What are the best companies providing both Domain and iPage web host ?

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First question I have is What are the best companies providing both Domain and iPage web host ? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question... Scoutt,anyone, what does this mean?.

<map name="nt_bar"> <area shape="rect" coords="2,2,42,18" href="index.phtml?week=81" alt="Main Page">.

<area shape="rect" coords="48,3,143,18" href="index.phtml?week=81&section=stories" alt="Go to Short Stories">.

<area shape="rect" coords="148,3,207,18" href="index.phtml?week=81&section=articles" alt="Go back to Articles">.

<area shape="rect" coords="212,3,265,18" href="index.phtml?week=81&section=comics" alt="Go to Comics">.

<area shape="rect" coords="274,3,361,17" href="index.phtml?week=81&section=cont" alt="Go to Continued Series">.

<area shape="rect" coords="368,3,431,17" href="index.phtml?week=81&section=editorial" alt="Go to Editorial">.

<area shape="rect" coords="436,4,515,18" href="index.phtml?week=81&section=series" alt="Go to New Series">.


What does the <map>code</map> do?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Was written in PHP?!?! I looked at the code and it has nothing to do with PHP it only deals alot with Javascript!..

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Written in PHP. Note the ".phtml" extensions on the site, rather than the conventional ".html"..

It looks like regular HTML because you're seeing the generated (is that the correct term?) code, not the actual PHP code...

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No way neopets could be written in a lang like javascript..

Something that advanced requires PHP or something like that. one of those advanced langs..

A trend that seems to be catching on is actually using C++ and VB6, etc to create online stuff. not exactly sure how it's done, but thats cool!..

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Yes Jeff it was written in PHP. don't get upset as you can't see it. the extension says it all, .phtml.

That is php no ifs, ands, or buts..

Wha tyou see in the generated code is all html, you can't see the php side of things..


, I am not going to tell you again..


Post anything if you don't know what you are talking about..

You cannot use VB6 to do online stuff (make a html page that is). C++ is more difficult but it is possible. And it is not a trend, C actully was in the early 90's but has gotten away from. so don't think it is a trend as it is not. the closest you will get to VB6 for online stuff is ActiveX and ASP, so don't post unless you are sure of yourself...

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??? I think their money system is in a database I cant find there code...

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I'm new to this everlasting discussion, but yeah, it seems what people have told you 51 times is true, the "fake money system" is in fact written in PHP. The money values are probably hidden in a database, yes, and the system, the code, is parsed by the web server, and replaced by HTML, so it's also hidden from you..

Maybe my cute avatar can make you remember this now through association?.

Hmm, how did this topic morph into that money system thing again? It's remarkably incoherent.....

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Yes Jeff you can't see or find their php code. that is why I said "you can't see the php side of things.".

Who told you you can see it???..

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What I meant is that people are using VB6 to implement activex controls (i know you can do it w/o them), etc. PLUS, you CAN put your VB App on the net. in fact, I haved put my tic-tac-toe game up from an example in my Black Book. I know what I'm talking about, I'm not stupid. you CAN ese FTP stuff, etc for VB..

Ever heard of winsock?.

That deals with internet stuff. I used winsock to create a chat program. I guess what I'm trying to say is I know what I'm talking about...

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But that has nothing to do with this conversation. yes you can put VB.


On the net but you can't make a webpage from VB, Yes you can use winsock to.


To the net but that doesn't make your webpage. yes you can make ActiveX controls (but why as IE is the only browser that reads them and the host has to be M$.).

So, no, you don't know what you are talking about. this thread has nothing to do with using VB or C++, man he doesn't even know serverside language. VB and C++ have nothign to do with making a html website...

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Well (slightly off topic) VB6 DOES come with a DHTML editor, which actually isnt too bad. this is really what I have been talking about, although I never mentioned it. it still has ther same drag and drop capabilities for ActiveX that you would have in a regular APP. and no, unfortunately I dont know any server side langs for the net (a tiny bit of PHP...)..

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Ok, VB6 is a far cry from the net. I don't know anybody that uses VB6 to make dhtml pages. yes I know it comes with one but who in the right mind is going to pay #300 just for a dhtml editor when there are free ones out there..

So lets get this thread back on topic please...

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Y dont the web borad people just make a couple of langues?? y do there have to be so many??..

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If the people here would create a couple of programming languages, wouldn't that just add to the number of languages?..

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There are so many programming langs becuase of the evolution of computers. Visual basic wouldnt work on a computer from the early 80's, and fortran wouldnt be a good choice for a computer now. thats just how it is. I like having so many. lets you choose according to your style..

PS-TO Rydberg_DJ:.

I think there was a hint of sarcasm in his post. I believe he is being fecicious (did I use that right?)..

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Why won't VB work on computers from the 80's???.

Where do you get your information???.

VB started in dos in win3.1, hmm tha tis from the 80's and the only reaosn it wasn't popular in the 80's is becaseu it was new. today it won't run on a 386 or lower because there was no math-coproccessor on some and ther eis not enough room on the HD for the program. but the dos version would run no problem...

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VISUAL Basic WILL NOT run on the old DOS computers. QBasic, ec. will, but I'm talking about Visual Basic. they didnt support stuff that advanced. heck, they didnt even have all the API and crap for it lol. I mean the 80's before windows... real windows..

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Of course not VB6, but VB1. how do you think it started???.

You are to much, I give up......

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