What do I do if I cheated on Medifast Diet phase 1?

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My 1st question is: What do I do if I cheated on Medifast Diet phase 1? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstinence from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

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2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1


YAY!!!! New decade.

Thanks for getting us started.

The sludge in question doesn't bug me at all but I can see if my dh were doing this it'd be a big trigger. (he also has some food issues from cutting weight for wrestling for years)..

My youngest is having a play date today so I have to finish up straightening up the house and oldest has a half day today and is off tomorrow! (my younger goes to year round school so their schedules don't coordinate). I plan to ride my bike today if the rain holds off...

Comment #2

Congrats on the continued success TKD! Thanks for putting the coffee on..

Had the first date night in 2 years with my hubby last night. We live a very crazy life. It was funny - at first we didn't know what to say to each other..

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #3

Ooops! I forgot to put the coffee on. Sorry guys. Scurrying to get something brewing right away. Hope you guys don't mind good ol Folgers. I'm a pretty low maintenance coffee drinker. Smell it wafting your way?.

Thanks for the congrats you guys. If you hear on the news that someone witnessed a woman levitating you'll know it's just me on my way to cloud 9!..

Comment #4

Good morning TL'ers! Doctor. Appointment this morning, then work. Usually I'm done early today but someone is on vacation so I'm stuck with the late shift. The good news is it will be at least 6 hours of overtime, I can always use the extra money! Especially with my Jeep needing routine but pricey work Friday..

MC board is like a car accident, I don't want to look but I can't help it. Its not just the overuse/abuse of snacks, it's the "why aren't I losing 500 pounds a week? I only lost 2 pounds"posts and the "planned cheat day" posts. But enough from yesterday's thread....

I need my coffee, I'm still half asleep and cranky..

Have a great day everyone! I probably won't be back until much later..


Comment #5

Tracey, no offense if I nickname you Rockefeller Skank! LOL! I wonder how many others will "get" that? I love having that song stuck in my head!.

CONGRATULATIONS on the new decade! You are just melting away, girl!.

We woke up to a little snow this morning. Good lord, can't it just end already? It won't last, but helloooo.... it's spozed to be spring..

I chatted with my hairdresser last night and, while I'm free to go shorter this Saturday, she won't have time for highlights. Boo. Pre-lightening me is also gonna crunch her, but dammit, I pay a lot of money on my hair. I don't want to stay dark and reddish. So I'll probably go a tad lighter and shorter this time and then do the highlights next time when I'd normally just be touching up..

My little one has Retro Day at school today. I made her some peace-sign dangle earrings and a bracelet. I parted her hair in the middle and twisted her bangs back on either side. She wore a tie dye tshirt and a pair of boots. I wish she had a pair of bell bottoms, but she hates jeans. Tonight is the event at school and all three of us are going.

Off to get my day started. See you all at the office!..

Comment #6

Good morning, all! Not a bad night at work for a change... two of my fave coworkers on with me tonight..

De, I can't even get over the fact that people not only want that sludge, they want the worst forms of it! Claim their taste buds can't handle it any other way.... well, gee, not if you don't make them get used to it! Learn to eat the healthier version of it in T&M and you'll never go back to the doctored version..

Karen... yay on the date night. That's important..

DH will be going to a class on pediatric emergency and trauma today (he's an EMT)... I'm not, I got that certification a couple of years ago and don't have to renew until next year. So it will be sleepy me after a night shift with an active toddler and picking up the preschooler at 11 am. Fun.....

Tracey... congrats congrats congrats!!!! I'm staring down the barrel at the 180s... and so excited about it!!..

Comment #7

Yeppers Penny you sure can! Did you see me bobbing my head back and forth to the beat? LOL It is also one of my favorites on Just Dance 2. Used to love "She's All That" which is where I first heard it..

Love the retro outfit for your little one. See? What a cool mom. Ah the tie dyes and bell bottoms (with two inch zippers) were the best! I also remember the "work shirts" with embroidery all over them. Geez the number of guys who got me to embroider their jean jackets... I'm a sucker for a handsome man...

