What are the restricted carbohydrates in the Medifast Diet of PHASE 1?!?!?!?

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First off, What are the restricted carbohydrates in the Medifast Diet of PHASE 1?!?!?!? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Morning Steph. Yeah a lot of steamed broccoli all over the board. Great post and 100% on the mark. It's why you're one of my Medifast heroes..

Off to make coffee and grab a bar. No chopped tofu...

Comment #2

Morning Steph and MT..

Good words Steph. If only there was a way to make people wake up and realize that. Instant gratification is hard wired into our psyche and so many people expect to see changes like they see their popcorn pop in the microwave. It's NOT going to happen. We have to change the way we look at and think about food. Actually - not just food - everything in our daily lives.

It takes time to accomplish those things that are truly worth accomplishing...........

Comment #3

Wow Steph - you're really speaking to me. I have always been one of those who wanted to get from A to Z without all the steps in between. For years I've felt like it was some sort of genetic defect in me! LOL.

Now, I went to college and graduate school, and I was one of those who had to study to make the grade. I did that hard work (but of course I partied all around it). I've also completed countless projects over the years that required a zillion small steps. So it isn't like I have NO experience with doing the work. But when it comes to my weight and a few other issues in my life, I just want what I want, and I want it now. (Wasn't that Veruca Salt from Willie Wonka!).

Of course I've battled my weight since I was in my teens, so there's no way I could claim an "overnight revelation" but I do know that with MF, I have absolute confidence in the program and absolute faith that if my weight is a little wonky one day, it will change in a relatively short amount of time. On WW and other traditionally slow programs, it always felt like I was shoveling sand with a teaspoon and I simply didn't have the patience for it long-term..

I've been reading a book called, "Switch: How to make change when change is hard." It's not so much about making personal change but how to change others, and I'm reading it for work. Anyway, one of the lessons is that self-control or self-restraint is an exhaustible resource. E.g. if we're exercising self restraint in one area, it limits our tolerance or ability to perform in other areas. They use some scientific experiments to demonstrate the point, but it really helped me put some of my own thoughts and behaviors into perspective..

I think part of what makes Medifast work for me is that I don't have to use self-control all the time to stick to the plan. I choose the products I like, so I enjoy it when it is time to eat, and I am in ketosis so I don't have to white-knuckle it when I'm not eating. And then there's the support and success here, which makes it all a thousand times easier..

And I'm starting to cut myself some slack when I get snarky or can't give something the full attention it deserves, on those days when I do have to exercise extra self-control..

Steph, I'm gonna re-read your post several times today. Thanks for the slap in the face. I needed it!..

Comment #4

I was so proud of myself last night. Me and my son went with my friend and her kids to an italian restaurant last night. Obviously you all know that Italian restaurants are almost as bad as finding something OP as a Mexican restaurant. Usually italian restaurants will have a ridiculously expensive sub-par steak on their menu, so I had planned to go with that. Fortunate for me they had a very simple grilled chicken salad and it was perfect! Huge salad with just lettuce, tom, cucumbers, grilled chicken and crutons. Of course I picked out all of the crutons and then used 1 TBLS OF Italian dressing. It was so good and I didn't even mind that I wasn't eating the big bowls of pasta and fresh baked bread that everyone else was eating...

Comment #5

More snow coming our way and I'm SO SICK OF WINTER. Last week was horrible! My commute is much longer this winter than it was last winter since I have a new job. Took me longer than an hour every day last week to get home..


Comment #6

Hello all. I hope that it is OK for me to join your group. I have already added the banner to my signature, so I'm assuming........

Now to fess up.......

I was 100% on program for 8 weeks and 5 days. I loved reading all of your posts and agreed wholeheartedly that 100% is the only way to go. It was all easy, the weight was steadily coming off, I felt better than I had in I can't remember how long. My husband has been out of the country all week and has been such a huge support so I was missing him. I lurk on these boards, but didn't participate too often. On Wednesday, I TOTALLY lost my mind.

Anyway, I joined online to see what all the new point system was about. For 3 days I tried to work that program and was miserable. It's an ungodly amount of food. I don't even think it was totally that my body was used to the small amounts on MF. I think my mind has changed and realized that we don't need all that food.

Couldn't even bring myself to eat some of my old favorites. They just didn't sound good. I guess I'm going to look at the positive and take away from this:.

1. 100% IS THE ONLY WAY to go..

2. My mind is making the right changes..

3. I know that once I reach goal it is very realistic that I will have the right mindset to transition and maintain..

4. I truly need the support on these boards from successful 100%ers like you who will slap me back to my senses when I happen to lose them..

I am making no excuses. I was just stupid!!! Thanks for listening..


Comment #7

I'm already enjoying some quiet Mommy time this morning. Hubby took the little one to the Y and I'm on my way out to pick up my glasses from the eye doctor..

