What are the rules and guidelines of the Vegetarian Medifast Diet?

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First question I got is What are the rules and guidelines of the Vegetarian Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstinence from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

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4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Good morning Anna!.

I woke about 2:30 and kept thinking how good a cup of coffee would taste. Finally got out of bed about 2:50. Made my coffee and am enjoying the quiet house. My devotional reading this morning was about controlling our speech during heated moments. My thinking is that today may turn out to be a day where I needed that reminder?.

I hope it is a very good day for all...

Comment #2

Morning TL'ers!.

I finally got caught up on Sunday's posts (Ella - your comebacks were a hoot! Jasmine, great job on overcoming the urges, and Renee - Welcome!). But haven't even touched Monday's posts. Will go back to them if I get the chance..

Still here in Atlanta all week. Had a good day yesterday, and even broke out of a session half-way through to get a workout in on the elliptical. This is a public health conference and the hotel has a total of two ellipticals, four treadmills, and it is misty or raining and cold outside. So no way was I going to get a piece of equipment during any of the usual times. I felt quite victorious in getting a spot and making it a priority. They work us night and day, so it isn't an easy feat..

This is the place where I expected to get a huge reaction to my weight loss and actually it has been quite the opposite. People are either saying nothing or are very subtle about it. A FEW have made a big deal over it. I don't need the big deal reactions but I haven't seen some of these folks in a year so I was preparing for it. Anyway, I feel good, and they are telling me I look great - so apparently I look like I feel. That's all good with me..

Went out to this restaurant called Seasons 52. Ooo La La! The food was spectacular and the waitress told us that everything on the menu is designed to be 475 calories or less - including the entrees with sides. I was in hog heaven. So nice to have healthy TASTEY options. So remember that if you're ever in Atlanta. Tonight it is the Atlanta Fish Market - need I say more?? LOVE that place.

A friend of mine has a microwave in her room so I went down to microwave a brownie last night. Didn't have a way to measure out the water so it was more of a brownie custard! LOL Still - food is fuel..

Today I'm presenting to and with some of my favorite people. Looking forward to that..

Oh, and I had my first sludge dream last night. After over 12 weeks this was my very first time. I was eating the sludge and realized right away that it was a dream - nightmare - and woke up. I wasn't even relieved when I woke up - I knew exactly what was happening even while dreaming and took control of the inner brat. Happy about that! LOL.

Have a beautiful OP day - HUGGLES..

Comment #3

Good Morning everybody!.

I don't usually check in before my class...but thought I'd drop by today. I don't drink coffee either.


But I appreciate the smell of it. I should say, rather, that I LOVE the smell of it..


: Good devotional reading! We all should read it, probably every day considering!.


I lived in Gwinnett County for 8 years, and while I really enjoy Atlanta, I'm glad I don't live there anymore. It's so crowded! Where is Seasons 52, Buckhead? Downtown? I love a place in Midtown called "Joe's on Juniper" but that was is another "eating life" and don't know if I'd really want to eat there now or not. I'm certainly glad you are getting some feedback on your weight loss. It's kind of weird when people don't say much, especially when you were expecting them to..

Well, I'm off to class...

Comment #4


Good Morning my Lovelies!.

Thanks for the coffee,.


I Love my coffee, too but I hate to admit, most of the SB coffees leave me with terrible aftertaste and what I call "Mung Mouth". But I need the eye opener today.

Off to get my wee beastie boy out of bed and ready for school! Be back shortly!..

Comment #5

Morning all you TLers! Glad to have a minute to "wake up and smell the coffee".

I do so enjoy having my coffee with you here in the comfort, and safety of our little TL clubhouse..

I haven't been in here much - craziness at work and panic mode at home. My cruise countdown is at 34/9/9. You'd think since we booked this over a year ago, I'd be better prepared.....


Happy to report down another 1.4 at yesterday's WI. Gonna go update my know you're too busy when your ticker is out of date..

Comment #6

Good morning, Tough Lovelies, and happy Tuesday!.

Anna, thanks for the coffee! Love that Seattle's Best! I finally finished the bag I had at work and now I'm doing Eight O'Clock French Roast pour-overs. Which reminds me, I need to grab a few more filters for my drawer. I'll have to make room next to the entire BOX of Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs I have in there!.

I made myself a spectacular pair of earrings last night. They were the first time I tried this new design and I absolutely love them! I made them from top to bottom, including the hoops on the bottoms and the ear wires on top. I will see about posting a picture. I will likely do more of this style, but this first inaugural pair is MINE!.

I might even wear a dress again today. Today is the now-famous Stand Around a Table and Look Interested Meeting. That means I'll have to stand in cute shoes... decisions, decisions.....

