What are some good Medifast recipes for teens to make at a holiday party?

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Quick question: What are some good Medifast recipes for teens to make at a holiday party? Looking forward for any comment. Another quick question... Looking for some one to talk too, feeling very down, not eating have I done right thing too late now thou..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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Thanks just seen your site, my doc has not given me any advice or tips, just to eat pureed Medifast food for at least 6 weeks, I am not even eating 3 small meals never mind snacks. I have 2-3 teasponns readybreak for breakfast, mashed spud with veg and gravy for tea, and thats it, I just cant face Medifast food all I want to do is.


, I have no one to talk too, I need help with foods I can eat, I only like plain foods, please help..

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I would call my surgeon and raise 13 types of royal hell, if he or his office isn't helping you with a follow-up regimen. One thing you did right was come here.this group of people has lots of experience and wisdom when dealing with WLS. The beautiful and wise-beyond-her-years Eggface has a great blog, check it out. Look around for a local (to you) support group, and make contact. Read the posts here. If you have a specific question, search it out, or just ask.

And welcome to the site!..

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Sweetie it seems that you perhaps may need to consult a nutritionist on this. Every bariatric plan is different but at 6 six weeks you should be able to transition to other foods as tolerated (granted that you haven't been having any problems consuming food.).

I am only 2 weeks out and have transitioned in to the blended foods. I am to remain on this stage of foods for 2 weeks..

As for the sleepiness and tiredness I can relate. Make sure that you are getting fluids in as they can assist in hydration and bringing up some of the energy levels. Are you also following a vitamin regimen?.

If not, vitamin deficiencies are very common with this.


You may want to schedule an appointment with your PCP just to have your levels checked and certainly with the nutritionist as they are responsible for giving you the guidelines to succeed post-op and customizable to your needs..

I wish you the best and we are here for you..


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Sounds like a lot of carbs (will definitely put you to.


) and not enough protein. I never understand programs that just send patients out with no instructions. I would call him and specifically ask him for a written Medifast food plan..

In the US (generally) we phase in eating the process takes about 8 weeks clear liquids>liquids>pureeds>softs>some solids>most solids. The focus in all the stages beyond clear liquids is getting in protein..

So here are some of the pureed/softs I ate:.


Favorites: Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, Moist Meats, Soups, Protein Shakes/Smoothies, Crab, Scallops, etc..

Everyone's plan is different some Dr's allow things quicker than others but generally the goal is protein forward meals (I do 3 a day plus 2 snacks), complex carb, and limited good fats..


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We are here for you so chat anytime...someone is always here to talk, don't try to go it alone, the more information you can get the better the trip will be..


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I sent you a friend request, I am about 7 weeks Post Op and would like to share the journey with you as much as possible...Eggfaces blogs are wonderful and very very helpful with tons of recipes for all stages. Make sure to contact your Dr. about any questions that you may have, that is important. You have found the best place to make friends, ask questions and get help!!.


To hear from you again.

Hugs Randy..

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I had great support from my Dr and nutritionist. I started with soft foods in the hospital, scrambled eggs, applesauce,cottage cheese. I am 11 weeks post and try to get all my protein in I can. Tonight was grilled shrimp and bean salad. Some days all I want is yogurt. next day might be something better but keep tryiing. You will succeed!! Eggface has some great advice! We will help!!..

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Hi....eggface is absolutely right! Take this journey one step at a time! First liquids, pureed, soft , and then solids about an eight week period or more for sure! It is very important for your body in order for it to heal properly! Your mind and body will be going through roller coaster rides for the rest of your life.,..this is part of our journey, however things DO start to level off....

If you stay focused and keep on the path to recovery and have the determinastion to go through to the next day, it starts to get easier and easier until one day you say....WOW! I can't believe just a few months ago was just starting.....THIS IS how it works and it does get better, I promise. It has been about 22mths for me and I have lost about 230lbs..

It IS achievable and very attainable!.

Keep the.


And write down your goals and you WILL reach them!.



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I am so with you Hotlips. 5 weeks post here, having trouble eating and want to.


All the time. I am slowly working on it though. You are tired because you aren't getting the protein and calories that you need. Or at least, that is what my doc told me.....Make sure you stay in close contact with your doc..

Cottage cheese is a great source of protein and you can add things to it to give you better flavor. Check that out. Maybe it will help. Also, eggface is a tremendous resource!.



You start feeling better.......

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.