What are the hours of operation for Nutrisystem?

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Got a question... What are the hours of operation for Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. 302/208/198.

How do you keep it off? How did you get it off?.

There is a real temptation for me to get my weight back down without posting anything. Unfortunately, too many times I have seen others reach their goal then either quit posting or post very little. Sometimes we see them again six months later and they've gained back a significant portion of what they've lost. The maintenance threads don't seem to get updated all that often and those not at goal don't post on those threads..

I've been substituting almost all of my food and staying close to my goal by being very close to plan five days and only off the other two days in the evenings - I was pretty successful until last week. I put together about 4 days of evenings with wine and snacks - two of those nights out with martinis. So, this morning I'm at my highest of 208. My deviations haven't been wild - even eating out the deviation (other than the alcohol) was just a little bread. The problem is worse because when I get home I have another glass of wine and maybe a bag of soy chips..

Fortunately, I just got a shipment - so today I'm back to Nutrisystem foods - none of the soup in the cafeteria - my Nutrisystem snack instead of the soy nuts from the gift shop and NO alcohol until I get back below 200..

Hopefully, those who've at least been at or below goal will share their real world lessons and those of you working to get their will share your thoughts on how this time you're going to keep it off..

Bottom line - small deviations can gang up on you - putting weight back on is NOT an option for me!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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I truly hope you keep posting here for the reasons you gave. You and the other maintainers are the voices of experience we all need to hear from. I highly value that. As for your recent gain, it helps to see that you're human too..

I know you'll knock it off in no time! Thanks for sharing..



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The main thing that I do is to keep a constant watch on my weight and take corrective measures as soon as I see it creeping upwards. I still get an order about every 6 weeks or so but my wife and I both share it. It has been a bigger struggle over the last 10-11 weeks after getting the shoulder surgery but I should be able to get back to normal activities in another 3-4 weeks...

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You are totally correct about always being careful...It doesn't take much for us to put back on what we lost..

I remember about 10 years ago when I did Atkins to lose weight...I went from 305 to 205 and stated "I will never again be that FAT"..

10 years later I was heading right toward that again when I started NS..

The weight I lost didn't come back all at once...It was a pound here and a pound there, adding up to a few pounds per year..

However, the good news is that we now know what to watch for and how to "get back on plan"..

Recognizing the issue, dealing with it directly, and limiting the bad habits will keep us where we want to be..

I am only 7 pounds from goal and have started to move into maintenance mode. This will include weighting myself weekly and posting on the boards as I believe that will continue to make me accountable for my eating habits..


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Way to go! Your ticker is beautiful (did I really SAY that?.



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I feel your pain. Even though I am not close to goal, I went away for a week at Easter and enjoyed eating semi-normally for 11 days. When I got home, I weighed 18 pounds more than when I left. I knew that I was bad, but 18lbs??? I watched everything that I ate, but I believe that it was the increased sodium that I took in, as now that a week has passed, I have lost that 18 lbs plus 2 more..

The body is a strange machine, or at least mine is. Why would I retain that much water weight?? It certainly shows me that when I do get to where I need to be, whatever the scale number, that I will have to be careful for the rest of my life. It does not take much to put those pounds back on, and after the effort to lose them (again and again,) I do not want to see them again..

So, I appreciate any and every thing that we can all do to continue motivating each other when we get to the maintainence part of this life style. Please keep on posting-you are an inspiration to us all...

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Thank you guys for posting. I'm still over 20 pounds away from my goal...but it's good to read your experiences to help me begin to think about maintenance and how I will attack trying to stay thin.....

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Thanks for posting this Tom..

I mentioned last week in a previous post that I was going to stop using Nutrisystem and move towards a regular daily food intake. Well, the transition is not as easy as I thought. Its not because Im hungry all the time and find it hard to stop eating, it's more like finding the time to eat. With NS, it's easyheres your food, eat it at these times, drink your water, post your weight. How easy is that?.

I am still losing at the same rate, so Im doing OK as far as that goes, but I know a little slip here and there will set me back more than I am willing..

Now I have to admit, I wasnt prepared, so I need to go to the store and stock up on healthy foods. But having Nutrisystem around the house is a better idea than I first thought..