Comment #8

Popping back in after reading the last few posts I missed from last night. I did want to comment on the SLUDGE that now seems to be okay with NS. I think it's EXACTLY the same strategy WW is using by offering ZERO POINTS fruits. Go ahead and eat the stuff that excites you and triggers other cravings because we know it will keep you coming back and paying for more of our products and services. I was and am very disappointed in Medifast for using tactics like that when they clearly have the most successful program out there. End rant...

Comment #9

Morning, TLers. It's been a horrible week at work, not much time at home. I go away for a few days and everyone has colored banners! How do you do that? I want one too <stomping foot and whining>..

Pretty please?.

Congrats to Tracey!!.

Thanks for the coffee - gotta get to the office. First day all week I haven't had to log in from home at 6 a.m. I hate missing my morning coffee here...

Comment #10

Jan, right click on the one you llike, click on properties and copy and paste the URL in your signature!..

Comment #11

I went & searched Penny's posts...worth being late for werk to have a purple banner. Now I see you answered my question. I'll have to go see if there's a darker purple....I saw a post to Chatty about a purple/pink one..

This time I'm.


Going to werk!.

Never mind, I didn't really leave.



To find the dark purple one & I did..

Comment #12

Good morning everyone!!!.

Thanks for the coffee Tk! and WAY TO GO on hitting 20s - I think I just saw you float by - that was me waving!!!!.

Hi Anna, Steph!.

Karen, hope you had fun on your date night!.

Hi Tara! Hi Penny!.

Mornin' Ella - Glad you had a better crew to work with!.

Morning Jan!.

I'm in a world of happy over here. I was sitting in my over-stuffed chair having coffee this morning and I look down and I noticed that my stomach was not protruding out the way it always has.... I was rather flabbergasted about it. It was actually shocking! In a good way, of course! :-).


Comment #13

Morning, everyone! Coffee really isn't kicking in this morning. The pollen (and my early rising twins!) must getting to me! No brain cells for chopped tofu this morning. So, a hi and a shout-out to everyone and a quick YEAH for Pittie's plumbing resolution!.

Had a great day yesterday sorting through clothing! You all (and the pants nearly on the ground incident!) inspired me to go through my closet and see what fit. Low and behold, I have a two foot tall stack of pants and shorts to go to Goodwill! My kids came in to see what I was doing and got a real kick out of watching me try on pants and having them slide down my hips to the floor! My DS9 even got on the phone to call Daddy (in Atlanta for a few days) to tell him my clothes were falling off! Funny kid. I decided to keep my biggest pair of pants (the ones that freaked me out and started this whole thing!) for before and after moments. I can already have a good foot between me and the waistband!.

Looks like I am down to a good, solid 12 with a few 10s thrown in now! My biggest problem is being thick in the middle (I'm an "apple"), so even though my legs and non-existent backside could probably handle a 10, my waist sadly hangs on to a 12. I've also got a few 14s I'm not willing to give up yet as they are SO comfy, but I'll look like a homeless person in them within a week or two..

On to shirt sorting today!.

It was funny...the process was so motivating yesterday in terms of keeping on to goal and losing that middle section (all the weight is coming off there!) but this morning goal looks a million impossible miles away! I'm not a morning person, but it also doesn't help that my subconscious is nagging me to go for 105 and really rock this out! Feel free to kick me and stop me from being the perfectionist that I clearly am! Need to stop and enjoy my current success!..

Comment #14

Good morning everyone..

I'm glad to see TKD made it into the 220's, Karen got to go on a date, Jennifer needs new pants, and Melissa lost her coffeechair belly..

As for me, I'm hanging in there, staying on plan, and losing slowly. That's what I expected. I am sick and tired of hearing whining about slow losses when people are dropping 2 pounds or more a week. That's a huge loss, especially for a slim-to-no exercise program. It's not like Medifast takes us to a biggest loser style ranch and makes us run until we barf. What do people expect?.

And don't even get me started on the snack of all snacks, the snack that is causing people to go totally gonzo. We only keep it in the house to fill up the dog's rubber bone with, until this round of MF, I had no idea it was such a trigger food! (And we buy the natural kind, even for the dog!).

Oh, and I realized this morning that I lost the extra bit of boob that had grown around the side of my actual boob, you know, the one under the armpit. Bye bye boobs 3 and 4!..

