What are your favorite rabbit/squirrel Medifast recipes?

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Got a quick question: What are your favorite rabbit/squirrel Medifast recipes? Looking forward for any answer. Another quick question... I was just wondering if anyone experienced the same thing and had any advice. I had my.


9 months ago, have lost a total of 115 lbs and have hit a plateau!! I still have 50 - 60 lbs that I would like to loose and don't know what the heck to do. My workouts are pretty much non exsistent since the development of my baker cyst that is huge ( 12 cm X 3cm) so that has made ultimately impossible to work out due to the swelling and pain that follows the work out. I did work out until just recently though. Last month I started having shakes again. But I can tolerate sugar and the snacks like crackers w/ peanutbutter so I am thinking that's why I've hit a plateau!! I am so not happy about this though. I see people who are a size 4 after sugery and I just can't stand to think that I'm not going to loose anymore weight. This has me literally going crazy in my own head and wish I could eat the things I want to eat like fish and more fish!! This has become harder for me to tollerate ( I do not get that...I can't eat fish bu I can have a cookie!! What's upw/ that??) So if anyone has any advice they would like to shar I would so appreciate it!! Thanks!!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Yah, I'm not built to be a size 4 either. I'd look rediculously skinny!! I'd like to be a size 12-14. I'm 5'9" so I would look pretty good at that size. I need to get my butt back on track. I think beginning next month I will renew my gym membership, take it easy but really just work out as much and as often as I can!! Thanks for sharing!!..

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I've had some health issues that have made.

Working out.

Difficult, too..

Rather than work on the elliptical for 40 minutes, I break it into 5 minute pieces. I also do little excercises around the house during the day (push-ups on the counter, squats, leg lifts, etc...anything to keep my body mobile)..

Because I haven't been able to work out as much as many others, I have been crazy strict on what I eat. I really stick to the no drinking 30 minutes before or after a meal and that cuts down on snacking...I'm not willing to stop drinking long enough to eat!.

Keep up the good fight!.


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Hi... I happy you lost a lot. But I dont think you should be eating cooking yep it's the sugar you eat. I have a friend that lost a lot of weight and now she back to eating again the same Medifast food she not suppose to eat so that mean she gaining weight now, and I'm sure you dont want to do that. So dont go back to eat the way you was b4..

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There are almost always ways of exercising. Especially in the water, or laying in your bed. I don't know of your malady, but find a way to do something!.

Carbs at nine months? SUGAR? PNut butter and apple or celery, fine. WW Crackers are iffy, and if you are not losing they're out..

It's normal to hit a plateau when you are on program but not when you are easing off your watch. Take this as a warning, before you watch the scale head north! lol..

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*Hi... I happy you lost a lot. But I dont think you should be eating cookies yep it's the sugar you eat. I have a friend that lost a lot of weight and now she back to eating again the same Medifast food shes not suppose to eat so that mean shes gaining weight now, and I'm sure you dont want to do that. So dont go back to eating the way you were b4..

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Hi! I'm 10 months out, and I have reached a plateau. I've decided to increase my.


Time for cardio to one hour now and 45 min of.

Strength training.

I'm hoping that will help to get the scale moving again. I haven't tried to eat any of those foods that we're not suppose to basically because I'm afraid of dumping. Maybe you should stop those foods that are not part of the Medifast diet and maybe the scale will start moving again. Good luck!..

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I'm 10 months out and hit my plateau. I've lost 130 lbs and maintained it for a month. I still want to lose more. I watch what I eat and my cardio workouts are 90 min a day30 min on bike , 30 min on treadmill ,and 30 to 45 min on elliptical machine. I do weight lifting for an hourand.


For an hour too. then I have my step.




,polities and intense weight workout with instructor. I walk 5 to 10 miles a day to go see my mother in law..

I too can eat the stuff I shouldn'tmy only downfall now is cheese and veggie crackers and macaroni salad before I hit the gym ..

I hoping to start losing again soon..

Good luck to all on plateau's we will continue to lose in time ...

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Bighotmomma would kill me for this but I'm sorry, if you/anyone has symptoms of obesity (ie fat on your muscular structure) and your goal has not been achieved, why would anyone eat or drink anything that doesn't promote weight loss????.

Answer, your just not motivated and what makes it worse is your tools dynamic advantage is waining faster than you think..

Look you've done great now finish the job. Than you can eat and drink way more. And FYI, girl unless you've got some special genes you will never go anywhere for anytime if you do not teach your body how to thrive on.


But to be clear a perfect routine could be only.


As long as it was uphill and challenging..

Good luck be happy for what you've accomplished but finish the job before you fail!.


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I looked up baker cyst (I thought it might have something to do with the wrist - if you're a baker you use the rolling pin a lot - right? and I dream of baked goods - LOL) Since it is the knee ... have you tried water.


? If you can find a deep water class, the only time you even touch down is getting in and out of the pool. There is no real weight on the knee at all. Several people in my class are rehabing knee replacements. If all you can find is chest high water, it's a little harder, but the water still supports your weight and if you wear a flotation belt, like you would use for deep water, it takes a lot more pressure off..


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