I secretly (shhhh) bought 2 new bathing stuits on a ridiculous clearance online yesterday. Doable since I've bought from this particular retailer before and I know how their things fit, no matter what size I am. Some of you will remember the infamous black and white 2 piece bathing suit from my Round One progress pictures. They didn't have it in black and white any more, but they did have it in the two colors that were our wedding colors that represented our birthstones (blue topaz and peridot). Can't wait to book this cruise and make it official..

The "new" sushi place really passed muster last night. The sashimi and octopus salad were so fresh and delicious. There were a couple of sushi rolls that looked incredible, so I took three varieties, one piece each, carefully unrolled them with my chopstick and took the rice off! Sure, a few pieces may have remained, but I did my best to make sure there were only a couple..

Regarding the stress and petty cattiness all over the boards lately, today I am committing to staying on THIS thread only. No venturing out. All my Sisters in Medifast are right here and I'm finding this is the safest place with the most like-minded people who will help me keep my day and my plan going along smoothly. And nobody overuses BOLD or ALL CAPS. Sheesh. Love ConnorPonnor's comment about it making you "righter!" LOL! I will absolutely tell someone to stop yelling if they pull that carp in here..

Off to get the glasses, meet the hubby and punkin for lunch (mmmmm... pumpkin) and then go and do a client presentation before settling down and checking in with you all again. Have a great OP day, everybody. Keep your eyes on the prize. Onward and downward!..

Comment #8



I don't believe in Co-incidences, only God-incidences..


And I were just talking about this very same thing last night. It seems to permeate our entire society..

The thing that Medifast was able to do for me, that other diets did not, was to CHANGE that thinking. Now, honestly, I think Medifast is just one of many tools to get healthy. But the fact that it is designed to DETOX us all the while changing our MY WAY mentality, is sheer genius to me. Medifast has rules for a reason. In my heart I think being 'obedient' to them is what broke MY selfish way of wanting to tweak and do things. By just submitting each day to the Food Plan (Giving UP so to speak) I was finally able to gain some control over the foods that I have been allowing to control me..

Two words that are very controversial in todays vernacular: Obedient and Submitting..

But when you trust the things that you are being obedient and submitting to that makes it a safe place to go. Surrounding yourself with 'like minded' folks (Hence the orginal Rogues and now the Tough Lovers) gives you extra strength and power to continue..


, from the day you burst onto the Medifast scene, I have long admired you. Your service to this great nation and you wit and wisdom where getting the WEIGHT beast under locked up..

Thanks for the great analogy and start up this morning..

God Bless you, dear...

Comment #9

Chatty, it's a mutal admiration society, as you well know. You're one of my Medifast heroes, and your commitment to making your life better in all ways for you and for your family is an inspiration to me...

Comment #10

Can I just take a mushy moment and mention how lucky and honored I am to have met you people! OK. Enough of the mush!.

Steph - I so get where you are coming from. I work with engineering project managers every day and they all think that theirs are the ONLY projects that matter and if THEIR stuff isn't done RIGHT NOW, the company will fail <shaking head> I am, to some degree, an "instant gratification" girl. Who of us ISN'T at some point? Where weight loss is concerned though I learned a long time ago that I am very different from most others that are losing weight. I do not struggle with over eating or food addiction, though I DEFINITELY understand it. My battle is with my body, which has not functioned normally since I had my first child 30 years ago. It's just now, after doing MF, that I'm learning to stop fighting and start accepting.

So here I stay until that window opens up..

Penny - I'm going to follow your lead and stay here. This week has really brought home to me that it's time to take care of myself. Like you said, everyone worth knowing is here, why would I want to go anywhere else. Now is the time, finally, where I put myself first. I refuse to allow myself to reach the point where I need BP medication..

Cara - Welcome to one of the best groups out there. Hope you can handle us. We're not usually this serious.

Everyone else - Heart you guys and no chopped tofu from me EVER!.

Oh, and I get to have lunch with Chatty!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!! Not that I'm happy to see her again or anything!..

Comment #11

De - sometimes you just gotta have a little mush. but it's OP mush...

Comment #12

Good reading so far this morning ladies, but I've gotta head out for class. Just checking in to report that my official weigh-in granted me another 3 pounds down this week..

And now is probably a good time to stop weighing every day..

But why didn't I lose 8.6 pounds like I did the first week? *stomps foot* I had it all planned out and I was going to be at goal by March at that rate!.

*runs away*..

Comment #13


I don't know, maybe you should UP the water!..

Comment #14

Steph, thanks for kicking if off this morning with that great post. Excellent message...

Comment #15

Steph, I loved reading your post this morning. I agree with you on the whole post..

In my opinion people want the instant gratification without the work; but also, they want to take absolutely no responsibility for their actions. They can screw off (be it their work responsibilities, their lifestyle, their diet) and then fail and then expect someone else to fix it..

Personal responsibility - where did it go?.

