has over 10" and we probably have about 6 now. They picked Qatar for the 2022 World Cup (Toni will be an expert)...

Comment #31

Good evening lovelies..

Kat- glad you got to catch up on some sleep while you've been off..

Lori- WTG on the hour and a half even if you rock more last month. Have to restart somewhere..

Kori- Get those lesson plans done girl so that you can have some fun tomorrow..

Barb- I'm sorry about the snow- I'm not ready for that yet..

Darlene- Hope timmy does ok at his day program today. Hopefully the docs can figure out the game plan soon..

Andrea- That would have cool to have it in the US- dang it..

Its kinda quiet around here tonight, hope everyone is ok. I have training tonight for Girl Scout cookies- wooohooo. I have the house to myself for a short time as DH took oldest to a U of Louisville women's basketball game tonight along with my dad and niece. The University has a new arena so I think the grown men just wanted to go see that. Youngest is at my sister's house (kid swapped tonight) so peace and quiet for just a moment- YEAH!..

Comment #32

Hi everyone..

Golf was fun and have finished L&G so now time to call Mom and I am working on a baby afghan for a cyber shower we are having for a friend's first grandbaby. I have to finish it so it can be mailed by the 5th..

Hope everyone is having a great OP day...

Comment #33

The inappropriate comments I could insert here are just too easy!!!.

Glad you had a good night, hooker!..

Comment #34

I just love how social and bustling you always are..


Comment #35

Yaaayyyy...Kori's rocking the trainer..

Yaaaayyyy...Kori has tomorrow off..


Peace out...

Comment #36

OP today, too?.

Hope Timmy is doing well..

I hate super winter weather mode...

Comment #37

I stink at that stuff too, Kat..

Good to see you..

Yay for stuffed peppers!..

Comment #38

Hope some of them are mad wicked fun things...

Comment #39

Now, Barb, I don't know what you're talking about...

Comment #40

This made me laugh so hard, I pee'd..

Are we talking about me having lunch with cute CM for an hour and a half?.

Or exercise?.

Because if you're giving me mad props for a 2.5 hour quickie last month and 'only' and hour and a half quickie today - I love you more than I thought I did..


Comment #41

So...seriously...where the hell is everyone?.

Now newbies only last 1 day?.

What a hot mess..

I sent Lauri a PM which she hasn't opened..

I think we are hooked up on Facebook so maybe I can find her email and stalk her that way, too..

If everyone doesn't try to keep their sh!tz together until the holidays - you're going to be so much worse off afterwards..


What the hell?.


Comment #42

Just made an appointment for Sparky with an Internal Medicine specialist at one of the best vets we've got around here. He's just not doing so well...

Comment #43

Soup chips... Medifast and 3 Tbsp water?? I cant remember and it's one of my favs... hoping to have tonight since I got my shipment..

Comment #44

Im here and Im picking up what you're laying down..

Comment #45

Busy day today. Got my IUD today, it hurt. Stella had her two month shots today, it was sad. Got some Medifast today, that was good. Tomorrow is my work xmas party, I cant wait..

It has been 9 months since my dad passed away and Im having a harder time now than months prior... I dont know if it's the holidays, or the stress of hubby w/o a job... my dad was my go-to person. I cant believe I have not talked to him in 9 months.... I dont know why Im putting that out there... cuz I can...

Im craving bacon... what the what?? BACON??!?! I dont think I have ever craved bacon....

Im random tonight....

I remember this time last year boards were pretty slow... I hope they pick up again after the new year... remember the days when we would have 30+ pages of Shammie fun?!?!?!..

Comment #46

Ok, Im going to quit talking to myself and try and find soup chip recipe. I will check back and see if anyone is around : )..

Comment #47

It is scaring me a little bit since this was the first set of both holidays I have done. I started last year before Christmas but I had that beginner focus going on. The holidays are hard but I so want to be at goal so I am focused and have my shitz together fo'sho!.

I am a little scared to see how many return Shammies we are going to have come January since so many have been quiet the last couple months...

Comment #48

Hugs to you and to Sparky. Sorry he isn't doing so well..

BTW, I saw you booked your flight to see Toni! YAY!! How is she doing? I was just thinkin' of her the other day...

Comment #49

Glad you got your shipment in but I have never made the soup chips so I am not sure of the exact recipe. Sorry..