Comment #7

Good morning all. I should be on my way to work, but I wanted to pop in and say hi. Thank goodness my job has flexible start times as I never get there the same time 2 days in a row..

<<<Waves to everyone then goes off to get dressed for work...

Comment #8

Good Morning Tough Loves!.

Thank you Anna for the coffee, it's really good!!!! Have fun with that mountain of laundry. I put some on this morning before work. At lunch I'll put it in the dryer, after work I'll fold....

Good Morning Talien - Wow, you were up early. If I don't have to go to work the next day, I love being up when everyone else is asleep... it is very peaceful..

Good Morning PK - enjoy your class!.

Good Morning Keri! Have a good OP day!.

WAY TO GO Jan on the loss!!!!! Must feel so good right before going away!.

Good morning Penny! Have fun standing around looking all cute and stuff! What hard decisions we have now, right? Hmmm.... how cute should I look today?.

All is well here. Tomorrow is WI and my sneak peek told me it's a good one. I LOVE this "diet". I KNOW if I am OP I will lose weight - yes, maybe I will stall - but I won't gain, and that's what matters. I have to go pretend to work now... be back later!.

Waving hello to all who follow!.


Comment #9

Morning! Waving as I run out the door to take DD to school!.

DSS got here as planned last night, still not knowing that we'd been on MF. He took a look at us both and said, "Whatever ya'll are doing, keep doing it because ya'll look great!".

I also made it through the sludge night OP and registered a .5lb loss overnight, so I'm feeling great!.

1.5 lbs till I hit the healthy BMI range! Woot, woot!..

Comment #10

Good morning Zoe!!!! I'm very lucky that way too, I get here when I get here and just make up for it on the other end. Very happy about that!.


Comment #11

Hi Jennifer!!! Great job on the loss and glad to hear DSS got there safely! Enjoy your time together!!!!.


Comment #12

I go away for 20 minutes and you all come alive!!!.


Man you were up early!!!.


That's the reason my dh wont' drink Starbucks. He hates the burned taste..


Great loss!.


You too.


Time to drive oldest to school, waving hello to the rest of you..

Comment #13

Morning all! Thanks for the coffee, Anna. I'm off hugging the pot...

Comment #14

Good morning MT! I'm hugging the pot too today! Can't wake up to save my life! I'll be sleep walking through this day... I didn't get enough sleep last night - I'm sure I'll make up for it tonight..


Comment #15

Okie Dokie my Lovelies... Need to get my rear in gear and get out the door! I was just jawing with my darling MIL and noticed the time (Cripes!)..

Great work on the losses Ladies! Keep kicking some serious butt! To all my new Chopped Tofuties...have a great OP day! Keep Strong! I intend to kick some serious as(paragus) today. Won't you all join me?.

I am stealing todays pearl of wisdom/mantra from Miss.


(I hope you don't mind, but it struck just the right chord with me today.).

"Keep your own head in your own game".

I'll check in later from work if I can!..

Comment #16

Keri - thank you for Miss Bethie's quote. Reminds me of one from the OA rooms - "keep your eyes on your own plate". Just love it..

Hello to all that follow. Glad to have a safe haven to come to every day!!!!.


Comment #17

< another one who can't wake up..


, congrats for being so close to your healthy BMI!.

Today was my weigh-in, and while I had 239 on my ticker, my weight last week was actually somewhere in the 240's because I had not updated my ticker to reflect my recommit date. I don't remember exactly what it was, but I think 242. Now I wish I had recorded it so I would have a more accurate idea of how much I lost in my first week back, but I'm nevertheless happy to report that I am at 236 this morning which puts me back at a 50 pound loss total and I think a 6 pound loss for last week..


Comment #18

Good morning - Anna, thanks for the coffee!.

Just wanted to say hello to all of you before I head to work... another busy day ahead!.

Carolyn, congratulations on your loss!.

Have a great OP day everyone!..

Comment #19

Good morning!.

Anna- Thanks for the coffee!.

TKD- Great job getting your workout in. Don't let the non-comments get to you. You know you look FABULOUS!.

Jan- 3.6 to Go!!! Woohoo!.

Keri/Beth - Love the quote!.

Jennifer- great job staying OP. Nice compliment from DSS!.

Carolyn- 50 lbs!!! Awesome! Can't wait until I get there..

Just got my first box of Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs. I'm so excited to try them, although it sounds like they are as addicting as crack. So we'll see!.

Today's the day of snip, snip, chop, chop to my hair! Hopefully there's enough to donate to Locks of Love (in honor of my 10-yr old niece who is in remission.) I'm going to take a picture of my hair before and after so you all can see..