Also, your point about coming in and being active on the boards is well taken. I think it's all part of the process. I will always be around reading posts and sharing my success and failures. Its an important part of how I got to where I am and it will continue to be equally as important as I go fourth and become a healthier person...

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Thanks for posting Tom..

I have not been posting much lately due to work issues. But here's an update..

I got to a low of 186.5 pounds around the beginning of February. Since December I have added resistance training to my gym schedule and have put on several pounds of muscle. I have relied more on the tape measure and clothing fit than I have the scale. I am thrilled with my maintenance plan and have been busting my butt in the gym 5-6 days each week. I eat Nutrisystem probably about 30%-40% of the time each week and make healthy choices with my other food. That's not to say I don't enjoy something I wouldn't normally eat.


Either - everything in moderation! I also continue to drink a gallon of water each day and that continues to be a huge plus for me. I just feel better when I am hydrated..

When I was losing the pounds I weighed myself each day and continue to do that even now. When I see that some choices have caused small weight gains I deal with them immediately. My body seems to be happy between 192 and 195 pounds and for now I use those weights as my guide. I really believe the key to successful maintenance is close supervision and a quick response when there is an issue..

I know you'll drop those pounds Tom and get to where you want to be once again. Keep us posted on your progress!..

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ME, I'm a lifer. Sort of maintaining, losing slowly but surely..

I lost my first 100 pounds quick and dirty following the plan..

Now, I'm eating Nutrisystem 90% of the time and plan to stay that way for life. In the last 5 months I've lost 15 pounds. If I gain 3 to 4 pounds, I go back 100%. I'm happy, more active and have a life style I can follow..

My lifetime goal is to stay less than 200 pounds..

NS does the portion control I need, I'm not bashful about saying I need the "crutch" Nutrisystem provides. I'm going out to dinner tonight. I can do it, with Nutrisystem for life..

That's my solution. May not be yours but works for me...

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Although I'm not at goal, I continue to stay close to plan. My biggest setback was when I lost my job in February and inched back up to 202. Now I've settled back into a grove and my weight was 196 this morning (a new low)..

My point is that I never lost focus of my diet (actually lifestyle). Because you have continued to monitor your recent up ticks and now have returned to the forum, I'm positive you'll also get back into the grove..

When you sub, make sure you are calorie conscious. You just cant cheat without repercussions...

Comment #11

Thanks for all the posts. I hope as many as possible will continue to follow up. This week I'm going to post my progress daily. We can all do this if we stay accountable!..

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In 2006-07 I lost 85 pounds and began running marathons, etc. While I enjoyed running the marathons I was totally bummed out because both efforts were very difficult and ended badly. The Chicago marathon, for which I was the best prepared, was stopped when I was at mile 17 because of heat. Even though my daughter and I went ahead and added the additional 9 miles by running on Lake Shore Trail it just wasn't the same. I allowed myself to lose my focus on the reason for running, which was to get healthy. I regained 30 pounds very quickly but went ahead and ran the St.

I got through mile 15 great but developed blisters and ended up walking a huge portion of that race. It was devastating to my ego. I wasn't the last one in but so close that it still hurts. So, I gave up running altogether, made up horrible excuses for my behavior and added another 30 pounds. Meanwhile, my kids were getting more and more concerned.

My attitude at school was terrible and I felt awful. So, stop already!!! Finally, my wife suggested we try NS. I agreed and have been on my way back down (36 pounds since Feb 15). I'm running again and feeling incredible. I cut my BP meds in half (doc said okay) and I have a much better attitude about life..

One thing I know for sure. I can't do this alone. I have my wife as an active partner right now but can't rely on her to motivate me. I have to find ways to motivate myself..

An important part of that process is this website. I find motivation here and feel that you are helping to hold me accountable to myself. Thanks for putting yourself out there so that others like me can use your experience to achieve success...

Comment #13

I have not used Nutrisystem since October 2008 and I have steadily lost weight. I drink close to 140 ounces of water daily; I strongly believe that the water is a key component to my weight loss. I used to log my food; Logging my food keeps me honest; I try to stay under 2500 calories daily but occassionally I go over. Additionally, I track my sodium intake and sugar intake. I workout at least five days a week. I run 4-5 miles each workout and I lift weights.

All of these help me keep it off...

