What do I do at school while im on Nutrisystem?

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First of all What do I do at school while I'm on Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any comment. Another quick question... Hey Guys,.

I am finishing up my 4th week on Nutrisystem and have lost 15lbs. I need to re-order. I'm getting various reports from family and co-workers that have used Nutrisystem in the past that tell me they lost a bunch but end up gaining it all back. Nutrisystem didn't teach them the best way to eat healthy in the long run and staying on the maintenance plan didn't work out for them..

Pretty discouraging!.

Any thoughts?.



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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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It is like a statement I made on a thread a while back... The questions people ask you when they find out you are on NS. One of them is "You will gain the weight back won't you?".

My answere is: Yup, If I continue to eat like a pig.......

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The only way you gain back the weight is to eat more then you expend. It's obvious if they gained the weight back, then they didn't maintain the amount of calories they were eating...

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NS taught them EVERYTHING they need to know, they just didn't keep doing it. Lesson: those people NEED the regimented program that Nutrisystem delivers and when they went on maintenance they didn't MAINTAIN anything. They reverted, which is something entirely different..

By it's very definition, to maintain means to keep doing something. If they quit the lifestyle that Nutrisystem taught them then of course they'll gain it back. Learn from their mistakes and ditch the negative attitude because you're going to be the one to prove them all wrong!..

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SO once you get to maintaince you follow the program the same way but adding a few more calories, correct? also once you get to a goal weight will you body allow you to stay there or does you body think you should be at a heavier weight. it's up to ypu to keep you body at a low weight correct. more calories more body?..

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Thats a nice picture of you. Thanks for your reply..

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I have lost and gained over my life and I am starting again it's my fault I gained I make no excuses. Am I more likely to gain weight than some other people maybe but that means I gotta do a little more is all..

I don't really care if I'm always fat but I would like to be healthy and try my best to be in good shape and that is something I haven't been doing..

We all make excuses but if you learn how or know how to stay healthy and you don't you can only put the blame on your habbits..

We hope we can just change but if we can't all I can do is start again..

The most brillent things in life come from constant failure if the Wright Brothers would have given up after only a few hundred tries maybe we wouldn't be flying...

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There is a new "Maintenance Program" by Nutrisystem in the works. I just filled out a survey for NS. From what I can tell they are thinking; Upfront assessment fee and/or a monthly membership fee plus the cost of the food, at a discount. The multible choice questions all revolved around these elements at varying prices, combination's of features blah blah snooze. There was no mention of shipping fees, but I wouldn't discount the possibility in the current economic environment...

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I think that the concern about Nutrisystem and any other diet where people lose weight quickly is that your body needs a certain number of calories to function. If you don't eat those calories your body responds by slowing down your metabolism. Frequently, people who lose quickly lose muscle mass and not fat. This lost muscle causes the body to lower it's metabolism yet again. You may weigh less but your body is not necessarily functioning with efficiency. You need to be sure that you work the entire program - the proper number of calories (this allows you to lose about 1.5 to 2 pounds per week and increases the likelihood that the weight loss is actually fat and not lean muscle mass), water and exercise (this helps keep your metabolism high).

All of these factors have to be considered in this equation. And, Nutrisystem doesn't have a worse record in regard to people regaining their weight since, statistically, nearly 95% of all people who have lost weight regain it very quickly and usually more. Sad but true fact. Nutrisystem is a strategy that works but you do have to work it from top to bottom...

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If you eat the same amount of calories that your body expends, you won't gain or lose weight (with the exception of sodium and how water is retained by a lot of it)...

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Will I gain it all back?.

Good question. I plan to.


Gain it all back, and have some strategies toward that end, but it'll take a lifetime to prove it..

NS really does SHOW you what it takes - portion control, proper mix of nutrients, etc., but what you do with that information for the rest of your life is up to you. There are some long-term maintainers around here. I will be one of them..


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I've kept my loss for six months..

It wasn't my specific plan to stop at this point and I'd like (and plan) to lose more. But, I haven't for a variety of reasons/excuses..

But, I've taken some encouragement for the future that I've been able to eat better, exercise more and maintain within a few pounds of where I was six months ago (a loss of 60-65 pounds)..

But, I know that if I simply go back to eating like I was a year ago I will give those gains back. Nutrisystem has to be part of a change in how you approach eating, if it isn't and you just go back to old habits you won't keep the weight off...because those habits are what made all of us fat in the first place..

"Will you gain it all back?" a question where the answer is entirely up to you...

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This frustrates me to no end. Why are you listening to a bunch of weak minded people who gained all of there weight back. Go to lunch with them one day and compare the calories they take in versus the calories you are learning you REALLY NEED! We in this country eat too much food. This is simple math! Burn 2000 calories a day, eat 2000 calories a day. Too many people eat 2000 calories in a single meal..

Listen to what everyone here is saying. This is not a temperary diet plan to look good in your bathing suit in 10 days. It has taken you a lifetime to gain your weight and it is going to take a lifetime to keep it off. In other words, this needs to be a life changing moment for you! If you don't change you life: You WILL gain the weight back!..

Comment #13

Well said everyone!!!!.

To maintain, eat the number of calories you expend. Simple as that..

Eat like you did in the past, where you would consume more calories in one meal than you needed for a whole day, you will gain weight..

The body is also pretty smart about what you have done to it..

If you lose weight and go back to eating like you did prior to ANY limiting of calories, your body will try to store some extra "weight" in case you try to do it again. That will make it harder to lose the next time..

This has to be a life style change to have last..

I like to say I stopped dieting the day I started NS..


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I am a newbie this is only my 3rd week. I have tried Jenny Craig about 15 years ago, then there was atkins about 5 years ago. What is different for me this time?.

My mental attitude - I am actually ready for a change and I was tired of feeling like crap. The real eye opener was at my weight how many calories I had to eat to maintain that weight...I did not believe that was was consuming that much untill I really tracked it, Yes 2K in calories at one meal is easy to do if you are not watching what you put in your pie hole..

I think that not gaining it back is all about mental attitude and being consious of what goes in. Yes I was eating alot but I felt like crap, had no energy to do much of anything..Now I seemingly have lots of energy and I am seeing that the proper fuel for the body means alot - I walk/jog during the week and mtn bike on the weekend...

Even if you don't loose alot that week - keep focused on how much better you feel eating healthier..

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Welcome Cosmo!.

Drink all of your water and then some...

Comment #16

Thanks Damon!.

H20 is not a problem for me -..

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