What different Medifast recipes can I use potato's in?

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Quick question... What different Medifast recipes can I use potato's in? Looking forward for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. So many have mentioned their appetites awakening like a ravenous lion...has anyone experienced loss of appetite???.

I am 25 days out..but this week I have had to force myself to eat. I just made myself a nice egg w/ cheese and one carb ketchup..ate a few bites and just dont want it. Same with everything else. I know I have to eat so I am doing the best I can. I want cereal..thats it..

I dont feel sick, just uninterested..

Anyone, anyone?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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I agree with Cheri, but try very hard to get your protein shakes in. Sip, sip, sip! Always have something in front of you to drink. The protein is so very important to heal your.


Sites, take care of your major organs and to help you keep from losing some hair. Do the best you can, but if you get nothing else in, get the protein shakes in. Welcome to the other side, you "LOSER"!! LOL.


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I was doing great up until this week..just not interested. I do feel like I just want fluids so I will focus on protein. Thanks for the advice..

It never felt so good to be called a loser! 48 pounds gone, waiting for that 50!..

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I am the same way too. I take two to three bites and I am not hungry anymore. I know when I am full is when I start burping, so that is when I will stop eating. Congrats on the 48 pounds! I have not weigh myself yet, I am just waiting for my appointment on Feb 9. But my pants are hanging on me,and when I bend over they will fall off. LOL..

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Yes I went through that too. I was about a year out before I felt hungry. Usually I only feel actually hungry when I don't eat when I'm suppose to. Like I'm in a hurry in the AM so I grab my.


Can't eat and drink at the same time so I skip breakfast. Then by about 10 I'm starveing. So I'll grab my mid morning snack, I have learned to replace the mid morning snack with my breakfast so that I don't get hungry again fromnot eating enough..

The worst thing is I want to eat when I'm not hungry. My appetite still is not ravenous...

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My clothes arent falling off yet..before they were hanging on for dear life so they a fitting with some room in them. there are a few sweaters that I have had to retire but havent had the need for new clothes yet!..

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Just want to say Thank you to all of you! I have this same feeling. So I know now it is normal after.


And It to will pass. Even tho this is an older entries. They are very helpful...

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It's great to know other people have gone through the same things. My appetite is a little better today. Yesterday I literally plugged my nose to eat soup for dinner...

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I am 5 months out and still make myself eat I drink all day long and that is how I am getting my protein in for now...

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