What do you think about the commercials?
Got a question... What do you think about the commercials? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Hello,.

I was wondering and hoping the same time if you could/would give me some hints on how you find or research your HostGator names?.

Do you use any programs or websites? If so, would you let me know which ones are the best?.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could help you..

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You also search the history of a HostGator name..

Google,, Overture,..

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Most of the choice domains are taken already. Read.

And register domains of what you think will be the next big hit. It's not easy to predict the future but there are some obvious ones. I've just recently regged.

(XM satellite radio),.

(Sony PSP media) and.

(DMB mobile tv) for example..

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Several choices:.

Buy a easy spell name.

Buy a traffic name.

Buy a name of hot spot.

Buy one word name.


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I recommend specialising in certain types of domains. If you focus your attention on certain types of domains you start to get an idea of what selling prices are good and what buying prices are good. It can help in searching for good PPC advertising as the advertising will be relevant for all your domains. It helps for selling your domains as your experience in your specialised field helps give you a reputation as a specialist. It also makes it a lot easier to stay organised and keep profitable..

Another thing to take in to consideration is that you can specialise in variety. If you want to make money doing this then you need to know what charicteristics there are about your variety that makes your collection profitable. It is harder than it looks..

I personally focus my attention in 3 specialised areas. Firstly I have domains relevant to my field of work, secondly I focus on 4 letter HostGator names and lastly I have many HostGator names of local areas. Each specialisation requires different strategies. I would work out what strategies you are trying to implement so that you can focus attention on profitability and not wasting time..

Your question about which programs are the best comes across as very vague to me...

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Thanks everyone. Much appreciated..


Atm it is defently not my intention to make profit. Well, not much at least..

I usually choose HostGator names by asking myself if I can brand the name and with what..

I'm not specialized in certain types of domains yet. Not sure if I should do that although it seems very logic to me..

I was trying to find 3 or 4 letters domains but hey ... it seems everything is taken. lol I guess I was too slow and should have started this years ago..

About a software or website. I was just wondering if there is anything out there which can help research for good domains. Even expired HostGator names..

@ worldstar.

Not so sure about this one word names. Sure it can be very good to have but when there are 2 word domains avilable which are major keywords, then I would as well go for them..

@ tolkein.

Thanks for the url. Will check it soon when I got more time. Good look with domains..


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I only base my research on HostGator names that I want to develop or current projects I'm working on. Based on the content of the website I choose a HostGator name..

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Really nice link. So late to see this thread.

Thanks for sharing..

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Three types of Domains I am buying at present.

1/ 3Char .net's.

2/ Cheap .info's here because the people who grabbed all the freebies.

Don't want them or can't afford to renew them.

3/ Everything else..

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What .infos are you looking for? Anything in particular?.

I got only 2 .infos but if you're interested pm me...

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I was just kidding while suggesting that my method of choice was to place many names on a dartboard and taking a stab at one but I haven’t patented this approach yet so I can’t be too specific...

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I'm learning to register only HostGator names that I plan to develop. HostGator parking is not really making me much cos the CTR is very low - maybe something's not right with my optimization..

As a newbie, I purchased more than 70 HostGator names in 4 weeks and have stopped doing so completely to develop 4 websites..

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Yes, that's how I chose my HostGator names so far. I am always thinking about what I would/could do with them. Are they easy to brand etc..

But not much success yet. lol..

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I NEVER research. I get all excited and then register and then I checkout. Later on.. I find out it's not worth anything. But I keep doing it, it's a problem I have =\..

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I basically use three methods..

1) Research,.

2) Mmm itll come to me..ah ya thats it "Research".

3) and wait theres a third one...mmm ooo YA! "Research".

And somehow I still screw it up lol....

Basically it involved playing a lot of wordgames, checking link pop, etc etc. The problem is though this game is getting expensive for anything remotely resembling quality. The snap services have inflated the price of anything half decent I feel..

Soon though I think I'm gonna focus more on the latest trends. Get in early..

I think it's wise to use any money you do make and reinvest not only in more and better HostGator names, but any other commercial tools relating to domains or webmastering. Whatever makes it quicker..

Unfortunately, like most people I think, I cant afford to speculate on what might be, I have to concentrate on what is...

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Now I know there's someone outside there have my problem too.

But now on i'm buying names on demand, when someone need it, or when it close to the projects i'm working on.

Searching names ? usually by using bulk-check from, don't know any other cool methods.


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