Happy day!.


Comment #20

Good morning T Lovelies!.

Running around the room giving high fives and waves to all..

Great job on the losses everyone. TLers really do rock..

And I meant to post the other day when Penny and someone... someone tall and gorgeous posted pics... Dang we're a HAWT group of girls!!!!!.

Keri - Thanks for the Bethie quote. It's a good one..

No chopped tofu because frankly it's too early and the coffee hasn't kicked in..

The little one is yelling at the cat to get off of his bed, so I think it's time to rescue him (the cat, not the little one)..

Happy Tuesday. I'll check in later...

Comment #21

Good morning all... coffee is great... Did the elliptical and trying to catch upon the posts while enjoying my french vanilla Shake!!!!.

Great losses all I wish I could get on here more often but between work and my son's schedule I'm lucky I have time for anything....

Deidre can't wait to see pics of the hair cut!!!.

Melissa great job on the loss.. you are doing great on MF!!!.

Got to run should have left 15 minutes ago!!.

Hugs to all and have a great OP sludge free day!!.


Comment #22

Carolyn - fabulous loss either way - great job. Yes, still trying to wake up - not sure if it matters today if I do or not!.

Hi Rene!.

Hi Knitty - have fun with your new hair cut! I thought the cheese puffs were too addictive, so I won't get more - but I don't like chile anything, so I didn't get those!.

Hi Cindy! My "official" weigh in is tomorrow - but I snuck a peek... so no official celebrations until tomorrow!!!!.

I am FREEZING. Does anyone else suffer from that? Everyone else in my office is fine. I'm FROZEN. My fingers are purple! Ok, not really, it just feels that way. It's been a constant problem for me since I started MF. Not such a big deal if I would only remember to dress warmer!!!!!..

Comment #23

Melissa, the first time I used Medifast was in the summer and I wore a sweater or jacket all summer long! It was kinda' nice to not be sweating to death. This time I started January 1 and we've had an unusually cold winter. I have learned to dearly appreciate layers! Although Medifast will say it's not a usual symptom (right, Freya?) almost everyone experiences it at some point..

Here is a picture of the earrings I made for myself. I'm thinking about doing some in silver with pearls inside. Also thinking about doing some with all different color crystals inside. Pretty for spring! And a great way to use up some beads!..

Comment #24

Good morning my beautiful Tough Lovelies!! No chopped tofu this morning. I'm posting from my phone because I got a last minute call to sub today! It was supposed to be half day but when I got here they gave me the other half for a different teacher so I'll get a full day's pay. Yippee!!!.

I loved getting dressed this morning because I didn't have to try on 14 million different things to find something that fit and looked good. I grabbed a pair of slacks, a cute top, a necklace and shoes, put 'em on and didn't think twice about whether there were any bulges. There have been times in my life when wardrobe changes caused me to be late..

I also struggled with my inner brat last night again. I don't know what's up with her demanding sludge in the evenings, but I was in control! I'm hoping as I flex my NO muscle the struggle will go away soon...

Comment #25

Good morning, everyone! For those who didn't read my post last night (because it was very, very last minute I don't think it was even still the 28th, on the east coast), I'm joining the Tough Love crew, not for the first time, because I really need some tough love!.

My name is Claire, and I'm a senior in college (majoring in French and sociology). I have what I consider a unique set of challenges because I can't control what the cafeteria decides to put out in a given day. I can, however, control what goes on my plate and what goes in my mouth there's no one forcing me to eat anything! That's what's important..

I survived spring break pretty spectacularly. I'm a slow loser, but I saw a 2-pound loss on the scale this morning. Considering I was at home alone all day for a week... I feel great..

Now, off to make some coffee along with the legions of other TLers doing the same!..

Comment #26

Jasmine.. good job on not giving in to the iunner brat.. I find it's all mental\.. I'm not huungry when temptation hits and as long as I stay tough and not break down it goes away and I feel great... Unfortunately it always comes back.. I think it will be something I deal with my entire life...


Comment #27

By the way, everyone... I was thinking last night about how amazingly OP I'm going to be today, when I realized that I have a DINNER to attend at 6. I have no idea what's on the menu, or if it's even close to an L&G. Here are some things I've decided to do:.

1. Bring a few bars in case it's total sludge..

2. Bring my portable scale if it does end up being L&G so I can have exactly the right amount. It's kind of awkward and will probably gain me some stares, but worth it to know I'm sticking to the program..

... does anyone have any other advice for that kind of unpredictable event? It's going to go from about 6:15 to about 9PM..



: Beautiful earrings! You are clearly a craftswoman...

Comment #28

Good (sleepy) morning everyone!!.

