What are some simple, healthy Medifast recipes (preferably from asian cultures)?

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My question is What are some simple, healthy Medifast recipes (preferably from asian cultures)? Hoping for any answer. My other question... Well, let me add a new one...the nightime binge. The typical end to a day like today is the midnight binge! I haven't done this much, but tonight, I went looking for bean soup! Simple huh?.

But we are out of it, and there I stood, peering into the abyss of tupperware, holding all the foods I never see, until they go into my little refrigerator in the Living Room, each day..

This is relapse and I recognize it, Something has awakened in me and I think it feels eerily familiar! It is the Medifast food addiction that I hoped I would not have to deal with face to face, if I followed all the rules..

The only answer I can give is that my "binge" consisted of eating 2 oz of whitmeat chicken and 98% FF soup, and a small frozen protein ice cream. Yes, a vast improvement from the old days, but the old days are back!.

The "pink cloud sobriety" is over, and I am now beholding to my "higher power," and the "group to which I am accountable," to deal with this behavioral relapse and stinkin thinking, that could justify it..

"Hi, my name is Rick and I am a Medifast food Addict, picking up my white chip, which means the past 10 months are erased, and I am starting over on my sobriety again at the First Step....

"Step One: Admitted I am a Medifast food addict and that my life has become unmanageable!"..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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You've come a long way if in one bad day, you are able to recognize what's going on and get back with the program. I suspect that there are many people who also need the 12 Step to get back on track and stay there. I have no doubt that you'll get a good group together. Just keep reaching out to people. Take care...

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Have been adding in calories per surgeon to up them from 800 to 1000-1100. I would prefer they stay lower and I think the change offends the calorie nazi within.....

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Oh Rick, I worry so much about this. I even went to McDonald's already and had a small fry...not even supposed to be having carbs yet. Medifast food addict number 2 in admitting.....

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Stop it Ricky, it's completely normal. Just take a deep breath and think how car yove come! The simple fact that your Medifast food choices were solid is evidence tome that you've learned to eat properly it just that you're putting such a drain on your body with this.


Program that you're simply confusing your bodies hunger with out old ways. This I much differnent young man. Just feed that big boy well and you'll get past this wall..

RD I hike ridiculus length hike just to find out where my wall is. Most ppl never push themselves far enough to know when your body will just say THATS IT asshole. Now feed me!.

Luvin and always rooting for you Ricky Dee.


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One of the challenges of this process is recognizing what is an old habit and what is true hunger. After a really active day where I may not have taken in enough fuel, I will be ABSOLUTELY STARVING some evenings. I evaluate my day and make choices accordingly. I think assigning pathology to a "normal" situation is as much a recovery issue as any other. Keep up the vigelence Ricky, but please do take time for regular reality checks as well...

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I think that since we are eating such small portions and our activity levels are higher than we are used to, that we aren't eating enough. Since I started.

Working out.

Daily, I have added a protein bar as a snack to my daily meals. My NUT told me to increse calories and carbs since I am.

Working out.

We are animals, and when we get hungry, we look for stuff to eat. You got hungry, you ate the right thing(can't go wrong with protein), and move on. You have made so much progress, so much hard work and effort, don't beat yourself up for a snack. IF you were eating the wrong things, or snacking at midnight everynight, I would worry. Keep the.


, bro. You got this down to a science!..

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Have signed onto three online OA meetings and immediately felt connection. I truly am such an addict! Food, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping...It all has the same root and I know how it feels when I hit it..

As an addictions counselor and recovering through several fellowships, it is that connection to a non-religious Higher Power that reconnects me to my recovering self..

I think the OA connection will provide the support I crave on WLS boards and cannot get, as it gets too heavy and so many WLS folks are sensitive about their own unexplored addict...IMHO, years of compulsive eating behaviors and bizarre eating behaviors cannot be separated from addiction energy.....

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Why is it that one tiny event overshadows all of the positives?.

Rick, you have come way to far to let how you feel about this define your journey. You have made right choices for yourself in the past and you will in the future..

Keep on keepin' on..


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I am very aware that I am a Medifast food addict. I attended AA just to take a friend to the meeting and I have been told I am probably NOT an alcoholic... I have problems with food. I have never been to an OA meeting but I heard that they had a specific Medifast diet and didn't know if we could go because we eat differently (well I am still presurgery but trying the foods I will have afterwards like protein).

I can't wait to hear more about Medifast food addiction from you since you seem to know a lot..

I do know from being a church "lay counselor" that addictions cycle and that the ups and down of recovery are normal..

Doesn't sound like a bad binge but boy do I know the feelings.... I am wondering if there is some help for the late night hungries. That happens to me. It is an honest problem in that I am diabetic and if I get hungry in the night, honestly hungry I usually do eat because otherwise I will not.



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.