What are the recommended behavior modifications for Medifast Diet?

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First of all What are the recommended behavior modifications for Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any response. Second question.. Well ladies - Welcome 2011. Some of us are at goal, some of us are in transition, some are on plan..

Whatever stage you are in, the support of your melters will help you in the end. Keep you accountable and RESPECTABLE.

Let's just keep working on those resolutions that we made for ourselves when we joined the Medifast family...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Love your post Michele.

New Year, New Thread, lol.....Looks beautiful out, I must get out there and walk. Walked yesterday and I really miss it..

We went to a diner, and then back to my friend's house afterwards. One never catches up, I'd like to go to bed but that doesn't happen..

Michele, very funny about Jolie. I can't blame her really!.

I can feel it in my bones.....with the support of each other, our strong wills, it's.

GET ER DONE, 2011..

Comment #2

Happy New Year!!!.

Glad to hear you all had a good evening! We had frozen pizza for supper with sparkling red grape juice out of wine glasses~even had a smaller wine glass for Delaney, so she thought that was pretty neat! After she was in bed, DH and I played a game, so it was nice instead of me falling asleep and him watching TV. Delaney and I even slept until 8 this morning!.

DH took off for the day to head to his parents and stop and see his brother. So, DD and I will hang out, go to church tonight, and I am going to get a pot of chili going. Nothing beats chili in the winter time!.

Michele~Jolie sounds like Delaney~I could see her getting upset about the same thing!.

Pamela started a thread a few minutes after you, Michele, this morning! You were probably both posting at the same time ; ).

Enjoy the day, take it easy,.


Comment #3

Here's Pamela's post for starting her thread (must not have seen Michele started one!).

Happy New Year!!!!!.

Let us vow to be our best selves this January. Each and every day be a blessing to those around us but most importantly to ourselves. Feed our bodies with the nourishment it needs and deserves. Eat the best..

Exercise and diescover all the wondeful ways our bodies can move..

Challenge yourself to try something new. Stretch beyond your comfort zone. Scare yourself..

Breathe deeply. Each inhale is a new start to the rest of your life. Live life with no regrets. Learn from our mistakes and use that information to just become better at who you are!.

Cherish yourself. For too long many of us have looked at what is wrong with us or our bodies but not enough time looking at what is right..

Melt daily. Here with those who love you ~ no matter what...

Comment #4

And here's her second post....

A joust is defined as a fight between mounted knights wearing armor and using lances..

The jousting is between who we are right now and who who are meant to be..

The fight between health and not so healthy..

The fight between choosing new ways ove old habits..

The fight to keep on our horse of health ~ and if we fall off ~ getting right back on ..

And her third post was wondering where we all were?!?! So, I filled her in that Michele also started a thread this AM a few minutes prior to hers....ok, hopefully this will bring all us Melters back to one spot! ~A~..

Comment #5

I have attempted to start the day (1/1/11 for those of you into numerology) working on those resolutions - I practiced for a little over an hour, did two loads of laundry and went to the gym. Now that I have had my lean and green lunch, I will practice some more (trying to get to 2 hours today) and then I will help my friend get settled back in her apartment after she has been in the hospital for a couple of days. Today is the first day I have not seen any additional weight loss but I am not complaining I hit my New Year's Day goal yesterday so I am still a very happy camper! Have a great day all!.



Comment #6


We went to dinner at a friend's house last night (4 couples) and had a great time. We left before midnight so we could be at home before the clock struck 12! We made it by one minute..

So, here's my end-of-the-year story. This was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. I have never been so panic stricken and terrified as I was when we were driving home from Gardnerville on December 30th. Here's how it went down....

My DH was driving and about 30 minutes after we passed the small town of Lone Pine off Hwy. 395 out in the middle of nowhere land, my DH said I needed to start driving so we pulled over to the side of the road and changed drivers. Unbeknownst to me, he decided to relieve himself and because it was so cold outside slammed the truck door shut on the passenger's side. I was busy fixing mirrors and watching for a break in traffic. Because I heard the door slam I thought DH was inside the truck and had put the seat slightly back and started to take a nap. HOWEVER, DH was NOT in the truck.

Because my big bulky coat was sitting on that seat, whenever I'd glance quickly over, I thought I saw his outline. We were REALLY in the middle of the desert in the middle of nowhere without any street lights, etc. The temp was in the 20's. Now it is a fairly well-traveled road, but there is NOTHING around. I was also driving about 70 mph, so I couldn't take my eyes off the road much and I certainly did not take my eyes off the road when oncoming traffic was coming because it would be too dangerous..

I did not realize my DH was not in the truck until 1.5 hours later when I pulled into the town of Mojave to get gas and finally was in the lights and looked into the seat and saw that it was empty. I have NEVER IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE experienced so much panic and terror. It filled my heart and I could barely function. I finally called 911 (after trying to find the highway patrol (CHP) office in town unsuccessfully) and could barely get the words out of my mouth to let them know what I had done. They told me that this sort of thing happens all the time, but that was not very reassuring to me. I turned around and started to drive back to where I thought he should be.

I knew if I gave into my emotions I would never find my DH. So, I started driving back, and about 40 minutes into that drive in a one-building-town called Pearsonville, there's this Shell gas station. I decided to fill up the tank with gas, go to the bathroom, and let the dogs out to also take care of business. I wanted to be prepared to last in the car another 2-3 hours without stopping..

Lo-and-behold, while the dogs are taking care of business the CHP calls and leaves me a v-mail message ... my DH has been found and they are going to deliver him to the Shell gas station in Pearsonville ... the exact place where I was at that time. I was absolutely elated and so thankful to God for keeping my DH safe..

When we were reunited, my DH was not in the least bit angry at me. He was more concerned. He kept praying for me because he knew when I found out what I had inadvertently done that I would be in a panic...and he was right!.

All this has given me a new perspective on the value of the most amazing man I am married to and that is a special gift from God. But, I never in my life want to feel that type of terrifying panic again. I started to hyperventilate and could barely speak or think. It was so terrifying and all I could think about was how my DH was doing out there in the desert in the middle of nowherewas he cold, was he mad, was he okay??? And, he wasn't cold, he wasn't angry, and he was okay. We have a GREAT God!.

So, happy new year to everyone. I'm more happy than ever because I have my DH sound and secure with me now, and I appreciate him more than ever!..

Comment #7

Judy~~WOW! Is all I can think to say! I am so glad that your story had a happy ending and that God was looking out for both of you. I can't even imagine what you were going through or what he thought as he watched you drive you're holding close to him!..

Comment #8

Hi Melters! I copied and pasted everyone's New Year's Resolutions from our past posting so that we have them here in this new one as a reminder! Anyone else ready to make commitments for 2011? Feel free to add, okay? It's not too late.