Comment #14

302/205/198 Easy come, easy go. Those last 3 pounds came on over the weekend and dropped off yesterday. Sunday and Monday I stuck to plan and this morning the last three dropped off. The key for me is to stay strict through this weekend rather than continue to ratchet up a pound a week. At this point I need to stay on plan until I get back below 200..

I think at some point I'm going to get one of the BodyBuggs - it looks like a real motivator. I do believe that the desire to get down to 190 will keep me from climbing. I will tell you, sticking to the Nutrisystem food lowers my hunger level. When I use rotisserie chicken as my entree, I end up wanting more..

Dick thanks for sharing - reporting whats really happening will help us all. I know that I'm going to keep my weight down this time - but it's just been since November - when I KEEP the weight off - it will be the first time!.

Share your failures and how you're going to keep them from happening again!..

Comment #15

My failure has been a real lack of focus for four months..

I really "want" to get back to losing, but I have settled for pretty much maintaining since the first of the year. While that wasn't my plan, the damage could at least have been worse..

I've been able to maintain within five pounds of my lowest weight in over a decade. I'm still getting all sorts of compliments from people who are seeing me for the first time. I'm still getting a ton more exercise and going to the gym regularly. But, my journey is far from finished. I have a brand new Nutrisystem box that I haven't cracked yet, preferring to try and work through some of the backlog of "extra" dinners that I had built up somehow over eight months..

I've had some external stresses with work and money mainly, but I'm not going to make excuses. I could have done better and I have to take responsibility for making the choices that I made..

I've been wearing the Go Wear for a month, that's helped in a small way because I can see that I'm just flat out eating too many calories to go with my exercise..

I do keep reading here, just not as much time to post (I'm making myself late to work to even type this.).

So, the good...I've kept 60-65 pounds off and upped my daily/weekly exercise by a lot..

The bad...I should have lost another 30 or so by now if I'd stayed on plan....and I've let some bad habits creep back into my eating..

The goal is still another 50 gone from where I am....which I know can be done with attention to the plan and some better focus. Starting with a market trip tonight on the way home from the office for more salads and things I ran out of a few days ago and haven't been able to go to buy yet...

Comment #16


This post is one that I hope and expect to write almost word-for-word in a few months. I 'specially like.

"NS does the portion control I need, I'm not bashful about saying I need the "crutch" Nutrisystem provides.".

I too plan on on making 200 my absolute upper limit. I also anticipate the need to stay with Nutrisystem in some form for for the long haul just the way and why you wrote so well about. Portion control. Makes a lot of sense to me!.



Comment #17

HEY ROBERT! Great to see you back. I hope you'll join me in getting back down and finding ways to keep on keeping on! You should be proud of the fact you're back before you gained more than you lost! As I said before - when I KEEP it off this time - it will be the FIRST!.

Stayed on plan yesterday and dropped another 1/2 pound...

Comment #18

Congrats Tom! You'll take care of those pounds in no time!..

Comment #19

I think the key to maintaining is to include a trip to the gym 3-5 times a week...

Comment #20

I maintained off of Nutrisystem food for almost 2 months before I started toward my ultimate goal. I just followed the spirit of Nutrisystem and tried to eat 700 calories between breakfast and snack, 700 for lunch and snack and 800 for dinner and dessert. I also balanced my meals to maintain a 40/30/30% of Low GI Carbs, Proteins, Fats. I did not get hungry on "regular" food unless I had some high GI products like white bread, sugar, potatoes, etc. I kept up the water routine and weighed regularly. I also recorded what I ate on the Nutrisystem site (even though it was a little bit of a pain off the program).

I have used the Nutrisystem Flavor Set Point Cook Book published in 1990 a lot. Bought it on Amazon for about 4 bucks including shipping. I may not buy Nutrisystem foods for life, but I will follow the Nutrisystem way for life...

Comment #21

Keep forging the trail for us John. I appreciate it..


Comment #22

After a good day on plan, I had choir practice and then helped a friend attempt to recover their Outlook data. Got home very late and after having my desert - let myself have a glass of wine which led to some off plan eating (fortunately healthy food). Weight popped back up a bit - I need to get back to the mindset makeover. The weekend will be important!.

