What are some Medifast recipes to make dog desserts?

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First question I have is What are some Medifast recipes to make dog desserts? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... Ok, so forgive me if I ramble on, but My.


Is next wednesday (20th) and I have been on the pre-op Medifast diet for almost 2 wks, have lost 13 lbs, but, I sit here and watch my family eat "normal" Medifast food and I sit back and think I really miss it. I am very excited about my.


And very ready for it , but when my hunger hits, I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. Deep down I know I am doing the right thing, but man is it hard! I wish I could just go to.


Tonight and wake up and it would be next

I know I am so ready to be healthy, but I guess I'm just having an off day. Thanks for letting me ramble and babble. I'm really worried now that the weekend is coming, I don't want to give in to my old habits of eating. I am trying to keep my eye on the prize. Oh, did I mention, I miss

I keep telling myself to stay strong. Sending good vibes and strength sent my way would be much appreciated. :).


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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In the next portion of your journey, you will tease out what is hunger and what is emotion, time cue, habitual pairing of behaviors, etc..

I got so angry at people eating "normally" that I thought I was hungry, but I was pissed and that meant "go to hunger," automatically. Challenge your hunger, it is usually a ghost!.

Get ready for the "new normal"

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It is just your head that is.


Hungry is not your body...If you are getting all the protein you are suppose to with the.

Liquid diet.

, and it seems like you are based off your weight loss so far...there is just no way you are experiencing real hunger....

We all know the ordeal with the families..but remember they are not having.


,,,you are. So you just have to wrap your head and your heart around what it is YOU are doing, and do like I do..get up and walk a way when you have to...I live with piggies...I know to well the struggles...I get a play by play of each of their ventures out for dinner which is about 4 nights a week now that I don't cook for them...I just have to walk away...just walk away.....

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Just letting you know I am thinking about you while you are struggling but honestly for me anyway it gets better after.


And then everything becomes routine I have to remind myself to eat and it is a good feeling to know Medifast food isn't.


My life anymore.,..

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Hang in there. It does get better! During my preop diet. I refused to cook for my family. I had all things in the house they could cook for themselves and I refused to go into the kitchen at all while they were eating. I moved my computer out of the kitchen and just stayed away from it. Of course, my kids were teens and could fend for themselves, so it wasn't like I was starving them or anything.

I refused to walk in a gracery store. I just avoided Medifast food stuff altogether. At lunch time at work, I mixed up my shake and went for a walk. I didn't sit at the breakroom table and watch everyone else eat. Honestly, the weekends were the hardest when I was home all day.

Good Luck!.


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I am finishing my second week of the pre-op diet...I am not as hungry as I was the first 2 weeks...I am doing the shakes, and sugar-free jello.... chicken broth, etc. Hang in there... It does get better!!!..

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Laura's Idea is good. I plan to not cook when I come home from.


For 3 weeks. I will not grocery shop now will I fix food. I will.


Them menu's and lists. They will cook and shop. I may even have tehm make my shakes...

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I am also nervous about my pre-op diet. I start mine on Oct 26th. Thank god my doc only has me doing it for 1 week. Sending you good vibes, good thoughts and remember... You have the rest of your life ahead of you. This is just one moment in time!..

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One week is just enough time for you to figure out you have not had anything to eat...~~~sigh~~~some people are so lucky... glad mine is done and over with.....

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Kelly, I can identify. I'm still pre-op (hoping for a mid-November date), but I'm trying to model my current eating plan on what the post-recovery Medifast diet plan is. And it's hard. I've found substitutes for mashed potatoes (celery root) and pasta (tofu noodles). But I admit, that I am looking forward to the changes that.


Will bringincluding the negative re-enforcement to keep me from eating my old favorits (carbs of all sorts). I think there is a kind of grieving that goes along with this change process. Saying good-bye to our old friend Carbs. Someone on here has characterized is as a.


Anyway, go ahead and vent. Only someone who knows nothing about GBS could think that this is an easy thing to do. Hang in there, you're not alone...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.