Get 8 hours of sleep a night.

Reach my target weight.

Get to the gym 3-5 days/week.

Keep a clean and orderly house and studio.

Put my business plan in to effect.

Practice 10 hours/week - achieve again the ability to play a pitch for 60 seconds.

Take at least one complete day off a month for me.

Babysit my grandchild one night a month so my son and daughter-in-law can have a date night.

Reduce my credit card debt by $3000 (reduced it by $2000 in 2010).

Put some serious money into my retirement account.

Smile more, laugh more and share the joy.


Balance in my life....from weight to losing those extras and maintaining it.

Keeping a neater house.

Less computer time.

Filling Jodi up a bit more on a personal level.


Maintain my weight loss.

Continue to develop good, healthy eating habits.

Develop and maintain a good, consistent exercise routine.

Find balance between binge and diet.

More time with girlfriends.

Do some more interesting things with the kiddos because in the end it is a bunch of fun for us too.


Maintain my weight loss.

Continue to develop good, healthy eating habits.

Develop and maintain a good, consistent exercise routine.

Live the Life I'm Meant to Live and rocking it in 2011.


Maintain my weight loss.

Continue to develop good, healthy eating habits.

Develop and maintain a good, consistent exercise routine.

Continue to be a blessing to everyone you come in contact with.


Comment #9


Sounds like a lovely low key New Year's Eve. Very cute on the wine glass!.

So "we" are in the homestretch. Who is going to contact us Melters? If you are comfortable, I'd like to give you or your DH my cell number to text me and let us know what's going on.

Okay posts have dissappeared and keep getting deleted ugh!..

Comment #10


Oye!!! What a scary story! Definitely a lesson on how we take those close to us for granted at times. What a gentlemen and sweetheart he was. xxxooo.


Sounds like you are off to a great start tackling some of those resolutions.....okay I need to join you and get tackling on the house...

Comment #11


You are so organized!!!!! Thanks for reposting our resolutions!..

Comment #12

Judy that is best story and adventure and panic stricken event I have read in a long while..

Very happy your outcome was the very best it could have been!.

I have too many resolutions to post here. I will be happy if 3 or 4 end up a part of my every day life!.

Happy New Year Melters.


Comment #13

Holy cow Judy!!!! What a story! I had tears just reading it so I can only imagine how you felt!..

Please tell me.....did DH just start walking in the direction you went? DId a passerby help out?.

I am glad to hear everyone is doing well and already trying for those resolutions.....Wow Jane - 2hrs of practice! But I guess this is what you do for a living so it isn't the dread that I had as a kid practicing I wish I had continued!.

SPent a relaxing day in the house and outside with the kiddos. Just did some minute math ont he computer with Abby and now the kids are playing a game together..

Leftovers for all tonite...veggie burger for me..



Comment #14

I signed on this site to wish all of you a very Happy, Peaceful and Loving New Year..

I read Judy's post and could hardly catch my breath waiting for the "good" news..

I re-read the story to my husband and the tears started to flow. Judy, we are so very happy everything ended up well. Very sorry for your distress especially being all alone!.

I told my husband that your DH will probably never "relieve" himself outside a vehicle again!.

I "know" you are feeling better since you were "so kind" to re-post all the Melter's resolutions. I haven't made any yet. After reading Pamela's words today, I think she said it all!!.

I will write more later. We are meeting the kids and are going out to dinner. We decided to stay home last night and will celebrate the New Year this evening. I'm on plan and on 1/1/11, I weigh "111" lbs. this morning!.


Comment #15

Amazing skinny gma you are Renie!.

Muah! Enjoy the evening with your wonderful family..


Comment #16

Our banner is now outdated....hmmm, who will come up with a new one?!?!..

Comment #17

Okay gang...I need to put crap away and clean...the family is coming tomorrow! Make me want to eat to avoid, lol!!!!.

Amanda...see you are our bright student. I didn't even notice it!.

Have fun Renie.....looking foward to seeing more of you this year xxxooo.

JodiNY...c'mon gives us your top few that you are realllllllllly going to work on!..

Comment #18

Good morning, Melters!.

Judy, I am glad to see you are back but I have to say your story made my heart skip a beat or 2 (or 15). I used to live in Las Vegas so I know how long and lonely those desert stretches of road can be! Thank heavens you and your DH were reunited as quickly as you were!!.

My plans today include more resolution work: Gym, practicing (yes 2 hours/day is kind of a minimum daily requirement if one is to truly be professional), CLEANING and getting ready for work tomorrow. I have a "gig" this afternoon (my guitarist and I are playing at an assisted living facility for an hour - we play old standards and the folks love it). Then I will have to check on my friend who got home from the hospital yesterday. All of this with my cell phone nearby in case there is a call from my son saying my daughter-in-law is in labor. We are in the final 2 week countdown to the official due date and she is READY to have this baby. And my son is ready to be a daddy - (I am ready to be a grandma - or Oma as they will call me - but I am not sure I am ready for the notion that my son is a father!!).

Have a great day all!.


Comment #19

Morning Melters.


How exciting for you and your family? Does it make you "feel old" knowing that your son is becoming a parent? How far do they live from you?.

2 hours a day is alot of practice for sure! Enjoy your gig to have an appreciative audience, well that says it all..

I'm getting my last licks in here on the computer (I hope). I really do struggle with the desire to take care of the house...maybe, just maybe this is the year I can be at peace with who I am, strive for that middle ground of taking care of business when it needs to be done, then letting it all go. When it comes to this I am worst than a this age it's embarrassing and I need to stop rebelling, lol!..

Comment #20

Good morning ladies..

Jane - you're going to be an OMA!!!! How exciting....that is Gma in....Polish? Swedish? I know I've heard it before ( I know you are going to tell me that it is something totally off the beaten track like from Fiji) LOL. at peace with who you are. As long as you dont qualify for an episode of Hoarders I think you are ok..

Last day of the kids vacation. Rainy out and I really need to get out to the supermarket to get us ready for teh week..

Off to shower.



Comment #21

Morning All,.

Another low key day here before everything goes back to normal tomorrow with work days, preschool. I suppose that is good since our house is in need of my going to the store, but I have not wanted to do that in our 'down time' this week..

I started a new book yesterday by Jodi her books, so I may not be around too much, but will still check in. Reading is truly more relaxing than whittling away time on the computer..

Jodi, don't worry, I'll let you all know when baby has arrived! Who knows, we may even end up taking the computer to the hospital as I think they have wireless internet..

Ok, off to make breakfast for the fam. Have a great day all! Jodi, enjoy the day with your fam. Jane, how exciting for you, your son and DIL!! Do they know what they are having?! We haven't found out what we're having and I'm getting anxious to meet this little 'feeling' is it's a girl, but we'll wait and see!.