Penny - congrats on the bathing suits. My husband and I were talking last night about our Hawaii trip. We decided on July (our anniversary). Now I need to think about bathing suits. Wahoo. I'll be able to wear a bathing suits..

De and Chatty - enjoy your meet up. Details. We want details..

And to add to the mushy theme (OP of course) - You all are such a great source of inspiration to me. 100% is not impossible (as someone said in a post up there yesterday). It is possible. it is doable..

I am making my hot cocoa and then me and hubby are going for a nice little bike ride...

Comment #16

Good Morning Everyone!.

So glad it's the weekend! That was a long, short week! Ready for some ME time!! Party at my house tonight! Bring your own Cheez Whiz! If you really want to be daring... bring your pickle too!.

Today was my weekly weigh-in and down 2.5 pounds! Not bad for being TOM week..

Congrats Rachel on the poundage loosage!!..

Comment #17

I just don't understand why people find it so hard to believe that this program CAN be done 100%. I really don't understand why they assume that people who ARE 100% are obviously lying about it. It's all about what is most important to you. Losing weight and adding years to your life, or having that cookie, slice of cheesecake or (insert your poison). <shaking head>.

Oh well. Grocery shopping calls. Hopefully going to be able to fit in a haircut as well, before I meet Chatty. It might actually be nice to SEE her, rather than bangs. hehe. Don't know what I'm more excited about, seeing Chatty or the Caprese Salad at the Pita Jungle...... Check back with you later...

Comment #18

Well said Steph... If we want the golden ring we have to reach for it. In real life no one stops the merry-go-round and hands it to you. Thanks for your inspiration this morning...

Comment #19

WHAT????? I have to be responsible for myself and actions? WTH?? Forget it! Done!..

Comment #20

(tip toes into the clubhouse....).

Thanks for the words..

It's giving me the courage to look in the mirror...

Comment #21

Good morning TL group. I have been avoiding getting back on the Medifast boards because of all the drama - I tend to get sucked in and egg people on. (Hmmmm, who does that sound like?!) Anyway, after reading Steph's post and going thru the thread, I realize that some of the best people I virtually know are on this thread. Reading through it, it was comfortable..

So, I will try to stay here. I was not an original rogue, but was part of that group by "the end". So, lots of familiar faces here, and the group feels right. Hope you all don't mind if I jump in..

Steph, I couldn't agree more with your opening post. Everyone today feels so entitled to whatever they want. I hear it all day long in my job. What happened to our work ethic? And why doesn't it extend to our personal life too? Why are we not willing to "work" to take care of ourselves? I suppose because we feel either bad health won't happen to us, or that the docs have a magic pill to cure everything. How stupid we have become..

Oh well, time for more coffee. I'm entitled to more, right???..

Comment #22

Chickie GREAT job on the Italian restaurant. Does that count as a NSV? I think it should!.

Cara welcome to TLs and welcome back to MF. Ive had so many of those moments of insanity over the years, I know it is a good part of what kept me fat. Good for you for recognizing the right path for you! And as one former lurker to another, I guarantee youll experience the support so much more by chiming in..

Penny Great job on the sushi choices! And Woo Hoo on the bathing suits..

De and Chatty Enjoy your lunch together..

Rachel Congrats on another 3 pounds! When I think of the pounds as sticks of butter it makes even one pound seem HUGE..

Smartipantz Way to go on the good loss!.

Success is SWEET!..

Comment #23

Down 4! Down 4! My boobies are shrinking! My boobies are shrinking! Unfortunately, my a.s.s. and thighs (and arms and stomach) are still really fat!.

All these things are very exciting, no? To warrant all the exclamation points?!.

At least it's not all caps..

What else? Steph, great post. I am a project manager and I go through the exact. same. thing..

Hope everyone has a great day. And remember, "Kinda On-Plan 1% Works!"..

Comment #24

BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!! Awesome! Makes me think when I lost so much last time, my boobies shrank to a mere 32B...... my best friends called them baby boobies. Come on.. I lose weight, looking hot and now I'm wearing a training bra? That kinda sucked (for a minute)!..

Comment #25

Well, FWIW, after more than a year at goal mine have kinda filled out a little bit. I don't know if it's the exercise or just my body adjusting, but it's better. Not perfect, but better. YMMV...

Comment #26

During Round One of 5+1 in 2009, mine shrunk from a 40D to a 34B. I told my husband I went from keggers to champagne glasses! As long as I don't end up with champagne FLUTES, it's all good!.

OMG - I can SEE!!! I wore my new progressive no-line sunglasses in the car - got used to them right away. I stopped at the bigbox store and wore the non-tinted ones and they were a little tougher to get used to. I honestly had no idea my eyes were so bad..

Welcome, newbies! We're happy yo have you!.

M. F. S.!!! So nice to see you in here! I agree, this is the place to be if you want to bypass all the cattiness out there. Save the drama fo yo mama.....

