What are some tips and advice for doing the Medifast Diet?

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First of all What are some tips and advice for doing the Medifast Diet? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Welcome to a new year and a new decade! It's time to SHAKE IT UP! It's a chance for a new you!.

Whether it's to get healthy, to get sexy, to get back to the you that you used to be, it's definitely time to make it happen!.

So what are your goals for the new year?.

Where do you see yourself in one year? What do you hope to achieve?.

Who we are: We are the Shaker Sisters!.

We came together because we found that drinking more or all shakes helped us lose faster or break a stall, but stayed together because we all believe in being supportive, empowering, and drama-free. We believe that self-appreciation is important and so is learning healthy new behaviors. We also tend to be very pro-exercise in whatever capacity fits your goals..

We're a tight-knit group, but we love new friends who believe in the same things! Whether you drink 1 shake or 150 shakes this month, you are welcome to join in on the fun!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Roll Call:.


- Yea for a new year! The party sounds like it was a blast! It's a perfect time to commit to being OP!.


- Yea for the running! You are helping me firm my resolve to get back into gear! I also need to clean, but we went out and got new shelving and stuff for the basement to help us get organized and get stuff put away! My house sucks for closet space upstairs, although we have a huge basement. Time to put some stuff away that doesn't get used often, and put other stuff into the donation pile! How was the Black Swan??.


, if you've never weighted cooked shimp before, I think you'd be shocked at how much you get.

You might not have gone as far over as you are thinking! I too am glad that the food season is done!.


Rollerskating to great music sounds fabulous! It's been ages since I've been to the rink!.


- Big hugs! Hope the new thread is okay.


- Are you back in Chicago now? Hope you had a fabulous time at home with the family and friends.




, and anyone else I might have missed - Hope you had a fabulous NYE, and that this year brings you all the joy that you're hoping for! And I hope that you're on plan, with whatever plan it is that you're doing to get you to your goals!.


Comment #2

I have weigh the shrimp usually and yes I agree it's a lot, but I know I ate a little more than usual.

Oh well!.

Just wanted to post how CRAZY I am about turnip fries! YUM YUM YUM-O! I baked them for 40 min at 425 without flipping and they were perfection. Crispy and delish! The hubs to be liked em too and would eat them.


Anyone have some good new years resolutions not dealing with weight?..

Comment #3

I have loved the shakes since I started MF. Made my first one in the Medifast bullet-type blender and it was perfection. Since the shakes are too sweet for me, I end up diluting it with atleast 6 full glasses of H20..

While I am en vacance in FL, I will be drinking more of them per day. Since I will be exersizing some each day, I hope this balances out any muscle development that may happen..

I hope I'm not to old for this youthful group. If I am, I will bow out..

Have a great shake-em-up week OP..



Comment #4


Thanks for new thread!.

My goal in 2011 is to reach that elusive goal of 130 lbs! By all means necessary! A year from now I see myself maintaining my goal weight..

Kelsey, Sony, Tami, Sarah Ann, Brandi, Suzie : I hope to see you on this new thread!..

Comment #5

Beth - You are definitely welcome here! I always dilute my shakes too... to make them last longer.

Aerielle - Thank you for moving our thread!! Black Swan was insane! Literally, the movie ended and no one in the theater moved. Everyone just sat there in shock. It's just... it can't be explained. It is gripping and creepy. But - a must-see, for certain!.

I haven't been to the gym yet today, but I really want to. My hub and his cousin are about to eat masses of off plan foods and watch Dexter, so that seems like a good time for me to bow out and go exercise!.

But I also have a raging headache, so we'll see. My gym plays loud crazy techno music.. if I don't go tonight, I definitely will tomorrow. I'm trying not to burn out, I'm trying to keep exercise fun, but I did promise myself no more than ONE day between workouts!.

Also.. my goal weight is the same (a pipe dream). When I started, I said 140 b/c I couldn't imagine actually losing weight, let alone getting close to 140. Now that I'm not as far away, my true goal for myself has always been 125-130.. but I guess I'll just keep going til it feels right!.

Kristin - I want to try those! I'm going to the store tomorrow probably, so I'll test them out. They sound so gross, but hey.... I can try anything once!.

About cooking shrimp.. this might sound odd, but I feel like I do it wrong. I guess I just have trouble judging when they are ready and they shrink so fast - theyre TINY when I'm done with them and that makes me think I overcooked them. Any tips/tricks on that?..

Comment #6

My goals for the new year...

1) Reach my goal and successfully transition & maintain..

2) Set up & stick to a budget..

3) Exercise at LEAST 3 times a week..

I posted a big post about this on the main board but... isn't it crazy to realize that for most of us here, if we stay 100% OP, we will be AT GOAL this time next year? Even for those who aren't, we will be so far from where we are now! It's just a crazy but nice feeling! Makes me never wanna give up..

Comment #7

My goals for this year:.

1. Get to goal weight-hopefully by Feb. or March.

2. Maintain.

3. Tone up the flab and get my heartrate/BP healthy..

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Good morning shakers!.

Well, I signed off and hit the hay last night ... stupid headaches. But - I woke up feeling great and went STRAIGHT to the gym. It was actually somewhat busy for a Sunday AM - I guess I'm not the only one who is trying to exercise more this year!.

I wrote a big blog about it, but I'll condense it here: I don't know about y'all, but I was a big gym rat back in the day and used that to try to eat what I want and lose weight. It worked for a while... I maintained that way for a while... but after college and entering the working world, the last thing I felt like doing was working out all the time! but the eating habits remained the same. What does all of that result in? = WEIGHT GAIN. I kept trying to be a gym rat as a very obese person but it just made me feel very bad about myself.

Anyway, as soon as I started working out this morning, I felt so bad. And then I thought.. "I'm so glad my weight loss doesn't depend on this." And it was just a HUGE epiphany! Like, I might not have time for exercise some days and the world won't end. I won't gain 500 pounds. B/c Medifast keeps me losing weight and a proper diet in maintenance will keep me at my goal.

Anyway... hope that made sense to someone. LOL..

What's everyone's plans for the day? I think I'm about to go grocery shopping... I love waking up early on Sunday mornings! It's my favorite time of the week. If I don't have to work, I'll be up at the crack of dawn, just like today! Not really sure what else I'll do today, but I did decide that starting tomorrow, I have to start being really productive and thinking about school. I go back the 10th. That's too soon.....

Well, I'm rambling. Hope to see some posts today!!!!..

Comment #9

Hi ladies..


Thanks for the new thread, it's great..

Yesterday we went to a sledding party, so much fun. Walking up the hill a zillion times certainly made me sweat. Plus add in the snowball fights etc. We also cooked outside on a fire, tailgate style..

My goals for this year are:.

To master maintenance!!!!.

To exercise 4 to 5 days a week..

To be healthy and set a great example for my kids...

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I get what your saying. Exercise should always be fun or we won't do it. However as women in particular we need to stay active in addition to eating well. Sometimes we have to push ourselves a little when we don't feel like working out but once it's done the feeling is amazing. I always feel so strong and refreshed (well after a shower of course)...

Comment #11


Medifast is getting boring to me, and I am scared I will break... EH, I feel so determined to lose weight this year and to finish my goal. But the monotony of Medifast is killing me. I looked up Medifast just to compare and see the differences, anyone have any info on it? I just am so tired of eating powder and gross puffs.. I used to really like it and it wasn't ever this bad, but lately egh I can't stand it... HELP ME GIRLS!!!! WHAT DO I DO?..

Comment #12

Welcome Beth! I also tend to dilute the shakes more, or mix them up with a soda and water. Yea for vacation! I am looking forward to going back in February, or whenever the next shuttle launch is scheduled (still on for the 3rd, so crossing my fingers!) And if you are young at heart, then stay.

It's not about age, it's about attitude!.

Kristin - I keep reading about those turnip fries and I need to try them! I just never remember to buy turnips when I grocery shop (and Costco never carries them lol). Have you tried the spicy kale chips? They are also really yummy!.

Sarah - I totally know what you mean with regard to keeping exercise fun! I feel better when I do it, or at least I do after I turn back to a normal, non-purple color lol. With regard to the shrimp, they're rubbery when overcooked. You are better off cooking them until they are just past no longer clear. They'll continue to cook a bit past that point from the residual heat, to get all the way done. I'm with you though, it's hard to get seafood just right!.

Tami - The sledding trip sounds fun!.

Brandy - wish I had an answer for you. I have never done Nutrisystems. Have you tried doing some of the recipes with Medifast meals? Maybe try some of the sandwich maker meals? Doing that might help!.

My non-diet related resolution is to get my house clean and keep it cleaner! I won't go nuts and say keep it clean all the time, but we need to get things picked up and put away better. Hubby keeps getting rid of furniture and stuff (for good reason, since it was put-together starter stuff), and consequently, our house keeps losing first floor storage space when we already have a huge lack of closets and other hideaways (glass tables are pretty but ugh for no spaces to hide things!!)..

My other goal this year is to get pregnant. I will drop this diet in a heartbeat if that happens, since I can't do both. I'm staring at my 39th birthday in less than a month, and I'm getting anxious that it's not gonna happen. If I don't get pregnant in the near future, I'll be seeing a fertility doc. And I will pick the diet back up afterwards, no worries there..

Comment #13

Shakesters does anyone know how to get images to appear directly in the blog content?..

Comment #14

All I know about Medifast is that one of my old bosses used to do it. The portion sizes were small... insanely small. Yeah, you got to eat lasagna but it was only two bites worth. I understand where you're coming from though... I wish I could be more helpful.

