What can I put in coffee on Medifast Diet?

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First question I got is What can I put in coffee on Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' MONDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (82)

Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Morning Capt- how's sdad doing? More importantly- how are you doing?..

Comment #2

The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering..


The greater difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it..


It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance, sweeps away all obstacles..


Most of our obstacles would melt away if, instead of cowering before them, we should make up our minds to walk boldly through them...

Comment #3

Hi Lara,.

I'm tired..

And fat..

I haven't talked to him yet..

I'll call when I'm driving to work..

He didn't sound so great last night..

Thank you for asking and have a happy Monday..

I loved your pictures..

Mad love...

Comment #4

I'm right there with you on the fat thing. Hope you both have a better day...

Comment #5

Good Morning. I overslept. Try and have a thin day not a fat one..

Comment #6

I forgot...white rabbits..

And Lara - you guys looked really adorable in your costumes BUT.

KORI WAS SMOKING HOT!!! Dam Girl, you look fine...

Comment #7

Good morning peeps!.

Lori ~ I hope they find out what is wrong with S-Dad soon. I know it's draining on all of you. I want you to be happy and stress free..

Ang ~ Did I miss the fairy costume? I know you've been busy. Perhaps now that you're back to work, you'll have some time. lol.

Miss Lara ~ I LOVED the family costumes and decorations at the campsite! You guys looked like the real deal..

Kori ~ I wish I were as photogenic as you. My gosh, you are just beautiful! Perfect skin; perfect hair; perfect teeth; and SKINNY! If I didn't love you so much, I'd have to hate you. lol Do you know how many times my DH had to take my picture last night? I just can not take a good picture. Did you see the size of my azz? OH MY GOSH! Let's just say, the challenge couldn't have come soon enough for me..

AFM: It's official! I'm disgusted with myself. All signs point to...gotta do somethin' and quick! I hadn't stepped on the scale for a couple of weeks, because of the swelling...I knew it wasn't good and it seemed to just discourage me more. So...between my new pictures; my new scale; and how my clothes are fitting...something's gotta give. I was/am terribly embarassed by my ticker...but I needed to post it and start again. Ok...I could go on and on about that (you know I can, too)...but I'll stop for now. Just had to say it..

I hope y'all have a good day!..

Comment #8

Good Morning Sexy, Sassy, Swaggerin' Shamrockers.

Apologies for dropping off the Medifast planet for a while....BUT, (yes, the big but).

With TOM, all my family drama, watching the babies, work, Halloween stuff and pain all over body, I really just didnt have enough energy to post everywhere. I did however keep up on the facebook only because that is where I can actually touch base with ya'll (at least most of you) and my family..

And, I really wasn't a true MF'er..

The ol devilish candy succumbed me. PB cups and Kitkats put me in a trance and jumped into my mouth......

Hope ya'll had a good Halloween and will try my best to keep up here and check on ya'll. You are after all my support ...when I am not here you can be sure I am not doing well on MF. I dont like to check in when I am really not a team player, kinda feels like decietful, you know what I mean?? But, heres to today. a new month and a new week and back to healthy maintain my Dallas cowboy cheerleader figure..


Comment #9

Morning lovelies!.

Day TWO starting well. woke with Medifast mouth.. already? just me wishin'.....?.

Anyhow - off to work. WILL check in after work. Have a great day and drink your water..

Comment #10

Morning all,.

I'm with Lauri about hating the scale and the way I've gained weight. It seems I can put on 4 lbs. in a day and that's no joke. Seems kinda unfair compared to others but knowing that, I need to get myself back on track. My mind says one thing and my mouth does another. Better beotch slap that thing.

Lauri, don't beat yourself up. You have the will to succeed but sometimes your body won't cooperate so just do what you can to keep yourself healthy and not hurting so much. Want to go find those pix you guys are talking about so I'll bbl...

Comment #11

Lara and Korilove the Halloween pix. You guys looked great!..

Comment #12

Jo ~ P.B. anything has the ability to put me in a transe. Before MF, I could care less about P.B. Isn't that crazy?.

I'm glad you're back. I was worried. I never thought to do an Amber Alert on Facebook. Now I know...

Comment #13

Welcome home Andi!.

You owe us the "it's not about the bride, it's about you" photos from the wedding. Did you have fun?..

