What are some helpful tips while on Medifast Diet?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What are some helpful tips while on Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' THURSDAY - SUNDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (79)

Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard..

Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh..

Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends..

Continue to learn. Do what you love...

Comment #2

Sandy's last day before vacation!.


I'm so excited for you, Sand!!!!!!!..

Comment #3

Morning Peeps!.

I got a bit more sleep last night, but it is all starting to catch up with me...can't wait for the weekend!!!!!!.

I love my neighbors. I live in a co-op, and they are an electic bunch. Last night was our weekly-bi-weekly run for groceries. It is me, an almost 60 year-old woman (good friend and co-worker); an almost 50 year-old man; and alomost 80 year-old Dorothea. It is a riot. We have our "itinery" and go on our way.

It is seriously a fun time and they crack me up..

It makes it much easier to stock up on diet soda and liquid eggs when I have peeps with cars!!!.

They are just a few of the cast of characters I live in the building with. One of my favorites is another older man who works at a nearby bakery. He leaves bread at everyone's door (not mine!). Apparently though he has a risque side as he made bread into some interesting large antomically correct shapes....and he showed up with a pair of pajama pants on for one of the xmas get togethers - the pants had candy canes all over them in teh pattern and it said "Lick me!" repeatedly....I think he is trying to send some not to subtle hints/offers to a guy he likes (the driver in our trip last night)....I should make this all into a sit-com or something.....

All right that's my morning stories!.



Comment #4

T - Can't wait to meet the neighbor peeps. Especially.



Comment #5

Toni- the co-op does sound interesting..

Morning Capt..

Suppose to snow here today so I'm sure that means school will be cancelled tomorrow. Luckily mom is off and kids can spend the night there if need be. Running late so need to go get them up. Hoping they let school out early today so I can have a short work day. Wishful thinking I know. Have a great OP day..

Yay Sandy- hope your a packing!..

Comment #6

Well Sandy sounds like you got packed last night. Enjoy today's dinner and eyebrow tinting. I think I could live on an island 6-8 weeks of the year also. Safe travels...

Comment #7

Lori- BTW, I stil have the sugar free red bull in my fridge from when you were coming the last time. That stuff never goes bad, right? I mean it will still be here with the roaches and twinkies post acopalypse......

Comment #8

Good morning. Been up doing laundry since 5..

Toni - there is a book in that co-op!.

They are calling for another 2-4 inches for overnight tonight...just enough to crap up my hour commute to work!! Sandy, do you want a new neighbor?..

Comment #9

Morning Lovelies..

Hard time getting up today - up with the pups at 2:30 and uncertain if I ever got back to sleep and now on to work - UG. the day can only get better!.


Hope all have a great OP day! (and drink your water...)..

Comment #10

Morning shams,.

Toniyour co-op sounds like a riotlove having fun with others. Glad there's fun and laughter in every age. If it's not snowing too hard (flurries right now), I may head over to dtrs. house. Otherwise nothing planned for awhile. Still debating rather to head to TN or not.

May just bite the bullet and wait a few months. If so, I gotta get the birthday cards in the mail and DIL won't get the little gifts I picked up after Christmas and just get money. GS's birthday is the 26th and DIL's is the 31st. Stay safe and warm everyone and don't work too hard. Sandy, enjoy your trip for all of us!!..

Comment #11

Hi from work!.

Toni~The stories of your co-op had me LOL!..

Comment #12

Toni - love the story..

Toni and Lara - thanks...

Comment #13

Angela - any time..

Andi - will do and I know water, water, water..

Barb - thanks..

Hope everyone has a great OP day. It is windy here. I am glad I am not playing golf with my new fun Thursday group. Ok, off to salon appointments. May not be around much until Feb. 7th but then I will post pictures...

Comment #14

This does sound exactly like a sit-com. Was good for my morning laugh..

A little snow won't get us out of school here in Iowa. But a lot of snow and a little wind will every time. We're in the deep freeze here now. Should be -10 tonight with wind chills of -20+ tonight..

Sandy Have a great trip. It seems like the right time to vacation and fight away those winter blues. Oh yeah.....

