What are some home made wax strip Medifast recipes?

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My question is What are some home made wax strip Medifast recipes? Many thanks for any response. My other question... Exercise.

Is a real topic killer. It concerns me that it is so hard to get an activity thread started on this board..


Is SO important to making and maintaining our goals and yet it acoounts for less than 5% of the posts made and followed..

Why is there such a disconnect on such an important issue?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Although it is an important part, some do not.


My sister had the.


And is now a size 6 (been that for over a year) and she doesn't.


And amazingly enough, she didn't have too much skin hanging either..

I am not saying people shouldn't, just saying some chose not too..

I love to walk, so after my.


I will continue to walk. In the past, when I was on a healthy kick, I would walk one to three hours a day, 4 to 5 times a week...

Comment #2

I am.


But that's about all the excercise I am able to do right now. Remember, some of us were heavier from the beginning and unable to do alot of activity. I am happy to be.


A mile a day since before.


There was no way I could do that...

Comment #3

I love.


, before.


I walked 3-6 miles a day. After.


I have gotten built back up to a mile a couple of times a day. It is hard not being able to do it all at once but I keep telling myself you gotta build it back up. When I'm cleared I will start.

Weight training.

To hopefully tone up..


Comment #4

You may have seen MY attempt, with the online walking/fitness club. Was going along nicely, with some regular comments , successes and simple to implement ideas...but as with anything, the topic wanes with time..

For anyone interested in participating, the idea is simple, try to do a little more tomorrow than you do today of whatever you call fitness. I walk, mostly, do laps in my pool in the summer, and have done some.


Recently. Video tapes, gym workouts, etc. work for others. But for many of us, who did ZERO fitness for years,.


Was something I could do in the beginning..

I think we all benefit from the success of others, so again, I'll encourage everyone to post your routines and update as you care to, sharing what works for you..

As of today, I walk 6 days a week, walk 7,000 steps (for me about 2.45 miles) in the morning, and finish the day with over 10,000-12,000 steps most days. I do some hand weights and have built up to using those several days a week..

What is working for you?.



18 months post op..

Comment #5

I know I seem like a busted record but my core fitness is soley due to my hiking/walking/running routine. When your body propels itself uphill it takes every fiber or muscle in your body to make that happen. And while I love to cycle for hours, my new passion in life came from this group, simply by joining Cindys walkin club. I'm 55 and consider myself a world class Old Man Athlete all because I started.


With attitude..

FYI the sooner you start moving that body the way God intended it to be used, the sooner you can have a perfect body too!.


As for deciding not to.


, big mistake, BIG, HUGE!.

Just insanity...

Comment #6

I too am a walker - just moved it to the gym as it is getting colder in Iowa. I do 45 minutes on the treadmill and 20 on the elipitcal (I hate that machine but I think it is good for my butt), all this at 4:30 am. I wear a pedometer everyday...I recommend we all have a good one that counts arobic steps. I also walk at nite with a.


DVD and at the end of the day my goal is to have 15,000 arobic.


Steps on the pedometer. I do this 5 days a week, and due a not so intense workout on weekends. I like to move each day. a few days a week at the gym I work out on the machines for my arms and such too...

Comment #7

I have a real problem with the.


Thing... to begin with my excuse is that my husband is a couch potato so spending time with him means spending time sitting on the couch and watching tv and typing on our laptops... I did take my students on two nature hikes Friday and I have the opportunity to do that if I incorporate science...there is a specific nature area behind our.


..river, woods, called the Bosque. I love to swim... I should really get going on that...

Comment #8


Is a very important part of your new life. Why it isn't talked about that much I have no idea. This keeps stress levels down, keeps me from having to take my anxiety meds and just makes you feel good all over. There are many forms of.


You just have to find the one for you. I read an article that said you can burn alot of calories just by making 100 snow angels, go figure!..

Comment #9


Is a real topic killer. It concerns me that it is so hard to get an activity thread started on this board..


Is SO important to making and maintaining our goals and yet it acoounts for less than 5% of the posts made and followed..

