What are some Medifast recipes for cake fillings and toppings besides icing?

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First of all What are some Medifast recipes for cake fillings and toppings besides icing? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Surgery.

Changes the body, but what changes that part of us who is so accustomed to being a person with toxic thoughts, beliefs, and identities?.

How do you reconcile what you see on the outside to what you feel on the inside?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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I was purely motivated by fear. When I hit 40, 40 hit back - high blood pressure,.


Apnea, high cholesterol, back pain, and gout. My weight, and life, was out of control. I was scared of being sickly for the neck 30 years, and dying. Like my father..

I decided I was going to take control of my life. Get healthy. Get my mind right. For 25 years, I have used my body like an amusement park. I decided it was now time to treat it like a temple..

I guess WLS represents my fear of mortality, and my attempt to dominate those fears..


P.s. - as a professional educator, damn good question...

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While I'm a toxic SOB at times, I'd have to say that losing 160 lbs has made me a far more pleasent person to be around. Especially if I've been drinking LOL. And besides Lester my doctor was quite upfront about the fact that GBS does not fix your head..

Yup just saying I'm not even close to the asshole I was before sugery now that I'm thin and handsome! lOL.


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Lu, was it losing the weight, or was it something else changing inside that made the transformation to which you refer?.

I know you are a kidder, but what was the "man in the mirror" experience like for you? How did you get to the Lu we all know and love?..

Comment #4


This is exactly what I needed after the "mind games" post. I had this.


Because I want to live and not just be a living body but enjoy life and share life with my family. At 28 years of age I was diagnosed with.


Apnea, Ive had asthma for years, pre-diabetic, joint problems, and I couldnt stand living my life like this nor the examples I was setting for my family. I have been overweight since even before high.


And although the "fat mentality" is still there it does not define me. What defines me is my family and the quality of life I am able to lead by seeking help and accepting it..

How I reconcile with my self-image the only answer I have to that is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We have to learn to appreciate and love ourselves but more importantly respect ourselves as that is a true representation of who we are..


Comment #5

I have mentioned the "Successful.


- Health Journeys" mp3 download to iPod/ CD that was so helpful to me pre and post.


I never had the first moment of panic before.


And I am diagnosed with anxiety and panic!.


I am now doing the "Weight Loss - Health Journeys,".

Also by Belleruth Naparstek. It is equally transforming! I encourage everyone to use these tools to help change your thinking about.


And the person you are after..


The affirmations and visualizations are fantastic, all I do is stick in my headphones before I go to.


, or on a break. I listen and change!..

Comment #6

BTW. I am not selling these for anyone, lol, my endorsement is simply to help all of those who suffer from the anxiety and negative self-loathing to which I am prone..

These shoud be used with the.


And support of your team. My surgeon even let me use it in the OR and Recovery Room!..

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OK.. I thought about this and I reckon as a fat person, I had to fight through peoples impressions of me and now I blend in so that the expectations are different. I don't have to work so hard at just being... it's a blessed rest :)..

Comment #8

Good thinking! I like to "fit in," but we don't have to blend in. I sometimes appreciate just not being noticed as the man in the cart, the man with the walker or the fat guy in the crosswalk!.

You are an individual and now that you're not the "fat girl," people can start to see the real you, for all the talents and experiences that are valuable to others!..

Comment #9


Changes the body, but what changes that part of us who is so accustomed to being a person with toxic thoughts, beliefs, and identities?.

How do you reconcile what you see on the outside to what you feel on the inside?..

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I am exactly 18 months post op, as I write this response. I feel like i've made some great changes, and major readjustments to my thinking. But I have to be honest and say that business of reconciling the outside to what I feel on the inside is still a work in progress..

I think my age (53 yrs) helps in that I've dieted most of my adult life, only really keeping it off for about 5 years right after I got married over 30 years ago. Lots or yo yo dieting, limited success and tons of frustration and messages that didn't.


Me feeling capable, much less energized to try again. Still, I didn't want to have GBS...felt it was admitting defeat. Kept thinking I could do this on my own..

I agree with Steve on the fear aspect, as a motivator to get that reconciliation process to work outI was diabetic (gone), knees and joints ached (mostly gone) and my weight kept going up even with what seemed like constant watching what I ate..

I felt brave, to be honest, that I did this. It was really hard for me to agree to the.


I also promised myself I would do MY part and follow the directions my doctor set up. All went well until maybe 3 months ago, when the weight just stopped. I sat there for 3 months, still.

Working out.

6 days a week, increasing protein,doing all I knew to do, and waiting..

Finally, last month a drop of 3 whole lbs. LOL And I am expecting another few months to lose the remaining 6# or so. It was in this time, that I struggled the most with what I could plainly see and knew in terms of weight loss...136# to date), but then not feelingcompletely satisfied, because I still had weight to lose..