But at the end of the day, your health is most important of all - so whichever path you think will take you there is the best...

Comment #15

I think when you are in there, you can click the Add Attachments link and add it that way. You might also be able to paste in the HTML code as well, and see if that works. I don't blog enough to have run into this one before..

Comment #16

Hello Everyone!.

My name is Brittany and I was reading your post and you all sound really cool! I started Medifast in September 2010, and I've lost 40 pounds thus far. I had a bit of a rough patch since I moved into my dorm and the people I live with eat really unhealthy food. However I am beginning fresh tomorrow on Monday and I thought that I could find a support system so that this time I can stick to it!!! I am 20 years old going on 21 in July. I hope to be almost at my goal by then! I live in California and am a Junior in college. I really hope I can stay OP and stick with it this time, and hopefully you girls wouldn't mind me joining your thread!.

Good luck to everyone, and I am supper excited for tomorrow and the start of a new me! =D.

<3 Brittany..

Comment #17

Welcome Brittany. I like how you are focusing on 10 pounds at a time. Sometimes the big picture is too much but we can handle small goals. I'm sure it must be difficult living with people who eat junk. Maybe ask them to put it where you can not see it. Usually for me anyhow it's more of the idea of food than actually the taste of it.

Feel free to post often and say what you need, this group is supportive and non-judgemental...

Comment #18

...I'm BACK! ^_^.

I missed you ladies WAY TOO MUCH.

And I (even though I know I'm not supposed to) felt SO WEIRD posting here if I wasn't doing MF. Here's the blog I just posted, explaining everything:.

"After a grand total of what, four days "on" Weight Watchers,.

I decided to come back..

I definitely didn't give WW a fair shot, since I wasn't really counting after Day 2, but I just can't handle the insane amount of FREEDOM that you get with WW...I took it and RAN and went totally out of control. I'm up in my weight (132.8 as of today) and it's TOTALLY frustrating. I'm hoping that much of it is water retention, but I'm not going to focus on that. I'm just going to get back OP and let it fall off again..


The new Points Plus system is MUCH better than the previous one,.


It still allows you to make not-so-good choices. I had a ______ for the first time since starting Medifast and yes, it tasted wonderful but I felt like crap afterwards. I DID enjoy the healthier option of _______ and still have a few in my fridge, but I'll give those to my boyfriend..

So...what's my new plan?.

I'm back.


As of 8:00am today, starting with a Blueberry Oatmeal! However, I bought a three-month plan of Weight Watchers, so I'm going to let my boyfriend use my account if he wants. He really has no weight to lose, but this way he can make sure he's eating healthier- of course, with his stats in there, not mine...(a 6'1 guy surely has a different point allowance than a 5'1 girl!) ^_^.

Oh and for the.


? That's another reason I'm back. I hurt my knee SOMEHOW (still can't figure out how) on New Years and I really can't do much more than walk right now. It's really annoying, since everyone and their mother is at the gym and I'm not. I'm going to be focusing on weight training (just arms, legs, abs) but I seriously wanted to RUN!.

So...once this knee feels better, I may do the 4&2, so I can try running again. The 4&2 seemed like too much food to me, but after trying WW, anything would seem like less than that!.

I have about two months of Medifast food...and that will be it. So, once I'm out of Medifast food (unless something bizarre happens and I NEED more food), I will THEN transition back to Weight Watchers, since I'll have one month left..

I hope I can come back into all the groups and discussion boards I was in! I'm so sorry that I just decided to leave so quickly, but I'm back and yes, you can all say "I told you so!".

Oh and to answer the.

Question of the month:.

So what are your goals for the new year?.

Where do you see yourself in one year? What do you hope to achieve?.

I'm going to be TOTALLY TONED and healthy! I'm going to fit back into my cute bikinis and living in Florida and going to the beach whenever the he** I feel like it! I'm going to have a regular exercise routine and a healthy set diet. ^_^ I'm also going to schedule regular races (5Ks and up) to keep myself motivated! OH and I'm still going to be talking to you ladies every day!.

I'm off to make my blueberry oatmeal! I love and missed you ladies so much!!.

<3 <3 <3..

Comment #19

Welcome back Kelsey!! Hope your knee gets better soon! I think the 4-2 plan is a much more sensible route until you hit goal, when you kick the exercise back up with the running. I really think that doing a transition between Medifast and WW would be wise as well. Wean you off the packets at least a little before doing the jump again..

And welcome also Brittany! Congrats on your 40 pounds gone!! It's hard being around bad foods all the time! My husband is a frequent flier through the drive through, moreso now since he doesn't like my lean and greens, so I stopped cooking for him. But I just remember that it's all part of why I'm on MF, and a slip on my part would SOOOOO not be worth the pain of transitioning back into ketosis!.

One Medifast meal down, and deciding on my second.

Time to also go get some water!.

Have a fabulous OP day everyone!..

Comment #20

Welcome Brittany! You will love it here! And I definitely understand the issues of living in the dorms and campus life.. all too well.. gained about.. 45 lbs I believe.

Didn't get my act together until my last year when I discovered our awesomely amazing gym that I was paying for!.

Welcome back Kelsey! hooooooray!.

Ah yes, I am not going to make any weight LOSS new year's resolutions because I've never once stuck with it.. I instead will make it a promise to myself to take care of myself and follow things through. I REFUSE to be a fat bride, and I WILL prove everyone wrong!.

I will be able to wear a swimsuit (not a granny outfit, or tank and shorts) in public and I will enjoy a honeymoon in skimpier clothes than I'm used to!.

I WILL for once buy something sexy in the lingerie section and LOOK GOOD!.

Go shakesters, go shakesters!..

Comment #21

Hello Everyone!!!.

I have started my day bright and early today. My first meal of the day is a Dutch Chocolate shake. I am drinking it as I type lol. =) I am awaiting a new Medifast shipment on Tuesday which has a bunch of new stuff in it. I tried the oatmeal when I first started Medifast months ago and didn't like it, and I heard that a lot of people like the peach, so I decided to give it another try. Hopefully it's good! I already feel like the program is going to be awesome! I hope everyone is having a great day so far, and I thank you all for your open arms in this group =D.

Tami- Thanks for all of your support! I actually am starting the 10 pounds at a time thing for the first time. I saw someone else that was doing it and I thought that it would be something cool to do. Then I can have many small accomplishments instead of one big one that I have to wait for.

Aerielle- Thats something that I am definitely keeping in mind! The temptation is all in my head and if I can stick to it for the first week, I know it will once again become a lot easier! Anyway, is that one thing really worth prolonging my weight loss- I think not! =D.

<3 Brittany..

Comment #22

Brittany - Welcome! I waited a month before I tried the oatmeals - I regret that - I LOVE them! I've been obsessed with blueberry so I've had that every morning for a while. I finally tried the peach this morning - it is excellent! Seriously! It doesn't have any weird Medifast aftertaste, and the peach chunks are very fruity. Let me know if you love it!.

Also... I once lived with an apartment with 4 girls and it was rare that we ever ate at the same time, unless we planned it! So maybe you could just disappear while they eat? And eat later? Or if that makes you feel too anti-social, just snack on something while they eat.

Glad to have another college chica in here! (I'm in grad school).

KELSEY - YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE US AGAIN. I mean it. Not even when you transition, Okay? I don't care how weird it feels... I was getting really bummed that you weren't here. But I am so, so glad that you are back that I will forgive you this once...

Comment #23

Welcome Brittany! This group is awesome helped me get through a lot! Peach oatmeal is OK if you add the higher amount of water.. Some people really like it, I just cant wait to finish what I have, same with vanilla pudding.. BLEH 2 boxes of that left *shivers* one a day should rid me of it faster...

Well ladies, I decided to stay here, no Nurtisystem.. Medifast helped me lose 40 pounds I only have what 90 more to go?.

I am gonna do this, need to stick with something!.

Thanks for the tip Suzie I believe....

Comment #24

I'm sure I'm alone on this, but I think vanilla pudding tastes like straight up Cake Batter..

And I'm glad you're sticking around!!!..

Comment #25

Awee ^_^ I was worried you ladies might be like, "NO YOU LEFT US! YOU CAN'T COME BACK!" YAY!.

I'm VERY happy to be back. I'm peeing like a mo fo here at work, but oh well..

And Sarah-Anne- because you said it tastes like cake batter, I will FINALLY try the vanilla pudding tonight! <3 I die for Coldstone's CB ice cream, so...maybe I'll fall in love with this!.


More roll call later!..

Comment #26

KELSEY!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!.

You were sorely missed!.


Well....I have a confession to make! When I took that week and a half break from Medifast and wrote you all about it, I decided to eat very low carb until I resume MF! MAN!!!!! I did the Atkins induction phase with less than 20 grams of carb per day! I felt so sick on Atkins!!!!! After a week of bacon, eggs, meats and a sorry-A^^^S^S amount of vegetables...I lost 10 lbs but felt sick!!!!!! I felt like all my arteries were filled with lard!!I went off of it and ate low fat but lots of veggies and brown rice for a few more days before returning to Medifast and guess what? 16 lbs came piling back on! Major Bloat gain ...just from switching to more veggies and brown rice!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!.

I learned my Lesson!!!!!!!! I came back on Medifast on the 1st of this year and sticking to it all the way to goal! Sure it gets boring after a while...sure you want what you can't have after a while...sure you get sick of it all after a while....But I ain't no fool! I am bound to reach those points on ANY DIET!!!! I know myself and with that personality of mine....I can't do the eat meat/lard/nuts diet...I'd stop counting point after a day no doubt...and would go off plan on day one of the diet with pre-made meals the size of a deck cards. Medifast is mindless....effortless and results are faster!.

