What do you think of the Nutrisystem diet?

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My question is What do you think of the Nutrisystem diet? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... Saturday morning - date with the wife last night - no alcohol - no snacking - and NO GAIN!.

Each week I lose 3 or 4 pounds from Sunday to Thursday - then put it back with a little extra by Monday morning - last week hit 220 - clothes tight - uncomfortable - back in the saddle..

Just like when I started I had to lose a lot before anyone noticed - same on this end - up 20 and no one really sees a difference. At 217 and wearing my largest slacks - I didn't really notice - that final 3 pounds finally made me serious..

For some "good" reasons (excuses) - I quit walking every day. Asthma was starting back up. Seven days of daily walking and everything is really improving..

Instead of deserving to treat myself - I deserve to be healthy and happy. Instead of not walking because it's dark - I just DO IT! It's much easier to post here when you're successful. When you know you're blowing it and you don't need advice - you just tend to go it alone. At least I'm back on track enough now that I feel I can post..

I'm posting because from the time I started I knew my goal was to KEEP it off. I've decided to share this battle. Recognize that I haven't pigged out once. I haven't eaten deserts, red meat, potatoes or any other REALLY off plan meals. What I have done is go out on Friday and Saturday and started off the evening with a martine - followed up be several glasses of wine. And, I've had too much of healthy food (fruit, cereal etc.) in the evenings..

I've given up the alcohol, started walking and I'm sticking to the plan. I'm reading the daily guide from OA and learning to stop grazing in the evening..

Mobay, you're my inspiration - I'm so glad you stick around to show us we CAN keep it off. I'm catching it before it is noticable to others - I will not EVER go above 220 again. I want to enjoy my life. I know the key is a healthy life style - I WILL GET HER DONE!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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It's real easy for the pounds to sneak back on. I'm always amazed at how many I put on in just a week of vacation. But I seem to get them back off. The alchohol is a problem for me too. If I start getting into the beer, wine or liquor, I don't know when to quit eating. It's as if it turns off the switch that tells me when I need to stop shovelling food down my throat..

I've been at the gym 4-5 times a week for 8 weeks until this last week. I only made it 3 times because of a pulled muscle in my upper back. I will get right back to the gym on Monday. If the pain is still there, I'll just do cardio and put off the weight training until I can do it pain free again..

Tom, you're one of the winning "losers" here. I know that you'll get a grasp on the problems and get yourself back where you belong...

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I've missed seeing you, Tom...was just thinking about you yesterday, actually. Stick to these boards...they keep you focused...

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I've missed your wisdom, the board just isn't the same without you. Your words inspire me to keep fighting the good fight. Good to see you my friend!.

Feed the good wolf, but of course you know that...

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Good you are getting yourself back on track! Don't move up to a bigger cloths size, trust me, this is how I slipped away. You know what you need to do and how to do it. Make the commitment and string 7 days of solid 100% on program eating together and you'll get that good old "I am in control" feeling back again..

I gave back every pound of my loss and have it.


To lose again. I felt so stupid for having let myself go, but I do feel smarter this time program wise. I'm going to make sustainable choices for myself too, both exercise and diet..

You were around working steadfast back a year or more ago when I was here. I know you can do it. Remember it's all about portion size, portion size, portion size and plenty of water...

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This is my problem too. Sadly I'm OK for a few days, then by the time Friday rolls around I'm back to my old habits. Evenings are difficult too. I've tried all sort of things: saving my two snacks for late at night, adding more water, etc. (The flesh is weak). BTW, adding more water does nothing to weaken my appetite, it just makes me empty out more often..

I am motivated by many of you. It'll take some time until I make changes further changes that will allow me to be successful. To quote Chumbawamba:.


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Your post is a perfect example of how easy it is for us to lose our way..

I believe that most of us here will continue to struggle with our weight and we must watch what we eat on a meal-to-meal basis..

The easy part, although it doesn't seem like it, is losing the weight initially. The real trick is to keep it off over the long term..

You know how to do it, you just need to make the choices that you have made in the past and you will succeed..

You have served as a role model to many of us and I know you will tackle this with your normal "let's get it done" attitude..

Best of luck,.


Comment #7

Exactly...this is a life long battle for most of us. I would assume the ones that have success, are those of us who can catch it before it gets out of control and make the decision to act on it. The longer we linger without recognizing this, the harder it is to re-committ..

One should NEVER feel guilty about how far they have slipped and ALWAYS be able to come in here and confess our failures and get back on the wagon..

Looks like your making that decision Tom...glad to see you back around here again..

I know without a doubt, you will get where you want to be in no time at all..

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Thanks for posting this Tom. Your achievements have been awesome so it is very instructive when you outline the things waiting to trip us up on this trail. My gains last year weren't the result of eating out or pigging out on anything in particular either. Just an accumulation of bad choices, insufficient attention to getting all the food groups in the right amounts and not moving my ass enough. Cereals, healthy things like low fat granola, are an Achille's heel for me. Too much carb I guess.

It's amazing how relatively modest changes in our diet and excercise can make a difference. At least the graph's moving down again...

Comment #9

You are at record low, Austin. Keep er going...

Comment #10

It is amazing to me how little it takes to cause an unwanted outcome..

Too much booze, too much bread, too many carbs, too little water, etc..

It takes daily vigilance for me to keep on the straight and narrow..

That is one of the reasons I continue to weight myself daily. It shows me the results of the choices that I made and allows me to make sure I don't get out of control (I still only record my weights weekly)..

