What diet worked the best for you? lindora, Nutrisystem, weight watchers? let me know!?

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Quick question: What diet worked the best for you? lindora, Nutrisystem, weight watchers? let me know!? Hoping for any response. Another quick question... I've found that I "normally" bounce up about 5 lbs after a deviation. It then takes me about 2-3 days to get back to before and continue the loss. Net effect is that 1 deviation costs me 4 days or so of loss..

As I approach goal, I've been eating off-plan every other weekend. That, combined with my new muscle-building-oriented workouts has dramatically slowed my loss rate. Have had about half my weeks with no loss reported, which I guess is ok, but frustrating. A soft landing is probably good..

Anyway - my question is how to pick a landing point? If I want to maintain under 200 for life (I do!), I'm thinking at least 195, maybe even 190 before I go into "maintenance" mode. If that's the case, it's going to take a while at this rate! Any thoughts out there?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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I'm right there with you Gordo. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. I don't want to be on Nutrisystem for life, but feel really strange in maintenance..

From what I've seen by returners, we are in the danger zone. It seems to me that giving yourself a "buffer" is a bad idea, because your mind will make 5 pound excuses. Just a thought...

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The deviation can't be a 5lbs fat gain though Gordon. In two days the amount of fat calories you would have to eat would be over 19,000 in those 2 days. And that would be difficult. It's just water in your system adjusting...

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I am with you. I think Rob has a good point about making 5 pound excuses, but I think that if you make 200 pounds your hard line then there is no excuse. I think the biggest key is how you feel and how you look. You wil "know" if you are getting unhealthy again and you need to man-up and deal with it before it becomes a 20, 30, 40 or 50 pound problem..

I am 5 pounds from maintanance, but am still not satisfied with my "look." So I will continue to push Nutrisystem until I am satisfied. And then only give myself a 5 pound buffer and 0 buffer on my cloths size. Remember how good you feel right now and do not let anything stop you from feeling that good again!.

Our enenmy is inside our head!.


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Wish I could show you guys my chart here, not that computer literate. Anyway look at my photo number 5 on my page. It shows my weight loss over the last 16 months. (If someone could copy it from my page and bring it forward to this thread, I could better describe the peaks and valleys).

My goal is Nutrisystem for life and less than 200 pounds for life. I eat Nutrisystem 90 percent of the time, buying from Craigslist, Big Lots and Ebay..

I've maintained less than 200 pounds for almost 4 months (once hitting 202 once). If you go back 8 months you can see where I hit 210-211 area. I've leveled off and can live where I'm at, but would prefer to lose more..

All this time, I've never actively exercised, but can move around. Just managed the painting job for our 4 story condo, with the elevator locked down for drying paint. Must have walked the steps 10-15 times a day for 10 days during actual painting. cloths are still getting bigger and pants/belt size going south...

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I agree with Niner...your doing fine, keep up the great work Gordon...

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Wow, Thanks Mule..

As you can see, I lost the majority of my weight in 8-9 months-just following the plan. Some deltas, but mostly following the plan..

Then; Just prior to Turkey day, (early November) I made a goal of not gaining during the holiday season and kept that in mind thru Feburary. There's always another party, get together, death, wedding, birthday, whatever. It doesn't matter. I just try to keep in mind, I'm a fat person and this is a lifetime fight. Try to plan. It doesn't always work..

Next I said "self lets drop it a notch" so I stay 100% on plan for 3 weeks in Feburary, note the drastic drop, kinda fun to have such control, (not really). Now I'm coasting again..

I'm always going to be fat inside. I'm never planning on leaving Nutrisystem as the odds are against me if I try it alone. Some leave and come back, others just go. I want to say the odds are like 95% of the people gain all and/or some of their weight back. (that's why the diet businesss is so good)..

I've been asked over and over "aren't you finished losing weight yet?". The answer is NO. And I guess I'll never be unless I want to "see-saw" again..

I like how thin feels..

Sorry for the ramblings........................

Just my sort of maintenance, life or whatever...

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Thanks for the advice, guys. I wish I could take my eyes off the @#$ Ticker! I'm all about doing it for fat content/waist size, etc and not absolute weight, but that @#$ Goal number is teasing me!!.

Niner - of course it's mostly water weight. A 10lb round trip in 4 days can't be much else..

So, unless I get really huge muscles for some reason (anyone got some drugs for me? - just kidding!!) and my remaining fat disappears magically at the 200 lb mark, I'm going to keep on Nutrisystem for a while yet and drive to at least -5, but probably farther before letting up, considering what I still have around my middle. I'll plan for an immediate 5 lb gain, then stabilize. I hope..

Here ya go, Steve! GREAT chart!! GREAT example!! It's amazing how you've stayed under the 200 lb ceiling, like it's impervious..

Putting up a pic you already have uploaded to your Nutrisystem page is easy to do. Just open the pic you want to the "large" size, copy the web address for the window that opens up. At the top of the reply window, there is an insert picture tool. Just click that and paste the web address for your image into it..

Steve "Daoneth" Chart (not mine - YET!):.

You're doing EXACTLY what I want to do, Steve, I wanna be like you when I grow down! 32" pants? We'll see, pal..


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