Comment #50

BTW, I freakin' love this saying! I use it all the time now! I am not sure who here on the Shammies started it...I think it might have been you Jill...but I love it!..

Comment #51

I think the holidays make a huge difference in how we remember loved ones. I also think stress makes things worse. With going back to work, hubby w/o a job, etc. you really miss your Dad even more. Big hugs coming your way. It is a hard thing you have to deal with, and it is something you deal with everyday.

...Bacon...Mmmmmm...The world would be a more peaceful place if everyone loved bacon...I haven't craved it in a while but now I would love to just smell some cooking...

Comment #52

Lesson plans are finished and I am heading out..

Have to run a few errands then have the gym tonight..

So glad I took tomorrow off. I am going to enjoy using up all my sick time.

When I move to Texas in June, I would lose any accumulated sick time so I am determined to use it all up before June. I have like 35 days to use. So...lots of sick days and Disneyland days.


Probably won't get back on here until real late tonight..

Mucho love hookers.

Peace out..

Comment #53

Of course you are...cause you old school like dat...

Comment #54 sh!tz..

Because it's just been the BEST YEAR EVER!!!!..

Comment #55

It will be 9 months since my Mom passed away..

Last night, I turned the calendar to December..

I saw her birthday..

And it felt like just yesterday that I was transferring the birthdays and anniversaries, etc., over from '09 to '10..

And I remember sitting there staring at the calendar before writing her birthday in and feeling sick..

And I felt so sick again last night when I turned the page..

And I cried..

A lot..

And I'm not so sure what to do with it either..

But we'll get through it, JillyBean..

I'm here for you..

I gotz you...

Comment #56

I still haven't put my thoughts together on this enough to write them down here on the boards. As I've said before - and it's really all I can say right now - I blame myself a lot. But that doesn't sound right either. I know I'm not responsible for everyone and I know that I can only help the people who want help. But, at the same time, I haven't exactly been so 'present' and I worked hard at building a kick azzzz team last year. When we were "slow" we were slow when we had under 300 posts in a day.


Now I'm rambling...

Comment #57

She's doing well. I'll let her know you were asking for her. Thanks!..

Comment #58

I by NO means think it is your fault... you are right you can only help those who want to be helped. But I can tell you your presence makes a huge difference! I stalked the board while preggo and checked in. The thread just has a different feel when you are here, it's way better. I am sure there will be plenty of time for you to recruit people after the first when ppl recommit. Maybe you could challenge the other Shams to get out and find some ppl too.....

Comment #59

AHHH Toni! I follow what she is up to on FB : ) that is fun you are going to see her!..

Comment #60

Aw...dude...I just got my period and you made me cry..

Thank you for what you said..

It means a lot...

Comment #61

Will you transfer her birthday to you '11 calendar???..

Comment #62

Yeah. As you probably remember, we had a blast last Halloween..

I was supposed to go out recently and the flight got cancelled for some bullshit storm or whatever..

I finally got to reschedule..

St. Patrick's Day in Toronto - here I come!..

Comment #63, too!.

I gotta go lay my crampyassself down now..

Mad love to you...

Comment #64

I had asparagus for dinner and my pee smells..

G'night to all!..

Comment #65


This also happens to me too and it is link below....


Comment #66

Jill, My Dad died 2 years ago. Maybe you could write him a letter..

Lori - I think you are the best Captain and you have helped me a lot. You are always there when I need you..

I love the chatter tonight..

Do not know where Lauri is...

Comment #67

Well one of ems coming back a little earlier Kori!..

Comment #68

Yep! Shes 2months old and sleeping on me as we speak.

I didnt gain too much while preggo, so I have about 10 to get back to pre pregnancy weight and then I am on track and hopefully back into more of my clothes!!.

Did you take a break from MF? If so looks like you did not gain..?..

Comment #69

Really???? - I think the new ones (and have only tried new HM) are more flavorful and crunchier...?..

Comment #70

I wondered about that - I never fell in love with Cinn so I hadn't ordered them - thought the old ones were too bland... if new ones are less - not EVEN interested! and Chewy??? no thanks!.

Thanks for helping me save my $$..

Comment #71

I agree and Sandy - for the record - you make me tired. Most days...

Comment #72

100. (after the obligatory 30 seconds...) (and 10 more left...)..

Comment #73

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.