YEAH...I'm back....and you can all tell me I told you so as well.....I plan on losing everything down to my 130 lb goal..doing the full maintenance and then maintaining my 130 lbs for the rest of my life through a diet like maybe " South Beach"...whole grain, veggies, good fat etc.....


I know how you and Tami DF likes rich food eaten in chichi restaurants! He also likes to request that I make him a Manhattan Martini every other day and martinis are weakness of mine. Sipping one is like a cult for me...It's the shape of the glass and the allure of sophistication and what's in the glass too...hehe!! At first it bothered me but now I don't pay him any mind and I am able to make my meals lean and his with crap in it..


Hey lady!! Your weekend sounded so much fun!! With sledges and all!.


Go girl!!! Good job exercising!!!!!! I love your attitude! Roaarrr!.


Where on earth are you lady?.


Glad you're sticking to MF! I know how you felt can get boring after a while..


I hear you on being a dazzling bride! And wearing a real cute bathing suit on your honeymoon!.


Here's to good health too in 2011!! I need to get my issues under control!!.



Ok gang...I am late on my meals...12.15 noon and only one meal down. I woke up late and was rushing to get to work ....anyway...grabbing a bar right now...XOXO.

Love you girls and I am so excited that our group is going on strong again!!.

2011 HERE we come!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #27

Nelly - thanks for your report on your sidetrip there! It's a good lesson for me to learn, since the temptation to try something different just to get out of the monotony always lurks! But I know that for me, those other diets didn't work, and this one does. So no I told ya so's, just an OMG I'M GLAD YOU ARE BACK AND IN FORCE!.

I am also a martini-lover. I don't drink often, but I do miss the occasional decadence of it!.

Brandy - I am also not a fan of the vanilla or banana puddings. I like the chocolate though, and it was also good as a shake. I need to test these two out as shake material (because unfortunately, I have a lot of them!!) Although now that you mention the cake batter thing, that might make me like them more Sarah lol..

After my first attempt with the oatmeal, I won't try it again. I know that people say your taste buds will change, but I tried it a month after starting and could barely choke it down. Ditto for the soup. Is all good. There are enough Medifast meals that I'm still happy with my other choices..

Kristin, you are going to look amazing at your wedding and on your honeymoon! When is the big day?!..

Comment #28

Yay! I'm glad that everyone is back and committed to being OP! And, welcome new people! Today is my first day back at work, and while the break was nice, it was NOT good for MF. My sleep/eat schedule got all screwed up and there were too many temptations at home. It is so much easier to pack my Medifast meals for the workday, eat L & G for dinner, and have one Medifast meal for an evening snack. I'm usually never hungry that way..

I was really surprised to see so many posts on the boards with people getting bored and starting to cheat, deciding to quit, etc. I was feeling the same way! I was 100% OP from Sept. until Christmas. It's true that once you cheat once, it's harder not to do it again. Anyway, it's nice to know I'm not the only one struggling. But, I think now that I'm back at work, things will get moving again.

However, I am still 20lbs away from my first goal and I owe it to myself to get to a place where I'm actually proud of how I look, not just "ok" with it..

Good luck to everyone old and new. We can do this!!..

Comment #29

Hi ladies, I'm here, thanks Nelly for the shoutout! I was in total dreaded disaster since last Tuesday! It all started with DH getting a very bad FLU followed by me getting sick and ending up going to emergency....I'll get back to you ladies later or tomorrow with details but just popped in now to let y'all know I'm alive!!!! I'm sorry ladies for going away for so long, be back later...

Comment #30

What the heck, Sony??.

I hope you feel better....

Suzie.............. I think that's been my problem! Being in my routine is so much easier! It's automatic, but being around the house more... yikes!..

Comment #31

I will now pretend that the vanilla pudding tastes like cake batter, I used to like it, but it just gets soooo thick.. Idk, has anyone tried the lemon meringue bars? I am thinking about trying them but I am leery! Idk, maybe we'll see. I feel so much better being OP for the past 3 days, feels like I am back on track finally. Well yesterday I tried ONE bite of my hubbys ice cream, OMG I am glad I am not wanting to be a heffer much longer cause I would have ripped it out of his hands and locked myself in the bathroom.. <3 lol, wow. I am uber excited having an open house for pure romance and scentsy on the 14th!!.

CANT WAIT! Gonna be a GOOD night!.

Love you ladies!..

Comment #32

Just a quick check in because I'm excited about it....

Registered for a wedding bootcamp class! woot! I'm taking a free class in a couple weeks and then I signed up for the April month of classes already. 3x a week/ 45 min each, intense and crazy style. guaranteed to lose at least one size. adding in Medifast to the equation, I'm sure it will be much more. A bit scared if I can hack it, as I haven't been working out like mad like that :-\ Glad I have two of my besties doing it with me... my goal is to at least be -20 lbs by then...

I am so insecure and hate being "the" big girl working out with everyone else..

And When that's over, I will most likely do some personal training sessions...

I am so excited all day long 24/7 about MF..

Comment #33


I'm happy to say that after only.


Of being back OP, I'm down 1.8lbs?! Obviously, that's some ridiculous water weight, but YAY! ^_^ All that peeing helped! LOL!.

I'm off work today so I'm just enjoying my blueberry oatmeal! Not sure what we're doing today...but I know I'll be OP!.

ROLL CALL, since I promised to do it yesterday!.


I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN about looking in the mirror and being okay with it, so it's harder to be motivated! That's completely my problem because I'm like, "Well I'm at a healthy weight, so it's okay to have a little of this or that..." but in reality, it'll just get us right back to where we started! Let's get to the point where we freakin LOVE what we see!!.


I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gave another diet a try...and came back to MF! I felt so stupid coming back, since I should've stayed on Medifast all the time, but I think that "break" woke me up a little, you know? I'm staying on Medifast until I run out of food or money! :P.


Thanks again for moving the thread! ^_^ I will totally exchange you something if you have the blueberry oatmeals! I LOVE those! (and yeah, I know this isn't "allowed" but hey, aren't we supposed to succeed on MF?) ^_^.


I forgot to tell you- I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress!! I'm jealous of you and your bootcamp! I wish I could do one with you- but I'm not engaged! Haha! Keep us updated on how it goes! *hugs!*.


CONGRATS on the gym! I've been avoiding mine because of my knee and also the insane amount of people that have been going since the 1st! That (sadly, the truth) will probably die out soon, so it should be a little less hectic next time! I agree with you on the Nutrisystem. I tried it since my bf's sister didn't want it anymore and it ended up in the was...gross. And very tiny. Ickkky. haha!.


Thanks for letting me know all about the WW! I really wanted it to work but the carby foods just got to me and I TOTALLY overate on those. I think I would give it another shot after MF- but I'd have to maybe really still restrict those carbs. Please let us know how maintenence is going for you! <3.


OMG. I hope that everyone is doing okay! Let us know what happened and we're all thinking of you!! <3 <3 <3.


I FEEL YOU on the being bored of Medifast but glad you're back! I love your new profile pic too, by the way!! I also still wish I could come to one of your romance parties! I bet they're a blast!.


WELCOME to the most awesome group (yeah, I'm biased but still!) of MF'ers in this community!!.

We will never judge and are always supportive and very silly, too! ^_^ It's nice to have another 20-something around too! However, I feel just as close to everyone on this board, regardless of age- that's the awesome thing about it! Good idea on the 10-pound goals! Reward yourself with little things too! That definitely keeps motivation high!..

Comment #34

Hi Friends! How is everyone? There are lots of people I don't recognize and many that I do. As many of you know, I have a busy life. Got DD off to college (though she's home now until Jan 18); I am still in school - finishing up June 2; work full time; and have my own business, of which is going very well. It was hard to keep everything going so Medifast was the thing I dropped on. I've gained a bit back and hope to get it off this week and then back where I started!.

I'll check in a bit later for personals!..

Comment #35

Hi Everyone. I'm at work and having an OP day. I feel so rejuvinated about MF. It feels really good to be back OP. Anyway, I'm just quickly checking in. It's been a busy day filled with sick children and head lice...gross I know...but it does help kill your appetite!.

Everyone have a good day!..

Comment #36

Kelsey, I totally would trade with you but I sold all the stuff I didn't like on Ebay! If I order another big lot with the blueberry in it, I will definitely set it aside for you.

Kristin - that bootcamp sounds like fun if a little scary! That is so awesome that you are doing that! Let us know how it goes!.

Brandy - the party sounds fun! And try the pudding as a shake! Might help fix what you don't like (the being too thick part)..

Sony - you poor thing! I hope you feel better! And I hope that IUD issue has been resolved!! /hugs!.

Suzie - totally agree! Life on Medifast is so much easier when we're in the groove and routine!.

I am down 1.6 pounds for the week.

Not a massive loss, but respectable.

Chug chug! Time fore more water!..

Comment #37

Another quickie @ kelsey - you SHOULD do it! it's $49 for new members at Unicus at the downtown location on mich ave! anyone can do it!..

Comment #38

Diana!! Hey! There you are.

Glad to see you! It's been too long!!.

Well, I am driving by quickly for now. I really, REALLY did not want to go to school today (I need to drop off some paperwork and other stuff).... It will probably take me all of 10 minutes once I get there, but I just can't get up the motivation.So I told myself that if I wasn't going to go to school today, that was fine, but I had to clean my house and be uber productive otherwise. I must really not want to go today b/c I'm scrubbing baseboards and stuff. I just woke up today feeling more refreshed than I have in weeks! So I'm trying to run with it! I'll be back later..