I have only been in maintenance for a little over a month, but I am hopeful that I am developing the discipline that I need to continue the success that I have achieved over the last year..


Comment #11

Thanks Mobay - if any one has the answer it's you. You seem to be able to live this out in the real world - thanks for sticking around..

Pam your discipline is always an inspiration and your posts are always valued!.

Damon, it's always good to see you here - your humor and honesty are important to these boards. The ideas of abstinence from OA are a new idea for me - when I learn to follow them better, I'll share my thoughts..

Austin, I agree that when I though of gaining it back in the past - I thought it would be because of really going off plan. It doesn't take much..

I can't claim to know a lot about ultimately keeping my weight within 3 pounds - but I do know one thing: when you're off the wagon - you must face the music every day! I think that daily weighing has been important in keeping me on track to getting back on the wagon..

Thanks for all the encouragement!..

Comment #12

Good to see you, Tom. You're an inspiration here...

Comment #13

Thanks for posting this Tom. It's a great reminder for me not to get complacent. Maintenance is a full time job, but I know that you have the dedication and will power to shed those 20 and keep them off forever...

Comment #14

Tom, I appreciate your post. It is sure and inspiration to us who still have a ways to go to see that this can be done.. for long term..

I have had to be MIA for about 2 weeks. I have had a number of business dinners, trips and dining out, along with many hours of work and not being able to eat on plan as I hoped. I still managed to get a mile to mile and a hlf run in in the evenings about every two or three days apart and tried to drink as much water as I could. I did not gain any weight in the past two weeks, but I did not lose any either. Hopfully I can get back on plan and start the losing mode again..

I can see from this past two weeks that when I do get to maintenance, whenever that may be, It will be a daily, ongoing thing. I can't just drop off the face of the earth and expect everything to stay the same......

Comment #15

Tom great to hear from you..

Glade you're back and totally understand your issue..

For me it's the little things here and there. Not the big gorge..

Like you, the wife and I follow her family traditon of a drink at 5PM where ever we are and whom ever we're with..

The single drink just kills the program and I've struggled with this. A diet soda, or other alternative is now sub-ed for the scotch..

For me, it's a life long struggle. While I never exercised, I never added the extra foods. For those of you that exercise, add protien, and then then quit the exercising but keep the extra foods; well that's a killer..

Best wishes my friend and hopefully, we'll survive this thing..

Your signature block has always been one of my favorites; "Successfully maintaining my healthy lifestyle since 1/14/2008"..


Comment #16

Tom! So great to see you posting again! It's scary-easy to start gaining again. For me, it's like flipping a switch. Either on or off. I've pretty much decided that I'll never be a "maintainer". I intend to be a "bouncer".

I know it's "wrong", but I still feel life is too short for fat free sour cream. We'll stay the course together, either way..


Comment #17

I like your joi de vivre, Gordon. Good luck finding a way to enjoy the juicy things while still staying athletic bodied...

Comment #18

Just spent a week with my Daughter and her husband in St. Petersburg, FL and we were all committed to eating properly and getting our daily exercise in as part of the plan. We also added some interesting new experiences - parasailing, kayaking - as well as the usual vacation stuff - the beach, Busch Gardens (my daughter performs there), the theater - but eating was managed properly. We mostly ate at home and made great choices when we ate out. On the way to the airport we had one great meal that was way "off plan" but as they say, "If you're going to indulge - make it worth your while" and it was. We ate at Columbia Restaurant in Tampa and it was an amazing and fun dining experience.

We did the whole tapas style food selection (small bits of several entrees) and the Sangria with sparkling water, bread and butter, etc. Lots of fun, great conversation and then walked around the neighborhood before heading to the airport. Probably the most difficult part of the vacation was my water consumption suffered - very difficult to maintain my usual steady intake in the midst of all the other goings-on. It will be good to get back into the routine of eating regularly and drinking appropriate amounts of water...

Comment #19

Good to see you back, Dick. I'm seriously thinking of buying a wok. Have 200 credit to burn at William Sonoma (store right in town, too)...

Comment #20

Why? So you can throw it at a Wabbit?..

Comment #21

Oh, that's bad! You should of left that one in your head!..

Comment #22

I'm still 217 - but I dodged the martini last night and have walked every day! Several times this week I noticed myself feeling great.

I'm getting there..

Gordon, I'm convinced we HAVE to find that enjoyable lifestyle that will keep us healthy and happy. The root HAS to be discipline - but the excursions may be important over the long haul. I hope this thread can be about finding what works for each of us individually. The key for me is definitely what's in my signature - maintaining a healthy lifestyle...

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Tom, good to see you and some of the other "old guys" are still here. I've been MIA for a couple of months or more. No excuses. Our weight loss pattern was about the same for a long time at the start of this journey. I see you've gained back about 20 from your low..

I've gained back about 40..

Just a combination of bad habits creeping back in. And, since I work for the school system, I've had the whole summer off and it's so much easier to sin when you are home all day. Well, back to work next week and hopefully back on plan. Back to goal by Thanksgiving is the new goal. I still have a closet full of clothes that don't fit but this time that's not a good thing..

312/217/175 by 11/30/09..

Comment #24

100% yesterday food & water wise, however I gotta get back to walking. The last couple of weeks I have been slack. Tom's post about regaining that healthy feeling when he walks really inspires me to get off my fat ass and get it in gear..

All I have to do is take that first step. I wish I had someone to drop me off 3 miles from home then I would have no option but to walk...

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