Comment #15

Waiting at the doctor's office. I think they should call you at home when they want you to come in instead of making everyone wait in a room filled with coughing, sneezing, and random germs for an hour. Just saying. (I warned you I was cranky in my first post today!).


Comment #16

Tracey congrats on the new decade. And thanks for the Folgers..

Anony - Wahoo for losing boobs 3 & 4. Now, that is a good feeling, isn't it?.

As for the sludge and whiney talk up there... Sheesh. It gets old. Makes you wanna slap people. Okay, makes me wanna slap people and say get a grip, grow a pair, have some control!!!! But you know, it is so much easier to whine, make excuses, blame other people or circumstances, and not take any responsibility for your actions. Yah, that'll work.

Some people don't get it and they never will..

Alright, time to get a refill on coffee and prepare for Thursday. Busy day ahead. Boss has a presentation he wants me to put together. Needs it by noon. Unfortunately he hasn't decided what all is going into said presentation. Good times. Good times...

Comment #17

Well, it finally happened! My twins were wrestling at the top of the wooden staircase and one kicked the other down the stairs! Falling twin must have had angels holding him upright, because somehow he managed to hit every third step or so with his feet and not roll until he hit the floor at the bottom. He also managed to land on the area rug instead of the hardwood floor and slide into the front door instead of smash into it! He is fine. Mom, however, will take a bit longer to recover. I was standing at the bottom telling them to stop, and had to watch the whole thing in what seemed like slow-mo!.

The twin doing the kicking has dyspraxia, which basically means that he is unable to predict the outcome of his physical actions. For example, he'll misjudge the distance between himself and the door frame and run into the wall instead! Other times, he'll being swinging around and not realize he's close enough to wack someone in the head. Poor baby...he's a coordinated klutz, if that is at all possible! Good at sports, very physical, but constantly crashing into things or running out into traffic! I used to keep him on a baby leash for his own safety!.

At least now he'll have the memory of the fall to prompt him not to wrestle on the stairs!..

Comment #18

Good morning!.

Congratulations Tkd on hitting a new milestone..

Heading off to spend the day with grandchildren. Have a great day!..

Comment #19

Morning ALL!.

Finally caught up on yesterday's thread.....

One note: The sludge that Medifast allows as acceptable is totally a trigger for me. I tried it once with a Medifast brownie and realized immediately that I could not do that again. Haven't had it since. But it took all I had that entire evening not to binge on off program foods. Totally a trigger for me......

So, yesterday headed home from work and tried on pants that were too small 2 weeks ago. They fit with room to spare! They were 22s..

So I got brave and tried on the size 20s that I bought new about a month ago when they were on sale.....They button and zip. Too small to wear out of the house, but they were so far from even zipping before..

I can't wait to weigh in on Sunday!.


Comment #20

I'm already really far behind this morning..

Congratulations tkd!.

Boo for Dr.'s offices. I hate that. I will be there at 2:00 for my son's pre-op appointment. At this particular Dr., the wait is typically 2 hours long. He is having surgery tomorrow to get his adenoids out and tubes put back in his ears. Poor guy..

Zoe- Way to go on your natural breast reduction lol!.

Jennifer, my kids love to play on the stairs. Whenever the stair gate is open, they sneak up there. So far, no one has fallen down them...yet! I'm sure it's bound to happen sooner or later. I'm sorry it happened to you today. It must have been terrifying to watch. I'm glad everyone is OK...

Comment #21

Good morning! And it does seem to be a great morning for this team today. Lots of losses and NSV's!.

As for my sludge rant from last night. When I first started Medifast is was allowed as a healthy fat (I think). It was removed from the list of allowable foods BECAUSE IT WAS A TRIGGER FOOD! That was why I questions the thinking behind NS' motives. I think Penny has hit the nail right on the head. As long as they allow binge foods, it will keep the money rolling in. Makes me sad, but that is just the reality of things..

I have 2 VERY slow days to get through, so ya'll need to keep me entertained so I don't lose my mind, 'K?.

Penny - I really do love all the new banner colors. Seeing them when I log in just makes it feel like spring here in the Clubhouse. Thanks again for doing all of that. And, we are at 171/8/51. We'll be in a new decade ourselves soon!..

Comment #22

Amber, congrats on the pants! I have a pair of those, but I'm still too scared to try them on lol...