It's tough knowing what you need to do - this is the critical period - staying with the lifestyle that has given me so many rewards. I will certainly succeed, but I started this thread to relate my real world experience. Thanks for all of your posts. It's especially good to see how well you're doing and how well you've adopted a healthy lifestyle!..

Comment #23

Still didn't get back on track. The only good thing is that I ended up the week down 1 pound at 207. I've discovered three words that sabotage my plan: "You deserve it". Tough day - You deserve it. Great day - You deserve it. New week - same plan - minus the three words. Stay tuned......

Comment #24

I've got you dialed in, Tom!.

As I approach the end game, my attention is fully focused on maintainers like you, partner..

That's one thing that's cool about this board - fully populated with guys who are at all different stages of their journey. Each of us are examples for those behind us and we also have examples of those in front of us. Pretty cool..


Comment #25

This is an important thread, because many of us are wondering "ok, what do I do when I get there." We know that our habits were bad, that is what got us to where we were. I started Nutrisystem so I could learn portion control. That is my number one reason. Tom, I was just like you, maintaining during the week and blowing it on the weekend. I finally had enough!.

I have been an athlete my whole life. I left College at 220 lbs and want to get back to that weight "or less." I was steady at 230 for the longest time, then injuries crept into my life. First a shoulder (no more tennis) then my back (no more anything). My weight quickly went to 248 pounds..

My only warning to everybody is depending too much on exercise. Excercise is important, but do not rely on it as your sole weight maintainer. Injuries come along, time away with no "equipment" etc. all happen. We need to be more in tune to what our body needs as far as calories, fat, and sugars are concerned..

I can't help on the maintainance area (yet), but thanks to all of you who are willing to help us when we get there and be our ginnea pigs!..

Comment #26

Dam it Tom!!!!!!.

Man UP!.


It's day one at 100%, Then it's day two. Then .........

You know the routine. Follow the program..

Respectfully Submitted..

There's too many people depending on you. Me for one...

Comment #27

You guys have it right. Let me tell you - it's tough to post the failures but I think it's much better than drifting off into la la land. Too many of those that make goal drift off - as painful as this thread is, I intend to tell it like it is - believe me, I've had to man up just to post this stuff.


Comment #28

Turns out that discovering this little mind game has been a BIG help. The mindset makeover has worksheets to figure this out; fortunately, the idea stuck if not the exact practice. Now when an impulse hits and my mind starts to say: "You deserve it!", I get rid of the exclamation point and the "it" and put in "a healthy body." or "a long happy life" or "to enjoy self respect" or "to be fit" etc. etc. It's amazing the impact. I usually do well at the beginning of the week - I'll report how well this works as I travel to be with my mom over this Mother's Day weekend..

Down 3 this week to 204...

Comment #29

Tom - I too am up 10 pounds and am back looking for that men's room kick in the @$$. We can both get bac kto where we want and NEED to be!..

Comment #30

Absolutely! I started this thread to get other peoples struggles and findings. What's sabotaging you and what are you doing to fix it?..

Comment #31

Hi Tom, It's your prodigal son knocking. I backslid a long way. For the longest time, back before I quit, I had lost my want-power. Basically, I had forgotten why I was doing Nutrisystem in the first place. I had lost 100#, BP normal with no pills, Cholesterol normal with no pills, wearing 2xlt where I used to wear 5-6xlt and my pants were 42 down from 60..

Like I said I lost my want-power and that lead to a loss of will-power and that lead to cheating every day. I wasn't gaining weight or losing weight at that point so I convinced myself I didn't need Nutrisystem any longer..

Now, I'm back up to size 46 pants, 3xlt shirts and my Doc put me back on Cholesterol pills. So here I am. Lesson Learned..

So, now I remembered why I started Nutrisystem to begin with.....My feet hurt SOFA KING bad. All I put on is about 30-35lbs. How in the hell did I walk when I was 404?.

Good to see you're still around Tom! Never underestimate what a positive effect you have on so many lives...

Comment #32

Hey! That's the name of my very favorite furniture store!..

Comment #33

Thanks, and don't forget that you're (Damon + all) a very positive and maybe evenly more importantly entertaining influence on these discussions!..

Comment #34

"SOFA KING"?? I gotta use that one. It is good!!..

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