Comment #14

Thank you Barb. I've noticed that with M.F. it IS possible to put on a large amount of weight in a day. I don't care if it's water or whatever...if it's on the scale...I don't like it. The other thing I've noticed is that within a week, I can "see" a big difference in my "new found trouble spots". I never used to gain weight below my boobs and I used to have a waist.

I bought one of those bodyfat & hydration scales yesterday ($29.99 and I got a $10 gift card in $19.99). Not that I needed a scale to tell me I have bodyfat...I was/am curious about the hydration though, since I'm swelling up so much (beyond the fat under the boobs). My fingers; wrists; legs; and feet are swollen. I have the water number from the scale and it's WAY off the range provided in the book. Mine was 29.9% and the norm is 47%. What the book doesn't say is what the heck that means.

At any rate, I am going back to drinking the swimming pool full of water (1/2 my body weight in ounces)..

Let me know if you know anything about the silly scale that I just HAD to have. lol.

I am truly a dork!..

Comment #15's gorgeous too. Except the kids lost my camera so no pics.

Olivia is wearing the black pants today..

Comment #16

This makes me happy!.

Not the camera you think it's locatable? Yes, I did make up that word. lol..

Comment #17

Morning, Shammies..

Lori - hope you are doing OK and hope SDad has a good day..

Lara and Kori - love the photos. Thanks for sharing..

Lauri - I can see your swagger in your start photos. Thanks for joining the challenge. We can do this..

Andi - I am drinking to you all day..

Barb - how is yard clean up going? I can only imagine..

Angela - Hope sleeping in means you got a good nights sleep..

Jo - here's to your Dallas cowboy cheerleader! PIX? Hope today is a good tip day..

Today is piano lesson day for me...

Comment #18

Hi all, but it's not morning here almost.. was busy in car for work all morining... not avoiding you guys, and missing you all lots..

Hi lori... sorry to read about sdad. let us know how he is. try to channel your inner thin today. we heart you!.

Hey ang... bummer about camera. that stinks. hope you have a good day.

Hi barb.. thanks for the welcome back. it's tough to be here when the scale is not being kind, but we like you no matter what.

Same for you Jo. if you cant be honest with us, who can you be? I'm with lauri in that PB is the devil..

Hey lauri, my in jail pal. hope that bloated feeeling goes away. scale sounds interesting. should have come on here and laughed with you last night. I fell asleep on the couch. LOSER!.

Lara... cant see your pics from my work pc. will check them out at home. glad you guys had fun. sorrry about not loving those jeans..

Kori... yes you were one hot hallloween mama!.

Sandy...hi. hope you are doing well. took my measurements and left them at home. where can I find the banner and link to challange. I am in fo ssure!..

Comment #19

Oops hi andi. I'm also drinking a big tall one just cause you told me to!.

Hey sandy!..

Comment #20

I have to load my halloween pics on pc tonight. I'm wearing a new dress today with my high boots. thought I was lookin good, but I worry it's too short cause I'm freeeezin here in freakin cold NY !!!!!..

Comment #21

Andrea - just sent you a PM hope you were in for the challenge. I will go get links...

Comment #22

This is the link for the ROCKSTAR Challenge...

Comment #23


Remove the 3 *. This is the link for the challenge banner...

Comment #24

Sandy ~ Happy piano playin' today! Did you have many trick-or-treaters? I actually went with Nevan; Sis; and Craig last night. Nevan had only gone to the mall house to house treating for him. So last night was a first. I'm so glad I went. It was adorable. I swear, he went through every emotion possible.

We only go to my mom's, and that's how we do it there. lol.

He was getting good at saying Trick-or-Treat, but once he just said "I want candy"...of course I corrected him quickly. The worst part, and thank goodness the homeowner had already shut the door, was when he looked at what he was given and said "I already have M & M's". Sissy said, "Nevan, you don't say that." Of course he had to repeat it, well...because he already had M & M's. Sheesh!.

He walked up to one house and just as he knocked at the door, a pumpkin on the porch made a witch sound and he screamed like a little girl. Then, if a house had a pumpkin...he was NOT going near it. So, we had to search for houses with lights on and NO pumpkins. Poor kid...

Comment #25

Hi Andi(rea),.

I missed you!.

Please read sentence #1 again...outloud..

What kind of work do you do again?.

Love you!!!..

