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First of all What are your favorite Medifast recipes to make on the George Foreman Grill? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... Just curious....

Did you tell all of your friends, family & coworkers that you were having WLS? Did you receive any negative reactions or judgments?.

Did you decide not to tell certain people?.

I plan to have.


In the next few months, and I'm really not sure whom to tell. I feel like there are certain family members & friends who would view it as a cop out...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

It is an extremely personal decision who to tell. Me personally? I told everyone. Yes, I got negative reactions. I got the "you are taking the easy way out" from some people. I just chose not to listen to them..

I had several close friends who were/are extremely supportive and who love me and who I knew I could count on to pray for me and with me. Those were the opinions that mattered..

Everyone at work knew something was up when they saw I wasn't on the schedule for 2 1/2 weeks and when I was only drinking liquid protein shakes for lunch before.


And the same crew who made the comments above said "see if you can just drink that for 10 days and loose weight, why don't you just keep drinking those drinks and loose the weight?" I know I was the topic of more than one lunch room debate and I am ok with that. What is that saying? Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people? I think Elanor Roosevelt said it best!.

19 months out when someone diets and exercises and says their husband just lost 70 lbs.

Going to the gym.

3 times a day, they make comments. "good for him he is doing it the right way." Yeah, I know it is directed at me, but frankly, I don't care!.

This is a decision I made for me for my health and mine alone. I decided I wanted to be around to see my kids graduate from college get married and give me grandkids! I wanted to be healthy, and I wanted to have some fun along the way! The risk was worth it, totally, for me!.

Good Luck with whatever you decide. But eventually you will have to say something. Otherwise everyone will just think you have cancer with the rapid weight loss and start THAT rumor!.


Comment #2

The rumor mill always can't stop people from being nosey...and thats what it is....

I told everybody...I mean absolutely everybody...Only one negative reaction from my sister-in-law but she thinks the answer to everything is within a glass of carrott juice..ugh!! she is a major juicer....

I simply told her that I would rather not turn orange, and if she couldn't be supportive to just plug up the hole in her face...this is a personal journey for all of us...I just chose not to hide the inevitable....

For me, this was a saving grace, and one I was proud is a major decision, and I spent a year and a half getting ready....

Trust me I got plenty of you are doing so good with your diet, why risk this...(I lost 127 pounds pre-op).

But my response was yes, I have discovered I can lose the weight initially, but this.


Is my insurance I won't sabotage myself, and gain more back...this.


Keeps me accountable to myself....

The hard part is getting your head right BEFORE.


...You can't gorge til the last day then say here I am...Or you will feel like you are gonna just die from starvation....

It takes months to get ready for this, and there is tons of soul searching you must do....

I had a stroke at 38...that was a major deciding factor for me...I had already cheated death one time, but felt if the weight didn't come off...would I be so lucky again...probably not.....

Comment #3

I can't imagine not telling everyone I know and nipping in the bud any bullshit that comes from it. Family, friends, co-workers be damned! Part of this process is taking responsibility for our actions and living with the consequences! Don't let the turkeys get you down!..

Comment #4

I also have told everyone. I am proud that I have taken control and done this so that I can live a healthier, longer life. Most people say Wow, good for you but some people say "you don't have that much weight to lose" I know that this was the correct decision for me, that is what matters. I say thank you to comments, it is/was the right decision for me and I don't regret a minute of it, on a good day or a bad day!! Also, I agree totally with Laura's comment, I didn't want anyone to think I had cancer when I was losing weight rather quickly. Good luck in whatever decision you make..

Comment #5

I am in your same position I meet with my surgeon this week to get my date but I have only told my parents who are scsred for me but since obsity runs high in my family they knew it was best and my hubby and one friend who watchs my kids while I got to the doctor appointments. I have not told anyone else and do not plan to till after I have the.


And then I might not unless they ask. Right now I just dont need people to be negitive or stay thngs that will stress me before the.


Good luck..

Comment #6

I'm still pre-op, but I've obviously had to tell people. My parents and sister know, three friends know and my son knows. I haven't told anybody at work. I figure once I get pre-approval from insurance and a.


Date, then I will have to tell my immediate supervisor and the people who I work with, because we have a small office and I'll be gone for about three weeks. But there's no sense in mentioning that until I have a.


Date, because that's just like putting the axe over their heads... The main thing is I'm good with my decision... And no matter what, word will spread far and wide once I tell my coworkers, that's just the nature of things. Before.


I will have lost more than 100 pounds, so they're already asking me what's up... Good luck with how you handle it.....

Comment #7

It's a tricky situation. You take a risk when you choose to discuss this with people but you have to also weigh the potential damage/reward. You need to decide if you will be annoyed/derailed by judgmental comments or if your resolve is strong enough to deal with conversations that may not provide you with support. But you also rob yourself of the opportunity to receive support from people if you choose to keep it a secret. For me, I chose to only tell people I was close to. My coworkers didn't need to know the details and some of them may have their suspicions but they haven't asked and I haven't brought it up.

Going to the gym.

And all the things I do to stay focused on my weight loss and I smile and thank them for the compliments I get when I bust out a new outfit..

Lastly - you have to be comfortable taking control of your process. You are making the decision to improve your health and your life not to gain everybody's approval. Whatever people mean when they talk about doing it the "right" way is more about their own fears and opinions. They are responding after thinking about it for a minute, you are.


About it and following through after much thoughtful consideration. Nobody goes into this.


Without spending a ton of time thinking about it,.


About it, researching it and finally going through several appointments with other specialists who make sure you are thinking about it and.


About it. I often wonder if people react similarly to people who choose to have preventive mastectomies, lasik eye correction, or any other procedure that is elective..

Good luck sorting this out...

