What are some good Medifast recipes for making homemade ice tea?

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Quick question: What are some good Medifast recipes for making homemade ice tea? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another quick question... I am considering the.


But I am so very scared! I am afraid of something going wrong. I also have guilty feelings of having the.


Done instead of making myself do it on my own. Words of support would be appreciated...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

I said for years I would never consider such a drastic.


I tried every Medifast diet out! I bought every book, Spent thousands of dollars on programs, gym fees, etc..

I got to the point where I was just sick of the roller coaster. I would loose 50 lbs and then gain 75 back!.

It is scarey and it is a major decision. I, unlike a lot of people didn't have a lot of co morbidities, yet. But I knew I would. I was heading there. My cholesterol levels were high. I was borderline.


Apneic. My blood sugar and blood pressure were all ok, but I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without getting short of breath. I knew my body couldn't take that for long. I started looking into it and decided to go for it. Everyone has to decide if the risks are worth it for them. There are risks.


Check your doctor out thoroughly. Asks tons of questions. Do your.


And in the end, make an informed decision..

I am so happy I had the.


I have lost 150 lbs total and I feel great! I can walk up that flight of stairs (and then some). My cholesterol numbers are way down. I am not even borderline for.


Apnea. I run, bike, walk, This weekend I am riding in the Seagull Century Bike ride in Salsbury MD (doing a metric century 62 miles). My kids are no longer embarassed to be seen with me in public. I am no longer the invisible fat girl I was before! I am living life and not just watching everyone else live it from the sidelines!.

There are days I wish I would have stuck to any one of the 1000 diets I did preop but I have no regrets and I can only move on from this point and live my life from here on out..

Good Luck with whatever you decide!.


Comment #2

Diets alone usually don't work long-term. According the the National Institutes of Health, currently the only effective treatment for obesity is the.


However, some few people can lose the weight, change their lifestyle,and become regular exercisers without the.


Only you can determine if you are one of them...

Comment #3

The more you.


And know the better prepared you will be. I researched off and on for 6 years before finally choosing to change my life. I talked with everyone I knew who'd had the.


Since I was so well researched I wasn't scared. I was ready. I knew that if I didn't do something I wouldn't be around to live a long life. I haven't regretted my choice at all. I had a great dr and have had no complications. This is the best choice for me.

I'm down 60 lbs already and never thought I'd see the 230's again! I'll be saying that every 10 lbs along the way!..

Comment #4

You know, I was in the same mind set - why have.


When I can do this on my own, it was almost as if I was letting myself down for not being able to lost it myself ... I mean I put all this weight on by myself, right? So I tried, spent thousands of dollars on weight loss programs and personal trainers to lose 20 or 30 pounds and put it all back on plus 5 or 10 pounds..

This is a serious decision. One I came to by a very circuitous, long, route. It took admitting to myself that I couldnt do it myself. Then it took looking and asking for help. Its scary. But I am elated and excited that I know I am going to finally be able to take control of my life and be the healthy, active person I have been struggling to be for years.

Do the.


Read everything you can. I looked at every peice of literature I could. Educate yourself, then decide if this is right for you! But dont ever feel guilty about asking for help .....

Comment #5

I agree with the other postings. This is a personal decision and one that is very serious. Reseach is your best option. Not only the procedure, but the surgeons in your area..

I understand the feeling that this is "cheating" but it isn't. This is a tool to help you with the necessary life style changes. This is a new life and way of living and not a diet..

Personally I made my decision for several reasons but mainly for my health. My asthma was getting worse and my diabetes was starting to become more difficult to control..

My best to you in your quest to make the right decision for you..


Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.