Comment #27

Hehe. That was the one place I wanted to lose a bit that I DIDN'T on MF. Oh well. I'll take whatever I can get..

Linda - Put your pants on and stay a while. I mean, really!! Put your PANTS ON!!!.

Connor - WOOT on the loss..

TKD - No, that shouldn't be an NSV, that should be a way of life!.

Chickie - you do know that just about every Italian restaurant has a ceasar chicken salad that you can get with dressing on the side and no croutons, right? hehe. Just checking..

OK. Off to get the hair cut!..

Comment #28

@De - Pita Jungle, drool. Mmmm..

For me being OP 100% is much easier than cheating here and there. There are no guilty feelings, I feel in control, and stopping at one bite is harder than not eating. Since this is my 2nd Medifast time around, THIS TIME, I'm getting it right. It's great to have other people giving the tough love approach..

It's another beautiful day so I'm gonna get on the bike and take the dogs for a bike ride. 2 dogs, half hour each good exercise and it makes me feel like a kid again...

Comment #29

Where in AZ are you?.

Haircut's a no go. Should have looked at the clock. Oh well...

Comment #30

Morning all! I thought I wrote a post earlier but guess I forgot to hit the submit (post quick reply) button. Story of my life - going along doing something half-donkey'ed..

Steph, good post!.

Nothing happening here, guess I'd better get outta my chair and get movin' as there is plenty I could be doing..


Comment #31

De, I will put my pants on, but I will not wear shoes. I do have my warm sox on tho'. So no stinky feet..

What does one eat at a PIta Jungle that is so tasty? I went to Chili's this week, ordered the little steak with no crap on it, and a triple salad! They were very happy to accommodate me, and it was so delicious. Why is it that salad tastes better when you get it out? Even when I use fresh ingredients..

Congrats everyone on the loses reported. Monday is official weign in day for me, but I usually step on a few times a week to check. I'm happy to report the scale continues to cooperate this week. I almost only have 20 lbs to go. Woo Hoo!..

Comment #32

Hey folks! I just got on here and so far, have only read Steph's initial post. I posted to my blog this morning and it is very much like what you are saying. It seems that before now, when I tried MF, WW or whatever, I almost expected that magic wand thing to happen. Or, since I said I was on a diet, or paid for the food, plan, whatever, then I would just lose the weight- regardless of what I was eating or doing to my body. It seems, that I am finally realizing that I have to do this, little by little, by myself, for myself and it will take time. It will take a long time, and that is OK.

So, thanks for your post Steph. I love that I have found you guys and TL- and I love that you don't sugar coat anything because that is how life is- real..

I'll go back and catch up with everyone now!..

Comment #33

Okay, Im stuck in a pass/fail class for 4 hours today, so I get to catch up on the last 2 days!.

Penny, youre so cute! I love the banner. Hilarious. Congrats on being old Im glad to not be alone in the bifocal camp..

KJM: welcome!! I love fresh meat..

Chatty: I hope your mother has a great trip, and Im glad you get to play together! Also, OMG TWINS!!!!!!.

As for obedient and submitting, YES. I talk about needing to surrender to the plan. Its about recognizing that Im not smarter than everyone else, not smarter than the Johns Hopkins docs about what my body needs, and definitely not smarter than God. It all goes a lot better when I dont try to control every little thing. I end up focusing on the empty hand that doesnt have the thing I KNOW is what I need, and ignoring the outstretched hand offering wonderful surprises that will be even better for me..

Nan: youre one of the cool kids Im stoked to hang with, so this is going to work out!.

De: sorry about the headaches. Hope youre feeling better today..

Lynne: when I was living with my parents for too long as an adult they sold the house from over my head and bought a 2 bedroom. It was very effective..

Marilee: ZOMG 2nd date wheeeeee!!!!!! Im so glad youre having fun. You can listen to your mother, but not far enough to stop getting to know this guy. Just listen far enough to keep the trust but verify mindset. Remember that it's not internet stalking, it's due diligence..

De: Um, yeah. Wonton fried nutella covered in powder sugar sounds REALLY good..

About people thinking were lying when we say were 100%, anyone happen to recall the day I asked Medifast Connection why they were calling me a liar? WHOO-WEEEE did that stir up an anthill of hornets!!!.

Connor? All caps and bold, righter this way? SPEW!!!!!!!!!.

Emily: yay for your pants falling off!!! Skinny bee-yatch!.

Steph: thank you for this mornings rant. If I cant go to Disneyland, can I at least get a pony? I promise to only feed it OP mush..

Cara: welcome to the group!!!.

Rachel, since you didnt lose another 8.6 pounds, you are officially a failure. And Medifast doesnt work. And KFC has a double-down for you that will make this all better and kick-start your metabolism. Get on it, girl, because you matter..

