What are the things I should check in for best iPage web hosting company?..?

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Got a question... What are the things I should check in for best iPage web hosting company?..? Thanks for any comment. My other question... My name is Tubby, I have had my own Car Club iPage website for two years, I am totally un-internet-intuative, and get by using a 'Plod plod' method..

I have a heap of club members that visit my (we call it our) iPage website and I am looking for advise that does not conflict with my own common sense that to outward appearances makes me appear pig headed..

I know, understand, and love vintage cars and why I am a web-master I will never understand...

I am looking for someone who can point me in a better direction.. Yet will listen to, and try to comprehend my perspective. I am in no way a professional, but I would like to project an upgraded image for my friends, fellow club members and other vintage classic car enthusiasts..

Lastly I am extremely thick skinned.and adore critisism, if it enables me to lift my game. I would like your help to lift my game...

Thankyou for listening.


P.S a spellchecker on this submit page would make me feel more comfortable...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Hi Android, I am looking for ways I can improve on what I have, Something that is probably obvious to the experts and iPage site users that I don't see. I am extremely happy with the way myself and the iPage site have progressed. but every now and them I take a peek at other sites and get 'blown away' Yet I know I couldn't create a brilliant site, so I look for practical things..

I would at some time in the future like to have an automatic submission type 'parts for sale' section.. but at the moment I only get around half a dozen cars or parts listed daily, so it's not a problem..

I use a cgi script that I managed to make work on.

(my original site) and I still maintain that iPage site simply because I cannot make one work where I am now with the updated iPage site (yahoo) even though they have one.I am not stupid.but I just cannot understand how it works..

There is a hell of a lot I need to know, I have a good IQ good mechanical aptitude.. But following written instructions for the simplest html seem to boggle my mind..

Naturally I blame those writing the instructions,(ego protection) I am looking for someone who knows what they are talking about.with patience..

I have always hung <noindex> tags on any internal links on my pages, so my 'Atoms' search on site, gives the result I want them to give (still updating them) I am advised "THIS IS STUPID" but I don't want people going to a wolseley page if they typed 'Vauxhall' into google. Will google find the page?.I have a million questions..

I simply "Trust" that my iPage site is read well by different browsers.the last time I tried to check with a reccomended by XXX XXX Newsletter, computer was out for two days..

I have made good friends around the world, I need some friends from the world of webmasters..

I am a full time (self employed) Vinyl layer, I spend an hour sometimes 2 on the iPage site before work and around 3-4 hours most evenings, and I take a day off work most weeks to upgrade whatever it takes on the weekend, if I am not on a car rally etc..

I even bought a copy of 'Microsoft Front page' and after around 70 hours of playing with it was TOTALLY unable to re-create a similar page to the one I already have..

Just writing all this so you know that you are dealing with an 'intelligent Idiot'.


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An "Intelligent Idiot" so you are an oxy-moron? I like that and I think you came to the right place for answers..

Welcome Tubby.....

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You have.


Come to the right place. With any questions you have don't hesitate to post them. We will do our absolute best to answer them and then some.


Good Day!.

P.S. There are some really nice cars on your site.


P.S.S. We have had a big discussion about a spellchecker - check it out here:.


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Well, technically, you can be an intelligent moron. A moron is a person with the IQ of a twelve year old (meaning nothing really, as an adult with a 100 IQ is more intelligent than a 12 year old with a 100 IQ...), so a 6 year old moron is extremely inteligent. But an intellignet idiot.


An oxy-moron..

Which reminds me of the time I had my little sister (now seven, five at the time) that she was a moron. I would ask her: "Hey, Katie, are you an oxy-moron," and she sould reply, "No, I'm a.



Oh, and hi Tubby. This is a great place to come for help, but beware of monkeys, and beware of addiction (just look at me.


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Thank-you all, In I have already enough new ideas on upgrading my iPage site to keep me busy for a month..

I am totally content if I can improve my pages, every time I upload new content. So I am a 'happy camper'.

I do have a problem when I click on 'Profile' on these pages. if I do this the end result is me pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get the little box that says 'end task'.

I run windows 95 and explorer 5. this has delayed me from exploring who you all are and other sections of the site..


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Wauzzzsup? After reading your post and thinking about thinking, I had to just welcome you the basic way!.


When I get some time (HA!, like thats ever going to happen! I have more projects going now then I do hair!) I will browse your site! (i like cars.

) i'll send a photo of my tinker toy soon!.

Brain bent monkey.


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