Comment #26

Sandy ~ THANK YOU, for starting the challenge. I feel good about it. I tried to go back to read the blogs I had written when I first started, to see if I could regain some of the motivation I had then...but I deleted them when I learned that our blogs went from "private" to "public" (thank you MF). I think they got it fixed...but I was irked when I learned about it. I "googled" (that sounds filthy) my name and up popped my pictures and blogs for the world-wide-web to see. Not that I have a large fan base, but just in case. lol..

Comment #27

Hi lovelies, I am officially moving tomorrow then will have more time to get back in touch with you all. Hope everyone is doing great!!! I will try to catch up some more later, but wanted to say a quick hi..

Kori ~ You look FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!!!..

Comment #28

Checking in from work..

I motion the PB is the devil today- I also could have cared less about it before Medifast but know could devour it in a hardbeat (I'm talking the whole jar).

Lauri- Loved that Nevan went trick-or-treating- too cute..

Andrea- can't wait for pix tonight..

Ok gotta actually work- sorry I'm missing so many of you...

Comment #29

What does "White Rabbits" mean?.

Sorry if I already asked this and don't remember...

Comment #30

Quick fly by from work. will catch up later..

Comment #31

Lauri - when we lived in Denver we took the Grandkids out on Halloween and had a great time. Jacob is 6 and Madison 10 now. It normally was cold or snowy in Denver and they kids would have on their customes but be all bundled up. I remember Maddies as a princess with ton of clothes on underneath..

Mel- Happy moving. Take care of you back...

Comment #32


Lori - I was not sure how best to summarize so here is a link that I looked up a month or so ago...

Comment #33

Andrea - how is your day going?.

I am done with daily chat with Mom and piano practice. Time to shower and get ready to go to lesson...

Comment #34

Busy...actually on the phone with a parent who will not stop talking!..

Comment #35

Sandy, based on that link: WHITE RABBITS!! Question for anyone that might know: can we count shopping, when walking around a mall, large store, up and down grocery aisles, etc. as exercise? I know I just finished it and by the time I unloaded $200 worth of bags of groceries from garage to house and put them all away, I'm exhausted. I know my heart rate was up cuz I was really breathing hard towards the end of lugging in the heavy bags. Hope everyone's day is going well. Mel, miss you kiddo but hope move goes smoothly and just report back on everything when you can breathe again...

Comment #36

Thanks for links sandy... I promise to look at them later....

Hi lara, lauri, and lori!..

Comment #37

Hi all...going to post quick and then try to read back 3 days...Bad computer..bad flicker that makes reading and finding where to click impossible and then when we click enter we get knocked off the internet.. explorer cannot find page....urrrrr. Ran a new virus program 3 times and each time it found lots of crapadoodle. I wish I had a smart phone or even a stupid phone to have way to get online. Im sending this now and will hope to be back..

Comment #38

Okay, had time to catch up a little....

Lori ~ Don't know whats going on with s'dad but positive thoughts coming your way..

Sandi ~ Thanks for the well wishes for my back, it seems to be fine if I can stay away from kidney infections. We will be making several trips up and down stairs tomorrow so the better wish would be that I don't fall down and break every bone in my body, lol....

Barb ~ I would count any exercise you can get!! I swear, sometimes the daily stuff is more straining that what you would do at the gym..

Lori and Ang ~ I hate that I missed all the details of your borgata trip, hope you guys had a blast!! I did see some of the pics and I love the tat!!.

Lara ~ Thanks for stalking mypage a couple of weeks ago, nice to know I was missed!!.

I had more but forgot and have got to get to my next appt. I have got to get back on track with my healthy lifestyle and will need your support. I walk down the aisle in 25 days and don't want to be bulging out of my wedding dress. Love you all!!!!..

Comment #39

Hi Darlene, I don't think we've met... I'm Melanie, just turned 30, lost 60 lbs and hit goal back in Feb. Found about 10 of those lbs and trying to work them back off before my wedding on the 26th. Hope to get to know you better and catch up with my old sham friends...

Comment #40

Darlene, glad you can join us again. I had computer problems too last week and wasn't around for a couple of days due to power outages, etc. Hope your week goes well...

Comment #41

True dat' Lauri. I never knew I loved PB that much until I realized I was craving it after putting it in cookies as my snack,..

