What are some good Medifast recipes using beef mince?

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First of all What are some good Medifast recipes using beef mince? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Hubby and I just got back, last night, from 10 days in New England. I didn't do much online while gone because it was planned to be a.


, exploring, fall leaf touring time. Wonderful.


, decent weather (some rain, and much colder than I was expecting a couple days, but just added to the fall feeling for this southern living girl)..

We hiked through various places in Maine...a state MADE for that activity. Loved the state, loved the jagged coast line, beautiful vistas and plenty of sea Medifast food to be found...though that was more exciting to my husband, than to me, to be honest..

We walked all over, hiked several days and I had no problem getting many miles a day in, without trying. Couldn't get over how we just wanted to be out IN it. No need for treadmills or the usual walk around my neighborhood. This was in part because everything was new and exciting for us, compared to the familiar, sometimes boring routine we can get into..

What I learned was the importance of changing things up. A new location to walk maybe, new recipes, a new routine...where that's possible, can just add a new flavor to.

Working out.

, and to life in general I think. We can get stuck in what has to be done, and not allow the creative thinking of how we might do things differently, in a way that can be fun, enjoyable and increase our efforts to stay successful..

So it's Monday, maybe a good time to try to do something a little different in your routine this week. if you take this challenge, share some of what you.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Thanks tekwriter! Little bit at a time...but.


The beach sounds good any time, doesn't it? I can honestly say a year and a half ago I wouldn't have been doing this. In fact, I'd have never made the trip in the first place. Loving the new life...

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I decided to walk around my neighborhood on Saturday instead of.

Going to the gym.

, it was too beautiful out to do anything else. I ended up.


3.5 miles and felt great! Glad you had a good time on your trip. :) I went to CT in July and it is gorgeous up there!.


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Good for you Krista! I REALLY GET THAT ! Just too nice not to be out in it..

I haven't been to CT...and intended to add VT to my stops in Mass., NH and Maine, but spent the most time in Maine and just loved it there. Fall in the northeast can't be beat! But winters in Florida are pretty good too. (That's where I live)...

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Glad you had a good.


! I love Maine. Time just seems so much slower there. Or was it because I was there on vacaton? Either way it was a beautiful state!.



On the beach. Wish I had one outside my front door every morning!.

Keep up the good work!.


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Thanx for the inspiration. Today I will walk a different direction and enjoy all that the Northeast beauty has to offer!! I too love Maine (went on our honeymoon and we try to go back as much as we can) I look forward to a brisk walk on the beach, something that was difficult for me last time we were there!..

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Thanks Laura and Patrice! I think time does move slower the vastness , openness and just plain beauty of the coast line. We drove across route 2 into N.H. , where we spent a couple more days and enjoyed the drive, but not as much going on in central Maine that we discovered. Still, I look forward to returning for another really is meant for out door living, in all seasons...perfect for us!.

I agree, there is something special and inviting about.


On the beach. For me, being outside is very soothing, and rejuvenates me. Love just taking it all in, especially in a scenic area..

Patrice, great idea to change things up but just going the other direction. I've done that a few times on my walk, and it's like you are.


In a different place...isn't that funny?.


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