Comment #22

Got up late ... running out the door to the gym .....

Comment #23

Well, I am back from the gym and found out I have now lost TEN pounds! In my world THAT is miraculous! I know I have 89 more to lose but I have not weighed this little in several years so I am going to enjoy all the little milestones. I wish there could be an icon of Snoopy dancing because that is how I feel when I step on the scale and get such good news. I suppose it would be a copyright infringement to somehow copy it from somewhere!.

About the impending birth like you,.


, the kids have decided to not know what the gender is until the actual birth. They have set up the nursery in beautiful green with stenciled trees and little animals so it will work for either sex..


, Oma is actually German and it is what my nieces and nephews called my mom so it will be hard to get used to hearing that and realize someone is referring to ME. We are not of German heritage (just generic northern European - English/Irish/Scottish) so I am not exactly sure how we settled on Oma and Opa for my parents but it has stuck. My deceased brother's grandchildren called him Opa and my son has decided I should be called Oma..


- It does not make me feel old to be an Oma - somehow I am still stuck in that adolescent "I'm immortal" phase - maybe it is because at 57 my hair has not as yet turned grey (it is genetic - not my fault nor my doing!!).

Anyway, it is time to have my mid-morning bar and get to practicing and vacuuming!.

Cheers all!.

Have a great day!..

Comment #24


I know what you mean....there is a part of me that still feels like a teenager, very young,which is a good thing! Congrats you do need to celebrate yourself and the hard work you are doing on this journey!.


Thanks honey, I need some support, while I'm trying to talk to myself, and not get crazy. Nahhh, I'm more like a trail blazer than a hoarder..

I can't believe the kids are going back already...thanks for reminding me because with company coming and all I may have forgotten meat for the kids lunches!.


Have a good workout...hope it's not mobbed there!.


Enjoy your book there is nothing like getting into a good one! The computer does relax me, but it also doesn't, lol. Hmmmm does DH think it will be a girl too? So exciting!..

Comment #25


I resolve to be less of the doormat, washer, care for every one but me woman at home and more of the adventurous active woman I once was!..

Comment #26


Love it! We are right behind you........(thanks for posting.


Comment #27

Ok, resolution....I'm not making mine about weight, since I will obviously want to lose the weight after recovering from having the baby....but being healthier is one of them..

My big one for the year to work on is to have more patience with DH and to not lose my cool over 'little' things and when they are 'bigger' things, then to approach it with patience and love rather than an 'I'm right, you're wrong and owe me an apology' attitude..

Enjoying the last day before the 'real' world returns tomorrow. DD is napping and I'm going to read...catch you later!.


Comment #28

Omgosh Judy, that's horrifying. God is so good though and took good care of him for you. Thanks for adding the resolutions too...

Comment #29

Getting ready for one last get together ... and then we can officially say good bye to this holiday season!!!.

Spaghetti squash is cooking ....

One of my resolutions is to run a 5K race this year. Of course I will have to learn how to run first ... Renie ~ you want to join me.


Judy - How scary!!!! I cannot even imagine how you must have felt when you looked over ~ it is like a twilight episode ....

Ok I gotta get some make-up on and I am still in gym clothes ( of course they are much more comfortable than my sausage jeans ( I keep telling myself by this time next week I will feel sooooo much better.


Comment #30

Pamela, I completed the Couch25k and it really works. You probably already know Nike has an app for ipods too. Good Luck...

Comment #31

Signing off for the evening, Melters. Kind of dreading getting into the swing of things this week with regular work schedules for DH and I and preschool for DD. It's been nice to be home and lay low this week. Going to get DD in bed early since she didn't actually ever sleep for her 'naptime' and then cuddle up with my book!.

Have a good evening and good Monday,.


Denise~how long is the start to finish process for the couch25K?? I've thought about it, but never known anyone to ask about it. Please fill me in! Do you have to have ipod w/ downloaded program to do? Details, details about your experience...I'd love to hear!..

Comment #32

Hi all..

My dad and step mom came by for a little - they live in the city and stop by when they miss the kiddos. Sent dad home with some mushroom barley soup I made - hubby said it tasted good and I made Beef bourginoun...spelling? GOt adventurous with a new cook book and from seeing Julie and Julia on tv a few nites ago..

Another make more than the typical five or seven meals I make now!.

Glad to be getting back inot the swing tomorrow - and no.....vacation is so nice..

Lunches made, kids in bed and not asleep - off to make cocoa and relax with hubby..

Nite all.


Comment #33

Michele ~ First he ran after the truck ... thinking I was being funny and was going to stop. Then he realized I didn't know he wasn't in the car and he thought I'd be back very soon. So, he started walking souththe direction we were headed. Then he thought, "I've always heard if you're lost, stay where you were last seen so that they can find you, so he walked back to the "scene of the crime." After an hour, he realized I really didn't know he was in the car, he was getting cold just standing there, so he started walking (briskly to make sure he stayed warm) south again. It was only a half-hour after he started walking that the CHP picked him up.

It was cold out so my DH had his hood up on his hoodie not really very inviting looking for anyone to stop and say, "Can I take you somewhere?" So, he never did get picked up except by the highway patrol. I told that story to some people NY Eve, and they started laughing. I was so upset because it was still so raw and I was still so "vulnerable". I realized I really can't tell the story plainly right now because no one can understand the emotions I was going through. Some day, I will be able to laugh at it myself, but just not right now..

Comment #34

JodiNY ~ I LOVE that resolution for you! This will be an exciting year for you as you move into who you really were made to be. Can't wait to share it with you all year long..

XXOO Judy..

Comment #35

Pamela ~ Thats EXACTLY what it felt like, The Twilight Zone.

... couldn't have said it better myself ... you nailed it! XXOO Judy..

Comment #36

Michele ~ I love Beef Bou... (whatevertoo lazy to look up correct spelling!). It's good to get adventurous in cooking. I'm going to attach a wonderful vegetarian recipe for everyone. It is Garden Vegetable Soup. The prep takes 40-60 minutes ...

The only "fresh" ingredient I substitute with canned is the tomatoes. I use two 14-oz. cans of diced tomatoes Italian style. Otherwise, for the BEST taste, use all fresh veggies. Hope you enjoy it.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #37

By the way, Melters, I weighed myself this morning and did it twice just to make sure, and I weighed exactly 142 lbs., so I did not gain over the holidays.

I was truly shocked. I thought I had. So now I wonder what kind of head games do I play with myself to make me think I'm gaining weight.

This is something I will have to explore..

Back to work tomorrow.

I have enjoyed my time off and using my new the way, I love my new Kindle! Can't wait for my next business trip to pack that slim thing in my purse and still be able to read as much as I want. I got the one with 3G so I can download wireless from my Kindle and not have to hook up to a computer. My DH is good to me.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #38

Good morning Melters!.