Hope everyone slept well and the Sandman didn't visit them after those images Sassy put in our minds yesterday (yes, Penny that reference was for YOU!)..

Welcome Claire! You're going to do great. It's hard when others are making the food for you, but you're already thinking in the right direction - you have the power to choose what you eat. And 2lbs is a great loss! Congrats!.

And to all the other MFin' losers out there - congrats on your losses!.

Deidre - that's so wonderful you're donating your locks! And I'm so happy to hear your niece is in remission.

Can't wait to see pix of your new 'do!.

Penny - love the new design! I'm going to PM you to discuss jewelry!.

Ohh my... I think I'm going to start brewing another pot of coffee. I'm EXHAUSTED today. I can't shake this cold/sickness... it keeps coming back and I'm just wiped.



Comment #29

Claire - If it's a restaurant you can (generally) always find a grilled chicken salad. Eat 1/2 of it and weigh the chicken (or other lean) when you get home so you can figure out how much you need to eat or have eaten. If you're cool with weighing your food at the restaurant, do it! Also, if you order a lean protein there like steak/chicken/fish - ask them to prepare it sans oils, fats, spices, etc. And same goes for the veggies - get some plain steamed veggies (not in butter, oil, etc)..

Hope that helps!..

Comment #30

Penny, I love those. Make some in silver with something other than pearly beads and I'd swoon...

Comment #31


: Actually, it's not in a restaurant it's a senior dinner at the president's house. So, it's kind of like a wedding-type situation in that there are several courses (at minimum, finger food, dinner and dessert), none of which I can control. I'd definitely love this to be in a restaurant! :P..

Comment #32

And Penny, I sent you the message and it gave me an error message each time I clicked send (but went through unbeknownst to me)... Apparently now you have 3 messages waiting from me :-P..

Comment #33

OMG - Penny these are gorgeous - Love the idea of doing it in silver with pearl and bead mix or just one or the other... MORE please!!!!!.

Jasmine, good inner brat work you're doing over there!!!! When mine acts up, I say "what part of NO don't you understand, the N or the O? Then I get some water or tea or whatever to drink. There's either another meal coming or it's time for bed! :-).

Hi Zoe & welcome (back) Calire...

Comment #34

Good morning! Absolutely no chopped tofu today! I'm already four pages behind and just barely got caught up from yesterday. Congratulations on all the losers out there!.

Today is day 6 on Chantix. Can smoke today and tomorrow and then it's quit day Thursday!.

BACH came out for an appointment today to work on my 2 year olds speech. I forget what the letters stand for but they work with kids that are a little behind in all areas. Thankfully, my son is "normal" everywhere except for his speech. I think it has a lot do do with all the ear problems he has had since a baby. He is learning new words everyday though. It's just weird because at this age my daughter was talking in complete sentences and he is so far behind.

It worries me because he is supposed to be moving up a grade level at his preschool in September and I don't want him to be the only one who can't talk..

My daughter is also home today with a nasty cough. Seth's post op instructions say not to let him around anyone with a cough, so I am trying my best to keep them separated, but it's going to be difficult!..

Comment #35

Thanks, ladies! Wow! That was overwhelming! Looks like I'll be doing LOTS more of this design!.

Off to the stand-around-the-table meeting! Be back soon (not soon enough, though).....

Comment #36

Very cute earrings Penny. Enjoy your meeting. I hope you are wearing cute shoes...

Comment #37

Cute AND comfy! They're the Mary Janes I'm wearing in my Betty Boop picture! Not sure if the meeting's happening since lots of key players are all together in one of the bosses' office...

Comment #38

I hear you Penny - there's some kind of major mucky-muck in my boss' office from Corporate. The door is closed, so I can probably sneak away at lunch time without sustaining any damage. I walk my "charge" Sarge at noon, followed by a major dash home just in time to eat and get a call from dh and then back to work. It's kind of hectic, but I'm ok with it. My boss is a dream when it comes to me being a few minutes late getting back from lunch. I think because usually I do 120%.

I'll check in later..


Comment #39

Morning Peeps..

Coffee in hand, girlie off to school. Was hoping to get to work on the garden after my coffee, but NOOOO. SH is in Tempe for an interview and I have to go pick her up. Because god forbid she jump on a bus and come home. We made the mistake of telling her I was off this week. Arrrggghhh!.

Anyway, absolutely NO way to catch up with this chatty group!.

Penny - Love those earrings! I saw some awesome turquoise beads at Razzle Dazzle that would be awesome in that style in silver! May go back and send them to you. Oh, and we are now at 166/7/21..