Is it very very very wrong that I find it hilariously satisfying that I could make one 2-line comment and ignite a firestorm that continues for days without my even peeking at it, much less caring how wrong everyone KNOWS I am?..

Comment #34

Update on Morty: did I tell you about the charm bracelet? He picked out charms that meant things to him about me. *swoon*.

We spent every second we could manage together for 9 days since we met. We managed to neglect our jobs, my school, our ability to manage our lives, and our sanity. So last night we decided to stop acting like junkies on a bender and we're going a whole week before we see each other again. I'm really kind of excited to be able to think straight and get some sh** done..

But I'm a little bit (lot) hopelessly gaga over him. And he is for me. And "trust but verify" is going well too...

Comment #35

Freya- how awesome to have such gaga in your life! But, I think it's good to get back to the real world, too and see how you will live that way. So sweet about the charm bracelet, too!.

And count me as one of the newbies that is not reading other threads anymore...

Comment #36

De - I'm in north Phoenix, by Paradise Valley Mall. I've been to the Pita Jungle over at Desert Ridge..

Freya - I'm living vicariously through you.

Your guys sounds incredible..

Everyone enjoy your day...

Comment #37

Ya know, I've never been a Parks person.....nope, I don't like Disneyworld or the long lines & umpteen hours of aggravation for 20 minutes of fun. Isn't that a good analogy for overeating? Umptteen hours of aggravation for a few minutes of fun? To me it is. I'd rather stay OP & feel great than eat a bowl of sludge & wind up feeling crappy about it, mentally AND physically, for who-knows-how-long afterward..

Expectations breed resentments; if I had expected to lose 2 or 3 or 4 lbs every week, I would have felt disappointed with my progress. I expected to lose whatever my body FELT like losing every week, whether that translated to .5 lb or 5 lbs or anywhere in between. I wound up reaching goal in 29 weeks & to me, that was faster-than-a-speeding bullet, even WITH the 'small & insignificant' losses that cropped up..

We are on a journey to a new lifestyle here. No one day or one moment matters in the grand scheme of things. All that does matter is commitment; when we make the decision to stay committed is when we reach ALL of our goals, no matter what they are!.

Love this post Steph & just wanted to stop by & say so..



Comment #38

Afternoon tlers,.

Didn't get a chance to read any post yesterday but did stay op dispite 1 extra large pizza, chinese food, 2 bottles of my fave wine given as gifts, beer, and the waffle factory this morning. Yesterday was kinda sad as it's my fiances dad's bday and he died that day a couple years a go. The chinese was in memory of him though I didn't eat it. Didn't get a lot of sleep stayed up watching scary movies with the fiance and a friend *shivers*. Things are happier today even though TOM reared his ugly head. I'm not even supposed to have a visit until next month oh well.

The fiance guessed it about 3 days ago and I wanted to slap him. When he was proved right we had a good laugh about it though. He says i'm so adorable when I'm mad though so it's all good lol. Also I was informed I no longer have 2 chins but 1 and a half haha. Good post Steph.

Penny woot woot for the new swim suits. De and Chatty have fun at your lunch. To everyone else *waves*.


Comment #39

Off topic - how do you quote only part of someone's post?..

Comment #40

You hit the quote button, and it copies the entire thing. Then you highlight the part of it you don't want to include, and delete it. Just make sure to leave the square brackets with the quote code in them...

Comment #41

Well I must say I'm upset, it is my weekly weight in day and I've only lost 2.6 lbs...I mean it must be medifast...not the fact that TOM is here, or the fact that weight loss is SUPPOSED to be slow for one's health. Nah, I think it's medifast and would like to go pour any potential loss down a chocolate chip cookie. I think most of them just need to ask themselves...did you get fat overnight? No? then you won't get skinny either. But other than my sarcasm I'm happy Freya is giddy over Morty and I'm sorry that corbie has had a bad day at the office. Cheer up, chin up, and have an OP Saturday..

Comment #42

Back from a wonderful 2 hour lunch with my "Sis". We probably could have stayed there the rest of the day, but the restaurant was hopping and I think they were ready for us to leave. It's all good, because Chatty and her DH are going to celebrate our 31st anniversary with us on Wed..

Steph (in AZ) - Not too far from me at all. We're right behind Chaparral Park..

Freya - My headache is non-existent today, thanks for asking. Thought you'd get a kick out of my fried nutella comment. SO glad you are gaga! Can't think of anyone that deserves it more!!.

Chris - Always glad when you pop in with your words of wisdom..

Waving to everyone else. Now I have to hit Sunflower and get my produce shopping done. Then I'm coming home for some quiet time in my sky chair...

Comment #43

Happy Saturday all. Steph.....I've read your words for over a year and 1/2 now. They have carried me through so many tough spots. But never has your advice to stay 100% on plan steered me wrong..