Judy - yeah for you for maintaning! That my dear is keeping it off for good!.

I am tired today and just cannot get going ... it will be very very hard for me to get back into the routine NOT being the routine girl that I am.

But I am off to the gym regardless ... sigh ... everyone have a good one...

Comment #39

Morning ladies. I gotta get a kindle....perhaps I would read more which wouldn't be a good thing bc once I am into a book all else falls to the side!.

Judy - just a crazy crazy story and one day you will be able to laugh at it....just not yet - phew..

Off to work lovelies. Have a great day. I am freezing which means ketosis is here and here to stay!.


Comment #40

Morning Melters.

Hate that rushing after vacation. Would have gone to bed earlier, if DD didn't need to talk because she is very stressed out and worried about going to college, leaving the nest, etc....DH kiced in and did a nice job cleaning the kitchen. I asked him how I can keep it going....I got crickets. Oh well I have a headstart for me to try to maintain this. Love the emptiness.


Didn't realize that kestosis makes you cold......good work freezing your ask off.

Denise, Happy New Years. Good to see you!.

Judy, alot of emotions happened for you that night. It was a living nightmare for you. It's okay to keep it to yourself, or only share it with safe hands...

Comment #41

My life is much easier, simplier and balanced when I go to yoga, stay away from sugar and stay on program, DUH!.

I actually have to work today ... people want to go on program ( refer any of your friends to me - pretty please ) and music classes are about to start ... I need another week or two.


Jodi - I wonder if there is something in the air - Trevor woke up sobbing last night & said he dreamed I died ~ he was hard to console ... for an 8 yr old he has lots of aniexty ~ I need to spend more time with him with grounding and breathing methods. Will be getting certified in reikki next week so that should help..

Denise - details about your couch to 5K ~ have you run the Falmouth ( I know that is 10K)? I am going to the doctor's next week to get the ok to run and have a few weeks under my belt of 5/1 program..

Michele I freeze too ... should starting tomorrow ... today is just the tinny breath ~ bring it on!!!!.

Need to go and make a buck...

Comment #42

Michele - I also have the same problem with reading ... can't stop until I'm done, but I LOVE to read! It is one of those special things that gives me great pleasure..

You know, I don't ever remember having any side affects with ketosis! Maybe I'm just dumb and happy and clueless about it all.

I know I reach ketosis because I use the keto-stix to check and make sure. However, Medifast doesn't put you into a major ketosis state, only mild..

Made a delicious organic roast chicken last night. Costco now sells whole organic roasting chickens ... YEAH! Also made some roasted veggies and a salad. Couldn't finish the salad just too much food. Still my big problem is quantity. I got to get that quantity thing under control..

DH also made chocolate chip cookies last night and I wanted to "kill" him, but I just ate 3 cookies instead.

He is going to take them to work tomorrow and let the locusts consume them away from me!!!.

One thing I have noticed is that I did eat sweets over the holidays and it has increased my desire for sweets. DUH!! (as Pamela would say!!) Got to stop the sweets thing so I can stop the cravings. Just don't want the cravings because it makes me out of control with food and I just don't want to be out of control with my food..

Have a great Medifast day ... and don't forget your 64-oz. of water minimum intake today! XXOO Judy..

Comment #43

Pamela ~ I'm going to use you as my cheerleader to get my buttsky back to the gym! Today it is raining and I just couldn't drag one more thing out to the car for work had four bags of different things already so my gym bag was left behind and is probably crying the blues right now wanting to know why I diss it so often.

I simply must have it packed and ready to go with me in the morning or put it in the car the night before..

COMMITMENT ... COMMITMENT ... COMMITMENT ... That's one of the things I committed to so I just need to "get 'er done" in two-oh-one-one!! XXOO Judy..

Comment #44

Hi lovelies! Back from work - kids are done with homework...well one is at least. Tutor is coming soon and dinner from yesterday is going in the oven soon to cook some more. Then to start prepping for tomorrows dinner since I wont walk in the door until late..

Bb soon.


Comment #45

Hi Gals........Just wanted to say a quick hello as I can't come out and play until I figure out my checkbook/online banking so I can pay the bills. I have really screwed things up and don't know my current balance!.

I spent yesterday rearranging my walk-in closet. Found items (new) that I forgot about and just have to do my sweaters and my closet will be organized..

So I'm having two fun days!!! NOT!.



Next is bathroom closets (all drawers/cabinets) and hallway cabinets! I'm donating or throwing away. Husband doesn't need to see the trash as he will just put items in his shop/barn where they will stay forever...

Comment #46

SOunds liberating Renie! I am hoping for some of that cleaning bug sometime this summer when Jordan has some hours in camp and I have less work hours..


Comment #47

I dragged all day today. Stayed completely OP though and drank the better part of agallon of water, which I will finish before I hit the rack at 9 (usually 11 is when I finally call it a night, but I'm done in and think it will help me stay focused to go to bed at 9). Thank god it isn't a bowl game I want to see tonight. Though the Celucs are on..

Pamela, I have no desire to run a 5k, 8k, or 10k. Just wanted to be able to say I could do it and boy did it jump start my weight loss and my hams have never looked so good and my tush is even smaller. There is a website for Couch25k and it tells you in detail what you have to do. It totally works. I highly recommend it. I'm wicked slow, but I have never been able to run.

Now I run or I should say I did run about three weeks ago 10 min. intervals with 1 min. walks in between. Let me know how you do. Definately run with a friend or ipod.

Gotta go. Still at work and need to get home to make supper. Thankfully it's prepared. Preparing is the key. Check back later...

Comment #48

Greetings all! I am also still at work and still have a meeting to go to tonight so I packed all my food for the day. This is my first full day of work on Medifast and, although I have to admit I am tired, I have stayed OP and have one more bar for 8 PM or the end of the meeting if it does not seem appropriate to munch in the middle of it!.

Thank you for the comment about Ketosis making you feel cold. I am in menopause and am usually boiling hot so I was surprised to feel cold (as I do now) - so now I know why and know that it is a good thing! Thanks for that!.

Have a good evening everyone! I am sure I will be too tired to sign on when I get home other than to log my 8:00 meal!.



Comment #49

Denise - 10 minute miles are fantastic. I know some runners enjoy the competition of 5k's even if it is just competing against there own time. Pamela - I got in great shape with running and I was only running 10 - 20 minutes a shot and doing interval cardio. Wish I could still do it, but my back and foot have dictated that it will probably be a thing in the past ...sigh.

Out of curiousity...Pamela what on earth did you say to Trevor to calm him down???? My kids esp my oldest have had anxiety with death - eps when a little 4th grader died suddenly last year. I found it hard and hoped the words I used helped but not sure. Is Trevor ok now?.

