What are the application fees and registration fees to get a domain through 123

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Got a question... What are the application fees and registration fees to get a domain through 123 Looking forward for any answer. Second question of mine... Hi,.

Anyone have some nice.



...especially if they are making you some nice money!.

Present them here!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

I am not even sure I why I still hold on to them. I can't sell them and not much traffic at all...

Comment #2

WOW! Some.





Takes off and doesn't take as long as .EU or .MOBI to be trully respected as a TLD!.


One of my favorites that I own is.



Keep yours comin'!..

Comment #3

Over the years have picked up some fairly nice industry niche names ....

Comment #4

My small .biz portfolio...little traffic and pocket change for rev BUT if developed I belive very lucrative....






Comment #5

My small and 'ungrowing' list. Will take offers on some of them..

.. uhh, ok. But I wouldn't bet the farm on it...

Comment #6

Never been much of a fan of the .biz extention, but came across one I liked & couldn't resist registering my 1st .biz name..

Picked up CosmeticDentists*biz. The singular version of the .us extention sold for $2,500 last year. Decent Overture & brings up quite a decent amount of Google Ads for the term...

Comment #7

I only have one .biz in my portfolio,.

Comment #8

I only have one, but I think it's a decent one (considering good .biz were taken long before I took it seriously).... (which currently sells GoDaddy/WWD reseller accounts)..

Comment #9

I really have one as well. It gets enough hits and deceint traffic without any advertising..

It's blogmywebsite*biz.

So yup it's pretty much what the name is. I blog about others websites, paid and non paying...

Comment #10

?? .biz has been out for 6 years, and is used by almost no major corporations, .mobi has been out for 11 months, and can be found being used already by many major corporations. The only ones that doesn't/don't seem to be, or wanting to, 'respecting' .mobi at present, seems to be leeringly domainers from what seems evident. Either way, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for when .biz is 'trully respected'!!..

Comment #11

Hm lets see.... (a very known Yamaha synthesizer)..

Comment #12

I have

It is currently for sale in an eBay auction...

Comment #13

I don't look at my .biz domains with much affection. picked up when it dropped, surprised me by making it's regfee+ every month...

Comment #14



I think LOTS have GREAT potential!.


Good Luck to all!!!..

Comment #15

And some other...

Comment #16

I dont have many biz names-.

And a couple more..

Comment #17

I've regged.

Which was an expired domain. I was hoping for some keyword traffic from search engines, but at the moment the HostGator doesn't make any revenue at all..

Some time later I grabbed.

Which I think is a brandable, short and catchy .biz name. GoDaddy's certified appraisal valued the HostGator up to USD 1'100.-..


Comment #18

I almost forgot I had another silly .biz....


Probably never gonna sell it, got it simply because it was dropped and almost every freaking extension's taken so ya...

Comment #19


I have.


Tom Dahne..

Comment #20

Nice names.. I wonder if .biz will ever mature, so we can see some decent sales.


Comment #21

I have:.

AnniversaryGift [dot] biz.

Birdcages [dot] biz.

Casseroles [dot] biz.

CasualGaming [dot] biz.

Cellular-phone [dot] biz.

DesignerPurses [dot] biz.

FreeAppraisals [dot] biz.

No3 [dot] biz.

Parfumes [dot] biz.

P*rnDVD [dot] biz <- gets traffic and click-thrus.

Tattooist [dot] biz.

Offers always welcome.


Comment #22

No doubt, you've got some great geo names, no matter what extension. GL...

Comment #23

I've had these for what seems like forever....


Comment #24

Quite some .biz to my own surprise.









Comment #25

WOW!!! Some TRULLY AWESOME names guys...I see more and more LEGITIMATE websites using this extention...I think it's a GREAT ONE!.


Keep 'em comin!.


Some more of mine:.




(taken in all extentions!.


Comment #26

I've had these two from the beginning:.

Cattle [dot] biz.

Earring [dot] biz..

Comment #27

That's an interesting dotBIZ. I don't know anything about the cattle industry except that it is a large money generator...

Comment #28

Nice ones!.


Some more of my short ones:.




Comment #29

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