What diet is more benificial to lose weight.... Atkins or Nutrisystem?

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My question is What diet is more benificial to lose weight.... Atkins or Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Hi guys.

Ok I got my food today and actually have been eating pretty good all week. I got it all organized by meal but have some questions and hopefully you can give me some suggestions..

First about me.


210 weight.

170 goal weight.

Office job with many meetings.

Workout with a trainer 3x a week and do hiking and cardio on my own.

For the extras that we add to our meals, anyone have any good suggestions. Was thinking of cooking up some mixed frozen veggies (without the added butter and crap) and mixing in a cup of that into my entree meals. Of course will be having my yogurt, apple etc but anyone got any suggestions on what you add to your meals that dosen't make it a hassle and is easy to grab and go. Also I noticed for dinner there are two or three vegetable servings, is that right? If so, how do you fit all of it in the meal?.



Any help would be appreciated...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Dennis, Welcome to NS! You've embarked on an amazing life-changing journey! I know that for me, it has literally been a life-makeover that extends far beyond just seeing lower weights on the scale..

Kudos for the fitness and trainer thing! That's 100% GOOD and a huge part of the whole-self makeover!.

Per your veggie questions- First - stay away from "mixed veggies" that have the corn and lima beans in it. That's a no-no. Mixing your veggies in with your dinner is fine and a good idea for some of the entre's..

Tip - I've been using certain of the Green Giant microwave packs with sauce. There are some that are ok On-Plan. For instance: Immunity Blend, Healthy Vision, Baby Vegetable Medley, Baby Brussell Sprouts. They are actually 2 or more servings. I eat it all and the fat content of the sauce covers your fat serving. Otherwise, I do plain green beans, broccoli or raw carrots and have a handful of walnuts for the fat per the plan.

Don't skip the fat or anything on plan..

Another tip - Arnold Double Protein bread. 1 slice is 1 carb. I have a slice w/breakfast and another with dinner. No fuss, no muss and very tasty. Give it a try..

Sounds like you're really well on your way! Keep it up and check in here often..


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I always have light string cheese and a low-salt V8 as snacks during the day. I've also found that having a Nutrisystem snack around 11AM has helped with the office munchies...

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Good morning and welcome to Nutrisystem djdphxaz!.

As you can see our members are very make sure you visit our community often. Support can make all the difference on your path to a healthy lifestyle!..

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Sup Dennis,.

As far as the veggies w/dinner goes, I almost always pour the entree's that have sauce over the veggies in a bowl...that way you're not tempted to add butter, salt & pepper to them..

Welcome aboard!..

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Thanks guys for the tips. Keep em coming if you got em!! I am going to be going to trader joes or whole foods this weekend so if anyone can recommend any brands of veggies/carbs/protein let me know. I am thinking a protein shake along with a piece of fruit will be my go to for my morning snack. Easy, on the go type of food is what I need...

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Look up user PamSB.

She is legit - you might have seen here in commercials - I saw her last week on tv and thought it was pretty neat...since she posts here now and then..

Anyhow here Nutrisystem page has lots of tips..

Also, there is a thread in the mens room "things I wish I knew when I started NS" it has tips too.

Good luck!..

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I use the steamer veggie packs you can buy at the supermarket. I get broccoli, broccli and cauliflower, and mixed asian veggies (yes, they have baby corns in them, but it's so little, I don't really care). Pop them in the microwave for 5 minutes, dump it in a bowl, microwave my meal for a minute and a half, dump it in the bowl over the top, add some hot sauce. That's dinner in like 7 minutes, easy sleasy. I don't worry that the whole pack of veggies may be technically more than my allowed servings - as the saying goes, I didn't get fat by eating vegetables, and filling up on them at dinner time helps curb late night munching..

Some other tips -.

1) Cauliflower "mashed potatoes" - boil a head of cauliflower in some low sodium vegetable stock for about a half hour (till soft). Throw in a food processor and season to taste (some salt is OK for me, pepper, garlic, and I sometimes throw some shredded parmesan in, some low fat sour cream, or something like I Can't Believe Its Not Butter). Blend and it comes out like creamy mashed potatoes. Put as much as you want in a bowl and throw your Nutrisystem dinner over that..

2) Mushroom Risoto on Steroids - the mushroom risoto is really good, but of course, I want more mushrooms. I get a bunch of different types of mushrooms at Whole Foods (white or brown, ****aki, oyster, portobello, or whatever else looks fun/interesting), and sautee them (using olive oil flavored Pam, NOT oil) with some garlic and/or some Mrs. Dash salt-free spices. I make a whole big bowlful heaping of sauteed mushrooms, then pour the Nutrisystem mushroom risoto over that. If I've saved a protein from the day, I may shred some low fat monterrey jack into that..

3) Double Your Pizza - for most the pizzas, you can cut the bread they give you roughly in half to make 2 pieces that are half as thin, instead of having 1 thick bread. Divide the sauce (there's plenty) between the sides, then add all the veggies you want. If you've saved a protein from the day, you can add some extra LF cheese or some pieces of meat - my wife buys lamb chops for herself, sometimes I'll use one of those, just cut up the meat into small cubes and sautee them with mushrooms, then use that to top my pizza. Instead of cutting the bread in half, you can also use your dinner carb for a piece of toast and treat that like a second pizza (I use the Arnold brand too)..

Finally, check out the Recipes forum section - tons of great ideas there for using Nutrisystem items in creative ways you might not think about otherwise...

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