On Saturday mornings I teach a graduate course at a college that is over an hour away. Lots of time to think about what I will write in my journal at night. Today I was thinking about tough love and how it is viewed on the boards. I just wanted to say that tough love is tough because it is what we need to hear not what we want to hear. So many people focus on what they want not on what they need. I've got a blog in me that I'm writing about this, but it all goes back to Steph's idea about the inner brat.

Why is it we don't say what we need to say? When I weighed 246 pounds, why didn't someone tell me I was obese? Because I would have turned them off and not heard them. Because it wasn't what I wanted to hear..

Well.....I know I'm preaching to the choir......I didn't get to goal and maintain by eating what I wanted to eat. I got to goal and maintain by eating what I need to eat. I didn't get to goal by sitting around when I didn't want to exercise. I got to goal by exercising when I needed to exercise..

Yes.....I am here because there are a lot of successful losers in this room that have inspired me. I don't read the other garbage. I need to hear the on plan message, not the it's ok to cheat message..

Thanks Tough Lovers for telling me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear...

Comment #44

Heh. The little steak with no crap on it was a staple for me the last time I successfully stayed on Medifast for a length of time. I was afraid to try eating out anywhere elseso whenever DH wanted to go out, Chili's it was, and the guiltless sirloin for me!.

Fortunately, some heavy reading around here lately has given me the confidence to branch out a little bit..

I was very proud that I successfully ate 5 professionally prepared, non-Chili's L&G meals within the last week including my travel days!..

Comment #45

True, true. This place didn't though. It was one of those small mom and pops that had a very limited menu. In fact their only steak on the menu was a sirloin and their only salad was this one new salad that I had..

However, I will remember that about the ceasar salad. I never think about that one..

Now if you have any good tips for OP Mexi food, then please share them now! lol!..

Comment #46

Rachel, isn't it amazing what most restaurants are willing to do if we just ask? There are very few that I can't find at least something to eat that will tide me over until I can get another Medifast meal or the rest of my L and G. Congrats on 5 meals!.


Comment #47

I didn't tell too many people right at first that I had met DH online. Well, that's not true. Probably all my co-workers know. But I run my mouth about whatever runs through my head at work. But as far as family, close friends, my church? I didn't mention it until people asked because I know how that raises up red flags..

Not everyone you meet online can be a creep though, right? I mean.


Was on the online dating sites!.

One thing cracked me up a few weeks ago that I found on Facebook. I unblocked my mother for a Trial of Facebook Friendship (TOFF) for a short period of time. During that time, I saw a string of comments between her and my granddaddy shortly after we got engaged. He asked her how we met, and she said "I think it was either at church or at church camp." I had NEVER told my parents we met online up until close to (maybe even after?) the weddingthey never asked! This among other things, by the way, was why she failed that TOFF as well as all the others!.

Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, Internet dating. Most of the work is weeding out the creeps, but then once you find someone and meet in real life they're just like real people..

And mothers don't always need to know just exactly where we meet the men we date!..

Comment #48

Oh and LAST THING and then I'm taking a nap:.

Freya! Thanks a lot. I had finally gotten the wonton fried, powder sugared Nutella out of my head. Now it's baaaaack......

Comment #49

I know quite a few people who have had very successful relationships with people they met on line. They have all said they were able to filter out the creepy ones quickly and the first meeting is always some where very safe. I couldn't imagine trying to find a date in today's day and age. Almost as scary as your syringe! Ok.....not that bad...

Comment #50

For the record....I've told DD that there are some things she should never tell me!..

Comment #51

Aw shucks, Freya, I love a love story! It's very good of you to share! It makes me smile and remember all those years ago when my hubby and I fell in love. Thanks, sweetie, for the nice memories! And HAVE FUN!..

Comment #52

I joined last night. Never has there been an Medifast group I've appreciated as much as this one..

I am not a wimp. I can encourage any of you, but I will and do (still) kick *** with pointed observations and questions. They are only human, after all. I am not. I apparently want to see their unborn children never conceived and their jobs sent somewhere. Wow!.

What a heartless ***** I must be, so unfeeling and arrogant..


Thank you all for having backbones, functioning brains, and a sense of responsibility for your actions and choices..

THIS is a great group..


Comment #53

Welcome to all the new people joining recently! This is such a great group! You are going to love it here!.

I almost forgot, I had another NSV yesterday. I had my cholesterol checked and it was 130! woo! hoo! I first came to Medifast last year because of high cholesterol and I know Medifast has saved my life..

On a sour note, TOM is coming, which sucks for weigh in day on Monday. At least I will know what's up if the scale doesn't show favorable numbers..

My grocery shopping is all done and I am not leaving the house again until Monday...

Comment #54

One day at time. one oreo at a time...

Comment #55

Oh,no I meant ... One day at a time. One packet at a time. I .... hehehe.

Sorry I think this cold found my computer too...

Comment #56

Do you ever question the sobriety of some of the people who post on MC?..