Comment #42

So sucks about the camera. Yay for the new to Olivia clothes!..

Comment #43

Mel - we will count down with you and get those 10 lbs off. Your dress is going to look gorgeous. Can't wait for pictures..

Darlene - YAY for getting computer fixed enough for you to be here...

Comment #44

YAY Mel!!!!! So awesome that the move is finally happening. Can't wait to catch up with you later...

Comment #45

Holy crappola girl! Only 25 more days???? You sure move fast...but we already kind of knew that..

Comment #46

Mel- Glad to see you today. You'll get those 10 lbs off by the wedding, no problem..

Darlene- Sending good computer vibes your way. Mine has been super slow lately and it drives me nuts. Luckily I do have a phone that I can use in emergencies..

Sandy- you've had a busy day already. Glad you have gotten lots accomplished..

Barb- Yes you can count that as exercise. Do you have a pedometer? Maybe you could look into one and use that to track your steps so that you can easily convent into miles. Helps with motivation too..

Lori- Sending a white rabbit your way..

Andrea- Gotta love a person that can't stop talking. I had an interview the other day that lasted an hour and a half- she was out there..

AFM- getting ready to head to the gym and then have a vball game tonight. I'll check back later...

Comment #47

Checkin' in while the kids are working for a minute..

Thank you everyone for the comments about the Halloween pics. Ya'll sure do know how to make a girl blush.

I have done awesome today and have not even craved PB all day!! YAY!!! Going to keep it up and see the scale move downwards fo'sho'! It's already heading that way when I peeked this morning..

Another busy week ahead. School tonight. Tons of soccer parties for the neices and nephews since they just finished the soccer seasons..

Taking tomorrow off and going to Disneyland..

Will check back in later...

Comment #48

Hi all!.

How is Day One of Challenge going for all?.

I'm leaving right now for Body back in a bit!..

Comment #49

Kori ~ My PB2 arrived today. Scale should reflect something good soon. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the crazy PB thing. I don't get's the only thing that I could "binge" on. Crazy...

Comment #50

Miss Lara and Andrea ~ I know I "write" a lot, but believe it or not, I don't "talk" a lot. I can't stand when people do that. My face usually ends up hurting cuz I've got that plastered on smile. I no likey...

Comment #51

Too cute! I remember those days of the costume being ruined by extra clothing; coats; boots; etc...

Comment #52

I like the pedometer idea. I think carrying groceries is even on the exercise chart. I bought one of those watches that shows how many calories I burn. It works pretty well...I've compared it to the calories the elliptical says and it's close...

Comment #53

Back. I love that class but I can only go on Monday. Well 1x is better than no times..

Olivia is having a sleep over since Election Day = No school...

Comment #54

Hi all... hey mel.. you are getting married on my birthday! must be a good day.

Hi darlene..hope your pc troubles go away..

Hey lara... enjoy the workouts.

Hi lauri... YOU could never talk too much!.

Gotta put my stuff in the challange.....

Comment #55

Ang ~ Are you feeling better? What's the scoop on the evil ex-wife? Did you show hubby the post I left for him?.

Olivia ~ Have fun with your sleep-over. Woo-hoo! No school! Oh, I school. Rats!.

Andrea ~ Maybe you get an all expense paid trip to the wedding for you Birthday! Seems fair to me. Oh, I think it's my Birthday that day, too. You 25 days...

Comment #56

Lauri... I'm all for that trip. to help mel celebrate, of course. I re-read what you thought I did for a living... might be easier than my job now!.

Comment #57

Evening lovelies!.

Lots of great chatter and support here today - GREAT to see!.

Headed off to drink some more water as my Buffaloed Chix is baking. going to have it on a bed of spinach with some cottage cheese - got my scale out and ready to measure..

Might even get on teh TM and walk tonight - no runnin yet but want my "stars".

And also want to rid myself of all the weight I've found. got get to it. will check back in the AM - late day start then cuz conference downtown. yay for the train - no driving all the way in.

Will do pics maybe Friday - still tryin to catch up and unpack and all.... remind me plz...

Comment #58

Cant get my halloween pic to be posted on here. check out my page and my new avi !!..

Comment #59

Andrea- Love the pix- too funny!.

Ang- WTG on the Body Pump.

Andi- Did you do the TM?.