Comment #40

Good morning all! No chopped tofu. So freaking tired because I drank way too much water late last night and was up probably 4 or 5 times to go to the bathroom. Yawn. Today is gonna be a long day...

Comment #41

Pretty soon we are going to be less than 5 months away, De! Little turquoise nuggets would be gorgeous in these earrings! Oooooh - great idea! I saw some pretty coral, amethyst, and rose quartz nuggets, too! Just pretty little chips that would work perfectly in earrings like these..

Melissa, I have a great couple of bosses, too. I work from 9-2 (awesome Mommy hours) and if I need to look after my little one if she's sick, or if there's a school function, etc - it's always family first here...

Comment #42

My daughter went through a pre-school speech therapy program. She had a moderate speech delay. I think she didn't speak complete sentences until age 4 and then they weren't very long sentences. They did a fantastic job with her. She was exited out of all speech therapy by kindergarten. Still today at age 9, she still has some difficulty with a vocabulary not quite up to speed (even though she loves to read) and has some frustrations trying to think of the right words to say sometimes.

Most times you can't shut her up..

Good luck!..

Comment #43

Thanks Knitty for that information! I'm glad your daughter was all caught up before kindergarten! That is excellent. That's what I am hoping for as well. So far, I think they are doing a great job...

Comment #44

You know..I am considering moving to the East coast SIMPLY to be able to keep up with you TLers. As I read, I always have 60 things I want to say, but by the time I get to the end, I forget all of them. Clair is cool..she will fit in perfectly..

Got a nice warning from Cheri this morning..stay away from MC...

Penny..such pretty earrings..

Playing hooky from work..LOVE doing this. I actually do my work from home..just a no show to the office..

Anna, I love how you take good care of yourself with massages etc.. please..

Oh look at the time..time for my CC pancake's an every morning occurrence...

Comment #45

De: SH..I have tried and tried, but can't figure out what it is. Here comes another "don't tell Susan" game..I can JUST feel it..

Silly Horse, significant hoop, sad hormone....

Comment #46

Susan - I thought Freya reported last night..

Penny - You know my love of turquoise! There was a jewelry store next to Razzle Dazzle that was closing and selling off everything at 50-75% off. Of course I'm broke and it killed me to see all that beautiful turquoise!.

Off to pick up SH <sigh> At least I can get it over with and then get on with my day. Just hate wasting gas on this one...

Comment #47

When mine acts up, I say "what part of NO don't you understand, the N or the O?.

I love that!!!!.

Penny, great earrings..

Zzzzzzzzttttt! Hot!..

Comment #48


: Where do you live? I noticed that you said SH (which, by the way, I understand as little as Susan as far as acronyms go.

) has an interview in Tempe. I live in Scottsdale, where I was just on spring break!..

Comment #49

What's going on in MC now? It seemed pretty quiet when I peeked in this morning. Now I'm curious and have to go look!..

Comment #50

He he - SH = Silly horse! Could be....

The only thing about these earrings is that they take considerably longer than the others to make. When I feed them through the formula I use to price out my stuff, they come up a little more than the $10 and $12 I have on the other earrings. Even the $10 and $12 ones come out to more than that, but I tried to stay in the same range as other sellers. Anyway, I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. The formula says $23, but I don't think I'd put that high a price on them..

Mmmmm - chili nacho cheezy poofs.....

Comment #51 totally reported on Bleh date. I went to sleep and forgot...

Comment #52

Carolyn (fellow Jedi) - Everyone up there is going off plan and cheating... the usual..

SH - Second husband?.

Sassy - I have finally (finally after 6 months) started to drink the bulk of my water during the day and not close to bedtime. I was getting up 3 or 4 times every night. Now I have it down to 2 (wahoo)...

Comment #53

Cheri, why did it take us so long to learn this?? I can handle getting up once or twice, but not every hour or two!.

Freya, did the dude pay for your meal? The date I went on last week paid and then never called me back. He was socially inept so I don't really want to see him again, but I was surprised he paid if he had no intention of seeing me again...

Comment #54

ROFLMAO!!! How about Skanky Ho?.

Calire - I live in Scottsdale, right behind Chaparral Park.

She just sent me a text. Her sister in Tempe is giving her a ride. WOOT!!!..

Comment #55


I love those earrings Penny. I'm a big fan of dangly earrings. Can't wait to see them on Etsy. I'm voting for some bracelet work!.

Staying OP has been difficult lately. Trying to get my Medifast meal in every 2-3 hrs has been tough with how busy it's been at work. Today I'm going to make time, yesterday I went 4 hours without eatting...

Comment #56

Don't make me come over there Steph. I know where you work.......

Comment #57

Hey all,.

Really looking forward to starting MF. Literally looking out of my open door.