Comment #57


Too far behind to get caught up now and if I don't jump on the treadmill in the next 67.3 seconds, I may miss my opportunity. Read a bit this morning before going off on errands and ditto ditto ditto. Steph just has a way with words. I could get all mushy, but I'll save it for later..



You guys!..

Comment #58


OMFSM!!! That may be the funniest thing I've read in ages. You bet your bippie I do!.

Beth - I was rushing through your post and had to double back cause I though you said you kicked azz with a sharp stick! OK. Sounds like tequila time for me!..

Comment #59

I eat at several mexican restaurants OP/L&G....order fajitas w no sides,,,,,just grilled shrimp chicken or steak w peppers. Or fish vera cruz which is white fished poached with tomatoes & spices. Or I choose a grilled flank steak, or a salad w grilled shrimp and or chicken. In 31 months of choosing to change my eating habits, I have found exactly ONE restaurant where there was literally not one thing OP. In that instance, I ordered an ice tea & visited with the friends who were there..



Comment #60

Chris -.

And you know, I don't blame people for feeling disappointed or irritated or whatever. I felt that way plenty of times on 5&1. It's just not a linear progression, no matter how much we wish it was. I was frustrated - but I learned from it. I learned out my body works. I learned about the difference between my wishful thinking and reality.

Sadly, a bunch of us here won't learn the lessons this time around. It seems to take more than one beating for reality to sink in..

Thanks for stopping by, Chris! great to see you!..

Comment #61

The Medifast Sisterhood is alive & well..

As De said, we could have talked all afternoon..

Fun to just laugh & talk about all sorts of random stuff. Some silly, some serious..

Kinda sounds like a day in our Clubhouse, huh?.

I got in a nice nap & now getting ready for dinner..

My mom's spirits are good, but oh my God, it was all I could do to hold it together when I saw her get wheeled off that plane. She has deteriorated so fast. The strong gorgeous woman I grew up seeing everyday has been replaced with a frail, badly distorted creature. God I hate this disease, but one look into her pitiful eyes, and I see a glimpse of my mommy inside. She is trapped inside a body that is so disfigured and hard to control the tremors. But she is still in there..

I need tons of prayers folks. All I want to do is cry. I want to wave some magic wand & take it all away for her. But I cannot. Thankfully she does not complain & just seems content to be sitting all slumped over beside me on the sofa..

Sorry to be a thread downer, but I needed to vent & ask for strength...

Comment #62

Well, thanks for the wishes, but I didn't have a bad day. HE had a bad day. I just had an annoying conversation that I later dreamed about. But the up side is that now I have a whole new lecture for my PMs when they're doing schedules. I worked on the scheduling FAQ this afternoon, in fact......

Comment #63

I think people frequently don't understand how self serving it is to ask advice and then be angry when you get advice you don't like. They didn't want to know what =I= thought when they asked - they wanted me to tell them that what =they= want is ok..

Well, as I told a boss once, during a memorable review - if you don't want my opinion, you really shouldn't ask for it..

You're right, that's our inner brat at work. It's not enough that we self-justify our own wants - we DEMAND that everyone else validate those wants. It's not "supportive" to not endorse whatever anyone wants to do - even if our painful, repeated experience tells us that the person is heading for their own painful fall..

That's what children do. Grownups are supposed to have learned the difference between want and need, and that you not only can't always get what you want - you SHOULDN'T always get what you want...

Comment #64

Beaming mojo to both of you Chatty. It's out of your hands now, so all you can do is love her...

Comment #65

Aw, chatty. It's painful to watch our beloved parents dwindle before our eyes, I know. Your mom is lucky to have a loving daughter like you and I bet she knows it!.

De, thank you..

How nice you guys met up for lunch today. Any TL'ers in the Tampa area?..

Comment #66

I frequently question the species....

No, I did NOT just say that...

Comment #67

Oh Chatty, the hardest thing in the world is to watch someone we know and love so well change beyond recognition. I hurt for you, my friend...

Comment #68

Chatty - Looked up that restaurant you asked about. It's down here in Old Town Scottsdale. Looks pretty good, definitely some OP items. Some of it's priced reasonably, some of their specialties are a bit pricey though. Think it would definitely be a great choice...

Comment #69

Being on plan 100% is incredibly liberating, at least to me. That said, I had a little pity party for myself yesterday (Day 10) just realizing that I may not get the validation of a smaller number on the scale every day despite being completely OP. So therefore, um, should probably stop weighing every day. LOL. And accepting that this really is a lengthy journey. Not that I expected to lose everything in a month, of course not, but I was riding the high of the first week and you have to admit, that first week is pretty freakin' mind-blowing in it's demonstration of what this plan can do..

Anyway, not sure what hooked me yesterday. I think I will blame it on my system being completely and miserably "backed up". The poo must be clouding my brain.....