Why is there such a disconnect on such an important issue?..

Comment #10

I am pre op still and I walk on the treadmill 45 minutes 3-4 days a week..


Pre op.



Comment #11

Thanks for the responses! Please keep em coming!.

I am wondering if people would be willing to post on a daily thread what they did that day, with no blame for "Today was a rest day" or "Walked to the mailbox and back," right next to "I ran a marathon!".

I started on an electric pedaler at 379 lbs. Then went on to a little water.


It was a big deal, so I understand limits. As far as repetitive posts, it is the support that counts, not the achievement..

Lu, your regular posts about.


Completely changed my goals, so don't underestimate the impact your post can make! When someone is struggling to lift soup cans on the commercials, that's just inspiring!.

We all know we need to do it....we all know we have to start where we're at...and we all know we need to add a little, as we are able..

Thanks to FlMom for the restart, and please keep posting daily. It is the biggest factor in keeping our weight loss for a lifetime. If daily won't work, we could do "Fitness Friday" and list our stats for the week....

How bout we do it as a team? TEAMGBSS!! We even got a coach up in here! lol..

Comment #12

I agree 100% with you! I know there is no way I will ever be successful with any weight loss program if I don't.


I just know this entire process is a lifestyle change, which includes daily.



Comment #13

I just started exercising at our local gym with my sister. I am loving it. Never, in a million years, would you have heard me say that before. I hate to sweat...I hate to be out of breath...I hate to hurt. But, I am finding out, that I do have it in me! I can sweat, be out of breath alittle, and I don't hurt near as much if I move..

I'm starting a love-affair with myself for once. My husband loves the new and more confident and more active me!!!..

Comment #14

I don't and can't.


I do lift some handweights a couple times a week..

I have noticed from people in my small town that have had the.


, that they get smaller.....faster..

My bottom half, while not big, is still bigger than it should be for the amount of weight I have lost..

So for myself, I wish that I could get out and walk, join the gym...and find it hard to believe that some wouldn't make it a part of their new lives..

Then again, I can't and won't judge others. What they feel is best for them, is what makes them unique. Our opinions are the unique quality that makes us different and makes us who we are...

Comment #15

Good point Ricky. I think many of us here not big fans of exercising...otherwise we probably would not have need WLS..

I am exercising and absolutely see the value in doing so. I seem to be on and off again when it comes to this. I do keep.


, but my trips to the gym have slowed me down at times due to an old knee injury and a recent shoulder injury due to.


And working with an ambitious.

Personal trainer.

I now miss going and am looking forward to getting back to it..

Let's all resolve to get more active!!! Okay....I'm gonna.


At least 3-4 times this week...

Comment #16

Sounds great, we can all do what we can do, and add as possible. I was so proud to share accomplishments with my surgeon..

I was all, "I am exercising!," and the surgeon was all, "walk three times a week," and in between, "pick a distance and walk as fast as you can, and get you heart rate up", and on the other day, "walk faster, then slower and longer.".

I was like all, "Hello, I am just getting to.


A mile standing up!".

The message was, basically, to try to vary your speed, mode and heart rate, so your body doesn't know what to expect and put a lock on the calorie reduction from the.



Share your struggles, and we can figure them out together, just like we do everything else! Fat people just have a traumatic past with.


, and that has to change. I love the support in this thread!..

Comment #17



Is Monday, Yikes tomorrow!!! I am both scared and excited. I cant wait to start the second half of my life. My favorite way to.


Is water.


I am a social person and I enjoy suffering with others. lol..

Comment #18

Being 5 days out, I don't.


, per say. I do walk on the treadmill at least 4x per day for 5-8 minutes at a time. I usually do one 1/4 mile walk per day as well. Plus I take the dog out for a quick walk once per day. It doesn't seem like much now but everyday I feel stronger and add a minute or two to my walk times..

It's hard to walk too fast right now... Slow and steady..

I know.


Is a big factor in my success with this.


And my first goal is to jog/walk a 5K with my husband...

Comment #19

Patricia that is great. You will be shocked how soon your consistent investments in.


