What are your favorite recipes for Medifast Diet Phase 1...?

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First question I got is What are your favorite recipes for Medifast Diet Phase 1...? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question... Calling all Knitters, Crocheters, Spinners, Alpaca Farmersanyone who loves yarn!.

We know that keeping our hands busy keeps them out of the cookie jar. It's a great diversion when we feel cravings. If you love to create, or just want to learn, come join us. Making a sweater is like losing 50 pounds. Loop by loop by loop it develops under our fingers. It takes planning, time, patience, perseverance, vision, and sometimes starting over.

There is an active Medifast group on Ravelry at this link:.


In case you don't know, Ravelry (.

) is a social networking site for all-things-yarn. If you want to learn a yarn skill, that's the place to hang out...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Hi Amelie! I need to show you a cool T-shirt I embellished. I did the crochet snowflake motif from the Interweave 2011 calendar and sewed it to the back of a t-shirt. I'll get it photographed this week...

Comment #2

That sounds cool! I'll see if I can take a pic of my crocheted ninja and put him up here too......

Actually, I'm looking to start a project hopefully to use up some yarn. (I finished all my projects in November) Any good ideas?..

Comment #3

Hi, Amelie! I started crocheting last Fall (2009) when I started Medifast to keep my hands busy. Then in February, I taught myself to knit, and now I'm a complete addict. I am a total yarn junkie, too, and am running out of space in my home for all this yarn I keep acquiring!!.

So nice to meet you. I'm kim8930 on Ravelry..

Comment #4

Ok it is. I'm so tall that I have a problem w/ my T-shirts shrinking and becoming too short, so I like to add knitted or crochet trim to the bottoms of T-s and cotton sweaters that shrink. I added knitted rib to this waffle henley. Then I had crocheted the snowflake motif and had no idea what to do w/ it after making it, so I sewed it to the back of the T. kinda fun!..

Comment #5

OOO FUN!!!! I love your snowflake! I've never thought of embellishing with crochet before.....

My new thing lately has been trying to modify patterns. I have this hat pattern I LOVE but would love to make a scarf for it! The hat pattern crochets in a spiral, so it's...challenging to convert to a flat scarf.

Last time I tried I did well I just accidentally kept dropping stitches.

I'm trying to find the link to it...I'll have to post it later..

Comment #6

(of course THEN I find it.



So I'm trying to make a scarf out of THAT..

Comment #7

Oh cute hat! It would be tricky making that into something flat...but that would be a really cute scarf if you figure it out!..

Comment #8

My needles arrived today. So I need to pick a pattern and get some wool now. No more excuses. :P..

Comment #9

I learned to crochet when I was very young. About 5 years ago, I took it up again. Then I tried knitting and became seriously addicted. I'm a yarn collector - right now I have 5 18 gallon totes filled with yarn, plus several more bags and boxes. I am also an ADD knitter - many, many unfinished objects (UFOs) lying about, and I usually have 3 or 4 working projects on needles. Is there a 12 step program for knitters?.

At the moment, on my needles are: The Great American Afghan, the first of two sweaters for my stepgrandsons (ages 3 and 4), an entrelac baby blanket and a lacy doily baby blanket for two of the three grandbabies on the way. I also have two lace shawls in progress, and two more planned (patterns and yarn in hand)..

My husband, also on Medifast and also a knitter, is planning to knit us each a Fair Isle sweater. He learned to knit while in the Navy long ago - apparently it is quite popular with sailors at sea..

I'm LissaKay over on Ravelry, but I rarely get over there these days. If I had but one piece of advice to give to new yarnies, it would be this: Be fearless! Don't ever be "afraid" to try something new ... it's only yarn, if you "mess up" just unravel it and try again. You will surprise yourself with what you are capable of doing!..

Comment #10

Let's share. We can even do a leftover yarn trade or something can't we? Or trade patterns, or something?..

Comment #11

Hi Everyone!! MT...yay on the needles!! I get an amazing amount of satisfaction from creating things with my hands. I hope you'll feel the same way..

Hi LissaKay! did you find the Medifast group on Ravelry? A really nice active group that pretty much mirrors us here. We recenlty had a stash discussion over there...I try to manage my stash really tightly. I could go overboard so easily! I used to have 3 knitting machines (with ribbers!) I STILL have some really nice cone yarn left over from those days that I need to use up. I only have enough yarn for about 4-5 sweaters right now...but that's still enough to last me for 4 years probably..

XSYarn (love that user name!!) were going to cast on some socks, right? did you? I love doing socks. But I never seem to wear them. I made a great pair of Knitty Baroque socks, then made the mistake of wearing them to a party a couple weeks ago. They were SO ITCHY I just about died at the party! I'll have to wear them over a pair of thinner socks next time! I think a monthly exchange of something or sharing of something sounds great!.

I've just started a very complicated sweater (the back has 7 separate cable panels). Years ago when I had a very stressful job I absolutely craved very very difficult projects. But my life doesn't require that anymore. So last night I was questioning whether it's a knit I would enjoy doing. We'll see...I'll keep at it for another couple days or so..

So...let's see an update on Medifast progress from everyone this week. I was on track for a good week (scale-wise), but had to start back up with lots of advil for a bruised tailbone I got on xmas eve. Advil causes me to retain I'm not sure if the week will end up well (tomorrow is my official wi). I'm bummed...but if I'd kept up with the advil 10 days ago, I might not have to start back up on it now. So...gotta do it...

Comment #12

I started my sock and did the heel flap and turned the heel and then a noticed a 2" yarn running from one needed across another and into another stitch and now I have to rip to see what I did wrong. I've only made one sock years ago out of woolease and it turned out fine, but I never finished the second one...

Comment #13

Hi yarnies!.

I finished out week 12 today. I had a 1.6 loss for the week, but only 6.8 for the month. It's been a tough month due to my injury. My high activity level has been cut in half and advil causes me to retain water. But I'm looking forward to a better month coming up!.

How's everyone else doing with the scale?..

Comment #14

Hi all;.

I'm a member of the Medifast ralvelry group too, but I haven't been there for a while. I've been knitting like crazy to keep my mind off of food. I'm a fan of Twinkie Chan and her crochet food creations so I have been on a "food hat" knitting binge. I have knitted a bagful of cupcake, hamburger, pizza beanies. (Since I can't eat it, I knit it lol) Now I think I will try again to teach myself entralac. I love, love, love that pattern, but just can't totally get it...

Comment #15

Well I started work on my modified scarf pattern and was working on it yesterday and thought of you allhad to find my thread! (no pun intended.

) How's everybody?..

Comment #16

If anyone is interested Lion Brand is having monthly knit alongs. This month is a hoodie. Than whoever is participating votes on the next project...

Comment #17

I finally ripped the sock and started over - back to the heel flap again...

Comment #18

I'm half way through a scarf (one with a loop in it) and I just got the yarn for a summer cammie I'd like to start on. It will be my first "in the round" project so I bought an extra skein to practice with. That and I'm left handed so I need to see how much I need to reverse the lace edging as well as just having a swatch or two. If I'm lucky I might even finish the cami in time to wear it this summer. LOL..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.