Comment #39

Hi Shaker Sisters!.

I am wicked proud that you have carried this thread with robust vigor. Congrats to the losers who have consistently stayed with the plan. You inspire me..

As for me, well, been off plan since the end of summer. My weight went above 150 again which is always a warning signal to refocus and start thinking about how I am going to accomplish this goal..

I joined WW at the end of November with the goal of not gaining weight through the holidays. I lost 2 (seems pathetic) pounds up until the week before Christmas. I go back to WW tomorrow after missing 2 weeks. The program is darmatically improved with the Points Plus Program. They are just one step shy of becoming an intelligent program where members have to track real macronutrient values (carbs/fat/fiber/protein) instead of the "points" that take the thinking away from you..

But, I too, am carb phobic. It's irrational because at the end of the day it's always the calorie deficit day after day after day that leads to a linear weight loss....not just a carb count. Since I'm back trying to reap inspiration, clearly I am toying w/ 5&1 once again. It's a very mindful commitment (not to mention $$$) so I am working this one out..

Has anyone heard from Sandi, our founding sister, either here or by PM/FB???.

Nice to see everyone, perhaps I'll come around again to chat...

Comment #40

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIANA AND SUE????.


I missed you ladies!!!!!!!!! Please keep posting!!..

Comment #41

DARN!!!!!!!! I just lost the long roll call I just finish typing!!! AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!Forget it!.

I love you girls but I just will redo this in the morning! Hope everyone is having a good night!.


Comment #42

/hugs Nelly! Hate when that happens!.

So nice to see you Sue! You're a legend around here.

Hey Sarah, if you get bored, you can come to my place and clean! Goodness knows, it needs it haha..

Suzie OMG! EEEE! When I was teaching, they were doing daily headlice checks because it was rampant in the school (the local laundromat's hot water broke, and ugh) (yes I taught in an extreme poverty area). I wore my almost waistlength hair in a constant braid for fear of catching it!.

Welcome back Diana! I look forward to getting to know you!.

Beth - I hope you feel comfortable posting here.

You really are welcome!.

It was a good day on plan. I just feel more energetic and I'm really feeling like the scale's going to start moving again. I'm really focused on the carbs and controlling my L&G to make sure I'm not going over, and I"m pounding down the water..

Hope you all have a fabulous night!..

Comment #43

Hello Everyone!.

Man it has been a really busy two days. I started Winter quarter at my university this week, and today was day 2 on Medifast once again. I am pleasantly surprised to report that I am enjoying all of my classes! (Even my 8AM class!). I am also proud to say that I have completely OP!!! I am so excited about it! I have actually been counting my water/liquid, which I never did before, and I think that that is probably one of the hardest things so far..

Also, does anyone else get more hungry in the evening time when you are at hope? This seems to be my biggest battle to overcome..

Because I started fresh on Monday back from a while off of MF, I once again am experiencing the dreadful first couple days of being hungry. I hope it goes away soon!.

But overall, I feel really good about MF! I hope everyone is having an awesome week!.

<3 <3 <3..

Comment #44

Hi ladies!.

First off, let me say:.


^_^ Oh and I've heard from Sandi! She is on Facebook and she says she's doing well and that she misses the Shaker Sisters!! <3.

Yesterday was....MEH as far as being totally 100% OP. I didn't drink enough water and actually had an EXTRA Medifast meal since I was so fricken HUNGRY! (.


- I'm right with you on the hunger! UGH! I could eat a COW some nights! It will go away soon though!).

Today will be different though!!.

I just had a blueberry oatmeal (yes, I'm obsessed) and my vitamins/supplements for the day...and packed the rest of my Medifast meals for work and pulled chicken from the freezer for tonight. I'm going to try to keep my L&G's as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE because when I over think them is when I get into trouble. I think my chicken lettuce wraps need to make a comeback soon though!!.

Oh and.


- I don't know about the class! I never go downtown....

If it were in the burbs, I'd be all over that! :P.

I'll write more later during my lunch break!!.

I hope to see more posting today, woot woot!.

<3 <3..

Comment #45

Good Morning Shakesters!.

At work and pluggin away. I can't stay online long so I will make this super short..


Happy on your weight loss! weren't the only one who gave another plan a trial! lol....


Feel better soon and come back to us!.


A loss is a loss! Take it and run for more!.


Where on earth are you?.

Sarah-Ann:. make me so not wanted to go to the congrat on your new exercise routine..


That Boot camp sounds tough but fun!.


The hunger will go away after the first week. You'll see!.


It was good to have a post from you!.


Head lices????? ewwww!.


Glad to hear from you as well!.

I hope I got everyone! I am rushing to get back to my work stuff! Anyway, I hope everyone is having a lovely day!..

Comment #46

Hello Shaker Sistas'.

So kiddos started their school back yesterday and so did DH to work! Atlast i've got some free ME time to myself finally!!! I love all 3 of them they are the 3 loves of my life and I feel that I don't exist anymore w/o any single one of them, but sometimes you know I feel like in order for me to be there for 'em I need to sometimes charge myself up too, I cannot always be a super mom or wife, I need to get unplugged a bit so that I can be all charged up!!!! So i'm glad to say that I am sooo happy that things are back up and running, I loveeee holidays but also love this lonely time occassionally too!!!! Does this make sense anyone!!!.

YAY I see Diana & Sue, glad to see you ladies!!! We all really missed you and thanks for those updates of whats going on, it's nice to see what other shaker sisters are upto!!!.

As for me i'm not happy to say that i'm still not back OP 100% yet, but i'm trying to get there!!! I'll be back later in the evening with details! Love you ladies!!!..

Comment #47



I'm literally like...thisclose to just having a "ME" day and just going off-plan and then starting (again) tomorrow 100% for two months!?!.

I know that's horrible, but I'm seriously SO close to doing just that...

Comment #48

Hi everyone,.

I can't do personals because I'm swamped! But, just checking in to report I've been back on plan for 3 days (nothing to really brag about), but haven't been tempted to cheat even once. My dedication is back and so is my ketosis headache. Ugh, remind me why I don't want to go off plan again.

Ya'll have a great day and I'll try to check in later today!..

Comment #49

Evening check in!.


Why don't you switch to 4+2 the first week? Then ease back to 5+1 after a week? You've been training on C2K and your body probably burns more calories now then it used to when you first started. It might help!.


Yay! Glad to see a post from you!.


Kudos on your first 3 days being OP!.

Everyone else:.


Comment #50

Ohh poor thing.


I know what you mean:-( Hope you pulled it off though!!!!.


, glad you r thru with the 3 days on Medifast and ahhh how good does being in ketosis feel????? I'm sooo looking fwd to being in that zone pretty soon myself!.

Ok so a lil bit of DH was sick last tuesday (i've been missing in here since then...) and came up with a stomach flu, at the same time I was bleeding heavily (IUD as you all know), I was on motrin 3-4 x daily for those few days to just take care of DH and kiddos, anyway i'm soo glad to say that i'm back to normal now, i'm no longer bleeding like a period it's all gone, otherwise I swear I was about to make an appointment sometime this week to get that sucker out of my system, seriously!!!! Though my Doc said to not get surprised to see some occassional spotting/bleeding for the next few months until it gets well adjusted....i'm totally okay with that but not with this continuous flow for 2 plus weeks!!!!.

So I ofcourse went offplan past week (panic & suffering is friends of dirty eating right????) and weighed in yesterday am up 9 pounds at 171??????? Anyways i'm not going to beat myself up and yet again keep trying and trying........

I'll be back later with more........

Comment #51

Thanks Nelly:-).

I've to admit ladies, like a few of you i'm kindda burned out right now with this diet! I've been kindda losing and gaining, losing and gaining the same pounds on and off for the past few months!!!! Right now to me my goal weight of 130 pounds almost seems impossible to reach!!! IDK if I will ever be in that 130's at all! It seems like a huge mountain thats just simply impossible to climb! I'm not getting that motivation or even have that zeal to achieve anything that I used to have in the beginning!..

Comment #52

Hello Ladies-.

I am a newbie- about a week in. My name is Dani and I've actually been following this board for a few months- back when I bought my first shipment of Medifast. At the time there was a lot going on in my life and I was not able to commit to weight loss. But I'm now OP- starting with the 4&2 and then I plan to ease into 5&1. This board has really inspired me to get started as all of you ladies are so positive and mutually supportive of one another. I hope you don't mind if I join you? Hope you're all doing well and having a lovely OP evening..

Comment #53

Good Evening Ladies.

This is my second time around on Medifast...I did not make it to transition last time, but lost about 30 lbs...I got my food yesterday, and today is my new first day.. My husband got home late from work and at 8:00 I ate my lean and green. I started today and was craving food.... I am trying to figure out the difference between being hungry and craving food. I know there is a difference, but I do not think that I have let my self feel real hunger in so long that I do not remember..

Best of luck to everyone on this board.


Comment #54

SONY! HUGS! ME TOOOOOOO!!! We have come this far, whats a lil more weight loss, we just need to get back to the program. I ate a muffin today girls. I need NEED to get back TOMORROW! Not breaking anymore today, just gotta pick up the pieces and start from scratch. Will be posting a second ticker as well as my normal one just to motivate me...

I am SOOO excited going to go to a Pure Romance Convention in Portland Oregon on the 16th to learn about new products and tricks!.

