What are some REALLY good cake Medifast recipes?

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Quick question... What are some REALLY good cake Medifast recipes? Hoping for any comment. Second question.. This year my small family will be skipping Thanksgiving due to my.


On the 15th..

I don't know how to cook a meal without tasting what I'm cooking. Obviously a HUGE problem post-op. There really isn't anyone else that can do the cooking.. due to the ahhh... lack of coordination and time management skills lolol..

Geez.. that just makes me sound mean. Am I a horrible person to deny my family a beautiful Turkey dinner for one year?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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Love Laura's idea of having them help at a community dinner or you could order a pre-cooked T-giving dinner. Most supermarkets have some special..

Next year you will be enjoying a turkey dinner (great protein) and feeling healthy & looking awesome!..

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You can always go to the local grocery store and order a completely cooked meal. I know you will be deprived but you are going to have to get used to it. Your family will be eating in front of you lots of things you can't eat. This way you don't have to cook and they can still enjoy the meal. If you feel strongly about not wanting to miss the meal fix a modified Thanksgiving dinner in a few months when you can have some of the fixings like Turkey breast with a little lowfat gravy and some vegetables. Ask your family what they want to do and if they wish to forgo to support you that's great if not tell them they will be eating a store bought meal...

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If you decide cooking is too much for you, then they will be fine without, it's only one year. I think the idea of serving at a shelter is a great idea also. On the other hand, if you are up to the cooking aspect of it, you might give it a shot. I thought I would dread cooking for my family post op...but it's the opposite. Especially since you will be only 10 days postop, you will more then likely have no appetite, so it might not be as hard as you think...

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Depending on how old your kids are, this is a good time to teach them how to cook. My kids loved when they got old enough to help me make holiday meals & treats. And they learn to clean the mess as well. My kids loved that they got to eat what they made. Good Luck in what you decide to do and I.


You have a great Thanksgiving...

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I was supposed to have Christmas dinner at my house again this year and have opted to let my dad cook instead, mostly because this year has gotten crazy..

You will still be recovering on thanksgiving... You could direct them if you really feel they need a turkey dinner.... but I say let your family be thankful you decided to make this huge change in your life and they will live without a turkey for one year!.

Cooking without tasting is a challenge. I have 6 kids and one week post op was my 13 year olds birthday, 4 days after that was my 7 year olds birthday. I bought the first cake and made the second without tasting it. My fiance was my guinea pig and had to taste everything with sugar in it for me. I still havent risked sugar but will cook almost anything else and taste it...

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Tell your husband Turkey will make him tired and if he eats it he wont feel like ( how do I say this nicely ) getting creative with his spare time...

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You're not a horrible person. Like an earlier person - a lot of grocery stores and restaurants do have a "eomplete cooked meal" in which you can get. You will have to reheat everything and it might cost a few extra $$ but it's worth it..

I know when my brother-in-law and his wife were remodeling their kitchen (which included adding an addidtion and believe me it was "under construction") and got the flu at Thanksgiving - they got the complete dinner for the family - and it was her turn to have the "entire family of her side 20+people" to eat at their house. Of course no one on "her side" helped or offered to cook anything..

To get thru the holidays when I was in those beginning stages - what got me thru them was the thought "just wait 1 yrs from now I can have all that." And the funny thing is when the holidays came around again all I wanted was turkey and veggies (and thats all I wanted to cook). No stuffing, potatoes, gravy,bread, desserts, etc. So hubby bought "stovetop, instant potatoes, etc" and made them himself. Now if I can only get him to cook the turkey.... :)..

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You do not have to cook, I like the suggestions given by others. If you can go out for dinner. Have a bowl of soup...10 days out, you are still be sipping, promise... you will finish after everyone has

This Thanksgiving, my sister and I will cook like we have done for the pass 20 years, however this year...its strictly protein and veggies for me...

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I am usually the one who makes the Turkey and dressing. However, most of my family are adults and if they want stuffing they will have to make it themselves. I am always up to giving cooking lessons..

Me, I will be on stage 3 foods so I will get some soupy mashed potatoes and creamy.

Chicken soup.

Looking forward to it!! and the newer healthier NEW YEAR!!..

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