What are the chances the Sotomayor confirmation hearings turn into one of those commerci
First question I got is What are the chances the Sotomayor confirmation hearings turn into one of those commerci Hoping for any comment. Second question.. Is this name anyway special?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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Maybe someone wanted it badly enough ... huge price I wud say .....

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I have to admit to being ignorant on at least two fronts as I did not read the DNJornal this week nor do I know why that name would be worth anywhere near that much..

The old adage “its worth what someone is willing to pay” will always be the truth...

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Could be insider job ...part of the bigger "scheme" of things.

Nah, just kidding. Very high price for such an ordinary HostGator name...

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Something does not ring right about that sale. It will be interesting to see.

What company has bought it....don't believe everything you read...some of.

The reported sales just dont add up to me...there might be a bit of hype.

Going on with some of the sales...

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I personally would prefer to believe that this is part of the bigger "scheme" ! Or prefer to believe that the editor has typed 2 more zero after the price by mistake!..

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In the stock market? Yes, it's called "stock manipulation".

With HostGator names, I don't think so..

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Anyone can appraise but the real price is in the buyer..

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Is this and that ammount of 100k that HostGator sold for mean, that in HostGator business sales price does not depend on any appraisal?.

I was trying and trying to find some chart or sollution or rules, by what HostGator is being appraised. So in HostGator business where is nothing determining price, but buyer's pocket?????..

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This is what I have found time and time again over the past couple of weeks. Things sell for what the buyers want to pay not what appraisers say they are worth..

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Than, buying and selling domains is nothing else but gambling. and if you found the buyer with deeper pocket who wants your domain, than you won jackpot?.


Or may be this sound stupid but, may be somebody was owned some money to somebody, and this is a good way to pay back?..

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I have also witnessed over the last couple of weeks that rather then buy an expensive name from someone they will just make up another..

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If the buyer is interested, then every HostGator is worthy..

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Have you guys heard of they bought "Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich" "Pope mobile" to get free publicity. for 100k.

Publicity stunt the HostGator name is not worth 100k but they were sucessful creating a buzz we have a whole topic dedicated to here at Namepro..

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First off Duke's report is not off, Secondly Rich Scwartz is one of the premier HostGator Investors In the world who a couple years ago SOld for $1.3 million..

Name sales are not based on appraisials to the person who asked that. Why would your opinion of a name affect the price I would pay? you are just one of 6.5 billion on this planet with no more worthy opinion thaN anyone else..

Worth is always what it means to the person buying, Look at Art many people usually those without MONEY or Knowledge will say wow over priced I would not have paid more than x, as an example..

You can bet the buyer was someone who wanted the name they were not lurking in forums looking to buy some poker They were looking for the name they wanted for most likely a project..

Other peoples opionions on value don't Matter when it comes to this business .most subjective business in the world. I thinK Badger told me one time people appraised at REG FEE he sold it for xx,xxx..

Everyone should help one aonther with registrars, hosting, design, how to fix a problem, but their opinion the value of a name is just that, their opinion. If their not buying it does not really matter to someone who has been around this game a long time or has money to spare. FOr everyone who thinks an Armani suit is worth the price tag there is someone else saying no way a suit is a suit, ridicuilous, but there are those who say that. SAME with automobiles some it is their baby, others it's a means from point A to point B so values will differ greatly on what they will pay for an automobile. Its all very subjective. IMO..

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Good point there.

All take this as a lesson well learned!..

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The price seems a little too steep, but whoever bought it must've either had plenty of cash or a damn good reason..

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Or may be it is a good way to raise a price of domain? For example will he be able to sell this HostGator now for 120k? if yes, than he made quick 10k..

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I think another misconception is that this is a no money business just squatters and hobbyists. THere are some people and companies in this small industry that have a lot of money to invest. Not x,xxx but xx,xxx,xxx. THere are people tapping VC firms forming $250,000,000 Funds so this is not a lot of money for someone like that...

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By contrast my husband and I own but I believe it might sell for $109,900 less. Quite the fall off..

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Yes the final sales price was high, and 99.99% of other HostGator owners would have sold this name at a fraction of the price. That is why many of us will question the valuation. The seller managed to not leave any money on the table which shows you why he is considered one of the best...

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Nicely said....hmmm... v only matters to the buyer.....

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That is the answer, indeed, oh my! WARNING the above link contains adult content. ^..

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Value is in the eye of the beholder. it is only a couple of days since was not worth much , according to most of the highly knowledgable appraisers.

But sold for $xx,xxx..

Hype or otherwise, the name has sold, Rick Shwartz is delighted I am sure, as no doubt is the buyer- why else shell out that sort of money - to be unhappy and complain about being ripped off?.

The whole process of negotiation is to come to a mutually agreeable point whether it is for large comapny wage demand or a single HostGator name sale..

Both parties are happy and they will give no credence to the opinions of others...

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It's a supplier to own and operate your own adult site. The translation on the front page is as follows…..

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Good Observation..

Armani Suits WHAT!! why are they worth so much!.

Art on the other hand. ITs too CHEAP!.

My $0.00002.

Just a thought. Where was this reported? Where did you find out was sold?..

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As a qualified HostGator name invester, one should never lose courage when someone appraise it worth little, or too excited when one say that the name worth a lot! Possiblely you can not sell you name at a price appraisers said! It just need time to find the right buyer! Not like stock market, you will always find a buyer at a certain price!.

To invest a name is the process of finding the right buyer!..

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Yup same owner whois shows,,, first they had there home town then .US for the US market and looks like they zeroed in on .com closing the circle...

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Pfft I married her first. I have the internet certificate somewere..

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Pretty simple logic here meez thinks.. The buyer owns the .de ... Germans have alot of hard cash ( I know, my best sales were to germans). Rick Schwartz doesn't sell a name under $100k .. He gets emailed about a domain, his response is " $100k+" .. Buyer says "okay, how about $110k "..

And that's that..

What's all the mass confusion about ??.


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There was no mass confusion, and was explained a day a go ...

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I dont think this is the buyers intention...i think equity summed it up best....nice post ray....

....and the rich get sure he's worked very hard to get there though...good job M. Schwartz.....

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Bound to be a development project....

Lets all keep an eye on that domain, and see what it comes up with!..

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I think the main reason the name sold for so much was that the seller knew what he was doing. Had he not he may have come here, asked for appraisals, receive lots of low $xxx, laughs at anything over $10k, and sold for a fraction of what he could have got..

The key to maximising a sale is knowledge. Most likely he did a bit of research to find out who the buyer was and simply negotiated accordingly..

Hat's off to the few who actually made the effort to do a whois after the sale as opposed to speculating with no information. This kind of diligence pays off...

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