CANT WAIT. I am going with the person who I signed up under. Its gonna be sooo much fun! I found out today that heels and my injury work great together, since my foot is already in that position full time it works wonders!.

Hehe, just nice to be able to wear girlie stuff again, not just skater shoes...

Kelsey: we all feel like that from time to time. hugs and pick yourself back up tomorrow.. I break all the time....

Comment #55

Danielle and anna: WELCOME!! I cant wait to get to know more about you girls!..

Comment #56

Evening ladies!.

I'm watching tv as I type so it's a quick post...anyone else watching the "I Used To Be Fat" series on MTV? This episode is making me sick! This girl has a freakin personal trainer and meal plan but she's crying and whining so much. I'd kill for a personal trainer...ugh!!.

I DID go to the gym tonight.

Though and did 40 minutes of the elliptical! I'm going to kind of alternate the elliptical/treadmill/weights and try to make a good work-out schedule that tones!.

Tomorrow and on will be 100% OP Medifast as much as humanly possible!.

I'm going to get a new (better) water bottle and log every ounce of water that goes into my body! I'm also going to set aside meals for tomorrow so there's no excuses. And if I'm hungry? I'm going to have to settle for that Jello! :P My boyfriend's parents (Ryan, for those newbies who just joined!) just left for Florida today and won't be back til APRIL! I want their mouths to drop when they get back! ^_^.

I also don't want to end up on a show like this...or The Biggest Loser someday..

I want to do this on my own with the support of all of you- we can ALL do this.

Without having to go on t.v.!.

I still want a personal trainer.



Big shout-out.


Danielle & Anna!!.

<3 <3 Can any of the other Shaker Sisters give them the banner? I failed last time I tried, haha! :P.

Be back later or tomorrow morning!.


Comment #57

OH...I wanted to make sure of something!.

The current (as of this January 2011 thread ).

*Shaker Sisters*.

(in no particular order) are:.

Me (Kelsey).
















(Amy & Sandi are past but honorary sisters too! And Kristin (Anna Nimitee- where are you!?).


Am I leaving anyone out? If so, NOT ON PURPOSE, I SWEAR!.

I just wanted to make sure of who was all here! ^_^..

Comment #58

Me too Me too!!!!.

I've never watched that show though..

Comment #59

I think your list looks good to me.


It reminds me of Nikki Lee, she used to do the year book or something???? Ohhh I soo miss our older shaker sisters!!!.


Danielle & Anna.

, we would love to have you here!.

Brandy, thanks for the support! ROFL @ your high heels, ohh I soo can picture you heheeee.....BTW your PureRomance convention sounds exciting!..

Comment #60

Just wanted to quickly vent about the show "I used to be fat" which I'm glad to see Kelsey already opened for discussion.

That girl is so damn annoying and is such a bad actor, and she is crying and whining and enjoys being fat so she can eat taco bell, give me a break!.

It made me realize I need to be working out more... inches ARE more important that pounds. This becomes clear to me because after the show I decided to take some "before" pictures even though I'm 40 days in because I didn't do it before and I can start tracking the difference now. So I put on a fitted swimsuit-workout tank I've never worn. Let's just say, these photos will NEVER be displayed I am so horrified it is the most disturbing thing I've ever seen.. and imagine what it would have looked like 25 pounds ago! I want to vomit.....

Comment #61

Hello Ladies!.

So I think that the worst of the hunger is over! As long as I continue being OP, I think that it will be smooth sailing from here on out! =D YAYY!.




! Hello and welcome! I recently joined as well. Tomorrow (Thursday) will be my 4th day back on the program. And let me just tell you that the first 3 days will be the hardest, so stick with it and you will get through it! Oh, and Ana, I know what you mean about realizing the difference between craving and hunger. That is something that I need to work on in order to be successful after Medifast is over!.


! I just wanted to thank everyone on this group, because reading these posts really keeps me motivated and excited to loose weight! This group is an amazing support system. I can already tell from reading and posting in this group that it is a major difference than trying to do it all on your own! You girls are awesome! Keep up the great work!.

< This face is so funny btw!!! LOL.

<3 <3 <3..

Comment #62

Good morning everyone! Definitely didn't mean to be up this early, couldn't sleep... and I didn't even go to bed til 4. Hubby kept tossing and turning though.. grr. I think at one point, I was like, "Why don't you just get up already?" I haven't slept well in almost a week. I keep sleeping in intervals...

I feel surprisingly okay, considering, but I keep waiting for the fall out - like I'm going to just pass out somewhere..

I have a dilemma. So we are centrally located in the south to a few big cities and hub and I were trying to think of a last minute vacation we could go on before we go back to school. We spent a few hours online trying to find stuff, but nothing was really that great. You can go to the beach for CHEAP right now, but it's also going to be 40 degrees there.. and.. I don't know.

Anyway, we start watching Man vs. Food - it's on netflix now, so we were watching episodes of cities that were close to us just for fun. Hubby is like - I want to go to these restaurants this weekend! They look so good! Meanwhile, I'm kind of dying on the inside. I mean, I'm trying NOT to think about food - but unfortunately, I'm learning how much TRULY revolves around food. I think a lot of our vacations in the past were like foodie adventures... I kind of tried to tell him that, but he's like, "It was a steakhouse~ you can stay on plan there!" Maybe..

Gluttoning for fun. I don't know. It's such a bummer because I think he would go do something cool if I could think of something and I can't!! Blah.... /end rant..


- sorry you were so hungry yesterday. It's funny, I go through phases on Medifast where I'm never hungry and others where I'm constantly starving. I'm actually in the former at the moment. I've been forcing my meals in. and I'm sure you'll get there too, just give it time..

And your list looks accurate to me!.

Welcome to Danielle and Anna!..

Comment #63


Quick question!!!.

I noticed you originally joined in August of 09? If you don't mind, what is your story? I am really worried about falling off once I hit goal and would love to hear if you have any advice, etc!.

Also, did you do T&M?.

Oh and I also love the.

Face! I can just hear a little *gasp!* of shock! Haha!.

<3 Kelsey..

Comment #64

Good morning ladies! I'm so glad to see so many people posting lately. So far, I'm 100% OP this week. I have forced myself not to weigh, so hopefully I'll have a good result on Saturday. My sis is still doing Medifast and has lost 28lbs pretty quickly. I think we are keeping each other motivated because we each don't want to be the "fat" sister this summer at the pool! My step-mom started Medifast on Monday after seeing our success. She called me last night to ask me some questions and because she has been having lots of headaches and a bad taste in her mouth.

I hope I motivated her enough to stick it out because as we all know, Medifast WORKS! And, I hope it will get my dad to start eating healthier-he has heart, choles., and BP problems..

Things with the on again/off again fiance are still on hold. He's still out of the country. It was supposed to be for 2 weeks, but it has turned into 2 months. I'm getting frustrated with the waiting. I'm just gonna keep focusing on bettering myself I guess and it will work out somehow..

Anyway, I am filling in for the school secretary (I'm the social worker) while she's at a meeting. So far, I haven't hung up on anyone when transferring calls!!.

BTW. I need to get the banner as well. I've been meaning to do it since October, but keep forgetting to ask. Can anyone hook me up?..

Comment #65

For the new Shaker Sisters (and Suzie!):.


Copy the above link, then click the little yellow/grey mountain square icon in your "edit profile/settings" and paste that link there...then preview and save! I HOPE that works!!.


Comment #66



Copy this link, and then go into the orange bar at the top of the page and click.

Edit Profile/Settings.



Edit Signature.

, and paste the above link into your signature. Remove the space I added before the .gif portion. This will repair my break so that you'll actually see the banner in your signature when you click.


Save if it shows..

If it doesn't, then let me know!.

/hugs for the hungry! Grats to those of you who are back in ketosis! You are going to rock this plan all the way down to goal!.

I periodically get hungry like that, and when I do, I tend to think it's the preview to a big drop! Ride it out! Drink more water. Switch to warm or hot water or hot tea if you need to! MN is currently frozen tundra and I can't drink cold water and get enough down. Hot tea should be in addition to your min water levels, but hot tea is better than no water..

Eat egg beaters so you get more bang for your buck from your L&G, and eating things like cooked spinach (I like spinach and mushrooms in my eggs) will also help take it further. I split my L&G, eating half for lunch and half for dinner. It lets me eat more frequently, and I actually prefer not having one big huge meal. My caution on doing this is that you really should be measuring, because it can be a slippery slope to eating too much. And you should be weighing your food (there's a veggie weight chart that is MUCH more accurate than trying to stuff stuff in measuring cup!). I was totally wrong on some of my eyeballing in the beginning, particularly on my proteins, since cooked weight and raw weights can be really off.


- I LOVE your enthusiasm! I am so glad you've joined us! Grats on getting past the diet flu (that rough first week!) and getting into the easier part!.


- Yea for a great workout! /hugs to get through the hungries. With as much as you're doing, I'm gonna agree with Nelly. Might be time to switch to a 4-2? Much better than being tempted into off plan days. Or try it for a week, and see how it works for you? Mmm lettuce wraps sound yummy! And that list looks good to me!.


- /hugs for all the pain and suffering! I totally know what you mean about needing YOU time! it's hard to constantly give of yourself without getting burnt out unless you have a chance to recharge your batteries! And with them back in school, it's back to routine, which will hopefully make things MUCH easier on you to get back on plan!.


- Grats on 3 OP days! Yea! And that headache is enough to keep me on the straight and narrow!.


- Welcome!! Grats on 1 week down! Hope it was a fabulous loss week! Such a great way to start a new year!.