Waiting for that darn UPS man to deliver my order!.

Want to commit 100% cause I'm tired of messing around and half-committing to diets..

Hope you all have a terrific day!.


Comment #58

Lucky you. When I was in Scottsdale last week, the weather was GORGEOUS! I hope you've been taking advantage of it. Now I'm back in MI, and it's bitter-cold...

Comment #59

Hello TL's.

Just got caught up between yesterday and todays posts..

Thank you for the coffee. I put my Medifast hot choco in it. Can you say YUMMY!? I will do that again...

Comment #60



I definitely discovered the joy of Medifast Cappuccino in coffee... I'm a coffee lover, but I always use my condiments in sweetening it up, so this is the perfect solution. Wish I had more than one box of cappuccinos.....

Comment #61

Welcome Morgan. If you want to do the plan right, this is the place to be!.

Calire - I am definitely making the most of the weather, although I heard on the news last night we are going to hit record highs...AGAIN this week. <sigh> The switch in temps just plays havoc with my sinuses. One weeks it's in the 90's, then we drop back down. Up and down. Going to start filling my raised garden with soil today, then this weekend take my girlie and go pick out veggies to plant!..

Comment #62

Thanks, Steph! I made myself a bracelet the other day using the same hoop technique (see the blue chandelier earrings on Etsy, too!) and my gorgeous blister pearls... I think I do see some bracelets in my future. I love making swirly clasps!..

Comment #63


, do you have a blender? Try blending the cappuccino, hot chocolate, chocolate shake, coffee soft serve or chocolate mint soft serve with hot coffee. I can't even tell you what a difference it makes from trying to stir it in. You even get some froth and absolutely no clumps. I think the chocolate mint soft serve blended with hot coffee is even better than Starbucks!!..

Comment #64

Sassy... You should be GRATEFUL he paid for the meal! That way you didn't waste your $ on it - just your time LOL. And it's so his loss!.

I swear I'm not a gold digger! I went on a breakfast date on Sunday with a nice guy... he paid, but he asked me to pay the tip. That was fine it was just odd the way he phrased it especially since it was such a cheap meal LOL. He was a nice guy just not for me. Two workaholics talking about... WORK.

And Beth gave some great dating advice last night, so thanks for that and I wholeheartedly agree. Personally, I'm trying to go for ones I normally wouldn't... and I look at each date as practice and also pure comedic relief..

Comment #65

Welcome, Morgan! Seriously, this is the place to be if you want to just do this thing and get to goal. Love the avi!..

Comment #66


, I'm gonna have to custom order something from you... a ring with a really big and funky green stone. Can you do that?..

Comment #67


, that sounds amazing. Sadly, I don't have the chocolate mint soft serve wasn't adventurous enough to try it, yet but I do have the coffee soft serve, so I'll have to try that tonight! It's in my baggie of foods for the day..



I guess the perfect spring break weather couldn't last forever... and it's definitely starting to heat up now. I've been in MI during AZ's perfect weather for four years now, and coming back for the hell-ish summers... maybe one day I'll get to be there when it's actually nice!..

Comment #68

We are supposed to be up to 90 by Thursday here too. And then back to the 70's for the weekend. Sheesh. I'd be happy with a nice 84. That is my favorite temperature..

Comment #69

I totally agree!! I'm not a gold digger either-I support myself and I'm not looking for a sugar daddy. It's really nice though when a guy parts with his money for my sake.

I was just surprised that the dude paid for my meal but then never called..

I'm getting some great stories out of these dates... I really liked Beth's post too!..

Comment #70

So jealous of all with warm weather! It's 36* and not gettting any warmer. I may have to go tanning just to warm up...

Comment #71

Right you are, Penny! It's not a usual symptom of being on MF. It's just a thing that coincidentally almost everyone experiences while on MF, because of magic evil fairies that follow around people doing Medifast and give them all the same side-effects that aren't caused by the diet. Honest. Just ask NS..

[We now take a time-out for 500 people to jump in and tell me what a bully and bad MFer I am for making fun of Medifast on their boards..



Are they done yet? Back to our regularly scheduled post..].

Refusetoquit, YES, we are all cold on 5&1. Now that I'm in T&M, I should send someone a care package of my fingerless gloves and sweater tights..

I wore fingerless gloves at work. I wore 2 pairs of tights over each other - regular ones under sweater tights (and I'd do this under jeans as well as under skirts). I found ways to layer extra shirts/camisoles for a tiny bit more warmth. I would wear a wool pea coat OVER a leather jacket OVER a sweater..