I think taking monthly photos has helped see myself as I really look. No idea why the mind doesn't see what the camera does when I look in a mirror, but it does help make it real. Lots of self talk and giving myself credit for what I've done so far is key too. We are so good at noticing the negatives in our lives...but I try and take notice of the milestones in my own journey..

Sorry my response is so long winded...but it's a good topic...and one close to my heart..


Comment #11

Mom, your wealth of experience is anything but long winded. You and I share so many of the same demographics and experience..

The scary part for me was when insulin resistance set in and I could do nothing but watch everything going straight to hell..

I spent much of my time obsessed with finding a final resting place, choosing a container, planning the service, etc..

To have a new life to plan is a real change in outlook. It is a lot of hard work. I will decide when I am down and stabilized how my life will take the next turn.....

Comment #12

One of the things that has allowed me to come to the point of having GBS is by recognizing that every little nasty thought that passes through my mind doesn't truly represent me, my heart, my true values. A lot of it is just junk. Who knows where they come from. So I've learned to challenge my thoughts and practice discarding them when they are junk. This pratice is really helpful and has gone a long ways in cleaning up my mind...

Comment #13

I have been in.


Many times, for various reasons. Early in my experience, a counselor taught me the "What you resist, persists" rule. I used to obsess on bad words, lurid scenes and movies like "The Exorcist" almost killed me (long story)..

When I learned to let the breezes blow through my brain and take the thoughts with them, it was so helpful. Also learned that, "Hearing the Hurt Helps Hasten the Healing," so I verbalized a lot of what was creepy and scary in my brain. Once it hit the light of day, *poof* it was a little gnat..

Food obsessions I kept to myself, at least until I could act out on them! Then I couldn't wait to confess. All the little games, as someone else mentioned.....

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Very good questions by the way. It really made me think. I have been heavy every since I can remember. When I was younger I struggled with fitting in, being made fun of, worrying about my looks and caring very much what others thought of me. In 2000, I married my current husband and things began to change. He showed me a love that I have never felt before in my life.

Nothing I could do or say upset him. He listened and treated me like a queen and still does. Through all this I learned that being me is what is important. Pretending to be someone I'm not didn't work and it was exhausting. I am who I am and I am loved by many for that.

I want to do the things I used to be able to do when I weighed less, like garage saling, shopping,.


After the granddkids and things like that. Things that thin people take for granted..

I recently got an email from my cousin that said that if I can lose without.


, why don't I continue. Basically I told her that I don't want to spend the rest of my life struggling, losing, gaining, losing, gaining, I choose to accept the tool that my insurance company has graciously approved for me..

Anyway, enough rambling. Several years ago, I would have never though about voicing my opinion or sharing my life with anyone..

Today, there are people like you all & I thank God for every one of you..

I am with Cindy, this is something that is close to my heart as well..


Comment #15

When I was 10 years old, I was 159 17 when I graduated high.


...199 26, when I got married, 256 pounds,(I had lost 80 pounds that summer..the whole I am in love thing), when I stroked in June of 2008, I was 311 pounds, and this time last year...419 pounds...Now, today October 15, 2010...I am back down to 280...I am just now trying to discover how I feel about myself...I find my thoughts referring back to years gone by, I have ALWAYS... I mean ALWAYS been the fat kid. I am.


Blind into a whole new world..I have nothing to reference in reguards to being a normal sized person. There are parts of that that scare the hell out of me....As outgoing as I am, and God knows I will talk to the doorpost if I think it will listen, I am scared to death that somewhere, somebody is gonna notice me as more than just someone on the street...Part of that comes from being freshly divorced I am sure, but more of it is because I am scared, I think, that someone may actually be interested in me, and I don't quite know what to think about that or how to feel, or even how to respond...I haven't been on a date with anyone but my ex-husband in over 20 years...Now, I will be a whole new person, both inside and out, and I don't know what to do with all that.....YET..........

Comment #16

Baby steps Elizabeth, the time will come when you will know what you want to do about all that stuff. The beginning is making up with yourself..


The scary stuff for next year! lol..

Comment #17

I am 19 months post op. I can honestly say the head stuff is way harder than the physical stuff. I totally agree with Cindy (Flmom) reconciling who I am on the inside is still a work in progress and probablly will be for the rest of my life..

I took photos monthly (and posted for all the world to see on Facebook) and everyone could see my progress including me. I saw that I was loosing weight , but when I look in the mirror, somedays I still see the "fat chick" some days I see the thin girl..