! Grats on the 30 lost last time! I look forward to seeing you reach goal this time. We're going to hit goal and transition so we can learn to maintain it! Welcome to the group!.


- Yea for wearing heels! My feet have not work a real pair of heels in so long, I don't think I could stand for very long lol. The convention sounds awesome and I love Portland. Such a great city!.

Also, I saw that episode of I Used to Be Fat too, my second episode, and holy cow, it's annoying to see them whine and cry like that! Seriously, quit choosing the rich girls whose parents can afford this on their own and find some girls who would appreciate the gift that this show is giving you!! Because yeah, I'm with you on wishing I could have a personal trainer.

While I am no longer big enough to go on the BL, I'd love to be on a fat farm like that where all you do is focus on weight loss and getting healthy with trainers, and chefs, and doctors on site..


, that's also how I feel - inches are more important! It's why I'm working to add more into my routine! This week has been frustrating. We're doing a refi and we're getting all our papers in order, with trips to the bank, etc, so we're not getting to the gym. I AM stretching and doing other stuff though to start easing back into it. Can't believe how tight my muscles are, so this is good for me to transition back into it..


, that show can be nauseating to watch - really? A hot dog in 2 bites and then eating 16 more? EEEEE! But some of the places they feature look really cool or tasty, and it's good to see what they do in the restaurant kitchen (and see how much extra fat etc that gets added to food!). But I am with you on the foodie travel. We do the same thing. We always find at least one restaurant that is on a must try list. It's hard to be good! Where in the south are you?.


! How you doin? You're doing roll calls without saying a lot about how you! I miss Nelly stories!.


So awesome to hear that you are inspiring others! Grats to your sis on the 28 pounds and it's great that you're encouraging each other! Love the Listerine breath strips for getting rid of Ketosis Breath! I go through periods where I get this horrible metallic/bloody taste in my mouth (oh, be grateful if you are one who gets the sweet mouth!). They are the only thing that really helps me and they are carb-free (I called direct and asked..

Things are good here.

I'm OP, and working at this to get to Onederland! It's frustrating to be so close and not being able to push it! But it also helps me to focus on how far I've come and keeps me working it to get to goal. I've added more to the donation pile, and I think I've cleared out all of my 18s and 2 and 3x tops. I still have a few 1xs that aren't too baggy, and my new XL lounge pants that I got for Christmas are already a little baggy! It feels so good to be clearing out the pluses, and getting back into all regular clothes! I'm so happy not to have to shop in the plus section anymore! Time to go chug some more water!.

Have a fabulous, OP day everyone! And I'm also so glad to see so many posting! Welcome to all of our new members! Beth - WRU!!..

Comment #67


I forgot to post but I wanted to make sure I said something!! You CAN try another plan if you want but like Nelly and I both just experienced, you might find that Medifast is easier to do- I liked WW and being able to eat "real" food, but it was WAY TOO MUCH freedom and I just went crazy with it! :P Your scale is probably holding lots of water weight so that should *Whoooosh* right off! <3..

Comment #68


I TOTALLY AGREE! The entire time I was watching the show, I was like, SPOILED BRAT! >_< I'd give my right arm for an opportunity like that...especially since all that exercise would tone everything! I'm willing to bet though, that once these girls go to college, the bad habits come right back. I know that even though I was an average weight going INTO college, I gained! Of course, I DID go to a culinary school, but even so! I have friends who were super skinny in HS and gained tons of weight in I can only imagine it'd be that much harder to keep it off? Who knows though- I hope they do a follow-up!!..

Comment #69

Yeah, I really hope they do a follow up with these girls! One thing I really like about BL is that they do that follow up, so you can see how they take the stuff they learn and PUT IT INTO PRACTICE ON THEIR OWN!!! With how she was talking, I don't think the lessons stuck, and listening to her being evil about the trainer at the very end (and totally not appreciative of anything he did for her) just makes me think she won't survive that transition. I hope she proves us wrong, but meh..

Oh, last night I had 2 meals left, so I did a double shake - dutch chocolate and diabetic strawberry. YUM! I added a little WF choco syrup to make it a little more chocolatey, but I have to say I was really pleased with how it turned out!..

Comment #70

Ok, so when I try to paste the banner link in my edit signature box, I hit preview sig. but it just shows the link, not the actual banner. What am I doing wrong? I promise I'm not a total idiot..

Comment #71

Morning girls!.

So, on my 4th day and feeling so much better. My headache was gone by yesterday afternoon and barely feel in ketosis. I forgot to check this morning but was doing well through last night..

Kelsey -'s a powerful thing, isn't it. When I'm feeling hungry, the first thing I do is get a drink, sometimes water and sometimes something carbonated, though I rarely do soft drinks. Then, i'll have more vegetables. Sometimes, for me, it's just that I'm wanting a snack and am not really hungry. I'd rather have too many vegetables than anything else. Oh, I just read you're doing the C25K, I agree with Nelly and think you might want to try the 4-2 or splitting your L&G..

Sony: Don't beat yourself up about going off-plan. I'll bet that 9lbs is partly water weight. Especially, if your hormones are a wreck, which sounds like they are. I went through the exact same thing - gaining and losing the same few pounds for months. It's why I went off. It's discouraging, certainly.

I know they are vanity sized because really, who is 183lbs and wears a size 10? I know, after going off for a few months, that my body is doing better with the weight coming off now. I'm back down 7 of the 12.5 lbs I gained during my off period. We'll see what happens after I lose the remaining 5, where I was stuck from July - Nov.

We're here for you, gf!.

Danielle - welcome!.

Anna - Hunger is probably one of the top 5 subjects on the Medifast message boards. Try drinking water. Wait ~ 10 minutes and see how you're feeling. Still hungry, get veggies. I'm certainly no expert, but these have helped me. I usually and good after drinking the water though..

Brandy: Hi there! Have fun at the conference! I went to a conference last year for my business and I took bars with me. It made it so much easier to stay on plan!.

Kelsey: thanks for the list - it's nice to see everyone that's recommited this year! Anyone heard from Nikki Lee? What is/was she due?.

Brittany: Hi! Nice to meet you!.

Sarah - about vacation and eating. I'm almost always able to find something to eat. Fortunately, DH is on this adventure with me so we can keep each other accountable. But, his family goes out alot and we have a "christmas dinner" this Friday with friends. We'll both order protein and vegetables. We ask to not have bread/chips on the table.

We don't take menus so we don't change our minds. That works best for us..

Suzie - congrats on being a great motivation to others! I've had a few people at work join after seeing my success but no one else stuck with it. One woman only needed to lose about 15 lbs and her first week (after cheating) she lost 1.5 lbs. Said she quit because if she's "only" going to lose 1.5 lbs a week, she can do that on her own. Really? Well, why haven't you? JK Good luck!.

Ok, onward and downward, Big Losers! Have a great day today!..

Comment #72

Hello Ladies! Thank you so much for the warm welcome!.

I have been doing alright so far- but I've started on the 4&2 and plan to transition to the 5&1. I do feel like once I move to 5&1 if I split up my L&G I will be fine because right now I'm not feeling deprived at all (hoping that lasts)..

I think the reason I've been okay so far is because I'm home alone- my husband has been house sitting for a family friend with pets. It just seemed like the right time to start while I could focus 100% on myself. I am worried about next week when he comes home. He's one of those lucky people who eats whatever they want, doesnt work out and still stays thin/doesnt lose muscle- SO JEALOUS! But anyway- I've got to stay focused..

I must confess- I have not even recorded a starting weight. I've been scale phobic my entire life- which is strange considering I was very thin until for many years so why was I so afraid of the scale? Now that I'm overweight I'm terrified but not necessarily for the reason you may think. Since I dont have a scale in my house I now need to go out and buy one. I've looked- and they all have "WW" or "BL" on them. And I just dont want to be "that fat girl" buying the scale. ::Sigh:: I know it's a necessary tool both to track progress and hold myself accountable to I need to do it ASAP- I'm summoning the courage..

Tried black coffee today since I was tired of using all my condiments on artificial sweetener- not great but I can do it. I've thrown out the mentality of "I CANT have that" and adopted "I choose NOT to have that right NOW." When I feel restricted I am tempted to buck the system and phrasing OP in a way that gives me control keeps me motivated..

I am really inspired by all of you ladies and I'm grateful to be starting is this great group!.

Have a great OP day all!.

Dani (user name says danielle but I've gone by Dani forever- doesnt really matter either way though)..

Comment #73

OHH- I was also watching "I used to be fat" last night. That girl did make me mad when she was hiding in the bathroom from her trainer! She had the opportunity of a lifetime- why waste it? It made me wish for a world where I could quit my job and hire a trainer and a chef and lose 90lbs in 3 months..... Then I snapped back to reality and realized that if I do this on my own and it comes from ME I'm much more likely to carry these lessons through the rest of my life!.

BTW- I've had to stop watching all of my Food Network shows and when my "Eating Light" magazine came in the mail- I put it in the back ofmy file cabinet. I was proud of myself for not even opening up to the possibilty of temptation. I dont think I've been OP long enough yet for that so I'm steering clear!..

Comment #74

Suzie- I had the same issue with the banner. I can't figure it out. Although I do think I was able to get the outdated Christmas banner off of my signature. Anyone know what we are doing wrong?..

Comment #75


- I ordered mine off of Amazon. Partially for the same reasons! Plus, you can check out the reviews and stuff! So maybe order one online?.