Comment #23

Morning Everyone,.

TK congrats!.

Melissa- haha funny- way to go!!!.

Jennifer- I hope the fallen twin is OK- funny how they manage to fall down the stairs perfectly without hurting themselves- I would have 3 broken bones..

Penny- sounds like your DD is going to have a great retro day! I once sent my DD (13) to school in a flapper dress for decade day- of course older DD would NEVER go to school in it!.

As for the sludge- I started Medifast in Dec and never knew of a time that it was not allowed, so yes I used it on my brownie at first 1tsp, then a little more, then a little more- and one day I was like UGH this is NOT a good idea! It was a SLOW process but boy it was an eye opener..

So many peeps I am forgetting- sending love to all and know that I put an answer or comment in my head after I read yours but by time I get to posting I FORGET!!.

So for me- I had to have a tooth pulled yesterday so I have to take vicodin for 24 hours as a preventative (I break them in half because they make me sick). Medifast meals work out really well considering that is is puddings, oatmeal mostly soft stuff- having a real hard time coming up with L&G though- any suggestions? I will probably have egg beaters for lean- it's the green- though about V8 BUT I HAVE NOT LOOKED AT THE NUTRITION FACTS YET. so if you have ANY info please let me know- or any other liquid veggie options. maybe I could mash cauliflower but that would require a trip to the store- well I guess anything will..

Thanks everyone..

Comment #24

Zoe - LOL - you're absolutely right! And you lost your extra boobs! Pink ponys for everyone!!!! :-).

Amber, what a great feeling on your NSV - I had that happen yesterday and it just blew me away..

Today I had a person I don't even really know very well at work pull me over to tell me not to stop whatever it is I'm doing - it's working. And I work with about 100 very opinionated people! I have a few sabatours, but my ears will not hear a word they say!.

Twinsmom - I think my heart would be in my throat if I had to watch one of my babies fall down the stairs!!!! Thankfully he's ok, but still!!!!! I feel for you!.

Hi Tara and hello to all I missed!.


Comment #25

Oh Yeah- Karen date night with Hubby- I am so happy that you were able to do this! We are lucky with teenagers we are able to go out every friday night! Its what we do, we have a place that I can order grilled chicken and broccoli with no butter and they know how do it- no questions- they always just say- do you want the usual? YEP.

Anony- congrats on your boob loss- unfortunately I am never happy when I have boob shrinkage- but thats just me (I need all I can get..

Comment #26

What a great compliment! very well said. These are the people you listen to- not the nay sayers!!..

Comment #27

I had a tooth pulled while on 5&1 and it worked out for me to make soup. I took an Medifast chicken noodle, water, some additional bullion, enough chicken for lean, and enough veggies minced up fine so they cooked practically to mush, then simmered. Then I had and Medifast meal, plus a L&G that I could sip on throughout the day as I felt up to it. The challenge was to get it all down by the end of the day, of course...

Comment #28

SF - I have a recipe for a creamy roasted veggie soup, but again it would take a little preparation and a trip to the store. It's made with tofu to make it creamy..

Try doing a search of the Medifast site for V8. I would bet that this question has been asked before. Sorry to hear about your tooth. It's funny. When they pulled my wisdom teeth, they used only novacaine (and I tend to be novacaine resistant) and gave me nothing for pain afterwards. Thankfully, I really didn't have pain that couldn't be handled by Ibuprofin. People wonder why I hate the dentist so much......

Comment #29

Morning all! My company left a little bit ago. It's gonna be great getting back into my little routine for a week, right before I head out of town for 5 days. No trouble whatsoever staying OP, even with my mom telling me constantly that I don't eat enough. This is the first visit ever with my parents, in my entire life, that I didn't just pig out. Something about my mom, who I love dearly, that makes me want to eat....but this week, wasn't even tempted. I'm liking to think I've got the mental part of all this under control (for the time being anyway)..

I have been wearing loose size 14 pants and last week bought size 12's for a dinner I had to go to. Was at Walmart yesterday and they had some cute washed-out denim capris hanging there so I bought a size 10. Told mom that I knew I wouldn't fit yet, but would in a couple of weeks. Got home and they fit perfect. Couldn't believe it. I was giddy all night.