I am OP and I drank all my water yesterday (for the first time in several days) and you know what? the scale rewarded me with 1. Tomorrow is the official week 2 weigh in day. I'm all about the dang darn water now..

Glug glug.

And at this close-to-end-of-week-2, want to thank ya, Shammies. Look forward to coming to read about your day and it keeps me in the website to log my food and keep my mind in the game. A good thing...

Comment #15

Chceking in from work quickly- hi-bye.

Oh and it's another negative day around here, so I had to go check out the new admitt and watch some others in therapy. So cute, makes me smile and my day better!..

Comment #16

Hi again from work. Has anyone heard from Lori?..

Comment #17

Hi all.. just stoping by from crazy work! ugh!!!!..

Comment #18

Wow, quiet day on here, kids..

I suppose ya'll are skipping the water today and don't want to fess-up. I'm 8 oz from 64, baby. Shopping online for a cathedar right now..

Hey, guess what? Someone at work gave me a food scale. I'm going to weigh something besides myself tonight..

Oh Capt'n ? Where are ya?..

Comment #19

Happy Thursday!!!.

I have been MIA for a couple of days. I had to drive my mom out of town to meet my Aunt and did not have a chance to get on the computer. Busy at work too! It was a last minute trip and I was really worried about how I was going to stay OP. But guess what!!! For the most part I did great! I could not measure anything so I know I wasnt perfect. I have never been able to stay OP around my mom. She has to be my biggest saboteur in all aspects of my life.

I don't think she does it on least I really hope she doesnt! I stuck to my guns though and packed my food and ordered carefully when we went out to eat. Of course, after I would order my carefully decided meal my mom just had to tell the waitresses that I was on a diet and that is why I was ordering what I did...I really wanted to throw my water on her head because what was the point, really, of having to tell the whole world why I ordered a dinner salad????People order dinner salads everyday!!! She either did that or asked if I wanted something tasty that I normally love and then she would say "oh yea, you can' are on.


Diet." Anyway I just let it roll off my shoulder because it would do no good to say something or get upset about it. I stayed OP and that is all that mattered. Yippee for me!!.

Sorry to rant I just needed to because I knew you would all know a little something about those Saboteurs in our lives. I havent had a chance to read back and when I do I will try to do some shout-outs...I hope everyone is safe, warm and doing great!..

Comment #20

Melissa, I think it helps that you know what you are dealing with and then can get your self ready. Congrats..

Muffy - go week 2...

Comment #21

I burst out laughing during my training when I read this!..

Comment #22

Hope you have a short work week too lara! Sorry about the snow. Thinking warm thoughts for you...

Comment #23

I think I could definitely live on an island for longer than that. Not full time, need some time off...but not much...

Comment #24

Oooh...Oooh, yes, write a book. I love reading about other people's drama. I am always glad to hear about it when it is not my own...

Comment #25

You can be my neighbor if you want, we love looking at the snow...up on the mountains...out the window. But not on the ground...

Comment #26

Morning Andi! Sorry you didn't get very much sleep. Drinking my water.

About 60 oz in already...

Comment #27

Stay safe Barb. Don't go if the weather is too iffey...

Comment #28

Hey Dawn! Hope all the kids are doing ok after all their trauma...

Comment #29

LOL!!! Catheter??? Who needs that when there are adult diapers!!! LOL!..

Comment #30

Training today is so freakin' boring! Need to pay better attention instead of playing on here..

My butt hurts, their chairs need way mo' cushion!.

Will check back in later..

Where you at Capt?? Hope work wasn't too crappy today...

Comment #31

Melissa- WTG sticking to your guns and staying OP. Its very frustrating though when people try to derail us, especially when they are our loved ones. I'm super proud of you!.

Kori- those chairs are for the bigger people that still have butt padding. You've just lost all your cushion!.

Andrea- Hope your day gets better..

Snowing like crazy here and getting colder, so I'm not warm. Going to take kiddos over to mom's so I can go into work tomorrow. Starving all the sudden, probably because hubbie mention Thai food, so I may get the chicken and some veggies just without the rice or noodles. We'll see how the roads are and if I really want to be out more than I have to...

Comment #32

And yes, where is Capt and Toni and Robyn. Its much mo fun when everyone is here chatting away. Maybe when I get home you all will want to play...