- About the "fat farm" stuff - I actually almost booked a few weeks at the Biggest Loser resort a year or two ago. I came soooo close. But I didn't, in the end, because I just had this feeling like it wouldn't really fix anything. Like, I'd lose the weight in this controlled environment and get tossed back in the real world and not have a clue. After being on Medifast, I really feel like that's what would have happened. Plus, I have a gym membership.

Obviously, it's a different environment, but does that make sense? I realize it may be a real turnaround for some - I just think it would have been a short-term fix for me..

Sony & Diana.

- You're singing my song when you talk about gaining and losing the same X amount of pounds. I've been staying away from the scale for that very reason. I'm seriously considering not weighing myself til the beginning of February. It just makes me so angry! I see that number and I forget about how much better I feel... how more I am in control of my emotions... all of the other benefits that come with weight loss..


- That's so cool that it's a family affair. I have the opposite family - hubby and both sides of the families like to eat whenever, whatever. UGH! lol...

Comment #76

[IMG][ /IMG].

Try that.

I forgot the IMG tags. remove the space before /IMG at the end. It's the same as clicking the postcard looking mountain on the toolbar..


Comment #77

Dani - Agreed with buying the scale online if it's that much of an issue to do it in the store! But I do think you should do it ASAP so you can really see where you are starting from and gauge how much progress you make. That helps me a lot when it seems like I'm stalling. As for coffee, I have a hard time drinking it black. I also have hypothyroidism and take Synthroid, so I can't have soy. Ergo, my morning beverage is hot cocoa or the cappuchino made with coffee.

Two birds, one stone. The chocolate and vanilla shakes are also good for doing this. Just mix up a little liquid and your powder to make a thick paste to start, or it can be tough to get it to a smooth texture, no lumps...

Comment #78

Notice my new ticker? I'm counting down to my birthday- aka when I want to be back in a bikini by!.

Here is the super-duper cute website I used to make it!.



Comment #79

That looks awesome Kelsey!!! You are right about switching programs, the whole of last week (when I was wandering in the OFFPLAN woods) I was thinking abt Atkins where you can have 3 l&g's and 2 atkin snacks, I even went to Walmart and bought their shakes &couple boxes of their peanut noughat blah blah some bar, it was sooo rich and creamy and yummy, but again I felt in vain! I felt it's not as specific and to-the-point as no worries as I said earlier and i'm saying again, even though i'm frustrated & burned out with MF, sure I may take a break or something if thats what I need, but at the end of the day I WILL still approach MF.....i admit it kindda sucks cause i'm taking forever to reach goal which seems like just 25-30 pounds away and should have been at goal by now but it's taking forever....thats my whining..

PS Kelsey: I think we are missing Becca (Polarbecca) in the list?.

Thanks everyone for the support. Diana, TYSM for those words I think i'll try your hunger-technics and see how that works!..

Comment #80

Good Afternoon Shakesters!.

At work plugging away. I dont know why but I am very tired this past week. I suspect that it's the Medifast restart. I had headaches for a couple of days too. Oh well, I guess it's a sign that Medifast works. I am just glad to be back on MF.

I still dont understand why I let myself get here! Totally ridiculous! But anyway, working on getting back down. This year is the year to reach my goal..


WOW! Youre working out a whole lot. No wonder you get hungry!.


Dont know what to tell you! Take a break or switch to something else. I did and realized that I actually missed being on a diet where I dont have so much freedom and yet the weight comes off faster. Of the bulk or bloat I gained while wondering off for 10 days 7lbs have come off in 6 days! Medifast works well, it's that simple! Youll figure it out! Hugs!.


DONT make your vacay a food vacation! Youve come so far! Food WILL always be there!!!!!!!.


Sorry about my lack of energy. I am wiped out lately and the little bit of energy I have is not sufficient for me to get motivated to write long post. Its a phase and I know it will pass. So for now, I rather read what everyone writes and keep my posting short..


Still wondering where you are!.


Courage! Hang in there! I know how easily someone can get burned out on any diet..

Kristin, Brittany, Anna, Dani, Diana, Suzie:.

Keep on rocking!.

I might be back later tonight if I can pick up some energy!.


Comment #81


HUGS! Just switch to something else for a bit. When you come back on Medifast just make a new siggie. NEW start date! Forget about run#1. I am done with what happened or didn't happen with Medifast or anything else in life during 2010. 2010 is gone forever!.

For me 2011 is a new year and I am approaching Medifast as if it was my first time. I am not the least bit hung up on " I should be done by now etc...". For me Jan 1st is my day one from this point forward! That's it! Whatever you do, I better see posts from you daily here! HUGS!!..

Comment #82


I love the Birthday Countdown! You ...Miss Kelsey have determination...I know you'll reach your goal!..

Comment #83

Second day is going well so far, but I just ate my 5th Medifast meal which means all I have left for the day is my L & G I am still at school (teacher) and need to get out of here. Hope everyones day went well. I also hope my husband gets home at a reasonable time for dinner. We did not have dinner until 8:00 pm last night and I was starving and cranky. Generally when that happens I just snack, but I could not do that last night. I really would like to have one meal left over to have after dinner, maybe a hot chocolate, but I could not help myself today..


Comment #84

Very well said.


!!!! Thanks for that idea of a new siggy, i'm on my way to making one with my current weight at 171 right after this post! I don't think so I will go to any other diet anyway, infact i'm doing 4&2 today and so far so good knock on wood!!! As I said if there is any diet out there for me it would be only MF!..

Comment #85

Evening ladies!.

Just a quick check-in. I'm going to watch this movie about a beauty pageant that takes place in Minnesota- called Drop Dead Gorgeous or something!.

Just bought a Nike+ sensor and a case for it online! Can't wait to use it. I've been using Ryan's and it's pretty cool! I accidently ran a 3k on the treadmill instead of a 5k, but my time for a 3k was 19min, 14 sec, so I'm curious to see what my result for a 5k would be. I'm not a fast runner but it's the fact that I'm even RUNNING that matters most to me..

I also found a bunch of 5k runs in Illinois for this Spring, so I'm going to sign up for one or two to keep me motivated!.

If anyone else is interested in the.

Couch 2 5k.

Program, ask away! I really loved it and am so happy I saw the entire program though! <3.

Hope you're all having good on-plan nights! Chug that water, ladies!!.


Comment #86

So my 4&2 onplan today was successful, YAY!!!!!!! Just logged in my food under MYplan and it's sooo surprising to notice that I actually consumed comparatively lower number of carbs/cals versus the 5&1!!! I must admit that I went a lil overboard on the ranch dressing to dip my celery sticks in but oh well it'll get better eventually.....ok ladies I love you all have a goodnight everyone, *smooches*..

Comment #87



, is that sensor some kindda pedometer or something? Or maybe i'm such a dumb to not even knowing what it is, heheeee........

Comment #88

Bummed this morning....

I totally screwed myself over yesterday. It was my fault..

I went next door to visit with a neighbor, she is elderly and hubby bought her lunch and I took it to her. We sat and talked for almost 4 hours. It was great! But - I was STARVING, but having so much fun I didn't wanna go. You know how that goes. Anyway, hubby came home and we had to go to his sister's house to fix her internet then we were going to all go out to dinner at this bar they went to a few weeks ago and really liked. I grabbed two bars before we left and ate one on the way.

I was trying to wait until we were eating at the bar to eat bar #2. By the time we got to the bar, hubby and sis were talking so much about eating various off plan foods that I just decided to eat some too. I had a bar in my purse. There is no reason for this insanity..

So this is what my day looked like:.

Bar - 10am.

1/2 lg - 11:30.

Bar - 4:30.

Falling right off plan - 8.

In writing, it's like... duh. I could've told my neighbor, I'm sorry, I'm starving, can I go home and eat and I'll come back? I could have taken more then 2 bars.. I could've just dealt with being hungry....

Thanks you guys for always reading my stupid stuff.. I feel like I am actually learning from my mistakes. Not that it makes it any better - maybe it does? - but I really didn't eat very much at the actual bar. So I'm proud of myself that I didn't at least go on a crazy free-for-all. I didn't even eat half of my meal..

BTW, I think I've told you guys that I've been SO tired lately but sleeping in random naps here or there? Last night, when we got home around 10:30, I went straight to bed. I kept falling asleep in the car. I woke up at 6:30 today. So I'm sitting here sipping on some Medifast Hot Cocoa and getting right back in the game today. Hopefully the 8 hours of sleep will help!..

Comment #89


I love that ticker website! Also, I'm going to start couch to 5k again! You're inspiring me! I got on the treadmill the other night and saw how long I could run without stopping and I made it 3 minutes. That actually looks sad in writing... I'm a turtle, so I felt proud. I figured that was enough to get me started!!!.


I think I said yesterday that I can SO relate. I really can! If I could just quit beating around the bush and hit the ground running, I could get there! I really like your new ticker idea I think I'm going to make a new one as well! It seems more motivating to me because I've been stuck in the same weight range forever, it seems like. Congrats on your successful OP day :-).


We're doing this in 2011! I really try to tell myself (but you've seen my posts, obviously I agonize over it) that the most important thing is not how fast I lose my weight, but to make changes that are permanent, no matter how long that takes.. As much as I want to kick myself in the butt for letting myself get this way, or not losing fast enough, or whatever... the fact is... We DID lose weight last year and we WILL keep losing weight. Like I've always said, tomorrow's going to come no matter what! Might as well keep working towards our goals... Keep it up friend.


Did I tell you I'm in grad school for education? What grade do you teach? Sorry if I missed that... I'm sitting here, waking up and drinking coffee so I'm still a little foggy. I'm getting licensed in early childhood and getting my ESL endorsement..