Yesterday was *awesome* because while the date was disappointing (report on last night's thread), physically I did a good thing. We ended up taking a 3 mile walk around Greenlake. At dusk. In the rain. It wasn't raining when we started, but we got pretty darned wet for a chunk of it. I was a little chilly, but my body has enough fuel moving through it on a regular basis that I didn't get all frozen and unable to get warm.

It's like being normal again!.

Good morning! Guess who's wearing Via Spigas???? ME? Did you guess me?..

Comment #72

Carolyn, do you have said funky green stone? I have a nice set of 3 malachite squares I was going to someday make a set of something with..

That reminds me of a funny story. A CA girl and a NY girl were on vacation and the NY girl smiled and said, "So where are you from?" The CA girl looked down her nose and said "From somewhere where we don't end sentences with prepositions." The NY girl thought a minute and said, "So where are you from, beyotch?".

No offense to any CA girls!..

Comment #73

Yes, he did! I was surprised, because I totally had cash out on the table, and he made me take it back, even though he just moved here and doesn't have a job yet. Nice of him..

Nice guy. I am sorry that we have nothing whatsoever in common, or any spark between us. But not sorry enough to pretend there's something there that isn't....

And as for you, Missy, I hope you'd call him if you were interested. Right?..

Comment #74

Freya, how dare you tell the truth and make fun of Medifast NS!.

Being cold is one of the few side effects that I've experienced on MF. I've also had some sleep issues. I haven't had other issues like metal mouth or hair loss that some other people have mentioned. I also have bursts of energy, which I love because my house is so much cleaner than it used to be...

Comment #75

Yep! But I'm so not interested in him. I want someone that'll let me finish a sentence and doesn't think that Dr. Laura's advice is from God's own mouth. (not trying to start a politcal conversation here.


I wonder if guys who pay but are not interested are just doing the old fashioned thing? Don't get me wrong-I really like it, but I was just wondering...

Comment #76

De, I'm so excited your raised beds are coming together! Can't wait to hear what you plant..

Penny, I've heard that joke with a woman from NY and a woman from the South. The Southern woman says "So where ya'all from?"..

Comment #77

You all were busy again.


My massage was awesome!!!.


I really should spend more time doing things like cleaning my house, etc.

And I'll be joining all of you West Coasters in about 3 months..

Comment #78




I love reading about your dates, considering the last first date I went on was in 1993 and we were both poor college students. And my dh is someone I never would have given the time of day in high school (nor him me likely). He was a jock in high school and well I wasn't LOLTurns out it's worked out great..

Comment #79

Hmm Sassy, I do think they may pay because they are respectful, maybe also genuinely had a good time and their moms brought them up properly - regardless if they call or not. I also (even at 25) go by the standard, whoever does the asking generally does the paying. Not to say I don't mind paying for things especially after a few dates. But generally whenever I offer they refuse or ignore my request to chip in. I used to fight it because I'm an independent woman, but I've learned that it helps them feel more manly and like a hunter/protector. So I let them! It is interesting though - I find online dating like some bizarre social experiment 9 times out of 10!..

Comment #80

Yeah, I used to think it was old fashioned and archaic. Now? I really like it and I feel cared for. And the guys that I've gone out with are all well paid engineers, computer specialists, etc and I'm sure make double (at least) my teaching salary, so my checkbook appreciates it too!..

Comment #81



, your post really made me laugh because this is time number 2 for me on Medifast (took two tries to realize transition and maintenance are just as important as weight loss) and both times I've experienced terrible leg cramps, even with sufficient water intake. But, according to NS, this has NOTHING to do with Medifast. I woke up with a cramp so bad Friday night that my muscle has felt sprained ever since..

I just bought 2 cool things-.

The Misto olive oil sprayer, which is at an all time low price on Amazon. I like cooking with olive oil, but don't like wasting calories on it. So this mister should let me spruce up grilled and roasted veggies for a smaller calorie cost..

And, a food dehydrator. I feed my allergy prone dog fresh and dehydrated veggies as treats since treats he can eat are more expensive per ounce than filet mignon, so even if I use it for nothing else, I'll be able to use it for that instead of using the oven. But, with the CSA I just joined, plus DSO's garden, plus my herb garden, I know I'll have an overabundance of produce and I'm hoping I can dry at least some of it...

Comment #82

Just caught up on the rest of yesterday. Thank you, Beth, for your encouragement! I actually date geek boys almost exclusively - it's a rare occurrence for me to be attracted to someone who doesn't work as an engineer or programmer of some kind. That's my favorite flavor...

Comment #83

Love my misto olive oil sprayer. My husband got it for me for Christmas. He wasn't sure I'd like it. LOVE IT! Great for grilling too!..