Comment #33

Kori - thanks..

Just got back from a memorial service for a dear lady that was a member of our Francophiles. She suffered from cancer this last year. Her son did a great job today. Hard..

Ok, time to get ready for dinner party. I love my eyebrows and hair cut and color...

Comment #34

Sandy, sorry about your friend. Glad hair, etc. turned out great and have a great dinner party tonight. I meant to tell you guys that last night I tried Toni's brownie/pudding thing and I took the whole brownie and cooked it in an oblong ramekin, used vanilla pudding and added PB2 to it before mixing and just before eating, a dash of cool whip and man alive, great!! I have another run going as we speak. Chocolate and PBmmmm. Lara, I think you're getting more snow than me.

Sure glad of that. Had a great time at my dtrs. today. I know I probably bore you guys saying what fun I had with the boys, however, they just crack me up. Love em to death..

Comment #35

Sandy- So sorry to hear about your friend, it's never easy even when expected..

Barb- I think we have about 4" at my house, roads are nasty out. The expressway looked ok, but the side streets and even the larger streets are getting yuck..

No Thai tonight which is probably a good thing. Don't feel like cooking so ate a veggie burger. I'll eat my last Medifast meal but that's it. Guzzling some water and DH is making me some hot tea to warm up with. Gonna cuddle up on the couch and watch me some TV tonight. I'll catch you in the morning...

Comment #36

Sandy - Sad that you have to say goodbye to your friend. I believe goodbyes are never really goodbye forever, for what it's worth..

Barb, that description of brownie, pudding, PB nearly made me drool. It sounds heavenly. Can't wait until my new order arrives..

I'm off to the church for a group leader meeting. We get to decide that we all keep the same jobs because there's no one else to step up and do the work. It's the same decision we reach every year. I'm not excited to go out into the cold. It's bitter now and supposed to be -10 tonight. Snow and 25 mph wind in the a.m.

Weigh in tomorrow. I drank all my water and am thinking good thoughts..

Keep warm Shammies...

Comment #37

Hi girls!.

Sandyexcited for your trip, but sorry about your friend....too much of that going on all the time...i feel like i'm at a funeral every week, is it my age? like when you're in your 20's and you're at a wedding every weekend? I don't know.

Melissait makes me sad that your Saboteur is your Mom....but the Mom relationship is always precarious....i love my mom, but I think she inadverently made me hate myself...i don't think she meant to....just a little critical....always....

Quick break from shouts to say that my cat sits on my lap while I type and if I don't pet him he bites me....i just love him.

Barbi'm never bored by your stories of your family!! I think it's great how involved you are!! they are lucky to have you!.

Cat just bit me.

Tonithat is totally a you think all your neighbors are on some website telling people about the crazy young chick in the co-op and the strange sounds that come from her apartment in the middle of the night?.

Capi'm worried about your absense as well......what's goin on?.

Larai think your snow is heading our way.

Angi know you can't wait for the snow...remember how many calories are burned by shoveling!!!!.

Muffyi believe as well that goodbyes are temporary and we will all be together again....

Ok, my man just got's time for humpies....the other kind.

Oh waitjust have to share that those commercials with Sarah McLaughlin and the stray animals are unbearable.....can't watch...thoughts?.

Psi saw pics of me from funeral weekend and I am a BEAST...can't wait to get this shitz off my body.

Ok, I am now out.


Comment #38

Hi -.

I'm SO SUPER SORRY. Really crazy day and I'm just now sitting down and I'm so tired..

I promise I will get caught up with everything in the morning and - just in case you're leaving really early and I don't get to chat with you again.....



Comment #39

Hi all my fellow shammies.....

So many good shout outs in my head, but hunger is yelling loudly..

Lara... snow headed my way tonight.... yuck. hope you and barb stay safe inside..

Hey muffy and mellissa... wtg on how hard you are both working..

Robyn, toni and lori... super fun when you guys are here..

Sandy... have a great trip..

Andi... hope all that water got down ok..

Hey ang... think of how many calories we will burn shoveling!.

Kori.. I may be on the next flight to CA... look for me!.

Anyone hear from erin lately....?.

Much love and an OP evening to all!..

Comment #40

Evening lovelies!.

