What do you think of Chirtie Allie's weight gain post Nutrisystem?

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My question is What do you think of Chirtie Allie's weight gain post Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... With NFL season starting and me just starting NS, this will be hard. But, got to make a change sometime...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1


You'll find.


To be much like life..


Make your own choices.... just be prepared for the consequences..

OH, and.

Welcome to the Men's Club.


Comment #2

First - I have sworn off pro football. Ever since the Houston Oilers fired Bum Phillips for not winning during the playoffs (Oilers lost in playoffs 2 years in a row to the Steelers who won the superbowl, then in year 3 lost to Raiders - who won the superbowl. The owner/jackass said it was because Phillips designed a 2 tight-end offense. Of course, in year 4, the Redskins won the superbowl with a - you guessed it - 2 tight-end offense, but I digress)..

So only college football for me ever since then (I think it was around 30 years ago?).

Second - I allow myself one beer a week. Drink it slow, enjoy it. It's light beer. I call it my carb for the day. BUT if I once thought I could not stop at ONE beer, I wouldn't even have it available in the fridge..

Beer calories are empty calories and it's not healthy. So I have also developed an enjoyment for the flavored carbonated waters at Walmart. I really like the mandarin orange and wild cherry. Plus, mixing wild cherry and key lime from Krogers tastes just like the cherry limeade from Sonic..

Third - If like Louisiana football, you should be watching LSU anyway. Or maybe La Tech. Or McNeese. Pro sports is too professional nowadays..

Fourth - If you really like pure football with lots of surprises, then go to some high school games. Just say no to frito pie though!!..

Comment #3

I plan on kicking back some beers during this season. Not every week, but when I get with all my friends. I know for me that if I drink more than 3 beers I will lose 1 solid week of progress - just have to start over after that. I've lost 90-lbs since January, and allow for maybe (meaning if at all) one drinking night with the pals once a month. Mileage varies and all that.....

Comment #4

Drink a Fresca or a diet root beer. Make a little bit of a production of it. Chilled mug, ice, etc...

Comment #5

Would be nice if my wallet looked like his.....

Comment #6

I got an amusement park to sell ya. Just stop messing up the team. (I know you do your best.)..

Comment #7

When I go tailgate with The Panthers, I allow myself one GOOD beer. Then I have to walk up the ramps to get to my seat. Everything in moderation!..

Comment #8

Don't fall into the old "routines and habits" they are the reason we are all here..

Shake it up and start new healthy habits..

Comment #9

1. Do the ritual I described..


2. Start checking YOURSELF out. Look at your own muscles emerging from below the sloth. Think about the game and the athleticness and what you would do on the field. Get yourself a little motivated by thinking about "those guys are in good shape, I want to be too". When you come to think about it, there's something bad about getting in worse and worse shape, watching and not doing.

3. Could also just give up FB...

Comment #10

He did say a Saint's game. Can not watch them unless you have a beer to cry in at the end...

Comment #11

Football was one reason I started in February. Day after SB..

Fall will be difficult..

I'm leaving now...

Comment #12

I've been going to Rockies games all summer. First time I've ever been to the ballpark without a drink (or seven)..

I was telling my wife, it was weird...I didn't even miss it. Just drank a big ol diet coke & watched the game. Plus I save a ton of money not hitting the bars in LoDo after the game!..

Comment #13

Hey, just remember quitting drinking worked for LenDale White..


Comment #14

Went to Panters stadium for Saints game last year Drive4Show - like your stadium. Caught LSU/SCar then Saints/Panthers last year. Yeah for LSU games we tailgate for 13 hours, and that is going to be the hardest time of year, those 7 home games. Oh and going to Seattle for LSU v Washington..

But the dome Foam at Saints games is going to be rough too. Weekends in the fall are going to be the test... And this year the Saints are going to win the Super Bowl, so the season will last all the way through January!..

Comment #15

As a life long Saint's fan. I hope and pray and watch as many games as I can... I love the changes this year... and pull for em every week. I just have a tough time believing anymore...

Comment #16

You could also ride the stationary while watching or listen to the radio while working out. Just some thoughts to keep the enjoyment of following the sport while doing somethinf for yourself to be an athlete also...

Comment #17

I have a Tony Little Gazelle, don't really like it too much, but may bring it in the front room during the'll help with the frustration the Saints can bring on. haha...

Comment #18

I've been stuck at about 60 pounds for about 3 weeks and I realize that it's happy hour that's doing me in for losing more weight....damn you bacardi and miller light!!!..

Comment #19

Thanks! Now I've got to go home and try beer with rum in it!..

Comment #20

Thanks guys for all the inspiration. I too don't know how I'm gonna get through the season without more than a few beers every Sunday. My plan is to jump on the treadmill during the pre-game show and every commercial break. Doesn't seem fair every other food group has a no-cal entry but beer, oh well, either burn it off or leave it alone and I don't think I can leave it alone, especially not during game day...

Comment #21

I'm the FNG here. Really glad to see a chat room for guys. I get my first order Friday the 7th. I'll start Sat morning. Hard to imagine a football season w/o beer, but I know it will kill me. Look at my user name....I just gotta change.

I hate that slob. I just have to believe that guys can be real guys w/o beer, wings, pizza, nachos, etc. There have to be others out there who want to succede like I do...

Comment #22

Welcome to the Men's Room..

Follow the plan and drink lots of water (gallon a day) and you will succeed...

Comment #23

Imagine yourself as the athlete instead of the spectator. Maybe that will put a little spine into ya...

Comment #24

Welcome Jabba. I just remember that toongue of Jabb the Huts. Yuck!..

Comment #25

Man that was you in the bikini? Dude you HAVE gained a lot of weight. Good thing you found NutriSytem...and you may want to consider shaving your legs...eeeeeewwwwww...

Comment #26

Welcome, Jabba!!! You're in the right place and have the right 'tude. You're gonna be a LOSER!.


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