Ok for some decaf and relaxing. Kids are all in bed and soon will be asleep - after last nites late nite and this morning's difficulty it was a no brainer!.


Comment #50

Omgosh how did I miss this about your Trevor? I used to have the same dreams and anxiety about my gram, twin and brother. I used to drive my parents crazy calling them making sure my sibs were okay. Still check in with them more than I probably should. My oldest daughter has the same anxiety. When we lost a dear friend about four years ago (She was the BU student who died in the fire), my Amelia was almost 9. She had the toughest time and wouldn't go anywhere without me or my husband and we actually don't light candles anymore at our house.

She wouldn't even eat sometimes for fear she'd choke. Even now she chews her food for several minutes. It's kinda odd. Then of course, their best friend lost her brother to a brain tumor. She was actually with us that night and we all slept in our living room to be with her.

I don't think there is a handbook, but we say I love you a lot. We even text it but in a special way 143. I think actually the cell phone is what got her through it. She knew she could contact me whenever she wanted to even if it was to say 143. I think the darn news is part of the problem.

I hope you find a way to ease his anxiety. One of the priests at church always prays for peoples "useless anxiety". I always appreciate it. I'll pray for your Trevors...

Comment #51

[quote=mishymel]Denise - 10 minute miles are fantastic. I know some runners enjoy the competition of 5k's even if it is just competing against there own time. Pamela - I got in great shape with running and I was only running 10 - 20 minutes a shot and doing interval cardio. Wish I could still do it, but my back and foot have dictated that it will probably be a thing in the past ...sigh.

Wait a minute. I can't run a 10 minute mile. I run for 10 minutes and then walk for 1 (I do this for about 45 minutes). I suck at running. The entire time I'm doing it I say I suck and I chant I hate this I hate this I hate, my butt and legs will look better, my butt and legs will look better. This sucks.

I'm not even sure I can run for 10 minutes. I'm a much better powerlifter, but it messes with the scale. I wish I liked it like you do. Oh and I absolutley hate it on the treadmill. I need to be outside...

Comment #52

JoBeth, has your daughter picked a school? I think it's so great she doesn't want to leave you guys. My oldest nephew (husbands side) couldn't go to school fast enough. He never comes home and is a wicked punk. I feel so bad for my SIL. It is her only child too so she's so lonely. It sounds like you have a very close family.

It's kinda cool. I love to hear about everyones kids (except the bummer stuff like Pamela's poor guy). Well I'm going to go watch a little Celucs and then go to bed. I need my rest if I'm ever going to lace up those running sneakers again. Hey, one ? though.

I just don't feel like one tonight but I wicked want some pb...

Comment #53

And how do you guys get the quotes to look cool? Mine look stupid...

Comment #54

Renie ~ I can't believe you're on a cleaning binge ... that's what I have planned for this month. I already cleaned the lower level of my closet where I keep my shoes and other assorted junk. God rid of some shoes, dog hair, dust balls, and junk, junk, junk. It is AMAZING what I found "hidden" in there! It really got me motivated to continue closet cleaning. Next I'm going to do the kitchen cabinets because I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt there is stuff in there that I haven't used in a very looooooooooooooooong time.

I need to get rid of what I don't use and keep what I do use..

Just watched Dr. Oz tonight and he had a great show with a 11-week weight loss challenge. He partnered with Nike and created a website that sounds very familiar to the Medifast environment. Very cool. I don't have any weight to lose ... just maintain, so I'm not interested in it, but I sure might move people who aren't on Medifast that way..

Does anyone else watch Dr. Oz ... I just love his show. XXOO Judy..

Comment #55

Denise ~ I'm definintely going to look into the Couch25K because I need some sort of "get off your butt, Judy" incentive! I made a commitment to exercise, but I'm having trouble getting myself into the exercise mode. Tonight I will pack my exercise bag so I can go straight to the gym after work and not pass go beforehand!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #56

Jane ~ Great planning! It makes such a difference when you plan ahead. I always pack extra stuff each day so that I have variety like a few extra bars and an extra shakejust in case I want that instead of whatever it was that I planned..

Bars are the best because you can carry them in your purse and pull them out any time of day or night and keep yourself from getting hungry and eating the kitchen sink!.

Have another great, well-planned day tomorrow! XXOO Judy..

Comment #57

Michele ~ Get yourself some good sleep/rest tonight so you are charged and raring to go tomorrow ... because you'll have to be on the go whether you're ready or not!!! XXOO Judy..

Comment #58

Denise ~ Are you still in weight-loss phase or transition or maintenance? PB is a nice protein but higher fat, so it's not too damaging to have a little. What you don't want to crave (obviously) is sugar. I still have to get that craving out of my system from the holidays ... wish I had just stayed away from that crapola! Oh well, the deed is done and now I have to fight to stay away so I can get past the cravings again. Can't wait for that to happen. Someone at work received a gift basket and put all the junk out.

Nasty little basket! My DH is watching the Orange Bowl right now and said it's a good game. I don't watch too much college football, so I'm not all that interested, although we will watch the BCS Bowl Game together since Oregon is playing. Have a great evening. XXOO Judy..

Comment #59

Denise ~ For quotes, click the "quote" button below someone's post and then you start typing BELOW the second parenthetical /QUOTE word. The quote starts off with [QUOTE and your Medifast name and then ends with the word /QUOTE in parenthesis. You have to start typing below that second parenthetical /QUOTE. Works every time.

You can even "modify" the quote. For instance if I used a size 4 font and you want my quote smaller, just go in and change the 4 to a 3 and the font when quoted will be the smaller font..

Hope that helps! XXOO Judy..

Comment #60

Morning Melters.


So good to see your posts.

DD is still applying to colleges. She is really all over the place, wants to dorm and get that campus experience, but doubting if she can without missing home too much. She wants the safety of knowing she will have some friends, love it, etc. I actually am getting concerned about her. She is a great student, and I'm afraid her fears and worries are going to hold her back here and in life. I made an appt.

So did you have your PB? I actually like putting PB2 in the brownie....yum! Can't say if it's interchangeable on the program. Sometimes we have to shake it up a bit, it's very tough and monotonous at times imo!.


You mentioned changing your meals up a bit for the family...Sheesh I think you are pretty good. My family is so little as to what I cook that they like, that has protein in it!.

How did the kids adjust to the new/old school? I'm sure it's nice to be back!.


How's Trevor doing? What a horrible dream. A nighmare is just so hard to shake. You never know what they are thinking too! DD looks so cool and calm, I don't realize that she stresses and worries so much. I want to work on her with this..


I'll have to check out Dr. Oz....I keep seeing his name mentioned..

Chocolate calling you? Yes I can relate. The gym hasn't been though eh? I can relate too. It is important to keep this weight of by exercise.