Had a GREAT night at hte gym - did a super 5K with an easy warm up and a nice slow cool down. and of course - water IN!.

Hope all are doing well. It might be a Spinal Tap kind of night - so turn it ALL the way up - to 11..

Comment #41

Hi everyone. Bob and I went on a "date" to Walmart...exciting, right?! I got an over-the-door shoe organizer and put my Medifast food in there. It's so much easier to see what I have and get what I need. It's not as exciting as the co-op, but what is. I need to meet your friends (Toni) to have a Golden Girls experience. :-).

Thessaly woke us up at 6:30 am today! Usually she sleeps until about 7:30-8. 6:30 feels way too early! She was fussy on and off today because I think her schedule was just off. She's almost walking. She took 1 step a few days ago, and then 2 steps today! I'm excited for her to walk, but she already gets into everything so I'm not sure how I'll keep her reigned in when she can just walk some where!.

I had an almost cheat today...I was so hungry for fried shrimp. But, I had grilled shrimp instead. :-) It was probably better than the fried anyway, plus I didn't have the guilt I would have felt if I would have had the fried shrimp. I think being on a diet or this diet makes me feel more in control over food - it's a nice feeling!.

Well, goodnight everyone. I'm trying to stay warm while watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale!..

Comment #42

Thanks Captain. It means a lot. We had a great dinner party and I am so ready for my trip - it has been 31 weeks on plan and I have a ways to go but I feel like a new person and am so ready to go on vacation and not be overweight. I think in reality it was easy to lose the almost 70 lbs. once I made my mind up. Now soon I need to learn to be like you are captain and stay within a safety range of goal..

I was part of the club tonight. I was a member of the desert divas that are within the normal weight range and the three other ladies of the dinner party welcomed me into the club. No one actually came out and said to but it sure was communicated. Not sure how I feel about this reaction but it was clear...

Comment #43

I love you guys. Without you I would not have achieved the weight loss that I have. You are the best. Have a good two weeks and see you on the 6th or 7th of Feb...

Comment #44

Hey Peeps!.

I crashed early last night, this week is catching up with me. I stil haven't unpacked.....

Glad you like my co-op stories. It has been interesting living here. You should see when I have new "dates" come over, sometimes I call key people to "casually" check them out....which they can kind of do anyways because we can access the lobbycam via our cable. Dorothea has been known to say: "We got a young girl here, we need to keep tabs on her." I didn't mention either that at the grocery store they are full of high jinks putting unecessary things in each others carts (condoms, Velveeta). LMAO......

Ok, I'm tired but I gotta go in early, by 7:00, one of my staff is presenting to a group of anesthesiologists, so I am going in to support her. Hopefully that means I can break out early too!.

Jess- Good job with the shrimp. I've heard 7 oz. of shrimp is a buttload of shrimp. I can't believe I haven't seen Thess since last May......

You should post pics of the dogs....people here love the animals (maybe more than the kids......

). I told you about the control thing, it is a good thing!!!.

Peace All!..

Comment #45

Good morning,.

I woke up late. It's snowing..

I want to try and catch up...eeeeeek..

Sand - We love you right back!.

Jess - Dude...fried shrimp is the devil. WTG on the grilled..

I'll BBL...

Comment #46

Morning Toni and Capt..

Capt- Glad the snow has moved on from here, but sorry it's coming your way. (this goes for Andrea, Robyn and Ang too).

Jessica- Awesome NSV on the grilled shrimp. Each victory brings you closer to your goals..

Andi- The exercise queen is back. You go girl!.

Muffy- Try to stay warm. With weather like that I wouldn't leave my house..

Toni- Hope you get out early. Maybe I'll head in early too and leave early. Boss is off today..

OK gonna finish guzzling my water so I can refill for the trip into work. Then heading out. Hair appointment tonight then need to get working on my girl Scout cookie order for our troop. I'll BBL...

Comment #47

Hi all! Finished shoveling monster drive now off to feed kids that are on a 2 hour delay. Will check in catch up when I get to work..

Comment #48

Quick check in before work cuz i'm late as usual.

Snow not bad at all, at least where I am...i think Ang may have had it a little worse.