AFM- I rocked the gym and vball. I think thats the most exercise I've had in a while and it felt great. Sounds like everyone had a good day for the challenge. One day at a time and we will see good things happen. See you all in the morning...

Comment #60

Love it when my 6 yr old son yells to his friend while trick or treating something to the effect of "Don't go to that house. He's a drunk." While "drunk guy" is standing in the dark on his front porch! So thankful it was dark and I was standing in the middle of the street..

My DIL posted this on Facebook. That is my Grandson...

Comment #61

LOL at Sandy..

LOVING all the new Avis!.

And Lauri - the ex wife is a PITA. She came last night so she could trick or treat with Kaitlyn (first time in 6 years), copped a free meal from us and then asked to borrow train fare home. Le Sigh..

Going to bed now lovelies! See y'all in the morning!..

Comment #62

I just think that with so many foods not allowed during 5 & 1 I was holding to one of the normal things I could eat when they added it as a snack option. But, I am PB free for the past 2 days and I am feeling better and the scale has moved down where it should be too...

Comment #63

Dammmmm, I wish election day = no school here. We actually have a polling place here set up at the school so there are strangers in and out of the campus right by my classroom. Oh well, I am taking tomorrow off anyway. Going to visit Disneyland and enjoy my "mental health" day to the fullest!..

Comment #64

Dinner sounds yummy Andi! Lovin' the train'. Me no likey driving if I don't have to...

Comment #65

Lara & Ang - WTG on the exercise today!!! I am going to hit up Wal-mart to go grocery shopping and plan on doing a little power walking there. I will hit the TM at the gym if I am not passed out on the couch too late..

Comment #66

LOL!!!! That shitz is funny! From the mouths of babes.....I'm just sayin', he was probably right...

Comment #67

You say PITA, I have some more colorful words to describe a person like this! You are a saint for dealing with it! Night Ang!..

Comment #68

OK. Lesson plans are done..

Caught up with the Shammies..

Need to get to wal-mart for groceries.

Need to eat L&G.

Need to finish a bunch of crap at home.

Get to the gym if I am not too pooped tonight..

Enjoy my fun day at Disney tomorrow..


Mucho love hookahs...

Comment #69

Kori - enjoy your day at Disneyland..

I am golfing tomorrow and then monthly meeting so won't be around till later..

Have a good OP day...

Comment #70

Of course!.

Oh, and as far as the "job" in the car...ummm...those were your words. lol Love ya...mean it!..

Comment #71

There was lots of great support today. I like it, too..

Thank you for reminding us to drink our water. It really does help to get those friendly reminders..

Traffic in Southern Oregon is pretty much non-existant. You and Kori would love it! It's funny to hear people ( mom).

Complain about the traffic here though. It has increased, but it's still nothing...

Comment #72

I love the pic of you & BF. Too cute! Tell him "he done good"...

Comment #73

Miss Lara ~ Good for you! Just like the old days, eh?..

Comment #74

This was even better than Nev's trick or treat adventure. I laughed at loud when I read this. Thanks for the chuckle!..

Comment #75

Ang ~ I'm with Kori...there are some other good words for a gal like that. She sounds like she's got some manipulation skills. What if you didn't have the money to get her azz out of your house? I hate stuff like that, because you/I/we want our kids to see that we play nice with the other parent, when we really want to shoot 'em for being stupid. Is it illegal in PA to do that? Even if the person really, really deserves it? I think it's okay in Southern Oregon...

Comment #76

I think (well, I know) you're right. They should remove it from the list. I have yet to hear of anyone who can control themselves with it. But noooooo...instead they've got to mess with the damn pretzels. Did you see the "new and improved" ones? I like the little skinny ones...I would like more of them though. lol.

I'm VERY happy the scale is heading in the right direction already...

Comment #77

Have a wonderful time at the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!! I be jealous!..

Comment #78

I think it's cute that you are up so late on work nights...but to bed ultra early for Disney! Just sayin'.....

Comment #79

Have fun golfing Sandy! See ya later in the day...

Comment #80

It looks like it was a great day for everyone. YAY us!..

Comment #81

I will be checking in, in the a.m. Nev has "school" tomorrow, so I'll be running around while he's there for 2.5 hours. I think I hear Kohls calling my name...

Comment #82

Boy...what I won't do to get us to '100'!..

Comment #83

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.