Hoping to get all caught up with everyone by tomorrow. Have missed reading all the goings-on! Have a great, wonderful, OP day!!!!!..

Comment #30

Soooooo tired....

Kudos to all, especially Zoe on the reduction to only 2 breasts and Melissa on the well earned compliment. Oh, and Cara's size 10s. I'm sure there's more but I'm exhausted! Have to keep one eye and ear on the toddler and preschooler today though as Steven is in another town studying pediatric emergency care (he's an EMT)...

Comment #31

Good Morning alll....

Pass me that coffee I'm gonna need it today..

I woke up to DH shaking, sweating, cold, pale, and vomiting. We have to drive into town to go to the doctor again this week. Another four hours in drive time, round trip. First my nephew, now DH, I hope I am not next. I called into work and my boss just laughed. At least he finds it funny..

Congrats to everyone who's lost this morning. Looks like there are some big milestones that have been hit...

Comment #32

TKD - CONGRATS! Whoop whoop!.

Penny, love Retro Day and Spirit Week and stuff like that. Hope your daughter has fun..

I was a teenager in the 80's and it really hit me that I was getting older when my high school had an "80's Day." LOL..

PB isn't a trigger for me. Unless I dump a bag of chocolate chips in there and eat it that way......

Comment #33

Thanks steph- I do have some Medifast CN soup!.

De I would love the recipe if you want to PM it to me that would be great- or you can post it here for everyone.

- Wow De that sounds painful- honestly I hate taking pain meds other that ibuprofen but I am sure they get tired of the middle of the night phone calls when patients are in pain. I tend to have a pretty high pain tolerance but did not want to take any chances- it is better to stay on top of the pain rather than try to catch up..

Ella- good luck sleeping with one eye open..... I don't know how you do it! your work hours and 7 children- you must be a very patient (wait am I supposed to spell this different?)..

Comment #34

Oh No Toni- let us know how he is doing! I sure hope you are NOT next!!..

Comment #35

Good morning all!.

Twinmom, I feel you about the pollen. Yuck..

Anon, I laughed about you losing books 3&4. But, I get it! Totally!.

I didn't get a chance (yet) to read last night's posts (I'll head over to do that now). However, I greatly enjoy the 10 almonds as a mid-afternoon snack. I measure them out in advance and eat them solo. It has never caused me a problem, and I never thought about it too much. I have that same snack every day, though, and it is a part of my structured routine..

Structure, ha, yes, it is only day 4, but the structure is working and it is part of my strict 100%! I don't know about the other choices..


Comment #36

I've posted it before. Let me go dig it up and I'll post it again..

"Creamy" Vegetable Soup (Originally from Clean Eating Magazine, but tweaked a bit by roasting instead of simmering veggies).

Note - ANY 1.5 lbs of veggies can be substituted for the red peppers and cauliflower.

1 lb cauliflower.

2 Red bell peppers.

4 C low sodium veggie broth.

1/2 C chopped onion, scallions or leeks.

1 TBSP olive oil.

1 pkg silken tofu.

Cut and roast veggies at 400 until tender.

Saute onion in olive oil until tender, about 5 minutes. Add broth and bring to simmer. Add roasted veggies and bring back to a simmer. In batches, carefully puree soup mixture in blender, making sure to vent top. Add tofu and puree until smooth. Flavor with salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste...

Comment #37

Oh, and congrats to everyone losing bellies and boobage and dropping sizes and all that other fun stuff..

Jennifer, glad your twin is okay...

Comment #38

Toni I hope your dh is ok..

Hello to everyone else..

Comment #39

Me too. For some reason I get so upset/impatient when he is sick. I hate seeing him like this...

Comment #40

Good morning all! I'm down 1 pound for the week. I'm glad to see the number going down down down!! Not much to report life-wise. Parents are coming into town today and I'm going to spend some time with them. In this year of body improvement I'm off to get my fuzzy upper lip lasered off (thank you groupon for cheap hair removal!!), and then maybe actually get a closet cleaned out today...

Comment #41

You're making me giggle at work with all the funny comments about my missing boobs..

De- how do you like Clean Eating magazine? I'm considering subscribing...

Comment #42

You guys look like fun...and you look like you'll kick my A$* which I also need...can I join your group?..