Feeling GREAT already today, I don't know about you girls but the moment I open my eyes in the morning I can tell what kind of day it'll be....JACK is finally underway, so there are no more nightmare trees and clocks of eternity floating around my head...for me, the P in PMS stands for PSYCHOTIC.....

Zip a dee do dah zip a dee yay, my oh, that's pretty gay....but it still rhymes!!.

Ok, making b-fast for my man, hoping to get a nice #2 in before I leave...i'll try to check in from work later!!.

Have a GREAT friday OP!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #49

Hey Peeps-.

I'm at work now and meeting is over she did well!.

This mornig I threw an interesting concotion in the crock pot: pork tenderloin, stuffed with garlic cloves, cilantro, and wait for it......a diet root bear.....

Now, I'm not usre how this will turn out, but I'm hoping to have it shredded over a spinach sald with a bit of BBQ-ranch dressing. The recipe called for a regular beer. I couldn't find a low-carb one, so I substitted the root-beer. I will let you all know how it turns out. I always get paranoid that leaving the crock pot on all day is gonna burn down the building. That won't happen, right?.

I also have my 2 pudding-brownie cups chilling.....I had to double up last night on meals and I made a full makes a huge dessert. I prefer the separated portions. At least I am productive when I am up early!!!!.

I know guys are continously impressed by my mad culinary skills. I actually ahven't buffaloed aything for a awhile. I should do that to some tuna next week...

Comment #50

Morning lovelies!.

Quick day today with a weight/Zumba gym night and some snuggle time with hubbie..

Toni - my hubbie's new fave meal is buff chix and I think of you when I pull out my Franks! I cut myself short on chix so I can have a huge spinach salad with cot cheese and the chix on top - no dressing.



Ang - calorie burning QUEEN! careful on yur back with all that snow..

Raining here - it is Seattle. off to work to get on with it - 32oz down - 100 day anyone?..

Comment #51

Toni- I am Mad impressed with your culinary skills cuz I got None!.

Ang- Be careful out there shoveling. Hubbie did ours twice yesterday and it still was covered this morning. His back was hurting as he did my sis and mom's too. My kids are out all day, at least your won't have to make it up come summertime..

Andi- Can you send some of those exercise motivation vibes my way?.

Gonna be slow at work today. At least we have a student in the dept. so I will work with her today since almost everyone else is off. Its always kinda fun teaching students. Also debating whether to enter a Biggest Looser Contest at work. I don't have a whole lot left to loose, but they are doing it based on % of weight loss, so I could get upto about 8.5% if I make it to the 140 goal. Any thoughts?..

Comment #52

Toni = Betty Freakin' Crocker.


Comment #53

Two things on this. #1 WTG on the H2O. and #2 Girl Scout Cookies specifically samoas are my favorites and will likely pull me off plan. I shall now begin running away from anyone in a khaki skirt and badges for 60 days. YIKES!.

Angela, we have this thing at my farm you have to check into getting. It's a bobcat. A run up the drive, a couple of lever pulls and pushes, and voila... clean drive. I must say, my drive is 1/2 mile long, gravel, and a hill. But WTG on the workout involved.


LMAO! So how do I explain psychotic without Jack? You're funny!.

I leave the crock pot on all day all the time. Never had any issue. Just make sure there's nothing touching the outside like paper or a towel or gasoline. You'll be fine. I'm guessing the root beer will be like brown sugar over pork roast (or pepsi pork roast, mmm). Can't wait to see how it turns out..

Rain ! A welcome thing here in the frozen tundra of Antarctica. I wish. I'm down with that 100/day today, maybe. Probably more like 75 oz really but I'll give it a go..

I say "go for it"..

She's here today !!!.

Well, today I begin week 3. I have book club tonight which is really just where my Gf's get together and drink and gossip. I explained that I will not be partaking of the ju-ju-juice tonight but instead a diet sprite. They were really cool with it, and I'm glad I just went ahead and explained rather than skipping. Glad to find some support, let's hope that it doesn't turn into sabbotage when I get there (oh, just a bite, try this or just one margi, what can it hurt...).

Anyway, feeling strong about it so no worries..