Comment #84

Clire - Crazy weather here. It actually snowed for all of 5 minutes, but STILL! Snow in south Scottsdale. For New Years no less..

Freya - I SO wish that I could get a shipment of topsoil in like you did. Unfortunately, it would be more work than it's worth to get it into the back yard. We have desert landscaping and no cement walkways going to the gate, which is on the far side of the house, opposite of where we want it to go. I don't know why the land lord didn't put a gate in at the front of the house where it might be useful, but oh well. Also, unless you are a homeowner, companies won't deliver without written approval, blah, blah, blah... Not that they would mind, it's just tracking them down to get what we need.

Going to check Home Depot again to see if they have bigger bags. Took me all of 5 minutes to dump what I had in and it didn't even make a dent...

Comment #85

Wow..I blink and have 39 posts to catch up on..

Whoever is's not MF, it's lack of calories and weightloss..

Penny, that joke is priceless. I love it and plan to tell it often..

Freya, I have done that Greenlake walk often and love it no matter what the weather. Did you do that walk with boring date? That's kind of sweet..

Misto, have two and love them. I use the second one (or did before MF) for salad dressing that I make with awesome olive oil and Balsamic vinegar that my friend brought back from Italy...

Comment #86

Oh, no kidding. I tried it a couple of years ago and hated it. Now that I'm down almost 60 pounds and I know there are plenty of men that find me attractive, I have a different, less annoyed and fearful view of online dating. Of the three guys I've gone out with so far only one seemed anywhere near someone who I'd actually say yes to if they asked me in person. Often what a man writes on his profile is not who he actually is but rather who he wants to be. I just want to meet and go out with a lot of men and have a very casual view of it.

Right is somewhere out there, but for now I'm out there having fun and practicing talking to men..

My only issue is my date wardrobe is limited to one outfit because I've given away most of my clothes and I do not like what's in the stores right now. If I ever have date #2 with a guy I'll be in trouble-I only have one cute date outfit!!..

Comment #87

SLW: yes, we did that walk on the date. It wasn't painful or anything. He's a really sweet man, and he chattered the whole time, so it wasn't stressful at all. Just not something I need more of. But it's a beautiful walk, and it got even more lovely in the rain, and by some miracle my mascara didn't run down my face so it all worked out..

De: what a PITA. I'm sorry you have to do the sacks of dirt thing. But if there's no easy way to bring through a wheelbarrow, then dirt delivery is not a good option. Ugh. I feel for your back carrying those sacks!..

Comment #88


, malachite sounds divine. What were you thinking of doing with it? I'm very easy...

Comment #89

He he- I heard that about you. Anyway....

They're flat squares - I thought about a ring and a pair of earrings... or a pendant and a pair of earrings. Or a necklace using all three... this is why I still have them! They're probably a little over an inch square. Not tiny, but not huge, either. I'm stopping at the crack - I mean BEAD shop - on the way home and I may see if there's anything else green and interesting.

It's my happy color..

Did you have any recommendations?..

Comment #90

Wow, I take a little time off to study and I miss a TON. SOOOooooo not going to even attempt chopped tofu with all of this!!.

Need to study more today so I won't be too active on the boards but still OP! (In fact, yesterday, as I'm still adjusting day/night back from the weekend, I took a nap and when I woke up was getting a lecture from DH about how many meals I needed to eat still and if I didn't get them in he was going to rat me out to you guys!!! LOL... I just opened one eye looked at him and said, "I'm planning on eating them. Can I wake up first please??".

He just headed out the door to do an ambulance run taking a patient to Spokane, so I know (1) he'll eat crap but that's his choice and (2) he'll be gone most of the day. The kids are all home for spring break, but it's cold and windy out. Yuk!.

Please don't post any more pictures of tails or cyclops babies! I have extremely vivid dreams and cannot add those in to the mix! Watched Blade II when I was pregnant with Patrick and dreamt that I gave birth to him in a hospital connected to a casino (not sure how the casino got into the dream) and then when the baby was born it had a mouth like the dog from Blade II!! Steven still won't let me live that one down!.

Freya... you dated a mortician? Seriously??? I worked in a mortuary when Alison was a baby and those guys are not right in the head..

Glad to see there are still gentlemen who know they need to pay for a date... I'm raising three gentlemen so it's nice to know they won't be the only ones...

Comment #91


, I really am <cough> easy. I would love a ring/earrings set in silver. Have at it, do what you like, as long as it is big(ish) and green, it will be divine. The approximately 1 inch size of your malachite stones sounds perfect..

I like things that are a bit odd and funky looking. Like me...

Comment #92

I'm off, kids! I'm gonna make a stop in da hood..

Comment #93

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.