Comment #43

I've seen lots of cute capris starting to hit the stores. I have very muscular calves, though, and I have to be very careful. I remember reading over on the Beauty Tips board when I first started that capris on heavy legs spell tree-trunk disaster. If they hit at the widest part of the calf, that is. And most do. So, unless they're just below my knee (accentuating my shapely calves!) or just above my ankle (hiding them all together), I steer clear..

Carolyn, yes it's Spirit Week. There was no 80's day this time, but in summer camp there is and last year I remembered thinking that the Peg Bundy/Cindy Lauper/Madonna look used to be SO cool. My little one is also wearing her blue round wire (John Lennon-style) glasses today, too. When she was learning how to walk, I always said I was going to have her wear those with a black wig on Halloween and go out as Ozzy!..

Comment #44

HAH, TKD that is my celebration song too! When I play Just Dance 2 with my kids, they're all, "Awww, mom.... do we have to do Rockefeller Skank again?!!?!".

It's kind of funny to hear my 9 and 7 year old say the word "sk@nk" (just in case the board hates my p0tti mouth)..


Comment #45

Sfandbf - I wanted to use V8 as a green but it had quite a few carbs, as I recall, like 6 for the little 6-oz cans you can get at Costco. I hope you feel better soon!..

Comment #46

I LOVE it! It is one of the best maintenance tools I have and definitely worth the cost of the subscription. It really made me think twice about some of the things I used to buy at the store and rethink the way I bake. I have done away with refined white everything. I still buy and bake with sugar, but on the increasingly rare occasions that I do use it, it's organic, unprocessed or raw. I figure if I am going to continue making sludge for my family, it might as well be with ingredients that are as good for them as they can be. Haven't heard any complaints so far. hehe..

Comment #47

Thanks tdk for the the music and the coffee..

I'm happy..

I've been up for a long time, but got back into bed. Planted LOTS of vegetables in the 70+ degree sunny weather yesterday. Then the temp dropped 40 degrees. It'll go back up and my plants will rise in their Eartboxes..

Penny: do you have a photo of your cuties retro style?.

Clean Living. I'll have to check that out..

Great losses, great smaller sizes, great living and enjoying our lives beyond our wildest espectations before MF..

Keep it up everybody..

Thanks for a great blog today, Steph. Made my day..


Comment #48

Bobbie, sorry if this has been answered, but V8 is off plan. You can make your own gazpacho, though. Just toss tomatoes, cucs, bell peppers, maybe a garlic clove or jalapeno if you want it spicy, in the blender. 1.5C = green. Drink..

Cooked turnip is about as squishy as cauliflower, too..

Egg drop soup is a way to combine the eggs with the soup concept. But I'd do whole eggs rather than egg beaters, either way, as it's less to have to get down. Just 3 eggs..

Good luck!!!..

Comment #49

We didn't get one this morning, Beth, but this is from two years ago on her birthday.....

Comment #50


I am having the most wonderful ever steak salad right now..

Sooooo yum!..

Comment #51

Oooh! I completely agree with this. The whole thing..

Definitely worth it...

Comment #52

Thanks, De! I think I'll keep her!.

Chickie Steak salad sounds delicious! I just had a vanilla shake made with diet tonic. It was betterthan I thought it would be. It was only because I didn't feel like going past a big meeting to the kitchen and I used what I had here at my desk!..

Comment #53

It is Penny!.

It has lettuce, cucumbers, roma tomatoes, grilled brocolli, grilled mushrooms, steak and walden farms creamy bacon ranch dressing..

I'm seriously in love over here. lol!..

Comment #54

Your daughter is a cutie pie Penny..

Steak salad... mmmm... good...

I think I will check out the Clean Living magazine. Sounds very informative...

Comment #55

I also love Clean Eating. The photography alone is reason enough to subscribe!..

Comment #56

Penny, will you help me get a new banner. I've been missing some of the days recently and tried to do it yesterday, but couldn't figure it out...

Comment #57

Here you go, Chickie:.


Or, if you want to follow the step by step instructions in the first post, use this one:.


Comment #58

Penny, she is seriously cute!!!.

Since there is no way for me to lose 75 - 100 pounds by the end of May, do you guys know of anything I can do to grow about 7 inches? Thanks!..

