What are the most recommended free iPage web hosting sites?

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Question I have... What are the most recommended free iPage web hosting sites? Looking forward for any comment. My other question... I'm having trouble getting a simple mailto: to work in Netscape..

<a href="?subject=MySubject">Mail Me</a>.

Works fine in IE, but when I click on the link in Netscape, nothing happens. My mail client is Outlook Express - does this affect things?.

I'd really appreciate some help as the mailto is kinda critical to my site. Thanks..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Go with aserver side script. If you can host the script on your server then find a script at.

.. else get it remotely hosted at.

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I believe this is your problem. OE is integrated into IE and will not open from Netscape. (At least it wouldn't during my testing with Netscape capabilities and such)..

Try to find someone who uses Netscape email as their settings normally and (in theory) it should be working OK for them...

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I use both Netscape and IE to pick up my email and I've never had any problem with the mailto: function..

I did have to set both up to receive mail from my server address, though..

If that's any help..


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He is trying to send mail from hi swebsite. and like I said it will not open OE. the file gets created in the temp folder...

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It won't? Okay..

I was just going by his coding. I've got the same coding on my pages and I can send myself emails using either Netscape or IE/OE. I've also used the same coding for other pages and they work in both. Whether I'm using my own computer or not..

Hmmm.... Maybe it's a Mac thing? <sigh> Or maybe I've missed something again..


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I've designed web pages in Netscape 4.x and had this working although I cannot remember what mail client I was using at the time..

I think it must be something to do wtih NS settings in it's preferences. I feel sure there must be some way of telling NS to open an email client...

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I just got this to work in Netscape Communicator 4.7. The syntax was as above and I just configured the mail server, my email address and my return email address in Netscape's preferences. Voila, it all worked...

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And a user that barely knows how to push the start button is going to figure it out? most people don't use netscape mail, like me..

What if people don't have communicator but just netscape base?.

Besides having your emial in plain iPage site is asking for a lot of spam bots to come and see it..

Torrent, for some reason that makes sence.


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Well, if they are using NS4.x then this will probably already set up..

I agree, but if someone is using NS4.x then they probably are not running Outlook or OE..

No idea as I don't have access to any other version 4 browser..

Yep, sure is. I don't recommend it but the option is there..

Cool, I'm starting to make sense....better watch out....there's no stopping me now....soon I'll be posting useful replies....from there it's just a short skip and jump to being a useful member of the forums....and then...bwahahahaha....the need a lie down...

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I use NS and don't use the email it has. it sucks....

Nap time for torrent.

Keep it up and you might get more karma.....

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Ummm.... Scoutt? *lol* Isn't that why they have a Tech Support line at the ISP office? The nice man verbally walked me through the entire setup. And he was even kind enough to use words of one syllable or less!.

I didn't have that kind of support for setting up IE/OE, which is probably why I don't use it very often..


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