Wil turn into a big return!..

Comment #20

I bike. Preferably outside on a real bike. I just dropped my gym membership, because I can't stand being inside when it is nice out and I can't stand the whole gym thing..

When it is too cold to bike, I walk outside or walk on my treadmill..

BUT I do prefer my bike. There is something woderfully freeing about getting on a bike and pedalling away. Kind of like when I was a kid and there was no other way to get anywhere except on a bike. It makes me feel 12 again!.

In fact I am off to go for a ride right now. Test riding a Cannondale roadbike I am thinking about buying. (nice to have friends who own a bike shop one of the percs. This bike has been sitting in my sunroom for 3 weeks). I haven't gotten as long of a ride as I would have liked. Things have been crazy in my life these past 2 weks with relatives dying and falling and needing assistance!.



Comment #21

















Comment #22

I am a firm believer that.


Is the key to a successful lifestyle change. It will not work without it. I had my.


5 months ago and before that I never exercised. Even though I am not loving it yet, I have made it a part of my life/routine each week. I agree with you there should be more encouragement and discussions about exercising and it's not. Don't understand it. It is a great stress reliever as well...

Comment #23

I teach dance 8 hours a week and am also in the middle of nutcracker season which adds 6 hours to that. I am exercising- just don't feel the need to talk about it...

Comment #24

The surgeon told me that I needed to work up to aerobic.


That actually taxes my breathing. He suggested adding.


That increases my heart rate as I am able..

We shouldn't push ourselves too far too fast, but the kind of.


Goal we need ir prolly one that none of us is gonna love! I know after all I have put into this, that I will work up to that level..

I am headed for the hills. Lu. No more.


For an hour and not breathing hard

Comment #25

I started.


10 days after.


And I haven't stopped. I now have a.

Personal trainer.

, Mon. and Wed. (at the YWCA, not expensive) and water areobics, Tues. and Thurs. On the weekends, I try to find interesting places to walks or just combing the city. This weekend, I walked 3.3 miles, both it!.

I have bad problems with my knees, no excuse, I just brought a new knee.


, took some pain meds, and walked on. It don't look pretty, but damn it...I am moving...

Comment #26

Pre-surgery I really did not like.


At all. Now I go to the gym about 3-4 days a week and workout between 1 and 1 1/2 hours each time. I really like the tread mill the best but work on the weight machines too. I am very fortunate to have a 24 hour gym nearby and I can go after the kids are sleeping in bed..

I think it would be great if we had a following on DS to encourage one another to keep up the.



Comment #27

THERE! 30 minutes! It doesn't take that much time. I just did the "Big Hill" twice and I am dying! Fun!! lol..

Comment #28

Yep I.


With my fellow senior citizen friends in the Silver Sneakers group right now two times per week. I am out and about on the other days transporting my grandson who is with us at this time. I also will have to add more days a third at this time to move things along since my goal is coming into site. I rested on my behind riding down those lbs when they flew off, but now that train has slowed down. So I have to stoke that engine more now and keep moving. But I make myself do it, and once I get there and work along with my peeps I get into the.


Mood better and am glad I went...

Comment #29


I am a firm believer in exercising. I was rather upset when the first couple of days/week after.


I felt immobile. Pre-op I was.


4 miles 5x a week and I felt devasted that I couldnt pick it up as quickly post op..

I walk every morning, and in the evenings I do.


I incorporate either the stretchie band or light weights to my workouts. On the weekends I go to the clubhouse and use the elliptical. I was a runner back in high.


(even at a weight of 220lbs) and have been wanting to getting back to.


Krista had mentioned this Couch 2 5K program which I started today and I was shocked that I was able to jog for longer than I had anticipated. I also made use of the free weights and machines. I contribute my success not only to what Im putting in my mouth but.


It makes me feel great that on the days I do my walks outside I bring my son and dog with and they love it. Not only is it great for our health but the foundation and habits we are building..

I think it would be fantastic to start a thread where we can check in with one another to simply say hey I worked out and keep us accountable and motivated...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.