Shopping in your closets.....gee you just go in there putting all the xmas away, doesn't it make you crazy to stll be in there? Have you been meeting our friend's for a lunch excursion or coffee? Are you helping Amanda nest?.

I just need to tell you girls I'm tired of being deprived and on MF. It's been over ten months of me not eating anything that is off program (except for bars). I'm getting resentful...even wanting the Kosher Cornbeef and Pastrami that I bought the other day when the family was over. I haven't eaten meat in over 12 years!.

So....I'm going to try 4/2 or something else this week. I really can't do transition as dictacted. I am going to wind up doing my own thing and gaining some of it back...

So here's hoping I can keep a handle on this..

Jane, Amanda, see you all later. Miss you Jo..

I'm off to cat duty...

Comment #61

Good morning all!.

I am still in my "pink cloud" phase still doing the Snoopy dance as I am down incrementally this morning. But I am glad you all are here and sharing your issues especially you, Jodi. I have been in your place many times in my life when I have gotten resentful and gone off a diet and 100 lbs later, this is where I am today. This is where I think the Medifast community is going to help you and all of us because I am sure all of us will be where you are now at one time or another. Hang in there and do what you need to do and be GENTLE with yourself! Cheers! Jane..

Comment #62

Good morning everyone!.

Late again today ... I am getting much too lazy these days.

Jeff was getting the kids off to school so I roll oout of bed - grab a coffee and bar and head off to the gym..

Real life returns tomorrow.

I have to admit - I am in a bit of a funk. Going to the gym helps...

Comment #63


Thanks for your post. I have been here too.. I've lost weight, nice chunks before....this is usually when I'd "go crazy" and the pounds start coming back. I'm very aware, that I have to find my way....that's like a dance (not a snoopy dance all the time.

, btw I love snoopy)..

I'm very happy for you Jane. Keep dancing around that supper dish of L&G!.


Do you get affected by the weather or is it the holiday over let down?..

Comment #64

I do believe it is a combination of both but more so holiday let down - get into a routine let down. Last year I went to Kripalu the 2nd week of January and that worked out well ~ looks like this year it is not until Feb 6th ....

I just keep on putting one foot in front of the other. Today Body Combat class helped...

Comment #65

Denise ~ Looked up the Couch to 5K (C25K) on the Internet and realized it is really a running program. I don't run! It is too hard on my knees and my girlfriends up top.

I love the elliptical and walking instead. So, I'll pass. I have no desire to "run". Got my workout clothes packed in my workout bag and in the truck so I can stop by the gym on the way home ... no excuses today!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #66

Ahhhhh, can you just "smell" that beginning "blush" on MF? I do remember being so "giddy" about the weight loss..

Pounds just kept peeling off and I was a happy camper. There were weeks when I only lost one pound, but that was infrequent..

I know my weight loss was slowed by doing a 4/2 program for at least 1/2 my weight loss phase, but I made it work for my traveling lifestyle, and it definitely worked! Keep up the good work, Jane! You are on the right track and will be successful because you have your head in the right place. XXOO Judy..

Comment #67

Pamela ~ I am constantly having to run to the Internet to find out what you are talking about ... Kripalu ... never heard of it before! So, now I know it's some kind of yoga, but their website doesn't have something to click on that specifically says what makes it different. Oh well ... that's okay ... I was just curious and have no plans to attend a class.

So what's involved in your Body Combat Class ... sounds so serious and rigorous! You truly amaze me, Pamela. When I look at your before pics and see you now and hear all the different classes you take I just can't hardly believe it. What does your DH think of this radically changed person? Does he workout a lot? XXOO Judy..

Comment #68

Jodi ~ Dr. Oz's website is.

He tapes in NY ... you should try to get tickets and go ... all you New Yawkers ... get there! It would be such a blast! He is so much fun. On the west coast he's on at 5pm on channel 11 every week day. I try to get home to watch him.

Oz last night. It was a great show and he was explaining his 11-week challenge..

My gym clothes are packed and in the car ... I'll be stopping by the fitness center before going home this evening ... that's a promise!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #69

Nope, I'm back to weight loss. I was 1 lb to goal but gained with Christmas and New Years and I've decided to go an extra 10. I think I have 17 now to go. Ugh. Sometimes, I like to know I can walk away from the junk at work. Makes me feel empowered.

I'd much rather drink my calories than eat them...

Comment #70

Did you go to the gym? I know what you mean about the girls, but I have good support. Knees are a little bit of a problem because I hate to run on the treadmill. I did run today for 30 minutes, but I am still dragging. Is it he sugar detox? I'm exhausted...

Comment #71

So would I but mine looks more like wine and martinis.

I went to Bunko tonight and stuck to water and only water .....

Comment #72

Denise - YUP! I made it to the gym.

Spent 25 minutes on the ellipitcal and 20 minutes with weightsmostly upper body, but a few for lower. Was a great workout, but because it's the new year and everyone has made a weight loss resolution, the gym was very crowded. I almost left because I drive a BIG Ford F250 4X4 truck (big) and it is VERY difficult to park. Honestly, I cannot park that thing in a regular parking spot because I'm just not sure when/if I'll hit something from the front. Thankfully a perfect parking place opened up and I was able to slip right in. I can't get to the gym tomorrow but my plan is to go again on Thursday after work..


XXOO Judy..

Comment #73

Pamela ~ I actually have started imbibing again, but DEFINITELY not like I used to before Medifast (1/2 bottle of wine when I did drink.

). Now I try to stick with one "large" glassful and take nice, dainty, feminine sips so it lasts the whole meal ... believe me (and I know you do!!), it isn't easy!!!.

But, I just don't want to get back into that old habit and get stuck with all those nasty carbs..

Good job on the water only at Bunko!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #74

Denise ~ I didn't think about it much, but I was also exhausted the other night ... maybe it is from detox, although today I completely avoided sugar in any form ... yeah! I have to get that out of my systemI can't stand the craving what I really don't want to get trapped into eating. Plus, I have the Atkins bars which taste just like candy bars, so I need to rely on those and not sugary candy. Sleep tight Melters! XXOO Judy..

Comment #75

Good morning Melters!!!.

Getting back into the routine ... my favorite thing!!! Seriously though in some way it is so much easier..

Today my mantra is " I am the woman with water" ... when I was losing my weight intitially I always had a something I said to myself through out the day. Today's focus is water. I am back in the swing of things HOWEVER I know the next few days are crucial ~ so keep me honest!!!.

Trev is doing OK these days ... it was reassuring to know other kids carry this around. It really does not seem to affect Abigail in the same way but she is a very very old soul. I believe her to be an indigo child ( there is another one for you Judy.