Comment #8

I told everyone, even my students. The nay-sayers can kiss my butt, my true friends understand and support me. I have done this for me, so I can be healthy...

Comment #9

And the wisdom to know who you are! Bravo Steve Davis , Bravo!.

Luv Lu..

Comment #10

Just curious....

Did you tell all of your friends, family & coworkers that you were having WLS? Did you receive any negative reactions or judgments?.

Did you decide not to tell certain people?.

I plan to have.


In the next few months, and I'm really not sure whom to tell. I feel like there are certain family members & friends who would view it as a cop out...

Comment #11

As previously mentioned this is a personal decision. I personally believe you do not have justify your actions to anyone. I am 2 weeks out and can honestly say this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I know it's early on but I wouldn't have it any other way..

I didn't tell my co-workers because even though I share most of my day with them it's not really a close knit group to share such information. I did tell my family who surprisingly were opposed to the.



I did have this.


With my psychologist and he said the answer is very simple- -you tell people that you changed your lifestyle by eating differently and exercising. You are not witholding information or lying b/c it is ultimately those changes that will get us to our destination..

The individuals who see this as the easy way out are those who fear change or fear of the unknown..

If you do plan on telling anybody just be prepared to accept criticism or to simply answer any questions. This is certainly not an easy feat and the more information you gather about this procedure the more power you will hold..

Best Wishes and Congrats on Making Such a Brave Step In Your Life!.


Comment #12

I told my family, my small group at church, and the people who work in the office with me. I went the route of telling those I wasnt close to how I had given up soda, was eating 3 meals a day with no snacking, protein first at every meal, and exercising..

Apparently, someone else decided to tell the other 95 people at work that Id had WLS. Now I feel awkward around the people who found out from someone else. I.


They dont feel like I lied to them or mislead them. I just didnt want my personal business out there for everyone..

The lesson Ive learned: whether you tell them now or not, everyone will find out eventually. "Cause two can keep a secret; if one of them is dead!" Now, I wish Id been the one to tell them. Ive also been thinking about all the people who ask because they are looking for the answer to their own weight loss battle. Not telling them seems like keeping a lifeboat from a drowning man.


Comment #13

I told everyone that would listen because I worked really hard for 6 months prior and I was excited when I received my approval letter. If they thought it was easy that's their problem because it was/is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I still get the occasional "you took the easy way out" but then I ask them "so how many days do you.


And can you give me some of your Medifast diet recipes, I'd like to try yours too" that pretty much shuts them up. I did this for me and to be able to enjoy my kids & grandkids and if no one likes it - too bad. Tell who you want and tell the negative people to pound salt. Congrats on your decision to use this tool and make yourself healthy & happy!!..

Comment #14

I am Ms. WLS woman! I tell/told anyone who would stand around and listen. If they ask why, I tell them...I was dying and I wanted to live a little while longer. I have 20 and I wanted to be around for them..

This is my decision. I was born alone I will die alone, by God I will make my decisions...alone! I don't give a damn who knows. But then that's me. I can handle the dumb statements and God help the person who wants to come at me with "you took the easy way out" crap! By the time I am done with them...they want the.



Comment #15

I wouldn't tell a whole lot of folks pre-op. Family, friends you know will be supportive, folks whose help you will rely on. Don't tell folks who are "nattering naybobs of negativism" (for those of us old enough to remember Spiro - it was a good line). Who needs folks to be downers for you. After recovery, I tell everyone, even imperfect strangers. Don't let folks who care about you think you've got cancer! (weight loss, followed by hair loss = C?) This is so much better..


Comment #16

At first I did not tell anyone... I waited until after my first apt. with my surgeon to say anything....this was because..lets face it...we all have people in our lives who can be very judgemental...whether they feel they are protecting you or not.....

I told my aunt only..(Gosh I planned it out and everything..boy was I nervous..) I really didnt know how she was going to respond but I knew she'd be the one to go to first considering she had the GBS 5 years ago and has done so well....... I was so lucky to have her listen to me and it was so nice to hear the GOOD feedback and support!! I slowly told certain people who I knew would be supportive...then those that would say, "really, ok I support you"...then I told a few good friends that I knew I would hear, "why you aren't fat! You don't need that surgery"........

To those who had the negative feedback I replied with "this is why I didn't tell you when I started the process because I didn't want negativity to prevent me from being HEALTHY!"...they were slightly embarassed once they saw my reaction and realized this is not a spur of the moment decision I made.....

My main thing was this was for ME! So why tell those who wont be supportive or those who are going to say "but why you are not fat and you can die".....(those people ALWAYS focusing on the negative....).


Is Power!! Keep the life suckers (negative people) away and focus on you!!! I still haven't told a lot of people because quite frank it's none of their business why I make the decisions I do..... I have to say I am so lucky to have a great support system...wayyyyyyyy more than I ever expected....

=) GOOD LUCK!!..

Comment #17

"What other people "think" is none of my business.".

I don't know who to attribute this quote to, but I have adopted it..

What you think is far more important than what anyone else thinks..

I say what a smart person you are for taking care of yourself!!!.


Comment #18

I told lots of folks and have even showed my scar (a real big one). This is what works for me. I don't see most of my family very often but I let some of them know..

This is my truth and if they don't like it, oh well..........

Everyone has been very supportive...

Comment #19

I've told just about everyone, and I've found that the vast majority of people are supportive. One guy at work doesn't like it, but he doesn't come right out and say so. Rather, he asks, "Have you seen The Biggest Loser?" I said yes, and I can't do the workouts that they do on that show. This is the right choice for me now, at this point in my life. And I always throw out the big gun: The National Institutes of Health have stated that diets do not work long-term; right now the only effective treatment for obesity is GBS. So I'm going with the only effective option to give myself the best chance at long-term good health...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.