What are some Medifast recipes that you or a close family member has come up with?

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Got a question... What are some Medifast recipes that you or a close family member has come up with? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... Okay.. does anyone have this bad pain on your tailbone..?? I have never felt anything like it before. If I sit up for more than 30 minutes I am in agony!!.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions??..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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I wish I could say it gets better. 4 years, 3 months and the "assbone" still hurts like a SOB. Here's what my Dr said to do....


Not happening LOL..

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Oh how I LONG to belong to the Bony Butt Club! LOL!.

And Michelle "Shelly", I actually LOL'd.


Your post about the inflatable donut suggestion!.

Glute exercises may get you on the right path, Renata. Keep us posted on what you find!.


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Now I not only want a Wrangler butt, I just want a butt!..

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That was just happening to me yesterday! I was in a restaurant with my two daughters and the chairs were wooden. I said to Allison - does your butt hurt sitting on these chairs? She looked at me like I was nuts (she has always been thin). I said "I might have to start bringing a pillow with me when I go out". Both girls said "Not when you are with me!" Ha ha!..

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Yep, happens to all of us! You will feel it! Be sure to change positions often. Look for padded chairs. Take a cushion to any sports events when you might be sitting on hard bleahcers!.


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I have the same problem after losing 63 lbs. and it is so painful to sit for long periods of time. I usually sit on a pillow at home for the pain. I heard to can have.


To fix it but I would rather not go through another.



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I knew I had a tailbone I just never knew it would hurt so bad even when I lay flat on my literally feels like it sticks out too far from the rest of my body. I like to.


On my sides but now my knees hurt bad when they "clunk" together". I've tried to put a pillow between them but I move around a lot during the night so it never stays there. I'm definitely NOT a stomach sleeper (KILLS my back if I do that for more than 5 minutes), so needless to say, my nights are not real restful. All in all, I guess I'll take the sore tailbone and bone against bony knees than having.


Apnea and trying to hoist 105 extra pounds just to roll over in bed. :o)..

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LOL. Fat bottom girls to no bottom girls!.


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I have a desk job and I swear I am ready to die by the end of my shift. I think I stand up 1000 times a day, at least thats a little.


Right? While we are on the subject of bones...WTH is up with kneecaps, and hip bones, and ribs??? Who knew skinny people had to deal with this everyday, no wonder they tease us fatties (sorry)they are grumpy because they are in pain! LOL. I layed down last night on my side, and "crack" took me a minute to realize what happened, but it was the bones on the inside of my knees cracking together. Then my son came up and wanted to lay with me, so he plops his head down on my stomach, right into my ribs, which I am pretty sure I have never felt before. Needless to say, both hurt like hell. Haha..

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