Today I am off to visit a school in Boston in a pretty rough section and yes I am a bit scared but as usual I will do it anyway. Trying to see if my drummer friend and I can do some programming for the kids..

Michele would love to "talk" with you about my drummer boy also..

Coffee and a bit of quiet time ... have a good one my friends...

Comment #76

Good morning friends!.

I have an early morning networking meeting (7:30) so there will be no gym for me this morning. But I looked back and realized I have gone six days in a row (more Snoopy dancing detected!) so it is probably good to take a day off. The down side is that the gym is where I weigh so there will be no exercise or weight logged today. I am a little hesitant to mention what I am about to write because I am so new to the program and new to you all as such a tightly knit group. But I am NOT new to weight issues and have suffered with this long and hard. So please let me simply tell you a bit of my story and just keep it about me.

My whole family struggles/struggled with weight issues. But I am the only one in the family who sought outside help in the form of talk therapy to deal with it. It turns out that the problems with food are not intrinsic in the food itself but have to do with me having not been permitted to express emotions as a kid. (My family was HIGHLY intellectual and if you were having an emotional outburst you had best make sure your grammar was correct or you would get corrected on your grammar and the content of the outburst would be ignored) So I stuff my emotions down with food. There were also neglect and abuse issues that I don't need to go into.

For me, this helps me realize that I will need to stay very close to my therapist to root out and heal the reasons I turn to food instead of allowing other things like anger, joy, love etc etc in my life. If I don't, I know that once I loosen the tight grip I have on my beloved 5-1 plan, I will face the grim binge monster and it won't be pretty. Sorry to be so heavy so early in the morning but I went to bed thinking about this and woke up thinking about this so I figured I needed to get it out there to help me understand that losing the pounds is just the beginning of the journey! I hope you all have a great day! Be well! Jane..

Comment #77

Jane - I think you have the key to success in your pocket. Most of us have issues that food has helped "solve" and we need to keep constant watch on it or we return back to where we started ( and sometimes then some)..

It is not what we are eating but what is eating us! Being overweight is the main thing that kept me connected to my family and I had to work through letting that go and becoming healthy. My hope is that they follow ... BUT I need to take care of me regardless!.

Judy - just an FYI - Kripalu is also the name of the yoga center I go away too as well as a type of yoga I will be going for 5 nights in February to eat, sleep and dance yoga!!!!..

Comment #78

Morning ladies...running out the door -.

Pamela - Patty emailed me that she is interested in learning more about your drummer guy! I will forward the email to you if you want. let me know..

As for the "bad " part of town......Did lots of homecare in those parts.....walk with your drum held high and make eye contact - Guess it helped that I looked silly carrying around a huge therapy ball and a bag of toys that was in constant chatter! muah!.

Jane ....sigh....I believe I have to ditto what Pamela said - What is wonderful about the boards and Medifast is that I really believe for the first time we are actually coming to terms with what we have always done with food....used it in the wrong ways. It is a forever struggle - I think that is the part I still struggle with - lol....I wish I could be one of those "normal" eaters out there and yet...I know it isn't in the cards for most of us who have struggled with weight issues int he past. In order to maintain and lose weight in our culture one has to deal with the food issues and maintain the vigilence. I think it is great you are doing some soul searching..

Okl ladies bb after work - gotta get beat up by my first kid while his momma watches and smiles and then try to tell a mommy of 7 kids that her second youngest is at a 5 month 2 1/2 oy vey!.


Comment #79

Michele - for sure forward the email. I am now working with John as his business manager ... he really is wonderful ~ wonderful enough for me to find time to help him!.

As far as the bad parts of town - my background is actually criminal justice and I used to work in the worst of the worst projects ... living here in suburbia has made me "soft" - hee hee ... off for my adventure .....

Comment #80

Morning Ladies.


Thank you for opening up and feeling comfortable enough to share your thoughts are a smart lady! Medifast to me, is and was an open door to tackle the first phase which was forced restriction, revamping and helped keep me respectable and my bingeing at bay. It truly is only the first chapter of the book.....I've been writing, and rewriting mine for probably over twenty years. With all the work I've done, it doesn't mean anything if I fall back to the safety of food....keep close to your therapist is a great idea! I have to tell you losing the weight as amazing as it and as much as I am enjoying it, messes with my mind and leave me without alot to deal with, continue to juggle with, and knowing that this is my lifelong struggle. I've thought of checking with a therapist myself, but holding off for financial reasons. I will continue to be AWARE of all the emotions and how I process life, and keep an eye that ugly disrespectful habits and patterns don't continue back on a daily basis. Progress, not perfection.....


Where are you? Thinking of you.....


Have a good day, and good luck with that Mother!.


I'm actually taking my DD to check in with a therapist tonight. She seems to push things back in her mind and not deal with them. It's time for her to get some tools to destress and address matters. I was going to wait until closer for her to go to college, and just do a "check-in" because DD said she was going to need it, but she gets headaches and backaches from it. There is alot going on for her now just figuring out her future, but after her meltdown the other night, it can only help!.

Aaaahh you are going on a Yoga retreat? I think you like the excitement that the routine doesn't bring! I hear you on that. I am even trying to balance things at home because it's like the weight sometimes we need to invest in certain things to get to that payoff!.

I like your Mantra idea..

Comment #81

Hi Melters: I'm being selfish and lazy by not posting.............just enjoying reading your postings and agreeing with all of you. I'm doing okay; hate the cold weather and fog..

I need sunshine and ocean sounds..

I'm on hold trying to get some insurance billings corrected. This should be fun..

Still cleaning and sorting through drawers. Speaking of drawers......I have enough boxer shorts underwear to last the rest of my life. Just like food, once I like something I over indulge!!.

Have a great day my dear Melters..


Comment #82

Pamela ~ It is amazing how quickly we can forget about the water. When I was on vacation at my sisters I had to be soooooo deliberate and still missed it some days. Now that I'm back in my own environment I'm redeveloping the water habit so that I get that minimum 2 quarts a day in..

And, thanks for my "word for the day"! Indigo ... I'll look it up.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #83

Jane ~ I would venture to guess that your words could be the words of many of us. I don't think I've ever seen anything "official", but many overweight women (in particular) have also faced abuse issues in their past as well. It is not an uncommon thread. I think we all worry about the binge monster coming out of the closet to destroy us. That's why this group of women is so very important ... we have someone to run to and get back on our feet.

Getting to the root, and rooting it out, will give you the freedom from food that you need ... that we all need! XXOO Judy..

Comment #84

Jodi ~ Have you and/or your daughter ever considered that maybe she isn't ready right now to go off to school? Why not go to a local junior college for 1-2 years and then go off to a 4-year college? The classes you take at a JC are the lower division classes that you need for a bachelors degree anyway, you just have the great opportunity to pay less for them.

