What are some good Medifast recipes that include pineapple?

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Quick question: What are some good Medifast recipes that include pineapple? Hoping for any answer. Second question.. So I have come to a realization today! I am not trying as hard as I should be. My.


Was 10/20/10 and have lost about 35 pounds. I am so bad about getting my protein in. Today I tried to add unflavored protein powder to my crystal light and took one swig and threw up! I ate a wedge of laughing cow cheese for breakfast, don't remember eating lunch, and had 2 bites of spaghetti that my husband made for dinner..

I started.


That lasted 1 I have talked to other people I know that had this.


And they are not doing what they need to do, I mean for goodness sakes, one stopped at Taco bell on the way home from having the.


I keep saying, why would anyone go through everything we have to go through to get the.


To not do what you have to do. Am I a hypocrit or what? How do any of you get back on track if you have gotten off track before?.

I guess I have not gotten over the self-sabotaging yet. I have a very supportive husband, sometimes too supportive. Sorry for the ranting but I sometimes feel that I just want to scream! Thanks guys for letting me go on about my failures for the past few days. You guys are the best for support and encouragement...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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Every day can be the new day and you need to forgive yourself the fall off and give yourself permission to start again..

The one thing I have learned from this is that if it is not something you can sustain (a shake, a method or pattern of.


, a Medifast food group you can manage), then it will not work. Find your sustainables (she says, as she works on finding her own)..

If cheese works for you and spaghetti sauce works for you - make Eggface's baked ricotta cheese with pasta sauce..



Is hard, but believe me, if you get your coat on and get on the step, you are going to go. This has been my goal each day because THAT I can sustain: get on the step in your coat and.


Shoes. I have yet to walk back in. Have also arranged weekly walks with three friends - that means I get to visit (and get moving) three more times a week..

You can do this - you were brave enough to have the.


And you know when a friend is behaving anti-surgically. With that bravery and those smarts you can do anything..

Forgive yourself for the past and get going for your future...

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We all go through this... you just have to let what's done be done and try harder tomorrow. That which is bitter to endure may be sweet to remember...

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I am 4 months post op and I have went threw the same thing in the past couple of weeks. I discovered a couple of unhealthy foods that I can eat that dont make me sick so rite now I feel really guilty for eating them I am down 71 pounds and starting tomorrow I will be back on track after going threw everything so far I am not willing to screw it up.So start fresh tomorrow and try to find some type of protein that agrees with you..

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You can do it. One of the things I have realized during my 6 months pre op is that I don't have to be perfect. I can mess up and it is okay. I don't have to wait till Monday, I can just back on track at next meal or snack. I will no long beat myself up unmercifully for every slip or bad thought...

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Maybe you should just set one new goal for yourself...maybe that you will do at least 2 protein shakes per day..

Have you checked out the website.

It is awesome! She has tons of protein shake recipes! I feel like I have re-invented my shakes with her recipes! I was getting so sick of the same old stuff..

Good luck!..

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To live the GBS lifestyle is a huge.


Curve, and you are only a few weeks into it. Stop beating yourself up and just step back on track. And, BTW, that's how you do itjust take the next right step, then the next....and so on..

I'm having.


Next Friday. I've been struggling with the 14 day liquid protein thingnot eating solids or anything, but just trying to figure how how to get in the protein within the calorie limits. Some things work, some don't. I thought this part would be easy, and it is in the sense that the protein staves off hunger. But it hasn't been easy to get the details right. I expect I'll have mis-steps of my own.

Take care...

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Don't be your own self fulfilling doomsday prophecy!.

It's not a case of what you want to do right now, it's a case of what you have to do. Get your protein in, if you throw up on it, try some different kinds..


Has a bunch of sample sizes for proteins that you can try without spending too much..

As for not eating, you need to make sure you eat what you should when you should, or you risk developing a different destructive Medifast food addiction (bulimia, anorexia, etc.).

If you're not good to yourself no one else will. And I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but you really need to take better care of yourself. Don't let this opportunity pass you by, you have to fight for yourself and that better life you want...

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Okay Kelly..

Enough is enough, it's going to get harder, not easier to stick with the plan, especially as your choices grow. So back on schedule. There are two things that you need to know now - 1.) 3-6 weeks out most people hit the first plateau, if you haven't taken your measurements pre op take them now so that when the numbers on the scale stop falling the numbers on the tape measure will continue. 2.) IF YOU DON'T EAT YOUR PROTEIN YOUR HAIR WILL FALL OUT. It will thin anyway, but reduce the damage by eating the right stuff. For some reason, that seems to get through to people (including me) a lot more emphatically than all the health benefits that await us.


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