I'm only down one pound for the week 2 total, but I am down 6 since I began. I feel like 3 per week is a decent average. I believe I am in need of excersize to make this work. I've been using the heck out of that calorie counter thing under MyPlan. I've logged every piece of data except the medifarts..

The weekend plan? We might vehicle shop for the next mom-mini-van, while I would prefer a Chrysler 300, it doesn't do well with rock roads and farm life. I'm also committed to two more drawers and cupboard organize/clean out so that I can be done by spring with the organize task. Have a 4-H meeting on Sunday after church, and Mount Laundry needs scaled down..

What are you doing this winter-dol-drum weekend? Only 10 days left in January!..

Comment #54

Made it too work but I'm ready for a nap..

1.5 hours shoveling snow this morning = 715 calories burned baby!.

Sandy - you're probably gone but if you see this hope you have a GREAT Time on vacay!.

Muffy, did you weigh in yet?.

Lara - glad you made it to work okay..


Hi ya Robyn & Toni&Barb....okay I got to get some work done, lol...

Comment #55

Drive by from work!! BRRRRR!!! -12 was the temperature ths morning! (Without the windchill!) Witht he wind we are about 30 below. Lots of schools around us cancelled, but not out we went! Guess it just means we will be out sooner at the end of the year!.

Kids are WIRED!! It is Bears/Packers day preparation for the big game Sunday...BIG rivals around here!.

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!..

Comment #56

Greetings from work. It is snowy here. We're not nearly as cold as what some of you are dealing with, though!.

Dawn - you're rooting for the Bears I assume? We are excited for the Steelers game here. :-).

Toni - that dinner sounds really good, but root beer? Interesting..

Can't figure out how to include pictures here.....

Comment #57

Morning shams,.

I think alot of us use photobucket to post pixthey give the right codes. Send your pictures to them and give it a try. Toni, pork tenderloin sounds great that wayI think I would like to even try diet ginger ale in it for a different flavor. Seems to be cold or freezing everywhere today. One of my toilets even had a frozen drainpipe last night but this morning we flushed it with hot water and all seems ok right now. First time that's ever happened here.

Weather and roads have been terrible this year and now it seems to be hitting down south alot too. They have an advisory in TN right now. If I wasn't having my surgery I would probably chance it knowing I could stay there till weather was clear. However, I have all my prelim tests scheduled for the 3rd and I wasn't leaving there till the 31st or 1st and if bad weather sets in, crossing Jelico Mountain could be a nightmare. I also usually stop half way cuz of the long drive or it would really be chancing it.

My son is an almost 40 yr. old child when it comes to wanting to see me come down but that's just cuz he loves me alotlol. Hopefully he'll be ok with this. Gotta go fix my soup so I'll bbl...

Comment #58

I use photobucket. If you upload your pics to photobucket (google it) you can cut and paste and IMG code right into your post..

Comment #59

Yes, it was a whopping 1 pound for the whole week..

Do me a favor and get excited anyways, will ya? Do the happy jig, send off the balloons and the streamers, make those party streamers and confetti fly!.

I'm trying real hard not to be disappointed in "ONE"...

Comment #60

Hi all.. I'm alive and at work... hallaluah!! brb..

Comment #61

Hey everybody... can you believe my kids are home from school again! I made it to work..

Jessica... good choice on the shrimp!.

Lara... hope your kids are doing well at your mom's..

Toni.. love all your cooking ideas. I'm making a whole chicken in my crock pot as we speak..

Andi... wtg work-out queen..

Ang... hope your kids are doing well too..

Robyn.. hi there..

Dawn.. how your sisiter doing?.

Hey muffy... love you chatting here..

Gotta actually work today.....

Love you guys!..

Comment #62

Hi capt... btw, I'm developing awsome muscles due the snow and ice I have shoveled this week! you should see my guns!!!..

Comment #63

[quote=andi12589]anyone hear from erin lately....?[quote].

I'm here, i'm here..

Comment #64

Hi slores!.

Been super busy, sorry!.

Actually just stopping in to say hey. have a ton of work and need to get it done!.

Have a great day!..

Comment #65

Everybody's 2nd week sucks. No worries there at all..

Here is your happy dance:.


Comment #66

Hi erin... glad I asked. I inquired, and you appeared! hope you have a great day!.