Anyway, some kids just aren't ready, and if she is stressing out so much, I think you need to have a talk about readiness and how it is okay to stay at home and go to a JC. Just a thought! XXOO Judy..

Comment #85

Renie ~ I bought two pairs of those "boy shorts" and gave them away. They had a tendency to go somewhere I didn't want them to go (where the sun don't shine.

). I still have that one pair of thongs, but I don't wear them that often. My favs are bikini cut ... something I would never have worn before I lost all the weight. Be blessed. XXOO Judy..

Comment #86

Michele ~ Okay, you may have told me before, but I think I may need more info (and don't forget I'm over 50.

), but what is it exactly that you do? And do you work for the state, city, private? With the family contact you have, I'm interested and curious. XXOO Judy..

Comment #87


We actually have very good colleges that are about a 1/2 hour away. She really "wants" to dorm and that campus experience....but has they great fear. We are seeing someone today to start talking about ease her stress and talk about where she is at. Perfect timing, because I will want the therapist's input in this decision about her readiness..

I'll have to DVR Dr. Oz......thanks for the recommendation!.

I'm working on the water myself. When it's cold out, I'm just not running to drink it like I used to..

I know there are very high statistics, maybe 1 in 4 that women with eating disorders have been sexually molested/abused. Years ago I attended a meet or two and there yearly conference. Very interesting indeed........I'm sure we can all relate to Jane. Food isn't a learned Comfort with a capital "C" for no reason! It served a need/needs for sure..

I'm down a bit, very relieved to see that. I made chicken soup...I may even taste some of the carrots and noodles.....May not sure yet. Yesterday and today I am doing the 4/2 and so far so good!..

Comment #88


Put that underwear down girlie, lol! Aaaaah the sound of the waves, that sounds lovely. I need to take a drive to the beach this week or next. What temp. is it by you? Still watching the joggers run by?..

Comment #89

Jodi ~ I think the 4/2 is going to be a much better fit for you than 5/1. And, get into some of the maintenance food that can be added to give you some variety. Variety is the spice of life!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #90

Jodi/Renie ~ Although I live about 10 minutes from the beach, I much prefer the mountains with the sound of a lake or a stream than the crazing waves of the ocean. For some reason I'm just not "ocean oriented". I'm a mountain girl at heart! Can't wait for the 2.5 years to go by when I retire and move to a place that is much more like where I really want to live..

XXOO Judy..

Comment #91

Hi ladies!.

Jodi - 4.2 is a much better fit for you at this point and will likely keep the binge urges at bay. You really do have some terrific schools close by for your DD and hopefully that will help with her anxiety while still giving her the independence that away living provides..

Judy - I am a pediatric occupational therapist working with kids 18 months - 5 with a variety of disabilities...contract work at a school. Kid is in I get paid, no kid, no school, no dinero. Love love love it. Used to do homecare newborn - three year olds - great involvement with the family but after 16 yrs of it....burned out..

Off to get the two youngest into an early bath - Abby is at Brownies. Everyone is melting with the back to school schedule and tears haven't stopped this afternoon..


Comment #92


Are the girls overtired still trying to catch up with the new/old routine?.

Your smart to switch when you got burnt's your Medifast plan going my friend?.


Aaaaahhhh the mountains call to me as well! It's so serene and I am in awe when surrounded by mountain ranges. We went to Shenandoah Valley years ago....oh it was heaven..

Yes I ate carrots tonight I am such a big girl, lol. That is my plan, for today unless it changes, lol. 4/2 and add some things in slowlllllllly. I think it was just what the doctor ordered! Sometimes we have to trust ourselves enough to know we will do the "right thing" and take care of ourselves instead of setting ourselves up (I almost felt like I was doing this)..

Okay have to get dressed and run to the therapist. God bless Mary, she is a lovely,amazing woman! I think DD will feel a bit relieved after talking to her. See you all later...

Comment #93

Good night all! I am tired so I am going to take care of myself and go to bed instead of trying to get the work done that is waiting for me. It will still be there tomorrow!.



Comment #94

Wow Jane. Totally True. And it does feel better to verbalize it. I totally think that eating disorders be it anorexia, bilemia, or binge eating are a form of control. For those who don't have control over parts of their lives, they control what they eat or don't eat because at times it is the only thing we can control in our lives that others can't. I was addicted to laxatives for about five years.

Best because I felt in control. Worst because I was wrecking havoc on my body. Before I went on Medifast, I felt liberated because I ate (or drank pepsi in my case) whenever I wanted and it felt freeing not being in control. I didn't weigh myself whenever and always, I didn't worry about what I put in my mouth so I didn't worry about popping laxatives. I didn't worry about hitting the gym for three hours or how much weight I was lifting.

I truly believe Medifast is a healthy way to live especially for those of us with "Control" issues and those with past histories with eating disorders or like I like to call it weight obsession. I can control what I eat and still be healthy (well minus the constant weighing). I know you are on the right path to getting it done and a healthy way of life. Good for you...

Comment #95

Good morning Melters! I had a fun filled day yesterday! Went into Boston to check out a school that works with some of the neediest kids around and what they do there is impressive! I may end up working with them ~ yeah, yeah I know in my free time.

Today I get to teach one class and take Abigail to the doctor's for her physical ....

What do you all have planned?..

Comment #96

Good morning all!.

Mommagirls (sorry I haven't figured out your real name yet - not good with names!) - thank you so much for you comment. Good for you as well that you have figured out your control issues it is a tough road but in a group like this I am finding lots of support so it makes it easier! Thanks!.

Pamela, my plans for today include the gym, paying some bills, teaching for an hour and a half at the nursery school where I am a music specialist. Then I am meeting a printer to see if he will join what I am calling the "Wedding Alliance" - a referral program for wedding vendors. THEN I am treating myself to a haircut! I usually wait until I can't stand it any longer before going (the guy is NOT cheap but he is good) - but part of my program for myself includes starting to care about how I look so the hair has to stay decent looking. Then I have a few hours to work on my various projects before teaching private students from 5-8. At 8, I will dodge snow flakes to get home to my beloved bed! I know it sounds hectic but keep in mind that I do not have husband/partner or children at home to care for and fret over so I am sure the energy level is that same as you all have to have to do what you do!.

Also, Pamela, I would love to hear more about what you actually do in the schools. It sounds wonderful. There is an organization here in CT that raises funds to bring professional musicians into the Bridgeport public schools to give private lessons. My trio is actually going to give a benefit concert for them in February. It sounds like what you do is similar but quite the same thing. Cheers all the treadmill is calling!.


Comment #97

Morning Melting Ladies.

I need to head out to help out an extra a.m. with the kitties........then going out to lunch with a friend for his Birthday. It's will be so exciting to eat lunch! (eggs)....see you all later to catch up...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.