Comment #59

Hello! I'm new, but I was welcomed in. Don't see why you wouldn't be! Hopefully someone who has been here longer will address your question...

Comment #60

Of course she's welcome!.

But be aware - we're not here to kick your a55, really, as we're too busy kicking our own..

What we are is a place where we can all be accountable to ourselves, and are expected by each other to remain 100%! So if you're all about doing this diet the way it's written, yes please do come hang out with us!..

Comment #61

I am trying to imagine what illegal methods Rachel's devious brain has envisioned for growing 7 inches. Um, are we thinking of borrowed femurs like the skin suit after it puts on the lotion?..

Comment #62

Thanks Freya- Great Idea on making my own V8, I have a MB that you can steem veggies and them blend them- I will try something like that..

YUM- egg drop soup sounds delish..

Thank You everyone else with suggestions and letting me know noV8-.

My head is POUNDING!!! Thought maybe it was the vicocin (and maybe is a little) but then I remembered that I can't have coffee (no hot beverages) so I am drinking a hot cocoa with coffee blended over ice- YUM!!!..

Comment #63

Wait - I think I have an email about this.....

Comment #64

Ewwww!!! My brain is trying to picture gazpacho made with steamed veggies. Blech!!!!.

If you do the tomatoes/cucs/bell peppers thing: that's all *raw*. For serious. Served cold..

Glad you're not making yourself do caffeine withdrawal at the same time!..

Comment #65

The Rack.... shopping......

Sorry, I'm easily distracted..

I think Rachel may have a little Frankenstein experiment in the works... wahoo!..

Comment #66

OH NOOOO, I didn't mean gazpacho- I just meant soft veggies- yeah that would be gross! I have to get the courage to get to the store!.

Oh and Penny your daughter is adorable!!.

EWE, I just thought about steamed cucs- barf..

Comment #67

Thanks Penny. I loved seeing you DD modeling some earring. Hope you can catch today's version of retro. She'll get such a kick out of the photos too..


Comment #68

5' 1.5." I used to be 5' 2"..

I've shrunk. Just not, unfortunately, in weight much...

Comment #69

I feel seriously exhausted today. Not sure what is up with that...

Comment #70

Well, I'll catch up with y'all later. About to head to my son's pre-op appointment. And I also meant to tell y'all that today is (finally) my first day on Chantix. I can smoke until the eighth day. Bye for now everybody. And cute pic Penny!..

Comment #71

I know many, many people fall off their diet but it never fails to shock me when someone I used to look up to (as in they've done great, lost a lot of weight, and are skinnier than me) falls off and them comes back to Medifast heavier than me. I remember one MFer I used to be inspired by that was around the same starting point as me that fell off (well, isn't on these boards at least) and now I'm at a lower weight than she was when she fell off. And another who has come on the boards who used to be way skinnier than me and now I'm just a few pounds heavier than her..

Not sure what I'm trying to say, just writing my rambling thoughts. By keeping on keeping on I've dropped a lot of weight and am inching towards goal. And you know what? There's no 'falling off plan' but only choosing to go off. Making that sometimes hard choice to stay on plan really pays off, even on those weeks that the loss is a fraction of a pound..

Ok, I'm done rambling...

Comment #72

Why would this be bad? If served hot, wouldn't that then just be a veggie soup? Sounds good to me...

Comment #73

Ramble away Sassy..

I just got done ranting on FB. I joined a group of Medifast girls from here who started a FB group. So far the majority of them are just tweaking, cheating and going off plan. They are using the group as a site to post their off plan recipes and ideas. And then of course complaining because they are not losing. I have been thinking about quitting the group.

After my rant just now, who knows, I may be asked to leave the group.... lol...

Comment #74

Oh Sunny, get the heck off that group! It's so not worth being around people who plan to cheat!..

Comment #75

It's the cooked cucumber thing. I just can't get behind it..

If not for the cucs, then yeah, it's halfway to chili with the rest of it...

Comment #76

Seriously! I bet Freya has a really good saying for that, but the only one that is coming to my pea-brain is this:.

If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got..

Ditch 'em, Cheri...

Comment #77


, thanks for the tip about Clean Living magazine. Sounds like just what I need! Right now, my Southern Living subscription and all the sludge pics and recipes are about to do me in. Incoming magazines get hidden away until I am in maintenance (maybe even forever!)..