Everyone else Hello & hope you have a wonderful on plan day!..

Comment #90

I made a new ticker - It actually makes me feel so much better! I had over 100 pounds to lose when I started Medifast! And it's kinda nice not to see the weight, but the LOSS.. Thanks Kelsey for the ticker site and Sony/Nelly for the refresher idea!.

45 lbs is kind of a round number to shoot for... it puts me on the lower end of my BMI. So off I go!.

And I totally put my start weight as what I weighed this morning, post-bar food. So I know my ticker will start moving after a day on plan since it's not my "real weight"... oh the Medifast mind games we play!..

Comment #91

Morning ladies!.

I'm about to microwave my oatmeal (it's a daily thing now!) and drinking my water! I'm 20 ounces down so far...20 to go before I leave for work! I'm also trying to research this supplement I bought:.

Natrol Acai Berry Weekend Cleanse.

If I have this right, I'm supposed to start it on a Friday and it ends on a Sunday. I'm thinking this weekend would be a good one to do this since I don't have plans! I'm not sure what Medifast recommends as far as cleanses and what not, but I'd still be doing Medifast along with it! I'll let you know how it works. I just feel so...(you know) and I really need something to make me feel better! I am taking a probiotic too so hopefully all these things together will work!.


I love your new ticker!! So cute and spring-y! I'm happy that you are able to look at where you fell off and get RIGHT BACK ON! That's the hardest part for me, I find. I usually want to just KEEP GOING since I messed up already, you know? AND YAY!! For the C25K! ^_^ I can't wait to hear about you signing up for races!.


You've inspired me! I'm going to (on Saturday) work up the courage to put on an old bikini and take a "BEFORE" picture. I think I can fit into it, but it's what's hanging OUT of it (stomach area, inner thigh area, boobage area) that's NOT pretty whatsoever. I'm not letting a SOUL see the picture but hopefully it'll be a constant motivator!.


The Nike+ sensor is basically this little chip that you put on your shoe (under if you have a Nike shoe) that will track the distance and times for your runs! I'm loviing it so far, since I can set it on a 5K distance and it'll (the app on my itouch) will let me know when I'm halfway through, etc and let me listen to music too! Congrats on getting back OP- let us know how the 4&2 goes! I may give that a shot too if I see my losses stalling....


YAY for inspiring others! I got one of my friends to join but she's so busy so I haven't heard how it's going for her yet. So far, I know she hates the shakes (but didn't we all in the beginning?) :P Seriously, your family will love you once they start seeing that scale mooooooooove!.


You know what? I believe that the actual Medifast handbook recommends having another Medifast meal if you really need it, especially when you first start out! That would be much better than giving into something off-plan! Also, you can have the snacks (jello, pickles, Medifast crackers/crisps, etc) and those might help too!.


I love your "start fresh" attitude! Yes, let's put everything of 2010 behind us and focus on 2011!! ^_^ I also vote for us being able to see a picture of our beautiful Nelly sometime soon too!.


You will get to Onderland before you know it! And YAY for the fat farm and NOT having to go there! Haha. But I agree, I would love to be in a controlled setting like that with trainers and healthy food! These people don't know how lucky they have it!!.


I also vote for buying the scale online! I may....MAY invest in that fancy scale- starts with a T...(?) but only if I think I really need it. I'm scared of buying a scale and having it weigh WAY more, haha! Oh and I love Food Network too but oddly enough it kind of satisfys my CRAZY food cravings..and on Travel Channel, I watch Man vs. Food because I get SICK watching all the food he eats, LOL!.


CONGRATS on getting rid of the Medi-Headaches! ^_^ I've still got mine and it's raging strong! :P.



Hope you're doing well! WE CAN DO THIS! It's so good that you found this early on too because the rest of our lives will be lived happily and healthily if we stick with it!.

Tami, Sue, Melissa, Amy, Becca:.

Hope you're all doing well! <3 Oh and Becca, WHERE ARE YOU?..

Comment #92

Kelsey- Love the new ticker site! Great idea on your countdown to BDay! (both Bikini and Birthday!).

/hugs Nelly! Nothing to apologize for! I just wanted to let you know I noticed and was thinking about you <3 Hope you get your energy and sparkle back and that the headaches go away asap! We WILL reach our goals this year! We just need to get back to basics and work this plan!.

Anna - Hang in there! You really might want to split your Lean and Green, just to give yourself one extra meal during the day, and to make it easier on yourself. Doing something like grilling an extra chicken breast at night, and then putting it and some salad greens (or cut veggies if that's easier to eat at school) in a bowl for a quick lunch might help. Or eat a string cheese, or celery sticks or peanut butter (all are approved snacks/L&G). Doing the split and adding in that extra meal means I usually have 1-2 Medifast meals after dinner. Great for a brownie or other item that feels like dessert - like my chocostrawberry shakes (the only time I'm able to blend my shakes is the evening)..

Sony - sounds like you are rocking it! Really cool too that you are logging it and tracking the carbs etc. I'm proud of you!!.

Sarah - big hugs! You stumbled, but you're getting right back up! That's what's important. Quit delaying your success! You CAN do this! And I love your new ticker. It's like a journey to paradise.

Quit wandering off the path! (my version of tough love ^^).

Kelsey - I was contemplating a cleanse but worried that it might throw me out of ketosis! Is it pills or a drink? One thing to remember with cleanses, don't do them when you need to be somewhere that weekend!.

Let us know how it goes! And that sensor sounds really cool!.

Having a nice Friday! Slow and quiet. Hopefully it will fly by..

Comment #93

Sarah I am a second career teacher. I went and got an MAT at age 40. I am currently teaching 2nd grade. It is a great age. I have taught in high risk DC public school andam currently at a private school which I much prefer. I am currently working on a MA in Reading.

What are you working on?.

Aerielle- Last night when I got home I had a mug of chicken broth. That really seems to satisfy me. I do not think what I have is true hunger, but more of a craving to feed myself..

Dani I just bought a new scale and found out my old scale was 5 lbs light!!.

I had to re-do my ticker I had a feeling it was off, but this confirmed it..

I enjoy coming to the boards I just went into the teacher's lounge and someone had left a huge container of Twizzler's (one of my favorite) I definitely need something to divert my attention. When I feel like straying it is much better to just open our computer. Have a good day ladies!!.


Comment #94

Hi girls I was trying to catch up with all the posts but have not succeeded yet. I am well still trying to master maintenance. Started 30ds again this week so far have 3 days in. I will be doing it today and tomorrow too..

Welcome to all the new faces and hello to Diana and Sue, glad to see you..

I will try to check in more frequently...

Comment #95

Good Morning Everyone!.

It has been much too long since I last posted. I ended up having a wonderful time at home with my family over Thanksgiving and actually only ended up gaining 3lbs between Thanksgiving and New Year's. However, I am now up to 178.8lbs, eep! I am still down 11lbs from when I originally started MF, so all is not lost. I joined WW last Saturday and I am very much enjoying the new PointsPlus program. I haven't been feeling deprived, I've been getting in a lot of fresh fruits and veggies instead of 100 calorie packs, and I've exercised almost every day this week..

I decided that for me weight loss shouldn't be a race, because in the past I wanted to lose weight quickly and then ended up gaining it all back because I deprived myself in the process. I decided that now I am going to use WW to teach me how to eat (and exercise) for the rest of my life, while still indulging in the things I love (in moderation)..

My overall goal is to lose 1lb per week for the next 52 weeks. If I was able to do that, this time next year I would be down to 126lbs! I'm not sure if I would ever want to be that skinny but that is my driving force through this process..

I miss you guys a lot!! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and that you are all doing well on your weight loss!..

Comment #96

Happy Mid Day my lovely Shakesters!!!!!!!.

Where do I start?.


? Thank you for that great ticker site!.




, I just combined both your ideas and came up with a new outlook for 2011. I decided to record my weight loss in chunks. Right now, I just want to focus NOT on what I weight now but on losing 30 lbs!! So since my new beginning of January 1st, I have lost 8 lbs! I have 22 more lbs to go and then I'll go after the next 15. 20 or 25 and repeat until I step on a scale and it says 130! I will not even bother with a current weight siggie. Nope! Right now Miss Nelly is focus on knocking out 30 lbs. I got 8 killed...and this warrior is on her way to slay the next 22..


No worries.....I forgot how tough week one on Medifast was! The headaches...the couple days of hunger and the peeing every minutes and the fatigue. My body is adjusting to my insanity!!!! In 30 days I have subjected my body to a week of Atkins induction, a week of free for all veggies, brown rice, potatoes and lean Protein and now 7 days of MF. Well it's all good...because it created confusion and now my body is releasing the weight this first week of Medifast at a fast rate. I'll take this 8lb of bloat off of me! And PS...I feel a little more up today..


Love that ticker site. Also, if I can get any change in my energy level real soon I have already decided to do the C25K! You have more than inspired me! You soooo rule and no worries on Pix...this year youll see some. Patience! XO.


YES! That's the attitude! 2010 is gone forever. It's over with. This is a new beginning separate from the past. It all starts now! XO.


There will be days like this! It happens! Hugs!.


Where are you?.


I love your 10 lbs at a time so much that I decided to focus only on a certain amount of lbs at a time. I love it! Thanks for the inspiration!.


As Kelsey said, feel free to eat pickles an occasional extra Medifast meal etc....


Oh courageous Dani! lol....been there with the scale switch....but at least now you know and you have the correct weight in each time! Hugs!.

Suzie, Diana, Kristin, Sue and everyone else:.


Comment #97

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.