I get angry now when people treat me differently. Before people didn't notice me. How do you not notice a 300 lb woman? But they don't. Now, I get second looks, doors held open for me, guys making comments, etc. I want to shout out "Hey I am still me." But in a lot of ways I am not. I was always the talkative extrovert, but now I am not afraid to talk to strangers or constantly wondering what they are thinking.

I also have more energy and am able to do things I only ever sat around and watched others do..


Has affected my relationships with my kids. They are no longer afraid/embarassed/ashamed to be seen with me in public. They will hug me in front of their friends and say "love you mama" And they are teenage boys! They go out.






With me and we have fun together! It has also affected every other relationship out there from my hubby (who had his own GBS July 1 of this year) to my sisters, friends, and coworkers. Relationships change and evolve some for the better some for the worse. It is just the way it is. Nothing stays the same. It can't. While I am still me, I don't do the things I did before and I am not entirely the same, so those relationships can't stay the same..

Figuring who we are in this new body for me has been one of the roughest parts of the whole process. My relationship with my husband went through a rough spot when I was changing and he wasn't and he wanted the old me back. I wasn't willing to go there. But with.




, and honest sharing we worked through those issues..

While I am not anywhere close to where I want to be as a person. I am always striving and reaching towards those goals that will make me a better wife, mother, friend, sister, person than I am now..

Positive self talk,.




With those you love and trust to help you work through the tough stuff and sometimes even professional.


Is needed to help work through those issues and reconcile the inside to the outside..

Sorry to be long winded..


My ramblings in some way help..

Good Luck,.


Comment #18

Wow you sound like you are getting it together! Nice you have a WLS spouse!.

Perhaps sometime you could do a thread on.


It is so effective, like.


, but is often neglected, to our detriment...

Comment #19

Great topic Lester!.

It brought out the thought in these folks..


Comment #20

All of you are such an inspiration to me!! I feel everything you say as I have been there, too. The negative thoughts about myself are still there. I realize it may take awhile to change them as they have been with me for so many years. I just don't want to be the fat person in the room any longer..

BTW, does anyone know how to print out these pages? I would like to keep some of these good thoughts close by. But when I tried to print, only the picture and a couple of the words from each printed out...

Comment #21

Thinking back to my childhood was hard! I was a red-headed stepchild, didn't fit in, not really overweight but headed down the path of Medifast food heals all. I am 64 and grew up on a farm with a non-loving stepfather and a disassociated mother. I married very young to.


The area and had a child that died at 4 months. My husband was a young soldier and he passed away at 36 when our sons were 7 and 14. I managed to Medifast diet and keep the weight reasonable but I was young.I have always loved life and people. I have wonderful friends and family but 5 years ago I returned to my childhood home to take care of my elderly mom who has Alz. I started my old patterns of Medifast food again.I knew that to live was to cut the old habits cold.Thus GBS. I am happy to be the me I am.

It ruled my life and now I am ruling it!! I am beautiful inside and out!!!..

Comment #22

My condolences on your family's loss. It sounds like your inside and outside are getting along well. Escaping those old toxic patterns is tough. Yay for you!..

Comment #23

4 1/2 weeks post op.. I can not answer this yet...

I have already noticed they way people look at me and talk to me are different.. Im no longer the fatest girl in the room.. (or better in my head) Im still over weight but I have now lost 40 pounds and it is already making a difference inside and how people react to me on the outside...

With that said I have to admit it makes me sad too.. Sad that people who give you an odd look, or wisper something, or talk about you behind your back can't live in an obese persons shoes for a week.. what kind of world are we that people are so hurtful..

I guess I liked living in my own thoughts that people were'nt really like this and it must just be me and how I feel inside how fat I am or that some how I bring this on myself.. Some if it is....

At 4 weeks I am still struggeling, still.


, I am only at the beggining of my journey...

I will be seeking.


As I go through this as I have already realized that there are many emotions tied to what we are going through. I have worked this hard to get healthy physically that I also need to work hard to healthy emotionally....

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Well I did this for me and NO one else... now, I did also do it becuz I want to be around here for my grandkids and all but the primary reason was for my health and well being. I did not want to die at an early age. my granny made it to a month before her 100th birthday and I knew I couldnt do that at well over 440 pounds. I was on my way to having everything go wrong that could possibly go wrong..

Now it's been almost 3 months and I have lost over 50 pounds and everyone sees a difference but when I look in the mirror I dont see the change.. I know that sounds weird, but I still see the once 498 pound Renata.. Will that ever change? I am down to 334 ......

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Renata, my sister of another mother. That one extra day of experience has given you such wisdom. As we both approach a quarter of a year, who would have known how different we would already be. You are very different and way more expressive and confident. You are already pretty. Just think of all the people who reminded you of that, then followed it up with, if you only lost a little weight. Well, they can STFU now, Sis!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.