Can you tell one just came in the mail?.

May I ask a question about condiments? I'm trying to determine if I'm being strict enough with myself in this area..

Here's the situation: I cook...a lot...for a family of six plus a variety of guests and kids who regularly wander in (a couple of which require gluten free, but that's for another post!). Totally condiment free dinners do not float anyone's boat, though I don't have too much problem gaining acceptance of most OP meals with a carb source (brown rice, rolls, etc.) added. Because of cooking in volume for this crowd and because I just plain like to have flavorful meals, spices, etc. are in abundance here. I've managed to eliminate all sauces or come up with OP versions. However, I have a hard time keeping my recipes down to three condiments and frequently struggle to actually divide out the amount that I personally will be consuming from the total in the recipe.

So far, I have handled this by logging every. single. spice. in each recipe and overestimating the amounts I've personally consumed, making sure that my carbs stay in the 80-85 range and calories below 900 (I shoot for 850 and never go higher than 900). I don't worry about whether the spice total is 3 or the amounts match the serving sizes Medifast has listed, but I do log, log, log and watch the carb/calorie range. I'm not talking about artificial sweeteners (I use Stevia drops), WF or Torani syrups here, just simply dry spices, salt and pepper.

I do log that, but I know the trace carbs/calories don't show that way (thus my insistence on staying between 80-85 carbs...I know I'll end up slightly higher)..

My weight loss has been 2-3 lbs a week so far, though I realize it is beginning to slow a bit (maybe by .5 a week?) here closer to goal. So, all this to say: am I being tough enough on myself about condiment consumption or do I need to kick myself in the **** and cut back? Am I okay for now but need to watch it if my weight loss slows?.

Thanks for helping me keep OP! Sorry I'm long-winded...I'm Italian and never shut up!.

Off to take kids to the dentist and will respond later tonight...

Comment #78

You know I am so far from perfect and staying 100% has been a struggle for me, and I know it is.

All me.

Who is making it so. It is a huge part of why I have come to this group because I know 100% is really the only way and I.


To do it this way. That said, despite my own lack of perfection, I'm horrified that a Medifast group is posting about cheats, posting off-plan recipes, basiclaly encouraging cheating, and then complaining about a lack of weight loss. What the heck?.

Have you gotten any replies to your rant yet?? LOL...

Comment #79

If it's cooked and blended, wouldn't it just become another layer of flavor in a soup? Just curious. I agree that cooked cukes are not something I would generally eat or find appealing, but blended with a bunch of other flavorful veggies, chances are you wouldn't even remember they were there...

Comment #80

That's OK. I just ranted over on the recipe forum and people who want to make Medifast into the absolute WORST kind of sludge. <shaking head>.

You don't need those Wheaters Cheri! That's why you have US!..

Comment #81

I just might add them into my creamy veggie soup. You people eat fungi without thinking twice about it! I find cucumbers cooked or otherwise to be a FAR more appealing option. <snicker>..

Comment #82

Oh Jennifer- wish I could help but I eat PLAIN bakes or grilled chicken salads most days....

Yes, I agree Freya- it's the cucumbers that gross me out- I could just make a tomato one hot- my neighbor is picking me up some cauliflower so I guess it's just going to me MB'D mashed cauli..

I can't stop thinking about that cold coffee hot cocoa thing I just had! I do it hot all the time but let me tell you the ice blended one is YUMM..

Sunny- I agree- part of me thinks stay with them and teach them the right way but you are outnumbered RUN!!.

Sassy- This summer we knew someone doing Medifast and she came to the 4th of july party- we all went on and on about have a drink, eat something come on!! blah blah blah. By the end of November she had lost 60 pounds and 3 of us have started since them- Boy how I wish I had asked her about it then instead of trying to talk her into SLUDGE!! and who is laughing now??? she is maintaining!! Good for you for sticking it out, slowly but surely keep it up!!!..

Comment #83

You got it, Serafina!.

*popping a big ole slice of fungus in my mouth, chewing slowly* Yup. Still delicious...

Comment #84

I must go check out the recipe boards asap..

Comment #85

Yes, I peeked at the recipe boards as soon as De mentioned it...

Comment #86

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.