Hey ang and muffy.....

Comment #67

Hi again all.....

Sorry to complain about cold, muffy. I know it is way worse by you..

Ang.. hope you get to go home soon..

Gotta check in on my kids at home. soccer practice and church youth group tonight! ill check in later tonight... stay warm fellow shams!..

Comment #68

Quick fly by. Just got out of the hot tubrelaxing and warm. Talked to son and mentioned I probably wasn't coming downhe took it really well. Not sure if that's good or badlol. If by Mon. weather looks good for awhile, I still may chance it but we'll see.

I'm just gonna go with the flow. Erin, glad you stopped by kiddomissed ya...

Comment #69

Have a nice night Andi!.

Hope Sandy got to Mexico okay too..

Tonight is Dance-a-thon at school so I won't be back on until tomorrow. Have a great night all!..

Comment #70


I spent 4.5 hours plowing and shoveling snow this morning. I am DONE!!!!.

I think I have enough Medifast that if it snows any more, I don't have to leave the house until May!!! SKREW the snow! OMG - will it ever end? Another storm Tue-Wed here in NJ!!!.

OK - that was my rant.....thanks for listening!.

Just finished cooking food for a friend's family for a funeral - four trays of chicken and 2 carrot cakes - boy talk about temptation. Anyway, I need to close my eyes for a bit while the chx in the oven since I did not sleep well last night..

Hope you all are doing ok - I have not had a chance to backread, and I know I will not be able to stay awake right now to do it..

Love to all...

Comment #71

Muffy- Like Ang said, week 2 is usually lower after the large weight loss the first week. Takes time for your body to adjust. Stay away from the temptations tonight! no BLT (bits, likes or taste).

Michelle- I'm ready for the spring also..

Andi- Kids didn't want to leave my mom's..

Ang- Between shoveling and dance a thon, you should be in the negative for calories today..

Erin- Glad to see you stop in..

Toni- Can't wait to hear how the pork turns out..

Barb- Stay safe- Ky is suppose to get more snow on Monday- Just saying! May be better to wait till April..

AFM- heading out to haircuts, then sis and mom are coming over to help get basement onto ebay! Starting my PS fund and I'm ready so anyway to make some extra money I'm doing.BBL..

Comment #72

Hi Everyone, I'm back ( I know again) I'm on day 12, and hoping to keep some booty this time and get it done..

Sorry a lot of our Sexy Shamrocks are getting snow! Good thing Medifast has so many soups. Does anyone ski? Or is that just going to irritate all of you if I ask??? I love skiing myself and it's an easy way to burn some serious calories. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!.



Comment #73

OMG peeps!!! The pork is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously nearly orgasmic!!!.

I am so happy. The only thing is that it was kind of small so only about 3 - 5oz. servings all shredded up when I measured it all out. I like to cook in bulk at least for a week of L&G. I may need to go our and buy a couple of more tomorrow....that is if I leave my house. It is so f-ing cold....ughhhhhhhhh.......

I may just hibernate all weekend. Hopefully with another warm body.......

Comment #74

Glad the pork gave you a thrill, Toni. BTWis Rob (HRNMBF) still in the picture or are you playing the field. Bet Dorothea has some answers on that one!! Have a good weekend and stay warm...

Comment #75

I'm laying here watching Oprah in the afterglow of the pork (and this is used as a noun in this sentence).


So about Oprah.....I feel kinda like her right now. We all know she has weight issues. These flashback shows this year make it even more evident as she is shown at various past weights. She currently is a bit hefty (and her outfit today is quite horrid so she looks double in size). Anyways, I need to get on a scale on Sunday to actually face the numbers.

Hope everyone is staying warm!!!!..

Comment #76

Hi Barb! To answer your questions: Yes and yes......

Comment #77

LOVE your analogies!! You have the PERFECT way of saying soooooo many things!..

Comment #78

I am my jammies, sitting by a fire, drinking a Medifast hot cocoa and watching movies with DS! LOVE it!.

Hope you get to go home tonight and not to your other job!..

Comment #79

LOVE it!!! So, was it established (did I miss that post) how long you are staying for?.

Or are you moving in!?!?!?..

Comment #80

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.