Happy saturday. The sun is actually shining here in Portland. In January. It's a little alarming..


Comment #70

Sadly, the body is not a predictable machine. Sometimes, despite our very best efforts, if just takes a break from doing what we want it to..

The good news that if you stay on plan, eventually it gets better. Be patient. Vent when you need to, but remember, on plan works. Everything else MIGHT work, but on plan DOES work!..

Comment #71

Truly, for me, I had to learn to deal with disappointment/irritation/stress & about 1 thousand other emotions & STILL stay OP. Because otherwise, every time an imperfect situation arose, I'd have license to eat my feelings away. Learning to push PAST the disappointments/irritations was such a vital element of the journey for me. My whole life I stuffed all my feelings back with food.....and during the 5/1 was when I learned how to stop doing that. During the 5/1 was when I learned to rely on a Food Plan no matter what. These past 2 months I've been dealing with a health crisis for my 17 y/o DD.

That keeps me on track with my weight AND with the emotional aspect of things. I know, intellectually, that food fixes nothing & my Food Plan keeps the emotional side of my brain from taking over & leading me to overeat. Had I not stuck SO closely to the 5/1, I don't believe I would've learned a doggone thing...

Comment #72

You know, feelings are real, and they're important - but the most important thing I learned on 5&1 is that I can honor my feelings without being compelled to act on them. I can FEEL angry or frustrated or like I need to eat without being forced to act on those feelings..

Such a simple thing. We do it all the time, really. We don't yell at the kids every time we're mad at their father. We don't quit every time we're mad at work. But somewhere along the line we got it into our thick little heads that if we felt like eating we just HAD to eat. That was one of the hardest things for me to unlearn..

I'm sorry you're having a tough time with DD. I'll be thinking of you! But I know exactly what you mean about the luxury of a food plan. That's one thing I don't have to think about. I have a plan, I follow the plan, and it works...

Comment #73

Thanks Steph.,.we'll get thru it AND I will not gain any weight in the process. I'm sorry you are having difficulties at work,,,,,,,and that's another example of how we have to process life's difficulties withOUTeating over them. And I'm with you,,.,.learning how NOT to overeat thru life's troubles was one of THE hardest things I had to overcome..

Never easy this journey, but always worth it!..

Comment #74

Those are great tips! Thank you. I'm getting much better about it, but I used to be scared to ask for things not on the menu. Like I said, I'm getting much better at it but sometimes I forget that I can. Thank you!..

Comment #75

Chatty! I'm sending prayers for you to have strength. It's so hard to see our loved ones deteriorate like that..

Comment #76

Chattie I'm sorry to hear about your mom. When our family members start slipping away we want to hold onto them even more. All we can do is treasure the time and memories we have with them. My prayers are with you and your mom. *hugs*. On a happy note I ate all my pancakes! They were the only thing I had to choke down and yesterday was the last one! Now it's just brownies and soft serve for my nightly dessert mmmm.

I can't waite to weigh in on Monday I'm shooting for 2lbs since it's TOm. Normally on other diets I wouldn't lose anything or more likely gain that week. If that does happen this time I'm not gonna lie I'kll be bummed but I'll still be op. Happy Saturday all! Wow my mocha choc chake w/instant coffee has kicked think I'l go clean something *fidgets*..



Comment #77

Chatty - it's wonderful that you can look your mom in the eyes and still see "her." Cherish that, and talk and laugh with her just as you would when she was more recognizable, and you'll have no regrets. Sometimes a pat on the hand, brushing her hair, and definitely hugs, mean the WORLD to a mom, especially a mom who is "trapped." All the best!..

Comment #78

Chatty my friend, I am so sorry for what you & you're beloved mom are going through. It's SO hard when our bodies fail us. I will keep you both in my prayers BIG time..



Comment #79

Chatty, all she needs from you is your love. To know you still love her anyway and that you'll be there for her. Big bear hugs for you and your mom...

Comment #80

Guess I should read ahead. Then I can just say ditto...

Comment #81

Chatty and Chris, my prayers to you and your families...

Comment #82 took me 30 years of beating to get tame that inner brat and get it right. I don't want anymore beatings!..

Comment #83

"just like real people" - OMG too funny! Yes, everyone from online I've met in person has had a distinct resemblance to a real person!!!..

Comment #84

Chatty dear, I am so sorry about your mother, and your pain. I am praying for you both.....

Comment #85

Chatty, I went through a similar thing with my dad when I was 9 months PG with Emma. I visited him sometimes twice a day in the hospital just to be with him and share space with him. We didn't always talk, but he knew I was there. I know exactly what that feeling feels like, wanting to keep that little bit of them that you can still see. Treasure this time with her..

Chris, you and your family are also in my thoughts. A child's pain is a hundred times worse to that child's parent..

There were many, many wise, profound posts in here today and all I have to say is that I'm honored to be part of this group...

Comment #86

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.