What are your Medifast recipes to make rice taste better?

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Quick question... What are your Medifast recipes to make rice taste better? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. So I have a few questions... Major one is, did anyone get blurry vision? The hosp. said it sometimes happens.

Trying to focus to read or whatever makes me nauseous..

Anyways, My.


Went good. I remember waking up and thought I was dying lol. Not cuz it hurt, I just thought I had to puke my whole life up. A nurse shoved a sucker thing in my hand and said "Suck it up with this if you do".

Thank God I didnt...I officailly hate recovery rooms now..

So got to my room, my AWESOME room lol I had a "storage room" attached to mine so I got double doors. On top of having it all private, there was a couch, like 3 chairs....and a 40" TV. lmao, Better than my damn apt. haha.

Hubby had work the next day so I was alone the first night. That sucked ugh!.

They took my "happy" pump away at 11am the next day and then they were trying to give me "darvaset" (sp) It was a friggin horse pill!!!! I asked like 10 times if they had something else and they said they couldnt till the doc came in to prescribe something else. They insisted the Doc said it was I tried..

I now know the meaning of "a bag of bricks hittin your stomach". That (insert very bad word) hurt!.

Didnt help with the pain either. So I kinda lied and said I was itchy, cuz the IV Benedryl knocks me out cold. lol.

Talked to the Doc that morning, he said I wasnt spose to take the pills, was meant to be liquid. dumbasses. Grrr!.

Im totally off meds now tho. I picked up my prescription of the.


Or whatever and that almost killed me. Talk about nasty! Id rather hurt lol.



Like crazy...that was my hobby when I was in the hosp. It got so boring. I started unhooking myself and just.


Around. Had a slight run in with one nurse, but all the others were super sweet and let me do whatever :).

One incision started bleeding, when I got home. Hubby called right away lol. They said it was fine as long as it was liquidy and not oozy. lovely visual. lol Oh, and I dont have an owie throat but I think the tube cut me cuz I have scratches on the roof of my mouth and under my tounge. Stupid peircing keeps hitting them and that hurts too lol.

So besides my retarded fuzzy vision and slight dizziness cuz of it, Im good. Got on Wii fit and Ive already lost 6lbs. ??? Thot I was spose to gain right after? Oh well..

So, at my heaviest: 286.

First Doc visit 274.

Day before.



15lbs on the pre op Medifast diet :) Whoot. plus the "6lbs" the Wii says Ive lost since ive been home. Im going to stick to one scale tho..

Anyone else afraid to.


Too long? I get freaked thinking Im not drinking or.


While Im sleeping (obviously) but is there a limit? I wake up about every hour. Im so tired lol.

On a SUPER happy note...Those in Nor Cal...OMG THE WEATHER!!!.

I LOVE IT! About time Fall hit us!!! lol..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Soooo good to hear that you're doing well. Yes! The weather has hit with a bang! Our rainbarrell overflowed this afternoon. Thank goodness it has stopped for now. WOW! about the meds. I'm worried about the IV for the.


I've has so much trouble with IV"s and when I went in for my pre-op, they told me if there was a problem with my veins they would go in through my neck! Yikes. Good to hear about your throat being okay. Did you have any drainage tubes? I'm right behind you tomorrow morning. Where did you have your.


? I'm curious. I'll be at Stanford! Glad you doing well...

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Thx Mama, I was worried about that. One less thing to stress about lol.

And Mary, No drainage nothing. Just 5 incisions, the biggest being about an inch. I had mine done at Modesto Memorial. They were awesome :).

Good Luck for tomorrow!!..

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Glad to know your doing ok. I had to pack one of my incisions for a week that was nasty.I am wishing you a speedy recovery and welcoming you to the losers bench!!..

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Thx Joma!! :).

Hopefully Im home free on the "packing"..

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